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ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Abavi on Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:40 pm

Hello all
I have come up with another new FF. This is more of a Fanfiction but the characters are pretty much the same.
It is again a story of love blooming between a rich guy, who had to take the reins of running the big family at an young age because of a irresponsible father and a young girl, who was forced into a life, due to destiny- but isnt ready to sell her self respect to do so.
Scrol down for index of chapters
[Attention: This is a promo and not the prologue . This scene has'nt yet happened in the story and will happen in future updates- Had to put this disclaimer as readers are getting confused]
Arnav looked with contempt at this person in wet ragged clothes and unkepmt dry untidy hair in front of him, the cheap alcohol consumed by the man emanating stinking smell, Disgusted, his eyes moved away from the man and slowly took in the thin figure next to this man- The girl was skinny and would be 16 or 17 at the most, She was wearing a long skirt and a blouse, both wet from the rains outside and wet and thin dupatta that she had drapped around her was hardly giving her any warmth or protection and She stood there shivering and clutching her dupatta tightly.

"I am Shashi Gupta" The man introduced himself "and this is my daughter Kushi"
"and why did you come here for?" Dadi asked him promptly
"Because there is a debt that needs to be cleared"
"whom were you debted to?"
"Your son was debted to me... We had a gamble last month and he lost this house to me"

Shock coursed throught the inmates of Raizada Mansion

"Oh my God... He gambled with this house too... What else is left for us now... we are left with literally nothing" Nani whispered anguishedly, While 19 year old Anjali clutched Payal's fingers tightly and sobbed.
"I am not a merciless man... I do not want this mansion, if you are ready to compensate this bond in my terms" Shashi spoke out loud and clear
"and your terms are?" Arnav spit out, angry at his recently deceased father, who had left him nothing but huge loans, His father had literally sold or mortgaged every other property and Arnav thought he had only the family business which was again not in good shape as it was extremely neglected by his father and this mansion.. but now the mansion was gone too...

"You marry my daughter. I will give this mansion back to you"
"What? " The family burst out. Arnav was shocked himself

PS: The girl only looked 16 or 17 doesnt necessarily mean she is of that age
P.S.2: If you are not already following this FF, you can start doing so now... be kind to me and comment!

Chapter 1- The Raizada Mansion (page 1)

Part 1: All in vain
Part 2: Building up hopes

Chapter 2- Lovebirds in Despair (page 1)

Part 1: The impending storm
Part 2: The battle of Sharmas
Part 3: Unbreakable bonds
part 4: Warning Signs

Chapter 3- The first impressions (page 2)

Part1: All roads lead to...
Part2: When Sky met earth
Part3: Tables Turned
Part4: Receeding waves

Chapter 4- Against all odds (page 2)
Part 1:Finding the way
Part2:Flaw(less) Plans

Chapter 5- Destined to be (page 2 and 3)

Part 1: On cross roads
Part 2: Train of thoughts
Part 3: Of triumphs and setbacks
Part 4: Tides from the heart

Chapter 6: Feats of Assumptions (Page 3 and 4)

Part 1: Out of the blue
Part 2: Missed Meet
Part 3: Fallacious Influences
Part 4: Schemes of Will

Chapter 7: Destiny's call (Page 4 and 5)

Part 1: Master of all Mix-ups
Part 2: Modus Operandi
Part 3: To hold and to have
Part 4: Baits and Preys

Chapter 8- Inevitable lament(Page 5)
Part 1: The last epistle
part 2: The final rites

Chapter 9: Twists of time (page 5 and 6)

Part 1: The Wannabe Guardian
Part 2: Towards of a new dawn
Part 3: Griha Pravesh
Part 4: All is well again

Chapter 10: The Savior of Love (page 6)
Part 1: Unforeseen Crisis
Part 2: All in vain
Part 3: Friends(and more)?
Part 4: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Chapter 11: The brides of Raizadas

Part 1: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Part 2: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Maria J on Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:00 pm

Continue soon...

