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ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-15, 16:40

Hello all
I have come up with another new FF. This is more of a Fanfiction but the characters are pretty much the same.
It is again a story of love blooming between a rich guy, who had to take the reins of running the big family at an young age because of a irresponsible father and a young girl, who was forced into a life, due to destiny- but isnt ready to sell her self respect to do so.
Scrol down for index of chapters
[Attention: This is a promo and not the prologue . This scene has'nt yet happened in the story and will happen in future updates- Had to put this disclaimer as readers are getting confused]
Arnav looked with contempt at this person in wet ragged clothes and unkepmt dry untidy hair in front of him, the cheap alcohol consumed by the man emanating stinking smell, Disgusted, his eyes moved away from the man and slowly took in the thin figure next to this man- The girl was skinny and would be 16 or 17 at the most, She was wearing a long skirt and a blouse, both wet from the rains outside and wet and thin dupatta that she had drapped around her was hardly giving her any warmth or protection and She stood there shivering and clutching her dupatta tightly.

"I am Shashi Gupta" The man introduced himself "and this is my daughter Kushi"
"and why did you come here for?" Dadi asked him promptly
"Because there is a debt that needs to be cleared"
"whom were you debted to?"
"Your son was debted to me... We had a gamble last month and he lost this house to me"

Shock coursed throught the inmates of Raizada Mansion

"Oh my God... He gambled with this house too... What else is left for us now... we are left with literally nothing" Nani whispered anguishedly, While 19 year old Anjali clutched Payal's fingers tightly and sobbed.
"I am not a merciless man... I do not want this mansion, if you are ready to compensate this bond in my terms" Shashi spoke out loud and clear
"and your terms are?" Arnav spit out, angry at his recently deceased father, who had left him nothing but huge loans, His father had literally sold or mortgaged every other property and Arnav thought he had only the family business which was again not in good shape as it was extremely neglected by his father and this mansion.. but now the mansion was gone too...

"You marry my daughter. I will give this mansion back to you"
"What? " The family burst out. Arnav was shocked himself

PS: The girl only looked 16 or 17 doesnt necessarily mean she is of that age
P.S.2: If you are not already following this FF, you can start doing so now... be kind to me and comment!

Chapter 1- The Raizada Mansion (page 1)

Part 1: All in vain
Part 2: Building up hopes

Chapter 2- Lovebirds in Despair (page 1)

Part 1: The impending storm
Part 2: The battle of Sharmas
Part 3: Unbreakable bonds
part 4: Warning Signs

Chapter 3- The first impressions (page 2)

Part1: All roads lead to...
Part2: When Sky met earth
Part3: Tables Turned
Part4: Receeding waves

Chapter 4- Against all odds (page 2)
Part 1:Finding the way
Part2:Flaw(less) Plans

Chapter 5- Destined to be (page 2 and 3)

Part 1: On cross roads
Part 2: Train of thoughts
Part 3: Of triumphs and setbacks
Part 4: Tides from the heart

Chapter 6: Feats of Assumptions (Page 3 and 4)

Part 1: Out of the blue
Part 2: Missed Meet
Part 3: Fallacious Influences
Part 4: Schemes of Will

Chapter 7: Destiny's call (Page 4 and 5)

Part 1: Master of all Mix-ups
Part 2: Modus Operandi
Part 3: To hold and to have
Part 4: Baits and Preys

Chapter 8- Inevitable lament(Page 5)
Part 1: The last epistle
part 2: The final rites

Chapter 9: Twists of time (page 5 and 6)

Part 1: The Wannabe Guardian
Part 2: Towards of a new dawn
Part 3: Griha Pravesh
Part 4: All is well again

Chapter 10: The Savior of Love (page 6)
Part 1: Unforeseen Crisis
Part 2: All in vain
Part 3: Friends(and more)?
Part 4: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Chapter 11: The brides of Raizadas

Part 1: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Part 2: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Maria J on 2013-02-16, 15:00

Continue soon...

Would love to read u Vi..

Maria J

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by cheena007 on 2013-02-16, 15:08

ahhhh ARHI magic ..thanks for this FF please continue soon ..

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-17, 14:25

Maria J wrote:Continue soon...

Would love to read u Vi..
Thanks Maria! :)

[quote=cheena007] ahhhh ARHI magic ..thanks for this FF please continue soon ..[/quote]Thanks Cheena...
For sometime I would be giving daily updates as I have already posted upto 12 parts in IF already- trying to shift here... Wink

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Chapter 1 part 1

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-17, 14:26

From the Author's desk: I had actually started this FF at IF... thought of posting it here too... So this one comes a bit early for all of you- Be kind to me and leave comments.

Happy reading...


Chapter 1- The Raizada Mansion

Part 1: All in Vain

The crisp afternoon air was filled with scent of anticipation as the family gathered around to talk about the future plans.

Akash observed that the dining hall was not as occupied as it was this afternoon since a long time that he could remember- And again they havent gathered here for their lunch- he noted albeit sadly. It was long time back that the family had breakfast or lunch or dinner together- those happy times seemed like a dream right now- He didnt know how they cultivated the habit of having food in their own rooms.

Atleast we have gathered today- to talk, he pondered a little satisfied.

Mama was sitting opposite him with sheaves of legal documents, and was very often turning to his left and discussing with the family Lawyer Mr.Roy in hushed tones, may be mentally preparing how to start and which one to put forward. Mr.Iyer, their Auditor, was lost in thoughts calmly sitting beside Mr.Roy.

Akaash turned to his right to see NK sitting next to him, his hand busily texting one of his friends. College life- he smiled looking at his younger brother. He would be definetely shocked at what is going to be revealed right now.
The seat next to NK was vacant as was the seat diagonally opposite to that.
Anjali and Mami are late again...

Dadi was getting impatient, he noticed. Dadi was sitting on one head end of the table. She surely looked very annoyed with the waiting. Next to her on her right side was Nani, She was all that Dadi was not. In fact both these elder ladies were opposite in their idealogies, how they treated their grand children and all that - but the underlying common thing was love that they both showered on them all- they did have a major part in the upbringing of him and his siblings.

After their Mom's death, immediately after giving birth to Anjali, Nani had been that Kind, compassionate mother figure to them and When their father grew irresponsible not caring or spending enough time for his kids after their mother's death, Dadi took his post- She was strict, commanding and full of control

Though both the ladies havent been able to replace their parents- they have served well to fill in the place of their parent figures. Akaash heart filled with affection looking at the elderly ladies.

"how long" Dadi muttered "We told we will meet by 3. Its 3.30 already"

"Arnav? I think they are not going to make it, Shall we start? " Mama spoke out calmly

Arnav who had been standing facing the window all this while, turned to look at his family. It was after a few seconds that he nodded a little responding to his Mama'a suggestion and moved towards his chair which was directly opposite Dadi's.

Akaash noticed that his elder brother looked worn out in a few days of this mess. Obviously with such bomb shell news all around them, he didnt expect less. In fact he was sure, it took a steel heart like his brother's to hold everything in place- He would have stumbled if not for Arnav's presence.

At 27, only two years elder to him, his brother had managed to react well to the facts pouring in from different directions- much better than him.

Arnav came and quietly took his place as Mama started to speak.

"After Jijaji's death, we thought we will sort out the will- To his three sons and his only daughter, But to our shock we found that major part of the property has been - well they have been eaten away."

"What do you mean eaten away?" NK asked quite surprised at the statement

Akaash and Arnav exchanged looks.

"Our father sold it NK" Arnav replied to him with a calmness that didnt go with the news

"What? but why? which ones? I mean how can he?" NK looked petrified " Am I the only one who is shocked by this?

"We came to know few days before Father's death- when he was very sick- Mr.Roy told us." Arnav told indicating himself and Akaash.

"Why wasnt I told then? I am a son too"

"because you werent here- you were in Australia and also, Father was sick he was in hospital- then he passed away- there were other distractions..." Akaash told him "and bro, reserve your expressions. There are more shocking things to come"

NK settled down, albeit this time a little more serious, his IPhone was placed on the table and Mama got his full attention unlike a few minutes back. Mama continued.

"and almost the rest of them, are either mortgaged or in dispute- the legalities will be explained by Mr.Roy"

Mr.Roy then started speaking about the estates, how the estates were all gambled for the horse races that their father took interest in. Initially before 8 years it started just as a casual fun gambling- but soon he got obsessed with it.

After much talks and wasted advises to Mr.Ajay Raizada, He had turned to Dr. Manohar Singh, their Maternal Uncle, who had tried to put a stop to their father's obsessive addiction to indulge in horse races, but in vain. When he had informed the ladies of the family about it, they tried to but they could'nt do anything- because at that point Ajay Raizada had gone to a point of No return- Ajay had taken to drinking much earlier and then the races, towards the fair end, they have even found he had been into card games- where he had lost most of the valuable estates in a spur of alcoholic state.

Mr.Roy or Dr.Manohar had only thought that the estates had been eaten away like that. All the three boys were studying abroad, and when they realised that they could not do anything and someone else had to take control of the business, Mama could not help much- he was a Doctor by profession and didnt know anything about the business- it was then they decided to inform Arnav to wind up his dream projects and studies Abroad and come back to take care of the badly falling standards of their family business due to their father's neglect.

But before Arnav could reach India, their father had a heart attack and was admitted in hospital. Akaash was asked to come back soon after. Arnav and Akaash was informed about the matter as soon as Akaash arrived home. But Ajay's condition had worsened and they had decided to inform NK to come back too.

Only after their father's death, Most of his father's friends, or so they thought,- until then, had come home carrying bonds saying that their father owed them some huge money.

What with their family fund already running low due to neglect, they had decided to call for a family gathering to inform the real state of the situation.

When Mr.Roy finished speaking, there was silence in the room. Everyone were shocked except for Mama and Arnav, It seemed that even Nani and Dadi didnt know the entire truth of the real state until now. Akaash was surprised about the bonds part- He was only being informed now.

All were so upset that they were not able to comment or speak- then Arnav cleared his voice- commanding their attention.

More about the Raizadas coming soon.. stay tuned!

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Chapter 1- Part 2

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-17, 14:30

From the Author's desk:

Dear readers, a general announcement- the scene that you read in the first page is a promo and not a prologue- I think some were confused so I had to give this clarification- Kushi and Arnav havent yet met in the story. Thanks for your lovely comments. PMs for this will come a little later

Happy Reading...


Chapter 1: The Raizada Mansion

Part 2: Building up Hopes

Arnav started to speak in a tone which told them that he would be able to gather up all the shattered pieces. But the contempt and disappointment that his tone nested was obvious too.

"When I was informed about Father's activities, and the rapid disposal of half the estates, I didnt think that there would be more problems than this. Our father was very unfortunate to have friends who only took advantage of his weekness and encouraged him into these activities.

The bonds that were signed by him have been verified to be legal and accurate- which means that we must pay them what the bond says that he owed them- We do not know if he was in his sentient state when he signed them all- we dont have any means to know that-

we have to pay the debts of our father- within a month- thats what all the notices say. - the total figures come to nearly 40 crores- Also the ones which are mortgaged and the ones in dispute cannot be touched atleast for now.

The family funds are low and we are nowhere near 40 crores- Looking at the current affairs, I propose that we dispose off the remaining estates. There is a prospective buyer who is ready to pay us 45 crores as the whole- The estimate comes to little over 48 crores- I decided to let go of that 3 crores because we do not have the luxury of time. I say, dispose it off- Settle the debts and then invest on business so that we can grow stable. This is possible if you both and Anjali give your consent" Arnav paused looking at his brothers.

They both nodded immediately- but were little shaken.

"As far as the business is concerned it is in a really bad state- We need to move drastically into positive advertising, new fashion lines and all that- Moreover We have to provide salary for our employees - We should lay off people if we have to manage- I reckon that the remaining left over amount from the estates can be used to invest on new plans for our business.

Also I have been working on a new project at UK-Which is ready to be kicked off- which can be handled by Akaash.- after investment there will be little less than a crore - added to our family funds. In the meanwhile- I can look at the business back here-at India- I would need some funds here too to rejuvenate everything here- Which I think I can manage with my own savings-" Arnav paused as Akaash interuppted him

"Your own savings? - No Arnav- you dont have to do this"

"We dont have any option Akaash- I had anyways been saving it to invest my money in UK project- but now since the plans have changed, I am pooling in money to that project from our estates- to give you a much bigger start than the one that I had planned for the project- So I am compensating that for this- " He paused to look at Akaash who fell silent- though disturbed by the idea at his brother is letting go his dream project and his saving for the family. Arnav shrugged continued further.

