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Spoiler - Balika Vadhu

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Spoiler - Balika Vadhu

Post by candy on 2014-05-29, 13:41

Shyamal Bhai takes Kalyani to Het Singh’s house along with Jagya to over come her fears. Kalyani apologises Het Singh’s wife for killing her son. Het Singh’s wife forgives her.

In Udaipur, Shiv tells Anandi how he can’t  handle Rashika and her rants anymore. Anandi tells him to be considerate towards Rashika. At Kesar bagh, Subhadra creates ruckus when she gets to know that Anandi entered kitchen to cook during her menstrual days. She scolds Anandi in front of all. Subhadra announces that she won’t consume anything during the day and that includes water as well. Anandi tries to be reasonable towards Subhadra’s traditional beliefs.


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