Would love to read u Vi..

Maria J

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by cheena007 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:08 pm

ahhhh ARHI magic ..thanks for this FF please continue soon ..

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Abavi on Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:25 pm

Maria J wrote:Continue soon...

Would love to read u Vi..
Thanks Maria! :)

[quote=cheena007] ahhhh ARHI magic ..thanks for this FF please continue soon ..[/quote]Thanks Cheena...
For sometime I would be giving daily updates as I have already posted upto 12 parts in IF already- trying to shift here... Wink

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Chapter 1 part 1

Post by Abavi on Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:26 pm

From the Author's desk: I had actually started this FF at IF... thought of posting it here too... So this one comes a bit early for all of you- Be kind to me and leave comments.

Happy reading...


Chapter 1- The Raizada Mansion

Part 1: All in Vain

The crisp afternoon air was filled with scent of anticipation as the family gathered around to talk about the future plans.

Akash observed that the dining hall was not as occupied as it was this afternoon since a long time that he could remember- And again they havent gathered here for their lunch- he noted albeit sadly. It was long time back that the family had breakfast or lunch or dinner together- those happy times seemed like a dream right now- He didnt know how they cultivated the habit of having food in their own rooms.

Atleast we have gathered today- to talk, he pondered a little satisfied.

Mama was sitting opposite him with sheaves of legal documents, and was very often turning to his left and discussing with the family Lawyer Mr.Roy in hushed tones, may be mentally preparing how to start and which one to put forward. Mr.Iyer, their Auditor, was lost in thoughts calmly sitting beside Mr.Roy.

Akaash turned to his right to see NK sitting next to him, his hand busily texting one of his friends. College life- he smiled looking at his younger brother. He would be definetely shocked at what is going to be revealed right now.
The seat next to NK was vacant as was the seat diagonally opposite to that.
Anjali and Mami are late again...

Dadi was getting impatient, he noticed. Dadi was sitting on one head end of the table. She surely looked very annoyed with the waiting. Next to her on her right side was Nani, She was all that Dadi was not. In fact both these elder ladies were opposite in their idealogies, how they treated their grand children and all that - but the underlying common thing was love that they both showered on them all- they did have a major part in the upbringing of him and his siblings.

After their Mom's death, immediately after giving birth to Anjali, Nani had been that Kind, compassionate mother figure to them and When their father grew irresponsible not caring or spending enough time for his kids after their mother's death, Dadi took his post- She was strict, commanding and full of control

Though both the ladies havent been able to replace their parents- they have served well to fill in the place of their parent figures. Akaash heart filled with affection looking at the elderly ladies.

"how long" Dadi muttered "We told we will meet by 3. Its 3.30 already"

"Arnav? I think they are not going to make it, Shall we start? " Mama spoke out calmly

Arnav who had been standing facing the window all this while, turned to look at his family. It was after a few seconds that he nodded a little responding to his Mama'a suggestion and moved towards his chair which was directly opposite Dadi's.

Akaash noticed that his elder brother looked worn out in a few days of this mess. Obviously with such bomb shell news all around them, he didnt expect less. In fact he was sure, it took a steel heart like his brother's to hold everything in place- He would have stumbled if not for Arnav's presence.

At 27, only two years elder to him, his brother had managed to react well to the facts pouring in from different directions- much better than him.

Arnav came and quietly took his place as Mama started to speak.

"After Jijaji's death, we thought we will sort out the will- To his three sons and his only daughter, But to our shock we found that major part of the property has been - well they have been eaten away."

"What do you mean eaten away?" NK asked quite surprised at the statement

Akaash and Arnav exchanged looks.

"Our father sold it NK" Arnav replied to him with a calmness that didnt go with the news

"What? but why? which ones? I mean how can he?" NK looked petrified " Am I the only one who is shocked by this?

"We came to know few days before Father's death- when he was very sick- Mr.Roy told us." Arnav told indicating himself and Akaash.