"Our family funds can last upto four months at most. And the salary fund cannot come for more than 2 months- even after the layoffs- which will force us to release the business reserve and the left over from the estates disposal- to cover up for the rest two months. We need to pull everything up fast- because this plan will hold good only for four months- by end of three months- both the firms should start spurning profit if we have to continue in business- Otherwise we are doomed." Arnav finished telling them all.

The severity of the situation, began to sink in all the family members.

"Oh my god" Nani gasped "Why did he do this to you all... He has left you all with literally nothing..." She started crying

"We still have our mansion Nani" Arnav told her "and ofcourse the business is intact- albeit in a bad shape- but still we have our name in it" Arnav smiled cynically

Dadi was all quiet, the shocking facts of the last hour had impacted her a lot.

She silently stood up.

"Dadi" Akaash called out

"The parampara, the rich heritage of this family- has been crushed and put to shame by my own son. A man given birth to and raised by me- I have failed as a mother- there is no bigger shame" She told them in a broken voice.

"You grandsons are ready to rectify it- infact I am sure the plan will work out- Have faith Maaji" Mama called out

"yes Dadi, We will work it out... you still have us" Akaash told her.

Dadi looked at them all and then quietly left the place to her room. Nani stood up too.

"Maa" Mama called out

"She is a broken mother Manohar, She needs someone by her side now" Nani answered her son in a broken tone before she followed Dadi

"But why didnt you people tell us about this before itself? I mean you should have informed us when we could have still stopped this all" NK's anger was still evident in his tone

"We were not aware of it Nk" Mama told him "I didnt know about this until 6 months back when Roy came to me. And Roy didnt know until Mr.Iyer and Mr.Roy met coincidently at a party. And Also you all were abroad for your studies... I thought I will be able to manage here- I didnt want to force one of you to take a break from education. Only when I thought things went out of my hands, I asked Arnav to come back. Also we were not aware of the bonds until your father died"

"I am sorry I didnt tell you all about this at the early stages itself" Mr Iyer who was quiet until now spoke. "I came to know that the estates were falling short every year when I did the annual audits- But then I was only associated with mr.Raizada with the audits and not on the personal level. I didnt know that you all were not aware of his activites- I didnt guess"

"You dont have to apologise to us, Mr.Iyer- It was clearly my Father's irresponsibility- We dont not hold you responsible" Arnav spoke out standing up, signalling the other men the end of the meeting.

"so do we finalise on Mr.Kher's offer for the estates?" Mr.Roy asked as he got up as well.

"Give us two days time- My brothers and sister need some time to think over" Arnav told him.

"But thats not necessary" Akaash interuppted.

"Thats right Arnav- We know you would take the right decision" NK supported Akaash.

"No its only prudent that I give you both and Anjali time to say yes to this" Arnav told with finality.

"but thats not going to change our affirmation to your plan" Nk told as Akaash nodded his approval.

The Auditor and Lawyer left just as a heels sounded across the steps to the dining hall

"Hey" a cheerful bubbly voice rang out "I am sorry we are late" Anjali came into the dining hall, her hands full of bags.

"Hello hi bye bye...So what did we miss?" Mamiji's loud voice rang out soon after and she came in too.

"Where were you both?" Mama asked Mami sharply

"We went for shopping.. did you forget? tomorrow is Anjali's 19th birthday, she was feeling low- thinking about her father and all that- she was all gloomy- I took her out for shopping- and why are you screaming at me?"

"Shopping?" NK asked Anjali shocked "You shopped today? when you were told we have a family meeting?"

"Yes. Meetings are boring- some board meeting it was is it? so I went for shopping! " Anjali replied cheerfully "taking out all her 6 sets of designer suits and gowns and lehengas that she had purchased and flaunting them to her brothers and her mama.

"Do you even realise what we-" Nk was stopped by Arnav as he placed a hand on his shoulder

"Its a lovely collection Kiddo" Arnav commented smoothly smiling at his sister.

"Thanks Arnav" Anjali beemed throwing flying kisses at him "what about the rest of you? do you like it?"

"you like it- we like it. " Akaash told her giving her a hifi.

"Thats sweet of you Akaash"
"its nice Anjali bitiya. it will look more beautiful on you" Mama smiled at her
"Ok.. good" Anjali said satisfied, dumping her dresses again into the shopping bag "So what did you discuss in this board meeting? " Anjali asked finally

"Oh you remembered we had one today is it? and it was not board meeting- for your information" Nk started sarcastically

"Then? what was it about?"

"Nothing to be bothered about Kiddo- just some property matter" Arnav interuppted again, with a warning look towards NK to shut up

"Ok.. come on Anjali bitiya- we need to prepare for tomorrow's party" Mamiji called out

"What party?" Mama asked his wife

"Didnt you realise- tomorrow is her birthday.. I know its been only 4 days after her father's death and all that...but still she is turning 19- we have to celebrate - atleast a low profile party with family and her close friends.. Hello hi bye bye"

"ofcourse, we should celebrate our little sister's birthday- This is the last birthday for her as a teenager- we will have a party" Arnav informed them before anyone could respond- the other three men looked at him baffled. Anjali looked positively beaming with joy...

"Next year I am going to Step out of teenage- that doesnt sound good... but still the last teen birthday for me- I am excited!" she said happily as she and Mami left the dining hall with their shopping bags

"Arnav - party in this crisis- " Mama started

"I have never said no to my sister yet Mama" Arnav replied

"But still- the funds are already low- and you both have to work on tight deadlines already- If she goes on like this-" Mama started to tell something fell silent and sighed looking at his elder nephew

"Akaash and I have to shorten the deadline from 4 months to 3 months" Arnav told calmly as he looked at Akaash - and his younger brother nodded his head. Mama shook his head

"How much stress can you both handle ?" Mama asked worried "I am there for you whenever you need me... I know nothing about business- But still I will always be there. You know that right?" Mama asked as he placed a hand on Arnav's shoulder

"ofcourse Mama- We know" Arnav told him.

"I need to talk to manorama- she needs to understand not to spoil Anjali like this" Mama told as he ventured to move out

"Dont tell anything to Anjali yet- Not until tomorrow- She deserves to be happy on her birthday" Arnav called out to Mama as he moved out

"I think you should let me do my share also" NK quipped from behind "I feel left out in all this"

"You should finish your education first NK" Arnav told him firmly

"Akaash hasnt finished his internship yet as well" NK reminded Arnav

"Thats one of the reasons I have asked him to do the new project at UK- he can show it as his internship project as well- and attend his classes too" Arnav answered him

"But when the family needs me- I feel its selfish of me to continue my education" NK argued

"Its not selfish- its your right- We both can manage until you finish NK- then you can join us" Akaash told

"Two years"

"you are not quitting education NK- thats final" Arnav told his brother curtly as Nk kept brooding standing there.

"I rely on you Akaash- for the UK proposal- Will you be able to do it? Arnav asked his other brother

"Ofcourse I can- But isnt this your dream project Arnav? You have been planning this for a year - and are you sure you want me to do this? Why dont you let me handle things here and pursue your dream? I am sure you will be able to do this better - because your heart is in it"

"I suppose we cant ask for everything Akaash- Business is in a very bad shape here- I cant run away from this and let you handle this mess- This is quiet a challenging task- you are just out of university and it will be hectic for you to manage without prior experience- and the UK project is not so - I have done all the ground work... it will be a piece of cake for you- if you put your heart and soul into it.." Arnav told as he moved towards the window near which he was standing earlier in the day.

He was suddenly taken aback when he saw the figure by the window. He was surprised that he didnt notice until the pretty figure knocked on the french window gesturing him to open it. He opened it involuntarily only to realise the girl had climbed all the way up the first floor and had been hanging on to the window sil to gain one of their attention-

"What the" he exclaimed before he quickly put out his hand to pull her in.

"Hi Arnav, you know, you should complete that line someday- " She called out as Akaash and NK looked wide eyed in surprise as the girl in her tee and Jeans held Arnav's extended hand to climb the window with Arnav's help

Who do you think the girl is ? I am sure you want to know who it is.. keep guessing until the next update

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Chapter 2- Part 1

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 15:36

From the author's desk: Oh-ho-- I am actually happy that none of you guessed the girl right- I am happy because- this will be a real surprise for all of you- Enjoy!
Thanks for the guesses and comments- And I was asked to mention how often I would update this FF- If I am free and my thoughts flow is good like how it is now- you will get an update every day like it has been for the past three days- But I cant promise this frequency at all times- I have planned for two updates a week - Atleast until Checkmate gets complete..

I mean I cannot neglect my other baby just because this one is new- I can't take bashing Wink

Happy reading


Chapter 2: Lovebirds in Despair

Part 1: The Impending storm

"Payal" Arnav exclaimed as the girl took his hand and he pulled her inside the room

"Thanks so much" the girl smiled as she jumped into the room, straightening her tee and dusting her hands

"Hi there" Payal called out to a dazed Akaash and a baffled NK as she walked towards the dining table and grabbed a water bottle

"I didnt know that you liked climbing walls Payal" Nk called out

"I didnt know myself until today" Payal commented as a matter of fact as she propped herself on the dining table and sipped water from the bottle "If you are interested to know-I didnt like it..."

"You climbed all the way here just to check if you like it or not?" Akaash finally found his voice, after being dumbstruck at how his girlfriend entered his house

"No Buddhu! I had to see you and I wouldnt have tried this if your dadi didnt shoo me away"

"What?" Akaash asked shell shocked "why would Dadi do that?"

"No idea-I was planning to ask you...Why is she behaving like such a sweetheart to me?"

Akaash shook his head confused

"Maybe she didnt like your dress or something?" he suggested

"What about this one- It is decent enough- Moreover She has never told me anything about my dress till now... She wouldnt shoo me away for that. She would only reprimand at the most - with the usual 'you are future Raizada bahu- high time you act like one- blah blah' and I have always remembered to act like proper - traditional self in front of Dadi-" Payal observed

"yeah right..." Akaash agreed stumped

"try and remember Akaash- May be you mentioned something about Payal that Dadi doesnt approve of? " NK pondered aloud, his tongue firmly in cheek

Payal jumped down from the table and rushed to Akaash as she wagged a finger in front of him " What did you tell her now?"

"Nothing Payal- I didnt tell her anything about you- What nformation do you possibly think I would have slipped to her by the way? "

"May be you told her that I won our last kissing challenge or you would have mentioned her what we did in yesterday's truth or dare or the other day when I -"

"Shut up Payal- Stop embarassing me " Akaash growled as she fell silent and noticed his other brothers simpering behind him.

Akaash turned to NK who was cracking up with subdued laughter " and I will thank you for this one- Bro" he added sarcastically

"Its always fun to see you cowering when Payal charges at you with accusation.

"I am not cowering" Akaash glared at NK, as Nk raised his hand in apology

"Keep your brotherly fights later- I am worried why Dadi didnt want me to come here anymore" Payal muttered

"May be she was little upset with something else. Dont be upset over that" Arnav quipped

"I am not upset... Only worried a little" Payal assured him "The only thing that might put me off is if your brother cheats on me"

"That I wont" Akaash replied immediately with a very ridiculously serious face that it drove NK into another spasm of laughter.

"good for you.. and me" Payal commented, ignoring NK's laughter "I dont want to turn into a murderer- and spend the remaining days of my life in Jail- regretting that I killed my own boyfriend"

NK doubled clutching his stomach with his hands, his eyes filled with tears from trying to control his laugh. Even Arnav chuckled raising his eyebrows as Akaash grimaced at Payal's tone

"Shutup NK" Akaash growled "Arnav, you too?"

"Dont mind us Akaash- I was only wondering that Payal is well sorted than you in the relationship" Arnav smirked as Payal gave him a thumbs up and Akaash gave him an unbelievable look

"Ok- see you both later- I have to get going - have some work" Arnav muttered as he tried hard not to laugh at his brother as he waved a polite bye to Akaash and Payal.

"Yeah Me too" Nk told as he got up wiping his eyes and joined his eldest brother on his way out, leaving the couple to themselves.

"what was the urgency Payal- you could have called me- why did you climb all the way here?" Akaash asked as the door closed behind his brothers.

"Oh I forgot my mobile at home... You know why I came... I was worried about my mother's weird behaviour today morning Akaash- She told me that I should not meet you again- not talk to you and all that.. At first I thought she was planning to come and formalize the wedding proposal - so she was asking me to be traditional - not going to groom's house- not talking to you until the roka is done and all that-but then she was hinting at other prospective grooms- I was so shocked and scared- I wanted to tell you rightaway- not through phone- I got so tensed, I came to see you and then Dadi told me not to come here anymore- I got all the more worried- What is happening?"

"Why is your mother doing that? She was happy with us getting together - she didnt have a problem all these years and what happened now?"

