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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 9th April 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 9th April 2013

Post by sarra0 on 2013-04-09, 22:06

Asad and Zoya in their respective rooms in contemplating mood: Asad thinks she will drive him crazy and its his mistake that he dint ask her before booking the tkts.Zoya thinks that there are only 6 days left for her visa to expire and wondered why he booked the tkts well in advance. Asad thinks she is his guest and she can go whenever she feels like while Zoya decides that she will not go only if Asad looks into her eyes and pleads her to stay back. Asad looks out of the window, watches Zoya sitting in the balcony with the musical instrument and is crying .He wants to stop her but cant---This was his imagination Rolling Eyes

Zoya decides not to think about Asad anymore as he does not mean anything to her and is getting irritated why his thoughts keep on lingering her.
Both of them come out of their rooms,have an eyelock, keep coming closer,Asad caresses her face,Zoya closes her eyes and hugs him----Well, this was again his imagination Evil or Very Mad

Nikhat,Nuzrat are teasing Humeira as she is now their bhabhi, Ayan comes and asks for bike keys.both the sisters leave them. As Ayan was feeling a little uncomfortable, Humeira asks him if they can spend some time together as they are getting married. Ayan wants to tell the truth to Humeira but he cant. Humeira is all emotional and overwhelmed by the fact that Ayan proposed her while Ayan walks out.

Razia gives money to Tannu and asks about the progress of the plan and when is she going out of Bhopal. When Tannu refuses to answer her query, she warns her that both of them are the birds of the same feather.Hence she should come out clean.
Razia comes home, slips and falls. Badi B squeezes her arm and warns her that she is keeping an eye on her. Shireen watches this and Razia makes her believe that Badi B is not happy with Rashid’s marriage to Shireen hence is acting like this.

Najma asks Asad to leave behind some farewell message for Zoya ,Asad wishes her safe journey and asks her to inform ammi when she reaches NY.He closes the laptop screen but the recording is on and Asad doesn’t know abt it.

Next day, Najma comes to Zoya’s room, hands her the CD, when it starts playing: Dilshad and Najma ‘s heartfelt message comes on screen which makes Zoya very emtional. Asad too comes, caresses her, she hugs him and wipes her tears: well this is Zoya’s imagination. Evil or Very Mad

Asad gets a call from travel agency and he gets angry that Zoya did not want him to drop her to the airport and has called a cab instead.

Zoya in the meanwhile hears Asad’s message, gets sad and goes near the window and failed to hear his last words….mat jao Zoya…while Tannu hears this.
Asad looks at his palm with Z engraved in it when Zoya comes barging in…asks him if this was the message for her and she did not expect such a kind of message …Asad says he wished her luck, Zoya tells him she just cant believe him and goes off. Asad thinks that both of us are getting attracted to each other and its better if Zoya leaves coz he can give her only pain.

Tanveer takes out the CD and hides it. Zoya tells her that Asad is really heart less and she wanted her to listen to the CD but when she opened the case, it was empty.
Precap: Zoya is leaving when she hears Asad’s message on the laptop. When Asad is taking out her bags, she tells that she is not leaving for NY. Dilshad,Najma are surprised while Asad gives a small smile bounce

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 9th April 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-04-09, 22:26

Thanks for the update Sarra :) :)

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 9th April 2013

Post by chitmanas on 2013-04-09, 23:07

sarra, thanks for the update, BTW just a small question, did we actually see the episode or was it our imagination? :lol!: , just kidding

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 9th April 2013

Post by Godschild on 2013-04-09, 23:22

Girls ( chitty, Pollyanna, Sarra, Anu , Sheherkobitha, Tanthya, Zu, Sumana, shanti and all girls who give WU) U have spoiled me with all your wonderful updates... I am content reading the WU and hardly watch any serial now :rendeer: scratch

I am happy yapping with u all Frnds chatting Dance


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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 9th April 2013

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