"Why wasnt I told then? I am a son too"

"because you werent here- you were in Australia and also, Father was sick he was in hospital- then he passed away- there were other distractions..." Akaash told him "and bro, reserve your expressions. There are more shocking things to come"

NK settled down, albeit this time a little more serious, his IPhone was placed on the table and Mama got his full attention unlike a few minutes back. Mama continued.

"and almost the rest of them, are either mortgaged or in dispute- the legalities will be explained by Mr.Roy"

Mr.Roy then started speaking about the estates, how the estates were all gambled for the horse races that their father took interest in. Initially before 8 years it started just as a casual fun gambling- but soon he got obsessed with it.

After much talks and wasted advises to Mr.Ajay Raizada, He had turned to Dr. Manohar Singh, their Maternal Uncle, who had tried to put a stop to their father's obsessive addiction to indulge in horse races, but in vain. When he had informed the ladies of the family about it, they tried to but they could'nt do anything- because at that point Ajay Raizada had gone to a point of No return- Ajay had taken to drinking much earlier and then the races, towards the fair end, they have even found he had been into card games- where he had lost most of the valuable estates in a spur of alcoholic state.

Mr.Roy or Dr.Manohar had only thought that the estates had been eaten away like that. All the three boys were studying abroad, and when they realised that they could not do anything and someone else had to take control of the business, Mama could not help much- he was a Doctor by profession and didnt know anything about the business- it was then they decided to inform Arnav to wind up his dream projects and studies Abroad and come back to take care of the badly falling standards of their family business due to their father's neglect.

But before Arnav could reach India, their father had a heart attack and was admitted in hospital. Akaash was asked to come back soon after. Arnav and Akaash was informed about the matter as soon as Akaash arrived home. But Ajay's condition had worsened and they had decided to inform NK to come back too.

Only after their father's death, Most of his father's friends, or so they thought,- until then, had come home carrying bonds saying that their father owed them some huge money.

What with their family fund already running low due to neglect, they had decided to call for a family gathering to inform the real state of the situation.

When Mr.Roy finished speaking, there was silence in the room. Everyone were shocked except for Mama and Arnav, It seemed that even Nani and Dadi didnt know the entire truth of the real state until now. Akaash was surprised about the bonds part- He was only being informed now.

All were so upset that they were not able to comment or speak- then Arnav cleared his voice- commanding their attention.

More about the Raizadas coming soon.. stay tuned!

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Chapter 1- Part 2

Post by Abavi on Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:30 pm

From the Author's desk:

Dear readers, a general announcement- the scene that you read in the first page is a promo and not a prologue- I think some were confused so I had to give this clarification- Kushi and Arnav havent yet met in the story. Thanks for your lovely comments. PMs for this will come a little later

Happy Reading...


Chapter 1: The Raizada Mansion

Part 2: Building up Hopes

Arnav started to speak in a tone which told them that he would be able to gather up all the shattered pieces. But the contempt and disappointment that his tone nested was obvious too.

"When I was informed about Father's activities, and the rapid disposal of half the estates, I didnt think that there would be more problems than this. Our father was very unfortunate to have friends who only took advantage of his weekness and encouraged him into these activities.

The bonds that were signed by him have been verified to be legal and accurate- which means that we must pay them what the bond says that he owed them- We do not know if he was in his sentient state when he signed them all- we dont have any means to know that-

we have to pay the debts of our father- within a month- thats what all the notices say. - the total figures come to nearly 40 crores- Also the ones which are mortgaged and the ones in dispute cannot be touched atleast for now.

The family funds are low and we are nowhere near 40 crores- Looking at the current affairs, I propose that we dispose off the remaining estates. There is a prospective buyer who is ready to pay us 45 crores as the whole- The estimate comes to little over 48 crores- I decided to let go of that 3 crores because we do not have the luxury of time. I say, dispose it off- Settle the debts and then invest on business so that we can grow stable. This is possible if you both and Anjali give your consent" Arnav paused looking at his brothers.

They both nodded immediately- but were little shaken.