"No idea Akaash- You wont leave me na?"

"Not even if my life depended on it- you will be my wife and nothing will change it" Akaash hugged her as Payal sighed happily hugging him back.

"But Payal- Why do you always behave as if you are the dominating one amongst us whenever my brothers are around- I know you are not like that"

"I like to watch your face when your brothers have a go at you- so funny it is" Payal giggled as Akaash let out a annoyed sigh.


"why would Dadi ask payal to go away- I dont understand- I mean the families know eachother for almost 15 years now- and both Akaash- Payal have been in a relationship for almost 10 years now" Nk asked Arnav as they moved out of the dining hall

"There are lot of things happening around NK, Mama had told Mr.Sharma about our current affairs and state of funds and apparently Mrs.Sharma doesnt want her daughter to be married into this family anymore." Arnav informed a shocked NK

"But - but those two are in Love- they cant do this to Akaash and Payal..We cant let them do this to Akaash and Payal- would we? " NK called out dejectedly

"I understand " Arnav answered him " Dont worry, We will devise a plan"

"yeah we should.. I mean I cant think of anyone else other than Payal as Akaash's wife"

Arnav smiled.

"So you are not planning to stay back here.. are you?" Arnav asked his brother changing the topic

"I havent decided- for all you know I might discontinue and decide to stay back..Have to think"

"Think all you want- But dont decide to stay back- I am not offering you job and neither will Akaash- until you finish your masters" Arnav slapped his brother's back jovially winking at him- NK raised his eyebrows annoyed.

As Arnav walked to his room, his mind was devising a plan to tackle the impending storm that was about to hit his Brother's love life.

So what is cooking at Arnav's mind? Will he be able to help Akaash before it is too late? stay tuned to know more

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Chapter2 - Part 2

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From the author's desk: Ok, thanks for accepting this slight change in Payal's character- I thought that both Payal and Akaash being meeky would be boring- atleast one of them should be little bold to bring in some worthy story for them- And most of you have been asking for Kushi's entry- She will make her glorious presence in Chapter 3- practice patience until then!

P.S. PMs later after I have done the proof reading... this one is for the impatient heads!

Happy reading!

Chapter 2: Lovebirds in despair

Part 2: The battle of Sharmas

The elder ladies were having a quiet tea when a very cross Manorama came in join them in the family lounge for tea.

"What happened Manorama? why are you upset?" Nani asked her Daughter in law

"Ask your dear son- He saves other's heart- but hurts my heart. Hello hi bye bye" Manorama quipped biting a biscuit with more force than necessary

"what did mama do now Mamiji? tell me, I will fight for your justice- Nandkishore Singh Raizada will never tolerate injustice metted out to the women folks" Nk said as he joined them all

"NK bitwa, you know what? poor Anjali bitiya she was feeling all gloomy- and so I took her out... and your mama told me off for doing that"

"Manohar is right. Anjali is a girl and you are spoiling her" Dadi intervened

"But it is her birthday tomorrow... you all know how she feels whenever her birthday approaches... thinking how her mother died two days after she was born.. and now her father died four days before her birthday- she was feeling all unlucky and upset- I had to take her out to cheer her up" Mami argued with Dadi

"She is an educated girl- she should know better than to believe in all those unlucky stuff- besides tomorrow when she gets married to another family- people there will blame us for bringing her up to be such a spoiled brat" Dadi told curtly shutting up mami.

NK raised his eyebrows and quietly settled in one of the sofas as Anjali came down for tea.

"Hi NK, Mami, Dadi, Nani..."

NK tired to gesture her it was not the right moment for her to join the group now as he was sure that she was going to talk about her birthday and they would get back properly from Dadi but she didnt get it

"What?" she asked him

"nothing" he mumbled.

"Mami, I asked Payal to come tomorrow for the party" Anjali started off the conversation "I told her we are having only a family gathering and she is a part of our family anyways- so"

"Payal will not be coming here" Dadi snapped at Anjali

"Why?" Anjali asked "She came here today na?"

NK gestured her to stay quiet again and Anjali was looking at him baffled.

"Yes she was here and I sent her back- we cannot entertain her anymore if her mother doesnt want ay kind of rishta with this family" Dadi told her
"But she is already upsta---" Anjali started to say when NK jumped in to do damage control

"Anjali I am ordering cake for you- which one do you need this time?" he said throwing draggers at her to make her shut up right then. Anjali finally kept quiet though she didnt understand the reason.

"Hmm.. the other day, we tasted the red velvet cake na-- it was marvellous... I thought I could have that for my birthday- but then Arnav told he didnt like it much... hmm- so I think I will settle down for chocolate marble truffle cake..."

"ok chocolcate marble truffle then.. NK said- do you want vanilla twirls on top of it?" he asked as he browsed his IPhone to place an online order.
"hmm No problem" she said as they all heard the door bell go.

Ramu Kaka, their male servant, went to answer the door and escorted a highly agitated Mr and Mrs Sharma to the family lounge. After the initial greetings were shared, which was a little colder from the Sharmas side than on the Raizadas side, Mrs. Sharma directly got to point, denying Nani's invite to join them for tea.

"We have given you all enough decent clues that we are not anymore interested in a rishta between Payal and Akaash. I dont understand why you people still encourage my daughter with any such intentions" Mrs.Sharma directly asked the elderly ladies

"We are not unwise to not notice your clues Susheela, When you dont want our son, we dont want your daughter too- We have class- and we are arrogantly proud of it" Dadi answered her smugly

"But still, you let her inside this house? for what reason may I ask?" Susheela leered

"What bakwas is this? You daughter came running here in the afternoon and I sent her promptly back" Dadi told her as NK and Anjali who stood there exchanged uneasy glances

"Bakwas? Have you started lying as well? She has been missing from afternoon and we know she is in this house right now and I have come here to take my daughter home" Mrs.Sharma told them rudely.

"But she is not here Susheela- didnt you hear me? how dare you say I lied to you? Look if your daughter ran away somewhere - it doesnt mean she is here" Dadi told her.

"I suppose your grandchildren know otherwise" Sharad Sharma pointed out, acutely picking the tensed faces of Anjali and NK

Dadi turned back abruptly and looked at them. She immediately knew that they both were concealing something

"Is Payal here?" She asked, her voice was dangerously low, the tone she undertook when she was not happy with their behaviour.

"I am here Dadi" payal's low voice reached her from another entrance to the lounge. Akaash stood behind her, with an apologitic look. Dadi was so shocked that she stood there with shamed silence.

"Now what do you say Subadra Ji" Susheela asked with a sneer of her face.
"Auntyji- Dadi doesnt know Payal was here- it was not her fault" Akaash told her

"Doesnt know? she doesnt know who comes in and goes out- What kind of responsible elder is she?"

"So what if she doesnt know I was here? She asked me to go back, it was I who sneeked back in- dont blame others for what your daughter did" payal shouted across the room to her mother.

"Dont take that tone with your mother Payal" Sharad reprimanded her
"First tell her not to take that tone to my future grandparent in laws... first of all what kind of responsible elder is she if she doesnt know how to talk to elders? What if my inlaws think that I might have taken after her and reject my proposal to Akaash?" Payal asked her father as Anjali snickered and NK showed her a thumbs up.

Dadi turned to look at the two, quietening them. Akaash on the other side was getting uneasy with Payal's impoliteness to her parents in front of his Dadi- He sure didnt want Dadi to think Payal was disrespectful and was not suitable to be a Raizada bahu.

"As if they would dare to- Dont you understand? they want you to be the Bahu of this house badly now- knowing how much money comes with you" Susheela didnt mind hurting them as she hurled those accusations on Dadi and Nani

"What are you tlking Susheela aunty, you think Akaash loves Payal for her money? how can you say so?" Anjali asked confused but fell silent as Nani gave her a threatening look.

"Oh- My Mom loses her mind sometimes Anji- dont mind her" Payal commented

"How dare you talk like this? Where are your manners Payal?" Her Mom screamed at her as she took a few steps forward towards her daughter
"Its gone in search of yours Momma- as you lost yours already" Payal gave back quickly

"Sushi, this is not the time to get into fights- It was our fault we gave her so much freedom of speech" Sharad calmed down his wife.

"good one dad- we should'nt blame others for our mistakes- we need to take ownership- and by the way I have to clear this doubt in your mind Mom- Akaash is more wealthier than me to fall for my money" Payal commented nonchalently

"Wealthier than you? Hasnt he told you yet? that they have lost most of the property to their reckless father's fantasies? and the rest are on the way to the market to be pledged or sold?" Susheela spat out mercilessly wounding Dadi and Nani standing there. Anjali was shocked to hear this as was Payal as she looked into Akaash's eyes.

"So? what if its the case? I love him and not his money"

"Look how they have influenced our daughter Sharad" Susheela turned to Sharad and let out a cry.

"No one needs to influence me- I have a working brain" Payal cried out angrily.

"Payal please stay calm" Akaash muttered to her

"Why should I Akaash? either you speak or you let me speak- for god's sake they have been talking about getting me married to some stranger- what am I? a freaking 6 year old asking Momma what flavour of icecream to order in a icecream shop- and change my options just because my Momma doesnt like the flavour that I chose? I am 22 and I am entitled to choose whom to marry- and I have decided that this is my sasural- no one can change it"

"Actually even 6 year olds dont listen to their parents these days" Nk provided points to Payal to which she nodded thankfully whereas Dadi and Nani stared at him

"what the hell is happening here?" Arnav's commanding voice rang across the lounge. All of them turned to look at him.

"oh there comes the acting male head of the Raizada clan" Susheela let out a cynical comment

"we have come to take our daughter home Arnav, and it seems that your family is not co-operating" Sharad informed him curtly

"My family? have you already considered Payal to be a Raizada?" Arnav asked back smirking at him "-because all I can see is- your own daughter is not willing to accompany you"

"She has been ill-advised" Susheela spat at him

"Is it? to whom do you endorse this credit to Mrs. Sharma? because as far as I know her, Payal is capable enough to make her own decisions"

"Arnav- we have had enough of this, we want our daughter to come with us- no arguments on it- no hard feelings. Send her with us" Sharad spoke at last

"Go Payal bitiya- you have to go with your parents- whatever be the reason it is not right on your part to stay here without being married" Nani spoke her mind too, tired of what was happening in front of her.

Payal who was standing a step in front of Akaash immediately moved towards him, taking his hand and adamantly shook her head.

Arnav went near Payal and stood facing her.

"Payal do you trust me?" He asked in an almost whisper
Payal took some time to answer

"I do but if you are asking me to go with-" Payal started but Arnav cut her quickly
"Do you trust me or not?"

"yes" she said finally "but I trust Akaash a little more than I trust you since I am in love with him- is that ok? " she pouted as Arnav smiled at last and Akaash looked at her disbelievingly

"yeah thats alright" Arnav told her taking her other hand in his "Now leave with your parents- I am taking responsibility to get you married to my brother- can you trust me in this?"

"you are asking too much from me - but I suppose thats ok- My life depends on your promise Arnav- if you dont keep this promise, I will somehow find some way to marry your brother and then take my revenge on you" she uttered casually as she crossed the brothers and walked past the onlooking elderly ladies, curious and biwildered Anjali and Nk and reached her parents.

"What are you waiting for? Do you suppose they will serve you dinner if you stayed any longer? come along they had put up with our boring family drama for quiet enough time" she told her parents as she walked past them.

"Bye Akaash- see you soon darling" Payal called out as she reached the door and her fuming parents followed her.

Akaash cringed looking at Dadi as Payal's darling floated towards the lounge. Nk and Anjali exchanged looks and grinned at eachother and so did Arnav as he patted his brother on his back.

"Dadi" Akaash called out but his Dadi put up her hand quietening him

"We have had enough insult for today by that disrespectful girl and her parents- I dont want to endure much more now" she said as she intended to walk back to her room

"But Dadi, Payal was not disrespectful, she infact supported our family"

"Enough done- enough said" Dadi left the place after that.

"Nani- Payal is not like that - she only-" Akaash called out

"I know Payal is good at heart bitwa- but when her parents dont want her to get married to you, we cannot force them- can we?" Nani asked before she too left the place.

Hmm seems like payal has royally ruined her image in front of Dadi now- Will Arnav be able to keep up his promise? Stay tuned to know more

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Chapter 2- Part 3

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From the author's desk: Ok this can be considered as a filler- because its mostly about the Siblings and the relationship they share! I thought this foundation was necessary for the story and so it is here..
Happy reading and thanks for those lovely feedbacks!

