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All In Black and White – A POV

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All In Black and White – A POV

Post by Maria J on 2014-06-02, 10:17

All In Black and White – A POV

Certain things are ambiguous in life. Well, not to be too morbid (who am I kidding?), life is ambiguous at best and its uncertainty is even more so. No, not going to talk about that. There is so much in life to enjoy as part of the journey to worry about the end.

Now certain things are always in black and white. A list is not what we intend to give you, but there are a series of pictures that tell a story without them having to use words.

Okay, we shall use some anyway.

We saw some pictures, all in black and white on Gorky M’s page and something about them struck us. Stark. Explicit.

Each one of them gives you a mood. Now, here is what we see.

Gorky M has said for this one that it reminds him of the black and white films era. To us, it is the song and dance routine in particular. The bonhomie of Madhubala and Kishore Kumar in songs like Haal Kaisa Hai Janab Ka. 

Then there is this one. Does it look like it is out of a movie of Al Pacino? Donnie Brasco, The Recruit or even The Godfather? The picture speaks of a suave man, managing a situation over the phone with just his voice. Commanding. In control. Powerful.

Here is the total contrast. The romanticism of it all. A demure lady with a gentleman. Flowing music, may be waltz, in the background, dim lights ala candles and mood that is totally Aashikana. A man and woman falling in love. 

Now, here is one of contradictions. Innocence meets devilry. Sly meets smooth. Begum Sahiba looks elegant and gracious. All white and then there is black. The cat. The devil within (or shall we say the arms?). Symbolic?

We shall bring you more about Qubool Hai and its cast, do tell us how you liked these clicks and what are your thoughts on them.


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