"As far as the business is concerned it is in a really bad state- We need to move drastically into positive advertising, new fashion lines and all that- Moreover We have to provide salary for our employees - We should lay off people if we have to manage- I reckon that the remaining left over amount from the estates can be used to invest on new plans for our business.

Also I have been working on a new project at UK-Which is ready to be kicked off- which can be handled by Akaash.- after investment there will be little less than a crore - added to our family funds. In the meanwhile- I can look at the business back here-at India- I would need some funds here too to rejuvenate everything here- Which I think I can manage with my own savings-" Arnav paused as Akaash interuppted him

"Your own savings? - No Arnav- you dont have to do this"

"We dont have any option Akaash- I had anyways been saving it to invest my money in UK project- but now since the plans have changed, I am pooling in money to that project from our estates- to give you a much bigger start than the one that I had planned for the project- So I am compensating that for this- " He paused to look at Akaash who fell silent- though disturbed by the idea at his brother is letting go his dream project and his saving for the family. Arnav shrugged continued further.

"Our family funds can last upto four months at most. And the salary fund cannot come for more than 2 months- even after the layoffs- which will force us to release the business reserve and the left over from the estates disposal- to cover up for the rest two months. We need to pull everything up fast- because this plan will hold good only for four months- by end of three months- both the firms should start spurning profit if we have to continue in business- Otherwise we are doomed." Arnav finished telling them all.

The severity of the situation, began to sink in all the family members.

"Oh my god" Nani gasped "Why did he do this to you all... He has left you all with literally nothing..." She started crying

"We still have our mansion Nani" Arnav told her "and ofcourse the business is intact- albeit in a bad shape- but still we have our name in it" Arnav smiled cynically

Dadi was all quiet, the shocking facts of the last hour had impacted her a lot.

She silently stood up.

"Dadi" Akaash called out

"The parampara, the rich heritage of this family- has been crushed and put to shame by my own son. A man given birth to and raised by me- I have failed as a mother- there is no bigger shame" She told them in a broken voice.

"You grandsons are ready to rectify it- infact I am sure the plan will work out- Have faith Maaji" Mama called out

"yes Dadi, We will work it out... you still have us" Akaash told her.

Dadi looked at them all and then quietly left the place to her room. Nani stood up too.

"Maa" Mama called out

"She is a broken mother Manohar, She needs someone by her side now" Nani answered her son in a broken tone before she followed Dadi

"But why didnt you people tell us about this before itself? I mean you should have informed us when we could have still stopped this all" NK's anger was still evident in his tone

"We were not aware of it Nk" Mama told him "I didnt know about this until 6 months back when Roy came to me. And Roy didnt know until Mr.Iyer and Mr.Roy met coincidently at a party. And Also you all were abroad for your studies... I thought I will be able to manage here- I didnt want to force one of you to take a break from education. Only when I thought things went out of my hands, I asked Arnav to come back. Also we were not aware of the bonds until your father died"

"I am sorry I didnt tell you all about this at the early stages itself" Mr Iyer who was quiet until now spoke. "I came to know that the estates were falling short every year when I did the annual audits- But then I was only associated with mr.Raizada with the audits and not on the personal level. I didnt know that you all were not aware of his activites- I didnt guess"

"You dont have to apologise to us, Mr.Iyer- It was clearly my Father's irresponsibility- We dont not hold you responsible" Arnav spoke out standing up, signalling the other men the end of the meeting.

"so do we finalise on Mr.Kher's offer for the estates?" Mr.Roy asked as he got up as well.

"Give us two days time- My brothers and sister need some time to think over" Arnav told him.

"But thats not necessary" Akaash interuppted.

"Thats right Arnav- We know you would take the right decision" NK supported Akaash.

"No its only prudent that I give you both and Anjali time to say yes to this" Arnav told with finality.

"but thats not going to change our affirmation to your plan" Nk told as Akaash nodded his approval.