Chapter 2: Lovebirds in despair

Part 3: Unbreakable bonds

As Anjali walked via the corridor to NK's room, she was getting all the more confused with Mrs.Sharma's accusations on the family.
What was more confusing was the fact that none of them in the family- not even Arnav negated her statement.. Are they hiding something from her? She knew whom to target- Dadi already looked like a volcano about to erupt and nani looked worn out.- so both of them were out of option also she didnt want to upset them further.
Arnav or Akaash wont tell her anything that they knew would upset her... Then she had decided to ask NK. As she walked towards his room, faintly feeling already nauseated thinking about her doomsday birthdays she heard NK's room empty.

She was about to leave the room when she saw him crouching on the floor beside the bed

"Hey Look, I am not dumping you- I just cant come now" Anjali heard NK speaking on the phone.
"Please understand- My family needs me now"
"Why? What happened?
"What? Dont joke" Nk called into the phone as he got up suddenly
"But... but.. wait what? thankgod.. For a moment I thought- "
" positively pregnant- seriously I dont know how to react to this- Ofcourse I am happy! ... " he stopped abruptly as he saw Anjali in the room.
"Hey, Look I will call you back a little later." he said abruptly cutting the call.

"What is it Anjali? why are you eavsdropping ?" he snapped at her.

"I did not eavsdrop on you.. I just came to talk to you" She told indignantly.

"You should have left when you found me talking on phone"

"Why is it that important? who was it then on the phone anyway"

"Dont be so nosy- it was just a friend"

"Why are you so tensed if it was only a friend?" Anjali grew more inquistive

"Come to the point Anjali" Nk told her frustrated

"What is happening in the house NK? what are you all hiding from me?"

"No one is hiding anything from you- You would have known everything if you had attended the meeting today"

Anjali creased her eyebrows and looked at NK

"Tell me then, Why did Susheela aunty say like that? are we doomed?"

NK looked at his younger sister was some time, He being just two years elder to her, had always fought with her unlike her other two brothers, but still he loved her. He knew how Anjali felt about her mother's death- It was imprinted on her mind very early in her life that it was because of her that her mother left this world... May be because of their father who didnt get as close to her as he was with his sons citing unreasonably that she was in some way the reason for his wife's death or because of those nosy and loud relatives of theirs, who would pass snide remarks at her when she was only a young child.

Normally at an age when children get excited about birthdays, Anjali used to recoil, thinking about her mother's anniversary two days later. So the three brothers learnt very early in life and promised eachother, that they would be the mother to their young sister, and treat her like a princess. They have always then protected her from any kind of attack from the family members and relatives.

Even now, they knew that even though she acted all excited and abnormally enthusiastic about her birthday- wanting to celebrate it when it was only 4 days after her father's death, she was just putting up a facade so that her brothers wont feel bad.
Arnav had instructed them all not to tell her anything until her birthday, not to give her more reasons to brood. Already she had been feeling dreadful that her birthday was the most unlucky day of the year, and she lost her father too now just five days before the day.

"Are you going to tell me or not?" She asked finally tired of waiting for him to answer

"No- I cant tell you now- It was your mistake- you missed the meeting"

Anjali looked at her brother with a wicked smile.

"I am going right down and tell dadi that you made some one pregnant back in Australia and came running here and thats why you dont want to get back there"

"What? I didnt make anyone pregnant" He looked horrified.

"You were speaking about Pregnancy on phone to a girl"

"How do you know it is a girl?"

"because a boy cant make a boy pregnant"

"It was a dog"

"What ?" she asked breaking into laughter

"Shutup! My friend's dog is pregnant"

"because of you? - oh my god- " she started laughing again

"Shutup Anjali" NK charged at her as she started to laugh like a maniac...

"Now if you dont tell me about the meeting, I am going to tell everyone about this - and I have skills to make it sound like it happened for real" she threatened him...

"Alright, but promise me not to feel sad about it- this - this is not related to your belief in your birthday luck" NK agreed finally

trying to save him from embarassment

"Ok" Anjali said as she squat on NK's bed, ready to listen to him.


"What is this Arnav? I cant accept this" Akaash dashed into his brother's home office in the first floor clutching a file

"What is that?" Arnav asked looking up from the bunch of papers that he had been going through

"The UK venture- You asked Mr.Roy to prepare this doc to change the propreitor ship from your name to mine- His assistant just and just delivered this now"

"Its not about your acceptance- its about my acceptance - and NK's and Anjali's as well to an extent - as I have pulled in family money into the venture"

"I cant let you all do this - I cant be selfish"

"Where are you being selfish in this Akaash" Arnav asked as he moved around his desk and leaned back on the front of the desk supporting himself.

"You are doing this for me and Payal's sake isnt it? To enable her parents agree for her hand in marraige with me"

"Good heavens- No" Arnav laughed "Do you really think that this will change Mrs.Sharma's mind?"

"No" Akaash told a little confused "then why are you doing this? I thought this was your plan to bring us together"

"We dont have to do anything as far as you and Payal are concerned- Not atleast for now, We have a willing Payal on our side."

"But - her parents -"

"Akaash, Last time I checked there was no law which mandates that the parents of a major girl should agree for her wedding with her darling"

"Arnav" Akaash grimaced

"Dont worry Akaash, we can afford to wait until the Sharmas make their next move- We dont really have to bother much until Payal succumbs to her parents pressure and consents to get married to someone else. "

"Do you expect her to?"

Arnav smiled at his brother

"Man, really? you are the one who is in love with her- You should know better"

"But your judgements have always been right - I - " Akaash stopped not knowing what to say

"I dont see someone with the likes of Payal giving in to threats anytime soon"

"So then why did you do this?" Akaash asked showing his brother the legal papers that he was holding

"Oh that, it was simply to ease you to take decisions for the venture- freely and prove your mettle"

"But why cant you register it in name of all of us and make me the power of attorney?"

"because we are starting this in UK- and all of us are majors and not UK nationals- and entitled to Income tax payment for the

venture- which means we would be paying 4 times the tax if I did that - this way we can save money"

"You can still the proprietorship yourself and give me the power of attorney"

"I can, But this way, I can make you take responsibility for your decisions and action"

"but Arnav-"

"And it is simply called trust- I do trust you with this- and I mean it- Take this as a simple gesture to show you that"

"Bhai" Akaash called out in a hoarse voice as he came forward to hug his brother. Arnav knew none of his siblings called him Bhai unless they were really worried or when they were really feeling overwhelmed. He returned his brother's hug.

"Dont feel so overwhemled with all this - The next venture I start might be headed by Nk or even Anjali if I feel they will be good enough for it- It doesnt really matter much- As far as we are together in this- All the time."

Arnav's mobile rang at that moment, and he picked up confirming to Mr.Roy that they have recieved the document that he had requested for. He disconnected the call after giving instructions to the lawyer to prepare the sale deed for the rest of the estates- and get them the draft document by tomorrow.

"Ok then" he said looking at Akaash "go through it and say if you are Ok with the terms - the rest of us will have to give a no

objection certificate later"

"What about the estates deal?"

"That is almost finalised- We can have the registration coming week, depending on Mr.Kher's availability"

"So Anjali knows about it?"

"Oh yeah- that bugger NK told her yesterday night"

"I thought so, when she told us all this morning that she was not ready to celebrate her birthday with all that puffy eyes- thank god she was alright by evening"

"Hope you are right" Arnav muttered as Akaash turned to leave

"You havent touched your dinner- Its gone cold"

"Oh I was engaged with some work- I forgot about it"

"Shall I ask Hari Prakash to bring something for you?"

"No dont bother, I shall go grab something from the kitchen myself"

Akaash nodded as he left the door closed after him.


As Akaash climbed the steps to his room in the second floor, he saw Anjali standing alone in the terrace balcony of the second floor.
He immediately knew that the girl was spending time brooding about her ill-luck.


She turned back and looked at him

"Hi Akaash"

"Are you upset?"

"No, I was just watching the vehicles on the road"

He went and stood near her holding her by her shoulder.

"I am not upset- really"

"I will watch vehicles with you" he said quietly as she laid her head on his tall shoulders

"Why does it always happen on my birthday Akaash- all bad things happen around my birthday isnt it?"

"This time, something good happened Anjali- we found out a lot of things- you know - We found out about the state of affairs- at a point in time where we can do something about it- all is not lost- and we also came to know who are genuinely good friends and who were all just opportunists "

"hmm, but why does it always happen on my birthday"

"What always happens?" Akaash asked her back worried

"that we always run out of icecreams and when I want to eat some, I have to wait for one of you to fetch it for me?"

"What ?" Akaash asked holding her in arms length and looking at her strangely "Are you for real"

Anjali grinned at him
"I told you I am alright, I want to eat Icecreams now"

"Look at the climate Anjali- its about to rain"

"Yeah I know, But that doesnt mean I cant have Icecreams- cant you even do this simple thing for your only little sister on her birthday?" she pouted.

"here!" another voice called out from the door entrance.
Both of them turned to look at NK standing there with a family pack on his hands

"What took you so long?" Anjali asked as he came forward giving her the pack.

"The delivery guy came just now" NK told as he tried to get a spoon out of the bucket. Anjali pushed his hand away

"You already asked him and then you asked me too" Akaash asked his sister trying to understand

"yeah, I thought I can do with two- No issues, I can manage with one"

"Give me some, I ordered for it" Nk argued, as he tried to reach the bucket.

"You should have ordered more if you wanted to taste - this is mine" Anjali told again denying him, moving to the far corner of the


Akaash turned to leave the balcony- "Ok guys- good night then"

"Woah--- Is'nt it Payal?" NK called out as Anjali also turned to look at the direction of NK's vision.

"yeah it is" Anjali called out

"Dont bluff- both of you" Akaash turned back again

"No we are serious- She is fighting with that Auto wala" NK told as Akaash came to the edge and saw it himself.

There was an auto standing just outside the gates in front of the terrace balcony where they were standing and Payal who was in her night shirt and pants was now entering the gates of the Mansion with the auto wala tagging behind her. The security who was not sure if he had to let the autowala in or not was coming behind them

They all dashed downstairs ...

So what is Payal upto now? run behind the lot to find out- stay tuned to this space, I shall give you all a second update today!

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Chapter 2- Part 4

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From the author's desk: Rather than being one long update, I decided that it can be two short updates on the same day! just to ease you all the wait for Kushi's entry- Pakka promise - next update will have kushi in it!
But you all might have to wait for mid next week for the update- I will be travelling for the next 5 days and might get busy with the festival thingy! thanks for your patience!
Chapter 2- Lovebirds in despair

Part 4- Warning Signs

As all the three dashed down from the first floor, Akaash jumping steps, while Anjali and Nk was following him close behind, Anjali broke into laughter

"What madness is this?" NK commented as he went past her

"you mean Payal's madness or mine?" Anjali asked in between her laughter

"we are going to find out Payal's but why are you laughing now?" he asked gasping for breath

"We are going to get either of the two things tomorrow-" Anjali pondered as she ran behind her brothers clutching her Icecream bucket still in her hands "either Dadi will have a heart attack or Nani is going to do an express wedding for Akaash and Payal the first thing in the morning"

"Or Dadi is going to pronounce no entry to Payal now- and Akaash is going to stay a bachelor for this life" NK joined in as they laughed out loud with Akaash's profane words reaching them


Arnav came out of the master kitchen holding a brown paper bag with sugar doughnuts in it. He had initially checked the kitchen counter in the first floor and having found nothing, he had come down to the master kitchen in the ground floor.

The cooks had been putting away what ever was left out and all they could manage to find decent enough to eat - after Arnav ordered them not to cook anything for him due to lateness of the hour - was the doughnuts and the chocolate cake ordered for the party in the evening. He had enough of the cake in the evening and so had settled for the doughnuts- though it was too sweetish- Anjali's choice!

He was surprised when he heard the knock on the door and gestured the approaching servant that he would get it. He was surprised to see an agitated Payal in her night dress - who was followed by an arguing automan who was followed by the security.

"Payal" Arnav exclaimed " to what do we owe this surprise?"

"Arnav- pay this fellow" Payal said as she stepped

"50 RS saab" the man announced

"What 50 RS? you told 30 when I got in... after seeing the house are you asking more?"

"Its late in the night madam"

"Late? you call 9.00 late?" she asked as Arnav gave her his brown bag to hold and reached for his wallet in his pocket. He gave the man a 100 Rs note

"I dont have change Sir"

"Its ok- keep it" he said as he took back his paper bag "Security, accompany him to the gates"

"What? why are you paying him double the amount he asked?" Payal asked him as he took her to the family lounge.

"I dont have change either Payal- besides, I am relieved that he brought you here safe- Did you run away from your house in a night dress?"
Payal didnt get to answer that as they were distracted by the sound of others reaching the room.

