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jodha akbar will go air

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jodha akbar will go air

Post by amol... on 2014-05-25, 16:18

acc to today sbb. ja will go off air as paridhi quitting show to another. show on colour


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Re: jodha akbar will go air

Post by Jiggy on 2014-05-25, 17:49

but first- neither pari's role has been confirmed in the other show nor it is a full fledged role which'd take up all her time, its a cameo only
this is ekta's strategy to gain trp's for her new show, banking on her actor's popularity
& yesterday only we got an article (which is here on dhwani too, i guess) that pari's not quitting
so i'm sorry, unless & until i hear it from a legit source & from the horse's mouth itself i won't believe these rumours
lets not blame pari for everything
b calm watch JA :)

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