The Auditor and Lawyer left just as a heels sounded across the steps to the dining hall

"Hey" a cheerful bubbly voice rang out "I am sorry we are late" Anjali came into the dining hall, her hands full of bags.

"Hello hi bye bye...So what did we miss?" Mamiji's loud voice rang out soon after and she came in too.

"Where were you both?" Mama asked Mami sharply

"We went for shopping.. did you forget? tomorrow is Anjali's 19th birthday, she was feeling low- thinking about her father and all that- she was all gloomy- I took her out for shopping- and why are you screaming at me?"

"Shopping?" NK asked Anjali shocked "You shopped today? when you were told we have a family meeting?"

"Yes. Meetings are boring- some board meeting it was is it? so I went for shopping! " Anjali replied cheerfully "taking out all her 6 sets of designer suits and gowns and lehengas that she had purchased and flaunting them to her brothers and her mama.

"Do you even realise what we-" Nk was stopped by Arnav as he placed a hand on his shoulder

"Its a lovely collection Kiddo" Arnav commented smoothly smiling at his sister.

"Thanks Arnav" Anjali beemed throwing flying kisses at him "what about the rest of you? do you like it?"

"you like it- we like it. " Akaash told her giving her a hifi.

"Thats sweet of you Akaash"
"its nice Anjali bitiya. it will look more beautiful on you" Mama smiled at her
"Ok.. good" Anjali said satisfied, dumping her dresses again into the shopping bag "So what did you discuss in this board meeting? " Anjali asked finally

"Oh you remembered we had one today is it? and it was not board meeting- for your information" Nk started sarcastically

"Then? what was it about?"

"Nothing to be bothered about Kiddo- just some property matter" Arnav interuppted again, with a warning look towards NK to shut up

"Ok.. come on Anjali bitiya- we need to prepare for tomorrow's party" Mamiji called out

"What party?" Mama asked his wife

"Didnt you realise- tomorrow is her birthday.. I know its been only 4 days after her father's death and all that...but still she is turning 19- we have to celebrate - atleast a low profile party with family and her close friends.. Hello hi bye bye"

"ofcourse, we should celebrate our little sister's birthday- This is the last birthday for her as a teenager- we will have a party" Arnav informed them before anyone could respond- the other three men looked at him baffled. Anjali looked positively beaming with joy...

"Next year I am going to Step out of teenage- that doesnt sound good... but still the last teen birthday for me- I am excited!" she said happily as she and Mami left the dining hall with their shopping bags

"Arnav - party in this crisis- " Mama started

"I have never said no to my sister yet Mama" Arnav replied

"But still- the funds are already low- and you both have to work on tight deadlines already- If she goes on like this-" Mama started to tell something fell silent and sighed looking at his elder nephew

"Akaash and I have to shorten the deadline from 4 months to 3 months" Arnav told calmly as he looked at Akaash - and his younger brother nodded his head. Mama shook his head

"How much stress can you both handle ?" Mama asked worried "I am there for you whenever you need me... I know nothing about business- But still I will always be there. You know that right?" Mama asked as he placed a hand on Arnav's shoulder

"ofcourse Mama- We know" Arnav told him.

"I need to talk to manorama- she needs to understand not to spoil Anjali like this" Mama told as he ventured to move out

"Dont tell anything to Anjali yet- Not until tomorrow- She deserves to be happy on her birthday" Arnav called out to Mama as he moved out

"I think you should let me do my share also" NK quipped from behind "I feel left out in all this"

"You should finish your education first NK" Arnav told him firmly

"Akaash hasnt finished his internship yet as well" NK reminded Arnav

"Thats one of the reasons I have asked him to do the new project at UK- he can show it as his internship project as well- and attend his classes too" Arnav answered him

"But when the family needs me- I feel its selfish of me to continue my education" NK argued

"Its not selfish- its your right- We both can manage until you finish NK- then you can join us" Akaash told

"Two years"

"you are not quitting education NK- thats final" Arnav told his brother curtly as Nk kept brooding standing there.