"Payal" Akaash called out to her as he reached the ground floor, out of breath with equally out of breath Anjali and NK on his heels

"Wait till Dadi sees you in this Payal" Anjali giggled inbetween her breaths as she clutched her stitches.

"Is this the usual visit hours for you Payal? Akaash never told us" Nk joined the gang teasing

Akaash was but not perturbed by the teasing this time. He went towards Payal.

"What happened? you look worried"

"Akaash, I cant stay there anymore"

For the first time, the other three saw Payal taking a worried tone to Akaash, it was so different to see her not bullying him as usual that all the mood to rag the two was instantly lost.

"What happened? what did they do?" Akaash asked in whisper

"I have told you about my mother's kitty party friend? Mrs. Ganga Khatri? - Such a cow she is..Her family visited today evening- with their US returned son- Vinod- You know that guy- Vinod Khatri- you have met him also once- he is such a snub- idiot- he behaves as if he is the president of USA- I hate him Akaash- My Parents have finalised him for me"

"What?" Akaash gasped

"So What?" Arnav asked

Payal looked at Arnav bewildered

"You tell him that you are not interested! "

"No use Arnav" Payal told him dejectedly " I told him that I love someone else and he says that he knows it and he is ok with it"

"Payal, cool down, you dont have to be worried so much about this- they cant get you married to that guy without your consent"

"I know that- But"

"Payal, just few minutes back I was telling Akaash that would take a lot to break your resolve- Dont prove me wrong" Arnav smiled at her

"You told him that?" Payal asked Arnav looking wide at him as Arnav nodded his affirmation.

"Thanks for that- but you dont know the real problem yet- My parents asked me take him around and show the garden - Thats when I told him about Akaash and he said he didnt care- then that - rascal misbehaved with me and and"

"What did he do?" Akaash asked tensed

"The question should be what did you do I suppose" Arnav remarked.

"I cant believe your brother understands me better than you Akaash!" Payal glared at him

"No dont mistake him- when a man is in love, he tends to get overprotective of his girl, often leading him to forget that the girl would be able to take care of herself" Arnav told her as Akaash looked at him thanking silently but it soon changed into apologetic one as Payal replied back to Arnav

"Personal experience Arnav? Do you feel the same about Sheetal too?" Payal asked as Anjali and NK bit back smiles and Arnav stared at Akaash for telling Payal about Sheetal

"Hey leave that- thats another big topic- we will do justice to it someother time- tell us what you did" Nk prompted her again

Payal smiled wickedly

"I kicked him on his groin" Payal admitted proudly

"Wow! Payal I am so proud of you" Anjali came forward hugging her as the other three men stood staring at her with shocked smirks

"Hey Happy birthday sweet heart- I couldnt call you- My parents have taken away my mobile from me- how did the party go?"

"leave that- tell us what was the real problem is now" Arnav asked Payal again - "you seem to have managed the issue quiet well"

"My parents reprimanded me for hurting him- can you believe that? They were perfectly ok with him groping me or trying to kiss me forcefully - but they told me off in front of that cow and her useless husband that what I did was wrong- after they left- I had a huge argument with my mother and - she locked me in my room"

"That is really serious! But how did you come here?" Nk asked her

"I removed the bathroom window panes and jumped out... "

But before anyone could comment on her escapade, a resounding voice echo the hall


Everyone turned to look at Dadi who was looking at Payal with murderous glare

"How dare you come here again? "

"Dadiji-I-" Payal started to say but Dadi put her hand up to stop her
"Why have you come here again? in that dress? coming here at odd times in inappropriate seducing clothes- Dont you know when you are not welcome anymore- you are supposed to stay out?

"Dadi, calm down She just came to wish Anjali" Arnav told suddenly
"yeah, Happy birthday Anjali dear" Payal told instantly picking up the clue
"Thanks Payal " Anjali jelled along "Dadi, I only told her that if she doesnt come and wish me, I wont talk to her at all- "

"Enough of this Bakwas- your relationship with this house is already broken- get out of here this instant"

"How is my relationship broken? How is it my fault if my parents behaved like that- I am still in love with Akaash and he is too" Payal told Dadi is a quiet voice

But Dadi was adamant- she behaved as if Payal's point was not uttered at all. They all knew it was not wise to argue with Dadi when she was in rage-
"This is not the time to argue Payal- Come I will drop you home" Arnav told her quickly

"But I-"

"I need to talk to you " Arnav told her quickly "come along"

"Why should you drop her? if she came here on her own, she can go back on her own as well"

"Dadi its very late now- besides its raining outside, Its only prudent that I drop her" Arnav told her not waiting for her answer turned towards the door.

"Arnav is right" Nani called out from behind them, she had come to check what the commotion was all about. "Its not safe to send her alone at this hour"

"I will come with you both" Akaash told them as Payal took his hand and walked behind Arnav.

They saw their head servant Ramu Kaaka by the door, he had been doing his routine checks to lock the doors before he retired for the day.

"Leave the door open Ramu Kaaka, we are going out for a while " Arnav called out as he checked if he had his car keys in his pocket.

They all stopped abruptly by the main door as they heard weird shouting noises from the other side of the door.

"Who is that? It seems like our security is arguing with some one" Akaash commented as Ramu Kaaka ventured to open the door.

Who is it by the door? You all know dont you? practice patience!

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Chapter 3- Part 1

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 15:49

From the author's desk: I have been wondering a little if I should give Kushi's background first or the proclaimed promo scene... then I decided the former would be better- strong foundations are always better to understand the character's point of view! so here comes- the much awaited entry of our very own Kushi

Happy reading!


Chapter 3: The first impressions

Part 1: All roads lead to...

Kushi watched with helpless puzzlement at the bizarre event happening in front of her eyes. She couldnt believe that her father was fighting with a man who looked like a security guard in front of this big mansion. She didnt know why he had dragged her to this place and on top of it, she thought he has totally lost his sanity- he was arguing that this place belonged to him and daring the security guard to let him in.

She couldnt fathome what had happened to her generally composed and rational father- this evening was turning very strange- it seemed nothing but an ordinary evening when she as usual sent the tuition kids out of their small single room cottage and put on a pan in the stove to cook dinner for her father and herself, whistling to herself. Her usually prompt father was late than usual that evening, leaving her to wonder what had happened to him- and he had been back only after it grew dark- and on top of it she found to her utter shock that he was drunk!

Kushi had always been a content girl- she was content with what life had offered her- After her mother's death, her father had been her mother as well, He was a very compassionate and kind man- and he would often say that his only aim in life was to give Kushi a wealthy life that she deserved- It seemed that it was what he considered as a pay back to her mother- who was from a very wealthy family- she eloped with him after they fell in love.

As much as her mother had a happy and content life with her father and her, their little princess- her very happy life with her father was cut short due to his poverty and inability to treat her illness- he was not able to handle her medical expenses when she fell seriously ill. Her father was always guilty that he had taken away all the comforts that her mother was used to before she married him- and that guilt only enhanced to a larger level when her mother died on her illness. So it became his aim- an obessive goal in his life to strive and give Kushi, his daughter back to that rich society from which he had snatched away his wife.

As much as Kushi would smile at his life's goal and point out to him about the near impossibility of her getting married to a wealthy person whenever he would bring up this topic when they both would sit together at the small step in front of their little but cosy cottage during their late night talks - He would argue passionately about how he would acheive it. Kushi later started taking her father's passion on her stride- pointing out to him that she would rather get married to someone who is from the same background as theirs and then continue doing what she liked to do rather than being a caged bird in a Rich man's house.

This was their normal routine, the father and daughter would sit in that small step, having their meagre but wonderfully cooked dinner and talk for hours into the night about everything under the sun. Kushi who had been looking forward to their usual evening that day was shocked when she saw he father walking in so drunk- to the point that he was not even able to stand steady. One kind man who lived in the neighbourhood had noticed him on the road and had brought him home.

She later found out from that person that her father got into a fight with some people near the club house where he would frequent lately for his card games. That was the only thing that she hated about her father- cards - but it was something that he had cultivated recently - and he would always promise her that it was only a stress busting activity and he wouldnt get very serious about it... and she let him play occasionally- but she did suspect he went there very often- without telling her- like today.

But getting into a fight in that place and then getting drunk- was too much. She had mentally noted to tell him fiercely the next day morning when he would be sober to never step into that place again. She thanked that man and brought her father in.

From his incoherent talks, she was able to gather that some one had asked him for her hand and he hadnt agreed. Then the people around had mocked his desire to marry her off to a wealthy person- riling him up with saying that she would grow old without getting married at all- or he still wants her to live a wealthy life- may be he can sell her off as a mistress to a wealthy old man...

The fight should have grown to point of insanity that her father should have grown very insecure and taken himself to drinking- she decided.

As she made him sit and tried in vain to bring him back to senses, he had got up all of a sudden shouting that he would show to the world that he is capable of finding his daughter a suitable man- who would marry her and give her the dignity that she deserved. He kept promising her that she would be the wife of a rich young man- capable of giving her all the happiness in the world. She agreed with what he was telling her, in an attempt to control him as she made him sit down, turning back to go and fetch his dinner- But then he suddenly grew excited as he got up and ran to the almirah standing at one corner.

"I will show the world- right now- that I can find you a suitable groom- Infact I have found you a suitable groom" he shouted with exhilaration.

"yes I completely trust that you can find me the best groom in this world.. Now sit and have dinner" she said as she filled his plate and brought it to him.

She looked baffled as she watched her father open his small suitcase in the
almirah where he stored his few valuables and took out a paper which looked like a bond. She placed his plate on the small worn out study table which doubled as their dining table sometimes and tried to see that bond.
When her father realised that she was close to him, he grew secretive as he folded it back immediately.

She had demanded to know what it was -- but he was in no mood to listen- he had carefully wrapped the bond inside a plastic cover and put it inside his shirt which was muddled due to the fight that he had picked up early in the evening. He then ventured to go out somewhere in that state when she tried to make him see sense... Not willing to send him alone at this state and late hour- fearing that he would get into more trouble, she had rushed after him not having the luxury of time to change into a decent dress. She wrapped a duppatta around her night shirt and ran after her father as her night skirt flapped against her ankles.

It was sometime before her father noticed her following him - But instead of protesting he only smiled at her

"I know you would like to see your future husband-- come along" he said puzzling her further
"Where are you going? what insanity is this? father, what happened to you? Its about to rain, come lets go back home, We shall come back again tomorrow" she kept hissing at him as he clutched her wrist tightly and walked ahead taking a turn towards a locality which was so different in contrast to the locality that they lived- in terms of magnificience and wealth.

Kushi had never seen him drunk- never seen him this insane and uncontrollable and was completely at loss what to do to make him submissive as she continued to let him drag her, helplessly- towards where he was taking her. Soon she had noticed him stopping at the large gate of a big mansion- - or was it a palace of some sort? it looked magnificient...

Then she had heard her father tell her that this was going to be her sasural- She looked at her father as if he had gone mad and started pulling him out as it started to rain. Kushi's grip on her father loosened as it slipped due to the rain, and he plunged forward and opening the gates, walked rightfully into the private lane bordered by carefully trimmed bushes which extented further into neatly maintained garden on both sides - which lead to the mansion's front portico.

Kushi snapped back from her shock at her drunk father's alcohol induced behaviour and ran after him as she saw two men approaching them from the building- She was scared that her father would be beaten up as she hurried to his side- to apologise when she realised that one of them was the security guard and the other was an auto fellow.

Neither the incessent rains not the angry security guard hamper her father's folly as she observed that he started arguing with absurd points like the mansion belonged to him.

She watched petrified as her father shoved the security guard into the muddy slippery garden path, she watched as the security guard groaned as he fell into one of the bushes and strived hard to get up as her fatehr laughed wildly and rushed towards the front doors. She wondered if she should help the security guard up or stop her father- then decided on the latter as she ran behind him.

She ordered her father sternly to stop all the bakwas and go back home with her, as they both reached the front portico leading to splendidly carved wooden doors to the mansion. Temporarily relived from the pouring rains, her father gave her a lopsided smile and denied to go back home with her and turned towards the doors- the security guard joined them that instant, ordering both of them to get out.

Then all of a sudden the front doors opened. All the ruksus that they were making should have woken up the inmates, she thought helplessly as she looked wide eyed as the magnificient doors were opened to reveal a young man, well dressed even with a lateness of the hour, staring at them all with peircing, curious eyes.

So they have met... Are first impressions always the best?
meet you all with another update soon... take care

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Chapter 3- Part 2

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From the author's desk:Ok, as some of you threatened me to update this first and then checkmate, here I am with this update... Now dont start smacking me for real... the next update would be surely after Checkmate update... and No I am a very sweet girl who dont know what vengence is

Happy reading!

