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Parijat...? <3 I believe... :D

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Parijat...? <3 I believe... :D

Post by Jiggy on 2014-06-02, 19:59

source: IF... and nanayaa's comment... hpee 

Not sure how true this is, but would like to believe it. This info is straight from the FB page.

In the initial time, Paridhi and Rajat used not look at each other and even talk on the sets. Rajat told that he was allways liplocked with beautiful women. Now they are good friends and associating well with each other. A source said that Paridhi play pranks on Rajat and he smiles at it(he is more shy with Paridhi). 
What do you say about this pair, Are they comfortable with each other. The way they are making love scenes say that they have good raport with each .What's ur view about this story."

btw.... by lip lock they mean tongue tied.... hppy  hppy ... not the lip lock you were thinking dutty gurl... Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil 

also re-sharing this months old article... long hug 
Article:- Paridhi Sharma who is playing Jodha in Zee's Jodha Akbar is readying to tie the knot with Akbar(Rajat Tokas) this week in a special wedding ceremony called Shaahi Saptaah. The pretty girl has been donning beautiful, rich ethnic creations and jewellery, making her co-star Rajat rather tongue-tied around her. When asked about it, Rajat says, "Paridhi is one of those rare women whose good looks are matched by her inner beauty.I find myself tongue-tied around beautiful women in general and I'll say she is no exception!" Recently, for a dream sequence, the duo was required to mount a horse and ride together. A thorough professional, Paridhi had no qualms about shooting the sequence. However, Rajat seemed rather embarrassed at the prospect of holding Paridhi close, say insiders. It was only when the crew cracked a few jokes and made light of the situation that he loosened up and gave the shot!


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