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NEW SPOILER- Mrs Iyer To Tell Ishita That Romi Was Behind Mihika’s MMS In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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NEW SPOILER- Mrs Iyer To Tell Ishita That Romi Was Behind Mihika’s MMS In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by candy on 2014-06-03, 15:53

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ,Ishita is sitting with the laptop and was about to open it when she sees a few policemen walking in to find out all the details about the accident. They see Mrs Iyer and then take the details from Raman about the accident. By now Bhalla’s and Mihir have also reached the hospital. Mr Iyer gets emotional seeing Mrs Iyer all wounded. A nurse walks in and asks everyone to move out. Now it’s only Ishita and Mrs Bhalla in the room. Mrs Bhalla starts talking to Mrs Iyer , trying to excite her so that she responds. Mystically it works and we see Mrs Iyer gaining consciousness.

The nurse sees the movement and goes out to call the doctor. Ishita comes closer to Mrs Iyer, who is trying to say something. Doctor walks in and looking at Mrs Iyer says that it seems like she wants to say something. Everyone is anxiously waiting for her to say & Mrs Iyer with great difficulty says ” Romi” and again slips into unconsciousness. Ishita & Mrs Bhalla are shocked to hear Romi’s name. Mrs Bhalla comes out and calls up Simmi. She tells her to call up Romi and find out where is he.

Simmi tries calling Romi but he is not picking up the call. After checking Mrs Iyer, the doctor asks for her past medical report. Ishita says that she will go home and get it. Throughout her travel she keeps thinking what could be the link between her Amma’s accident & Romi. She reaches home and while she was searching the files sees Romi getting off from the white car. She remembers that Raman did mention that Amma was hit by a white car. She joins all the dots together and comes to the conclusion that it is Romi who has done the accident.

Ishita confronts him & accuses him of the accident, but Romi keeps denying it. Ishita asks him that if he was not at the accident spot, then where was he but Romi doesn’t have any answer to it. Ishita leaves for the hospital, but warns him that she will not leave him.Simmi asks Romi if he has done the accident & Romi says no. Simmi asks him run away from here otherwise Ishita will make him look like a culprit and then he will also be in jail. She tells him to go and stay in Bunty’s farmhouse. Here at the hospital Mr Iyer is in the accounts section for the payment and he gives his mediclaim card, but the receptionist tells him that the card has expired. While he was still struggling with his thoughts Raman comes there and makes a payment.

Mr Iyer stops him but he tells him that this is his duty. Mr Iyer feels nice to hear that. Even Ishita notices this and is touched. Everyone has left the hospital except Raman and Ishita who stays back to look after Mrs Iyer.

At home Mrs Bhalla asks Simmi where is Romi and if he is involved in this accident. Simmi defends Romi & says that she will not allow anyone to even come close to her brother. In the hospital Raman & Ishita share a beautiful moment by remembering their childhood days. Raman knows that Ishita is tensed so to lighten her up, he talks about these moments.

Ishita shares how Mrs Iyer was planning to name her Matangi earlier & Raman shares how when Adi was born, he slapped the doctor for hitting him on his buttocks. In the morning , nurse wakes up Ishita and Raman & tells them that Mrs Iyer is awake and wants to talk to you. Ishita rushes in. Now Mrs Iyer tells Ishita that it was Romi who had made Mihika’s MMS. Ishita is shocked to hear that.


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Re: NEW SPOILER- Mrs Iyer To Tell Ishita That Romi Was Behind Mihika’s MMS In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by slmu on 2014-06-03, 19:40

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