Chapter 3: The First Impressions

Part 2: when Sky met Earth...

Ramu Kaka, the head male servant of Raizada Mansion had seen a lot in his service to the Raizadas. He had come here as a small boy of 15, when Subadra Raizada was still a newly wedded bride. He had accompanied the effervescent NandKishore Raizada (Senior), who was as different in character from his wife Subadra Raizada as a chalk is from cheese, for a numerous night hunt expeditions in the forests that they had owned once-

He had been there when Ajay Raizada , Kiranmayi Raizada and Charumathi Raizada were born, He had taught the young Ajay Raizada how to play cricket, secretly taken him to the once upon a time clear,small and cool lake to teach him swimming just because Ajay felt it was shameful to learn from the trainer when his cousins were better at it, he had accompanied young little girls charumathi and Kiranmayi as a guard when they went to school, He had been there when the elderly Virender Raizada, Ajay's grandfather died.

He had been there when Ajay fell in love and later brought home his beautiful bride, Ratna Singh, he was a happy witness when his Ajay babu became a father... He had shared the pain with the family when the bahu of the house died leaving a new born baby who looked no less than a pari and 3 very young sons devastated. He had seen young Arnav, Akaash, NK and Anjali grow up - he had taught them all the things that he had fondly taught their father, he had seen Ajay- turn into someone whom he didnt recognise at all... and now he was living to see the nightmare of this highly empire that he worshipped- crumble all around him.

The family meant more to him than mere employers- He had lived with them for the major part of his life- No almost all his life... they found him his woman, Jalaja, helped him financially to educate his sons Hari Prakash and Om Prakash, and even now provided a job for his sons too...

So the inmates of Raizada mansion was literally decendants of gods for him- and it ached to see them suffer like this... His long association with the family had inflected upon him a loyal and ardent affection for the inmates of the family. That is why it agonised him when he thought what the family has been reduced to.

The vast forests that the family once owned, the small lake where he would take little Ajay for swimming, their summer mansion, Their big winter bunglow at the top of the hill- which was surrounded by the cosmos of their tea estates- The sheesh Mahal, their anscestory home and numerous other mansions some so high such that it had a spectacular view of the city, some with breath taking wide golf courts- some with serene swimming pools- everything either already gone or mortgaged... it was with these worried thoughts that he had started his usual routine to check all the doors of the mansion, using his master key chain, He had no idea when they all heard that squabble outside, that he was opening the doors to further trouble for his beloved Arnav babu - If he had known, he would have never opened it at all- but things happen for a reason dont they?

so it happened that when Arnav heard the little ruksas outside, he gestured Ramu Kakka to open the door- as he stood witness to a strange scene in front of him.
There was this dirty and drunk fellow who was laughing wildly who was accompanied by a pitieous and puny young girl- with pale features and terrified expression staring at him . His first impression was that this drunk man had entered their gates in his drunken state by mistake. He quickly put out his hand to effectively stop Payal who had curiously come forward to see for herself what the noise was about.

"Stay in" he hushed at her and then nodding at his brother, he quickly took a few steps, aimed at intimidating the mad man.

"What is happening here Bankelal? " he asked his recruit, but the girl answered him with a confident voice that surprised him at first- her voice didnt go with her pitious frame or her shivering self.

"I am sorry for the inconvenience, my father is drunk, and he lost his way" Kushi told him as she again tried to pull her father towards the gate.

Arnav looked at the petite figure in front of him, his curious eyes making her uneasy, and despite being completely wet she was trying hard to protect her modesty with her thin wet dupatta. He decided that probably this was a usual habit of this man to get drunk and get lost in his way to be rescued by one of his family members. he would have inclined to have some pity on the girl just as to reprimand the man with police threats and then send him away- so that he wouldnt try and get drunk again for a day or two- but the man's angry voice beckoned his attention.

"I didnt lose my way... I am where I want to be- this is my mansion" Shashi bellowed easing himself out of Kushi's grip.

Arnav looked amused as the security guard mocked at Shashi's words.
"yes, and you are the prime minister of delhi - go go- get back home and find peace"
"You dont believe me do you? I will see who is going to mock at me at the end of this- I have a bond which is legally signed by Ajay Raizada- who owned this mansion before... call him and ask... I want to see him - he will tell you that this is my mansion" Shashi beemed at Arnav- tapping his chest where he had secured the bond.

These words undid it for Arnav- as a dread slowly started creeping his veins. Ramu Kakka and Akaash who were standing a few steps away gasped. Was this yet another of their father's reckless acts?

Things started to happen so quickly after that, The security guard was silenced and sent back to the gates while, Arnav gestured Ramu kakka to bring the man and his frail companion inside- a mad and eccentric Shashi marched through the beautifully carved doors into the great hall of the mansion with superiority that would have extracted giggles from Anjali or Payal if the situation was so different... They all stared at the weird man as he called out Ajay's name aloud.

"My father passed away five days before" Arnav told as his eyes flashed with impatience, pain and anger.

"Passed away?" Shashi asked as if stunned by the news "passed away- dead" he repeated again looking around as if in trance- not knowing what to do.

"We are sorry" Kushi whispered breaking the silence that followed thereafter. Arnav looked into her eyes again, and for a moment suspected seeing some pain flash across hers before she turned back to her father

"Father, come lets go home" Kushi spoke out again in a pleading voice, as she shivered, both from the cold and the massiveness of the hall where she stood.

"I am sad he died- its very unfortunate. He was a nice man. " he said feeling genuinely sorry- may be more successful in putting forth his pretense feelings than most of his father's friends Arnav thought.

"So have you come here to give us condolences this late at night?" NK prodded him a little, more bothered about packing the lot out of the mansion sooner than encouraging a small talk.

"No" shashi told a little lost "No, I didnt know he passed away"

"Who are you? " Dadi asked the man "why are you here?"

Arnav looked with contempt at this person in wet ragged clothes and unkepmt dry untidy hair in front of him, the cheap alcohol consumed by the man emanating stinking smell, Disgusted, his eyes moved away from the man and slowly took in the thin figure next to this man- The girl was skinny and would be 16 or 17 at the most, She was wearing a long skirt and a blouse, both wet from the rains outside and wet and thin dupatta that she had drapped around her was hardly giving her any warmth or protection and She stood there shivering and clutching her dupatta tightly.
"I am Shashi Gupta" The man introduced himself "and this is my daughter Kushi"

"and why did you come here for?" Dadi asked him promptly

"Because there is a debt that needs to be cleared"

"whom were you debted to?"

"Your son was debted to me... We had a gamble last month and he lost this house to me"

Shock coursed throught the inmates of Raizada Mansion

"Oh my God... He gambled with this house too... What else is left for us now... we are left with literally nothing" Nani whispered anguishedly, While 19 year old Anjali clutched Payal's fingers tightly and sobbed.

"I am not a merciless man... I do not want this mansion, if you are ready to compensate this bond in my terms" Shashi spoke out loud and clear

"and your terms are?" Arnav spit out, angry at his recently deceased father, who had left him nothing but huge loans, His father had literally sold or mortgaged every other property and Arnav thought he had only the family business which was again not in good shape as it was extremely neglected by his father and this mansion.. but now the mansion was gone too...

"You marry my daughter. I will give this mansion back to you"

"What? " The family burst out. Arnav was shocked himself

Hmm.. so what do you all think? Did Ramu Kakka get lucky to get a glimpse of the hone wale elder bahu of the third generation Raizada that night?

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Chapter 3- Part 3

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 15:52

From the author's desk: Sorry folks, I am not very happy with how the update has turned out to be' but I am in one of those crappy writing moods where nothing flows freely'

Thanks so much for the feedback, I feel so grateful to all of you Hope I don't disappoint you all much.. PMs later... Happy reading!


Chapter 3: The First Impressions

Part 3: Tables turned

Before the family or Arnav could protest on the ingenious proposal, it was Kushi who reacted first to the proposed deal.

"No" she gasped as she went ner him "NO father, you can't do this- this is completely wrong- life is not a deal" She whispered in shock

But Shashi was not in a mood to pay heed. His eyes were fixed on Arnav who stood there stunned at the prospect of a wedding on those lines.

"If you make her your wife- the bahu of this family- I will give back the mansion to you" Shashi told again- very slowly as if the impact will be more then

"How dare you propose to us that this skinny skeleton girl is to become the bahu of this parivaar? What status has she got to become one? " Mami called out from somewhere behind Arnav, finally breaking the silence which seemed to stretch into infinitiy

Then everybody started speaking at the same time

"How can we believe that our father has signed this house for you?" NK asked him

"Do you even know the parampara of this family? There is an eminence required to become a bahu of this family- leave alone the elder bahu- Do you even know the magnitude of such a position? I can never accept her as the bahu of this house- never" Dadi told him bigheadedly

"What kind of person are you? First you openly accept that you won this house in a gamble, then you swap the deal for a girl- how can we even trust you?" Akaash asked him

"Don't you have any shame to make a deal with two young lives like this? Is she even of age to marry?" Nani asked angrily

Shashi looked at everyone and smiled wildly- Arnav was still didn't break his silence as he observed Shashi curiously.

"She is of marriageable age alright - you don't have to worry about it- and of course, I have this to prove that I am speaking the truth" Shashi told in a slurred tone as he pulled the document out of his shirt where he had secured it.

He tried to go towards Arnav but swayed a little loosing balance- Arnav didn't even flinch but Kushi let a gasp but he steadied himself again and waved the document in front of Arnav's eyes- who seemed to have adopted an unperturbed posture after his initial shock.

"your father's signature is right here" he slurred again.

He moved towards Dadi as the two girls scrunched their nose moving away hurriedly from his path

"and I don't care about status'if you care, she has enough of your royal blood to be a wife to your grandson" he told her as she too gave him a disgusted look

He seemed unruffled about the revolted glance that everyone where throwing at him.

"I want her married to him that's all " he said finally with a dramatic effect, his hands up in the air and circling around from where he stood.

"I think the document is Fake" NK challenged him

"see.. look look for yourself- I didn't even know your father was this wealthy- he was the one who signed this- in front of a notary- who sits in the club- its all legitimate.. I am not a fool- look" he said faltering towards NK

"I shall invalidate this once the wedding is over! Promise!"

"I wont agree to this marraige" Kushi told all of a sudden, surprising her father

"you wont?" he asked her as if perplexed what to do next as she shook her head.
"you dont like him?" he asked confused and then pointed to NK "this one? you will marry this one?" he asked her again as she glared at him impatiently while NK looked at Kushi with wide eyes

Arnav who had been observing him quietly, smiled at last. he has got the objective now... this was a child's game he thought.

"what nonsense is this?" Anjali muttered trying hard not to giggle.

"or this one?" he turned suddenly pointing to Akaash eliciting a scowl from Payal. Anjali giggled this time and then went quiet as the others threw her an unbelievable look.

"I didnt mean that way " Kushi stamped her foot as she sighed awkwardly, hoping against hope that it was all a dream and he would soon get up from this dream

"so you like him.. dont you? the elder son? " Shashi grinned at her stupidly...
Kushi decided enough was enough as she went forward in a lightening flash, pulled the document from her father's hand and tore it into two

Shashi looked at his daughter in shock as she clutched the two halves of the document in her hand and glared at him.

"What did you think? That you can buy me a Man? Is getting married a play? Like getting me an expensive doll? You can't force me on anyone, father -you are not in your senses- you don't even know what you are talking bout-stop this and come home with me"

"you tore it- you - you tore it? You tore the bond - all of my hard earned.. all of my dream..." Shashi screamed at her as he charged at her, not registering any of her words,

"It was not your hard earned treasure- you won it in a gamble... it is never yours..." Kushi shouted back at him as she stepped back

Shashi was already irrational and her act of tearing his bond had pushed him further into madness and in a rage of the moment his hands came in contact with her face, slapping her so hard that she lost balance on the impact. A general shock ensued following this retribution. Kushi who had been displaying quite displeasure till then- went very quiet as she slowly stood up, her eyes traumatized by this action of her father's.

Payal had let out a loud gasp and Anjali stood there shivering, both of the girls probably fortunate enough to not even been treated half this bad or reprimanded by their fathers, looked petrified at the scene in front of them

Arnav too had taken in a sharp breath, not expecting this outrage, but now he stood staring at the man with fury.

"oh my god.. I hit you.. oh my bad my bad- you shouldn't have tore it bitiya .. but never mind- never mind" Shashi assured himself more than he assured her "the one that you tore was just a copy- I.. I have the original secure and safe- will marry him- wont you? you know my desire.. you my aim.. you wont spoil it... now be good girl.. tell me this marriage will happen" he went on blabbering more to himself almost swaying without control

"And If I don't agree to it?" Arnav's cold calculating voice was not very loud but it seemed to have an effect on Shashi.