"I rely on you Akaash- for the UK proposal- Will you be able to do it? Arnav asked his other brother

"Ofcourse I can- But isnt this your dream project Arnav? You have been planning this for a year - and are you sure you want me to do this? Why dont you let me handle things here and pursue your dream? I am sure you will be able to do this better - because your heart is in it"

"I suppose we cant ask for everything Akaash- Business is in a very bad shape here- I cant run away from this and let you handle this mess- This is quiet a challenging task- you are just out of university and it will be hectic for you to manage without prior experience- and the UK project is not so - I have done all the ground work... it will be a piece of cake for you- if you put your heart and soul into it.." Arnav told as he moved towards the window near which he was standing earlier in the day.

He was suddenly taken aback when he saw the figure by the window. He was surprised that he didnt notice until the pretty figure knocked on the french window gesturing him to open it. He opened it involuntarily only to realise the girl had climbed all the way up the first floor and had been hanging on to the window sil to gain one of their attention-

"What the" he exclaimed before he quickly put out his hand to pull her in.

"Hi Arnav, you know, you should complete that line someday- " She called out as Akaash and NK looked wide eyed in surprise as the girl in her tee and Jeans held Arnav's extended hand to climb the window with Arnav's help

Who do you think the girl is ? I am sure you want to know who it is.. keep guessing until the next update

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Chapter 2- Part 1

Post by Abavi on Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:36 pm

From the author's desk: Oh-ho-- I am actually happy that none of you guessed the girl right- I am happy because- this will be a real surprise for all of you- Enjoy!
Thanks for the guesses and comments- And I was asked to mention how often I would update this FF- If I am free and my thoughts flow is good like how it is now- you will get an update every day like it has been for the past three days- But I cant promise this frequency at all times- I have planned for two updates a week - Atleast until Checkmate gets complete..

I mean I cannot neglect my other baby just because this one is new- I can't take bashing Wink

Happy reading


Chapter 2: Lovebirds in Despair

Part 1: The Impending storm

"Payal" Arnav exclaimed as the girl took his hand and he pulled her inside the room

"Thanks so much" the girl smiled as she jumped into the room, straightening her tee and dusting her hands

"Hi there" Payal called out to a dazed Akaash and a baffled NK as she walked towards the dining table and grabbed a water bottle

"I didnt know that you liked climbing walls Payal" Nk called out

"I didnt know myself until today" Payal commented as a matter of fact as she propped herself on the dining table and sipped water from the bottle "If you are interested to know-I didnt like it..."

"You climbed all the way here just to check if you like it or not?" Akaash finally found his voice, after being dumbstruck at how his girlfriend entered his house

"No Buddhu! I had to see you and I wouldnt have tried this if your dadi didnt shoo me away"

"What?" Akaash asked shell shocked "why would Dadi do that?"

"No idea-I was planning to ask you...Why is she behaving like such a sweetheart to me?"

Akaash shook his head confused

"Maybe she didnt like your dress or something?" he suggested

"What about this one- It is decent enough- Moreover She has never told me anything about my dress till now... She wouldnt shoo me away for that. She would only reprimand at the most - with the usual 'you are future Raizada bahu- high time you act like one- blah blah' and I have always remembered to act like proper - traditional self in front of Dadi-" Payal observed

"yeah right..." Akaash agreed stumped

"try and remember Akaash- May be you mentioned something about Payal that Dadi doesnt approve of? " NK pondered aloud, his tongue firmly in cheek

Payal jumped down from the table and rushed to Akaash as she wagged a finger in front of him " What did you tell her now?"

"Nothing Payal- I didnt tell her anything about you- What nformation do you possibly think I would have slipped to her by the way? "

"May be you told her that I won our last kissing challenge or you would have mentioned her what we did in yesterday's truth or dare or the other day when I -"

"Shut up Payal- Stop embarassing me " Akaash growled as she fell silent and noticed his other brothers simpering behind him.