Shashi turned to look at Arnav again

"If you don't agree to what?" he asked Arnav

"If I say No this proposal then?" Arnav cooly asked him with a smirk

"if you say No.." Shashi repeated what Arnav told blinking back at him, looking completely lost

"then.. then.. you have to vacate this place' I will make you vacate this place" he mumbled again " but you don't want to vacate this place? do you? "He asked Arnav earnestly

Arnav didn't bother to answer him but looked at him steadily and shrugged

Shashi turned to his daughter

"You don't worry- he will marry you- he will agree - I will make him agree - he has to" he kept burbling as he lost conscious and collapsed on the floor.

Hasnt Shashi done enough damage already? What do you all think? should the deal be on or off? let me know your thoughts

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Chapter 3- Part 4

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 15:53

From the Author's desk: Thanks so so much for all of your lovely feedbacks- I am overwhemled seriously- I want to shout out to all of you

I had asked the question not to see which direction the story has to move- that I have already decided and it is not going to change even with threats - I asked the question- partly to encourage longer comments and partly to know my readers pulse about the story thanks for the response- you people are sweet!

Here is another update, Happy reading!

Chapter 3- The First Impressions

Part 4- Receeding waves

Kushi watched her father lose conscious and letting out a shriek, she went near his collapsed form and called out to him. She was scared if he had only just lost conscious or if it was something more. Then Shashi mumbled something incoherently- calming down Kushi. The torn bond paper forgotten on the floor, Kushi tried to make him stand.

She chanced to look at the people surrounding her. Everyone watched her and her dad but were reluctant to approach her. Probably these people were thinking that we had come here to enact some drama and get some money- she thought sadly as she got up and tried to lift her father again- She struggled lifting him up wondering how heavy he was, then a hand came to help her- She raised her head to see who it was, she thought it could be the one- whom she had met outside first - because he was the one standing close by- but then she found herself staring at the tallest of the lot- the bespectacled man, who was smiling at her kindly.

"Let me help you" he said as she nodded her thanks
"Ramu Kakka, check if Mohan has already left for the day- if not tell him to take the car out." Akaash called out as Ramu kakka went out to carry out the orders

"No- no that is not required- I can manage to go home- I don't need a drop" Kushi didn't want to trouble them further- considering that she was already not very comfortable standing there knowing what kind of thought were running on their minds about her and her father.

"But are you sure? you are not even able to lift him- let alone going home alone with an unconscious man" Akaash asked her again

"I can get an auto rickshaw" Kushi reasoned her denial to the offer

"You wont get an auto rickshaw in this area at this hour" A crisp yet cold voice broke out again. Something about that voice gave her shudders.

She turned to look at the Man- the very same man she had seen outside first- the man her father had proposed the deal to - the very same man who had, with a cool tempo and a smirk had challenged her father a little while back about not accepting the deal. He looked back at her with curious and calculating eyes which gave her shudders again similar to the way she felt when she found him scanning her outside too. Kushi realized what he said was true. This area was posh- and there was no point for auto drivers to wait in stands at this area- no one would want an auto in this area-

"I can walk until two streets- I will get an auto rickshaw there" she stammered

"But the hour is late bitiya- You are young- it has rained outside and very dark- and it is not safe to manage everything alone- take the car" Nani who was always very kind advised her. Something in her kindness soothed Kushi's nerves as she smiled at the lady thankfully.

Ramu Kakka came back with the news that their driver had not left and was waiting outside. Akaash quickly asked Ramu kakka to help the girl take her father to the car.

"I am really sorry about my father's behavior- he was really not in his senses and and thanks for the drop." Kushi told them all before she walked out with her father lolling unconsciously between her and Ramu Kakka.

"How much hungama in a day- yesterday evening had one drama and now this" dadi muttered before she went back upstairs. Nani too retreated back after reminding her grandsons to drop Payal back safely at her house.

Akaash nodded to Payal to go with him, as Arnav went and picked up the unattended bond sheet which was lying on the floor.

"Don't even think about sacrificing your life for the house" NK told Arnav.

Arnav looked up at his younger brother with a raised eyebrow.

"No I am not thinking of sacrificing my life- I am not going to die or something" he smiled at him

"No I meant- agreeing to get married according to that Man's conditions " NK corrected his sentense

"No I am not thinking on those lines" Arnav assured him with a smirk.

"Good that you are not" Akaash told him "We can let go of this house- if need be- You don't have to marry a random girl for the house"
"yeah- yeah- all the time that man was asking you to marry that girl- I was thinking what are you going to say to Sheetal" Anjali quipped with importance

"Where does Sheetal come in here?" Arnav asked amused

"You are engaged to her aren't you?" Payal hooked her question at him.

Arnav rolled his eyes. Ever since Akaash had let out to them about Sheetal- his siblings were always looking at an opportunity to bring it up at every possible conversation. He decided to tell them all and get away with it.

"How does she look? Is she tall? beautiful? Akaash is the only one who has met her- is she talkative like us? Do you have a pic of hers? "Anjali listed her questions as Payal encouraged her with a nod- This was the juiciest topic by far and every time they tried to speak about Sheetal, Arnav would smile and change the topic tactically.

"No I don't have any of her pics- but why is this sudden interest on how Sheetal looks?" Arnav sighed.

"You haven't answered Payal yet" NK reminded Arnav, his ears pecking up straight like when he is curious about something'

"We are seeing eachother'for some time now" Arnav admitted at last

"And then?" NK prodded further

"Then what?"

"For how long are you both seeing eachother?" Anjali asked with importance

"Why are you blushing blushing Arnav?" Payal teased him

"So is the relationship anywhere near ' taking it to the next level?" NK asked shushing the girls' question

They all looked at Arnav curiously

"Is this the time to talk about my romantic interests?" Arnav sighed again "Akaash- I will get even with you on this!" he threatened him jokingly

Akaash shrugged his shoulders "Answer the question Bhai- see the eagerness in their eyes' such a juicy topic for gossips.."

"OK" Arnav waved his hand in a resigned gesture "We are seeing each other for now- that's all- there is nothing more to read in between the lines - she was my classmate back at Harvards- we were good friends and then we starting going out ' now it's just the same- Fine now?"

"Aren't you holding anything else from them?" Akaash nudged him as he grinned at his elder brother. It was not every often they cornered his elder brother like this and he was enjoying this- turn of tables for a change

"What else?" Arnav asked exasperated

"How about ' if she is going to be in India soon- for vacation or something"

"How did you know about it?" Arnav looked at his brother who was smirking back at him.

"I happened to pass by when you were cooing over the phone to some baby to whom you promised to go to the airport to receive her"

Arnav rolled his eyes again

"Really? " Anjali screamed "So she belongs to Delhi too? I want to meet her ' please please please" she jumped

"He calls her baby really? Oh how cute!" Payal chuckled "You have never called me baby at all Akaash'"

"Hey I would love to meet her too- I want to seriously ask her how she managed to make Arnav Raizada blush" NK also announced to his brother

"I am not blushing" Arnav told them all with dignity

"Ok- will you take us for meeting her? Say yes say yes say yes" Anjali kept chanting holding her elder brother's hand "I even promise to act very respectful and call her bhabhi or whatever you want me to call her"

"NO! you are not calling her Bhabhi and all that" Arnav instructed immediately feeling weird at the thought

"Ok- not yet then- not until you pop up THE question to her- But will you take us to meet her?"

"Ok- I will ask her if she can spend some time here with us- after visiting her parents at Mumbai"

"Yeh! We are going to meet Sheetal"


"That's the spirit bro!"

"hey wait- she is from Mumbai? Aren't there direct flights from England to Mumbai- Meri Bhai why is she taking the Delhi flight then? Something is fishy here" NK started teasing Arnav again

"Oh you lot- don't keep analyzing every single word out of me" Arnav chuckled as he turned to climb the stairs to his room still carrying the bond, he stopped midway

"Hey I forgot- Payal- keep your cool back at home- don't argue with your mom or dad- I will plan something very quickly- don't protest about anything unless they are decking you up with wedding costumes and dragging you to a mandap- ok? And stay safe- don't infuriate them" Arnav called out from where he was standing

Payal showed her thumbs up.

"You too take care- like Akaash and NK said- don't sacrifice your marital life for this property- it's not worth it" Payal called out in reply, as others too nodded their approval.

Arnav smiled assuringly

"I am neither going to sacrifice my marital life- nor this mansion" he smirked at them before he turned and climbed up, waving a lazy goodnight.

"You can take my mobile phone if you want- you parents took yours na?" Anjali volunteered

"No, that's alright Anji- they will confiscate this too if they come to know- no problem- I am quite calm now-I can manage well- thanks for the concern!" Payal brushed off the offer as she took Akaash's extended hand and walked out with him.

"Wow I am so excited' two down one to go" Anjali commented

"What two down?" Nk asked

"Nothing' I know about the other two's secret- I need to find out about your secret soon' your Australian pregnant girlfriend" she whispered as he looked petrified at her looking back at the retreating figures of Akaash and Payal and then upwards where his eldest brother had disappeared into before he glared back at his sister who was grinning at him from one ear to other'

"I told you my girlfriend is not pregnant"

"So you have a girlfriend then?"

NK realized it was better to keep mum than to answer his sister's probing questions- she had a knack to pull out the deep secrets if they gave her enough time'

"I am feeling sleepy- see you in the morning" he told her moving away from there hastily as she rubbed her hands in glee


Shashi was busy at the small kitchen at their small house next morning- he was cooking breakfast inspite of the bad headache that he seemed to have ever since he got up. He didn't know what had happened yesterday and Kushi was very very angry with him- that she was not even looking at him- leave alone talking to him. He quickly took a plate filled it with food and took it to his daughter who was sitting in the hall cross legged on the chair.

"Kushi, look you can be angry with me- But eat this" He said extending the plate to her.

She didn't budge but turned the other way, putting her legs down

"Kushi, I promise you, that I won't ever drink again- one time was bad enough for a life time- I seriously didn't realize what I did- Please Kushi forgive me bitiya- "

Kushi glared at him and stood up

"Ok let me feed you today" Shashi told her but she pushed his hand away

"Kushi- I told you that I won't touch liquor again in life- why are you so angry at me then? What did I do?"

Kushi remained quiet. Then Shashi noticed the reddish blotch on her right cheek with imprints of 3 fingers.

"Kushi?" Shashi called out in horrified tone "did I did I beat you or something?"

Kushi lost it then

"Beat me? You did more than that- you actually dragged me to house and proposed to some three men- literally strangers in that house that one of them should marry me- on top of that you were bragging to them that the house belonged to you" she screamed at her father

"What? w-which h-house?" he stammered

"some mansion- at Vasant Vihar- The name plate outside read Raizada Mansion or something like that" Kushi gritted her teeth angrily and went out and sat by the steps as Shashi's eyes grew wide. Realization sinked into him- making him comprehend the extent of madness he had displayed the last night.

So the waves that hit the shore has started to receed back... receeding waves always come back to hit the shore again- dont they? tata until come back with another update

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Chapter 4- Part 1

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From the author's desk: Oh my gosh! I havent even brought in Sheetal yet- most of you already hate her - I would be so glad if you all could trust me a little and move along with the story- otherwise you would not be able to appreciate the twists or surprises that I plan for you.

Here is the next update.. PMs later- Happy reading!
Chapter 4- Against all odds

Part 1- Finding the way

Shashi stood there stunned, as he deliberated on the events as Kushi told him. He swallowed the lump on this throat and slowly went and sat by Kushi.

"Kushi, I regret my actions, I think I should go and apologise to Ajay Raizada"

"Ajay Raizada?" Kushi asked him, realizing that her father did not remember anything about the last night

"Yes, He should have felt very bad, that I went there with you and "

"No- he is dead- they told he is dead"

"What?" Shashi's face was itched with shock.

"that's what they told- they said he passed away five days back" Kushi informed him

"oh my god"

There was silence for a short while

"Father, I think you should go back there again" Kushi told Shashi

Shashi looked at his daughter blankly

"and return that bond or whatever original that you have" Kushi finished as her face grew stern

"No, I ' I can't do that Kushi" Shashi told her slowly

"You can't?" Kushi asked him in disbelief "that is not yours- you won it in a gamble- that's not a right way to own anything- it was not hard earned"

"Gamble?" Shashi repeated "No I didn't win it in a gamble"

"Then how did it happen that a big mansion like that is now in your name?"