Akaash turned to NK who was cracking up with subdued laughter " and I will thank you for this one- Bro" he added sarcastically

"Its always fun to see you cowering when Payal charges at you with accusation.

"I am not cowering" Akaash glared at NK, as Nk raised his hand in apology

"Keep your brotherly fights later- I am worried why Dadi didnt want me to come here anymore" Payal muttered

"May be she was little upset with something else. Dont be upset over that" Arnav quipped

"I am not upset... Only worried a little" Payal assured him "The only thing that might put me off is if your brother cheats on me"

"That I wont" Akaash replied immediately with a very ridiculously serious face that it drove NK into another spasm of laughter.

"good for you.. and me" Payal commented, ignoring NK's laughter "I dont want to turn into a murderer- and spend the remaining days of my life in Jail- regretting that I killed my own boyfriend"

NK doubled clutching his stomach with his hands, his eyes filled with tears from trying to control his laugh. Even Arnav chuckled raising his eyebrows as Akaash grimaced at Payal's tone

"Shutup NK" Akaash growled "Arnav, you too?"

"Dont mind us Akaash- I was only wondering that Payal is well sorted than you in the relationship" Arnav smirked as Payal gave him a thumbs up and Akaash gave him an unbelievable look

"Ok- see you both later- I have to get going - have some work" Arnav muttered as he tried hard not to laugh at his brother as he waved a polite bye to Akaash and Payal.

"Yeah Me too" Nk told as he got up wiping his eyes and joined his eldest brother on his way out, leaving the couple to themselves.

"what was the urgency Payal- you could have called me- why did you climb all the way here?" Akaash asked as the door closed behind his brothers.

"Oh I forgot my mobile at home... You know why I came... I was worried about my mother's weird behaviour today morning Akaash- She told me that I should not meet you again- not talk to you and all that.. At first I thought she was planning to come and formalize the wedding proposal - so she was asking me to be traditional - not going to groom's house- not talking to you until the roka is done and all that-but then she was hinting at other prospective grooms- I was so shocked and scared- I wanted to tell you rightaway- not through phone- I got so tensed, I came to see you and then Dadi told me not to come here anymore- I got all the more worried- What is happening?"

"Why is your mother doing that? She was happy with us getting together - she didnt have a problem all these years and what happened now?"

"No idea Akaash- You wont leave me na?"

"Not even if my life depended on it- you will be my wife and nothing will change it" Akaash hugged her as Payal sighed happily hugging him back.

"But Payal- Why do you always behave as if you are the dominating one amongst us whenever my brothers are around- I know you are not like that"

"I like to watch your face when your brothers have a go at you- so funny it is" Payal giggled as Akaash let out a annoyed sigh.


"why would Dadi ask payal to go away- I dont understand- I mean the families know eachother for almost 15 years now- and both Akaash- Payal have been in a relationship for almost 10 years now" Nk asked Arnav as they moved out of the dining hall

"There are lot of things happening around NK, Mama had told Mr.Sharma about our current affairs and state of funds and apparently Mrs.Sharma doesnt want her daughter to be married into this family anymore." Arnav informed a shocked NK

"But - but those two are in Love- they cant do this to Akaash and Payal..We cant let them do this to Akaash and Payal- would we? " NK called out dejectedly

"I understand " Arnav answered him " Dont worry, We will devise a plan"

"yeah we should.. I mean I cant think of anyone else other than Payal as Akaash's wife"

Arnav smiled.

"So you are not planning to stay back here.. are you?" Arnav asked his brother changing the topic

"I havent decided- for all you know I might discontinue and decide to stay back..Have to think"

"Think all you want- But dont decide to stay back- I am not offering you job and neither will Akaash- until you finish your masters" Arnav slapped his brother's back jovially winking at him- NK raised his eyebrows annoyed.

As Arnav walked to his room, his mind was devising a plan to tackle the impending storm that was about to hit his Brother's love life.

So what is cooking at Arnav's mind? Will he be able to help Akaash before it is too late? stay tuned to know more

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