"I can't tell you anything now Kushi- But but I didn't win it in a gamble"

"Oh really? Even I can't believe this"

"you know I won't lie to you Kushi"

"Ok, even if I believe you no one else will believe you father'" Kushi raised her voice "you told everyone there in an intoxicated state that you won it in a gamble- How will they believe you now? People tend to say the truth in an intoxicated state than in a sober state"

"I understand- But I am not lying now"

"Ok- you didn't win it in a gamble- But I don't think there is any way for you to win a 50 crore property in a straight forward way- tell me how come it is in your name now?"

"I told you I can't speak about it now"

Kushi got annoyed

"I can't believe that you are keeping things way from me father" Kushi told him angrily as she got up and went in

"Kushi, give me some time, I will resolve all this mess that I made.. I need to '"

"Don't bother to tell me anything anymore father unless you want to come clean on this- trying to hide things is as much as telling a lie- You were the one who taught me this" She said as she took her bag and crossed it across her shoulder

Shashi sighed. He wished he was in a less complicated stand to tell her everything.

"Where are you leaving now?" he asked her at last as he watched her slip on her sandals

"The editor had called me yesterday, I have to go and see him- I have some reports to be published" she told him impatiently

"Have your breakfast and leave" Shashi told her

"I don't want it" she snapped at him as she stepped out.


"A property worth 15 crores" Akaash muttered as he let out a sigh

"it is not the money I am concerned about Akaash" Arnav told him "I hate to admit it- But I am attached to this place- we were born and brought up here dammit" Arnav told him

"I know" Akaash replied "How can he be so careless?"

Arnav shrugged

"When is Mr.Roy expected?"

"anytime now- wait let me call him now"

"Ok.. I will be in the terrace balcony" Arnav told Akaash as he moved out of his office.


Arnav looked down at the garden's below and was lost in thought

Raizada mansion was a residence set in its spacious grounds reminiscent of a bygone era. Built by Veerender Raizada during his time, it was then when his clan of Raizada tree shifted to the capital city. It was also then, the family had ventured into building construction industry- expanding it, making it a family business- along with real estates. Raizada Mansion was magnificient and a masterpeice in itself.

A long driveway lined with silver pine trees and cherry trees one side and neatly curbed garden bushes on the other. The garden bushes ran all the way bordering the garden homing a variety of plants from crotons to blooms of roses, lilies and Jasmines. The garden bushes ran straight until the the lane was forked into two centering a courtyard hosting a large fountain, after which it curved right and bordered the garden until it met the compound wall on the other end. A large swimming pool occupied that part of the mansion. The left fork of the lane took one to the garages whereas the right fork ended on the large arched portico supported by many white marble pillars which lead to the entrance to the mansion- a large teak double door with intricate patterns on it and large silver knockers on each door.

The Doors themselves led to a big hallway tiled in white marble. The Hall way lead to the master kitchen and dining hall, a guest room and a party hall on the right. The party hall had another entrance which lead to the Swimming pool outside. The left wing from the hall nested the pooja mandir, and a gym and a large corridor giving way laundry room and servant quarters beyond. The far end of the hall way gave way to the floors above.

The first and the second floors nested the bedrooms and common lounges. The third floor had a small foyer which opened into a broad corridor which further lead to the terraces which were divided into two ' one on the left and one on the right connected by the corridor. The left side terrace had a small gazebo, and a beautiful terrace garden. And the right terrace was basically used for domestic purposes.

The right and left wings were connected on the first floor by a lobby area which had a suite of offices. The lobby also had a small modular kitchen on one end and a private dining area on the other end- the very same dining which was used for the family meeting three days ago. The lobby area extended further into a terrace balcony which was directly above the portico below- overlooking the road. There were three bedrooms each on either side of the lobby. Dadi's and Nani's rooms were on the left side of the lobby along with Arnav's Late parents's room. On the right were the rooms occupied by Mama and Mami- when they stayed at the Raizadas.

The private lounge connecting the left and right wings on the second floor had a small private pool for the family and a large Study. A large piano case stood on one end of the lounge where a gallery of family pictures occupied the walls on that side while the other end sported plush cushions couches. The walls on that side of the lounge were mounted with slick fish tanks with exquisite collection of fishes in it. The front side of the lounge facing the road had glass doors which opened to a small balcony which was not as extensive as the terrace balcony downstairs but offered a private space and a good view of the surrounding area. The lounge had a flat glass roof exactly reflecting the size of the pool after which it sloped on all the four sides with red tiles. The second floor lounge also opened to three bedrooms on the right- out of which two were occupied by NK and Anjali each and only two bedrooms on the left- one of them being a master bedroom. The master bedroom initially belonged to Veerendar Raizada and neither the senior NandKishore Raizada nor Ajay Raizada used it out of respect for the old man. So when Arnav came of age to get a room of his own, He was allotted the master bedroom. The other room on that wing was occupied by Akaash.

"Arnav" Akaash's voice brought Arnav out of his reverie.

Arnav turned back to look at Akaash

"Mr.Roy is here" he announced his brother.

Arnav nodded to Mr.Roy and indicated the cane chairs surrounding the small coffee table which occupied the center of the terrace balcony where he stood.

Mr.Roy started to speak as soon as the three took their places.

"I went through the document that Akaash showed me Arnav- I am sorry to say it is a legal ' document"

"Nothing is wrong about it?"

"No- But this is not the original"

"That's fine- but other than that- nothing seems wrong?"

"No-But I have to say there is something very unusual in this document"


"this is not a bond or something which says that your father owes this person some amount of money- it is a proper 'legally registered document- which means your father was in complete sober state when he signed these papers- He should have signed it in the registry office- it is as if your father has sold this house to this person"

"But that is not at all possible- that person couldn't have purchased this property at all- How can he- I mean it is literally impossible"

"There is a way to nullify this- this property is your great grandfather's ' which means you and your siblings have equal right in this- but to proceed with that ' we need to lay hands on that original document"

"I see"

"leave this to me- Akaash told me that the person didn't lok very influential- I have some connections with the goons- I can threaten him if required"

"No- that is not needed" Arnav told quickly "Mr.Roy- I want you to collect more information about this person- how he might have come in contact with my father- what made my father to give this mansion to him- and very importantly- I want to know if this person is doing anything illegal"

"Alright, I can do that- so you don't want me to threaten him or his family?"

Arnav shook his head.

"Give me what I wanted- I know how to handle the rest"

"I am having this copy with me until then" Mr.Roy told as he grabbed the cellotaped copy of the document and left the place

"Do you think the man Shashi Gupta might be an illegal fellow?" Akaash asked Arnav as soon as Mr.Roy left

"He could be- if he can gamble and win a mansion- he must be"

"But you do think the girl could be innocent"

"Why do you think- that I think so?"

"because you gestured me yesterday to help that girl when she struggled with her unconscious father"

Arnav smiled at his brother.

"I don't think the girl is involved in any of this stuff Akaash-she seemed genuine enough- My intuition says so" Arnav said slowly "or maybe I am totally worng- that is in the case that she is a really good actor"

"You are confusing me"

"The chances for the latter is very less- I think she is genuine- and I rely on that to play this game" Arnav smiled at his brother before he left for his office suite again as a bewildered Akaash looked at the receding back of his brother.

What is running on Arnav's mind now? stay tuned to know more

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Chapter 4- Part 2

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From the author's desk: Thanks for all your lovely feedback- for the first time in this FF, I got mixed reviews and I am totally happy for it...

For those who feel the FF is not moving fast enough... I do think the laying the foundation is necessary for the building to be strong enough to hold the twist and turns of the hurricane

Happy reading folks, Hope you all like this update


Chapter 4: Against all Odds

Part 2: Flaw(less) plans

Arnav was being introduced to the staff by the chief executive officer as the new MD and chairman of Raizada Properties when he recieved a call from his lawyer Mr.Roy.
He excused himself from his staff and went outside the conference room to pick up the call

"Tell me Mr.Roy"
"Mr.Raizada- where are you- I need to meet you" There was urgency in Mr.Roy's voice
"I am at RP - why what happened?"
"This is urgent and very confidential.. I am coming there right away"

Then the line went dead. Arnav stood there thinking while the desk staff all stood or streached themselves to take a look at their new and young MD who had come to take the leadership after the Old man had expired.

Arnav was oblivious to all the attention he was getting or the blush that was creeping in the female staff as he walked past them and went inside the conference room where all the executive directors and officers were gathered to meet their new MD.


Mr. Roy strode fast into the cabin marked as MD and Chairman after the receptionist announced about his arrival to Arnav.

A curt "come in" was heard immediately after his quick knock on the door and he swayed the door open and walked in.

"Hello Mr. Raizada- Hope you are enjoying the first day at your office"

"yeah.. Its all settling in.. this is not the first time I am coming here though.. we have come here as teens"

"Yeah - right... but still - you didnt want to take this up- I believe you have a passion for fashion designing... Your
father always said so"

" Yeah... but now its all a past- or may be a future prospect- for now... I have to take up the reigns of this business.. Ok
tell me what is wrong"

"I was speaking to Mr.Kher about the property disposal.. and he wanted to have a look at the khattha certificate- you
know assessment of property owners by the government... "

"But doesnt he trust us? - these are all ancestrial properties"

"He does - but he says it is a huge amount involved and he wanted to be careful"

"Alright... thats fine... get it and give it to him.. how long does it take?"

"I have already applied for one- just in case... and "

"and what?"

"I am sorry to say this Mr.Raizada, the property that you wnated to sell - its no longer listed under the ownership of
the Raizadas"

"What do you mean? But but no one came and" Arnav's voice trailed off to silence

"It is all under the name of Mr.Shashi Gupta... everything has been transfered to him... the man who told you that he
owns the mansion..."

Arnav sat there in shocked silence...

"Do you have any idea why your father would have done that? Why this man? What is his relationship with your

Arnav shook his head slowly. He was still in shock. He had relied on the money from the property disposal for his
future plans.. but now everything was collapsed.

"you mean everything?"

"every single piece of left out land or property that you wanted to sell has been transfered to him"
Arnav stood up from his place and went and stood near the glass pane from where he could overlook at his staff...

After a long silence, Mr.Roy called him

"Mr.Raizada? Are you Alright?"

Arnav turned and looked at Roy. He nodded curtly.

"What do you want me to do now?" Mr.Roy asked.

"I think we wuold be able to decide further if we get the reason for this property transfer."

"Yes- that much is obvious"

" Call Mr.Kher and say that the offer for the property has been withdrawn- give what ever excuse that comes to your mind"

"Yeah - I will do that- But how do we get the reason from this man? "

"Did you get any news about the man Shashi Gupta?"

"yes.. the initial reports have arrived. This man is a Medical representative for a popular medicine brand. He is a widower. His wife had expired 8 years back. He has a daughter, Kushi - she seems to do a lot of odd jobs- she works as a free lance journalist for a local newspaper- she is a volunteer for a NGO as well- which helps rescue under age kids who have been forced into working- she sometimes teachs at an orphange nearby or sometimes helps in nursing the sick at the hospital where the NGO has contacts - she also takes tuition for her neighbourhood kids- Seems to be a a very popular figure in the neighbourhood- everyone seems to know her... "

"Cut details about the girl Mr.Roy- I wanted to hear about the man" Arnav snapped at him

"Sorry- I only got the basic details about the man- This report only talks about his profession and his family- haa
wait- there is a note which says he frequents the luckster club - the one where your father used to frequent too... "

"I know that already- didnt he mention us that he won the house through a Gamble?"

"I am sorry- I am not able top give you any other details right now... My man should call me anytime now with
further details... But what is your Plan?"

Arnav looked at the man impatiently and then sighed.
He slowly went and sat on his chair

"I intend to work on the lines of ancestrial property terms Mr.Roy- that was not for my father to sell it or write it off like that... "

"yeah thats true-- but we need the property paper- originals for that- what we have for the rest of the properties are not the latest originals- according to the khatha certificate..."

"I guess it should be in Mr.Gupta's custody then"

"I suppose so too- But how do we get it?"

"The man even in his drunk state was not ready compromise on the deal- but he looked desperate enough to get the girl married- more than the desire for the property... I think he has a weekness for the girl- Her welfare is his foremost priority"

"yes I suppose so- so you mean to target the girl and then make the man bend to us?"

"No I think the girl would be able to do the job for us- with little pressure... The man has to give us the property papers to us.. We need to put him in a spot which will pressurize the girl to force him give the papers... "

"thats a good plan- quite unique and different- it is conventionally followed to only hit the weaker ones to bend the stronger ones"

"It is not in my style to hit the weaker links- also dont underestimate the opponent Mr.Roy- you will never know who is weak and who is not"

Shashi was inside the house, getting ready to go to work when he heard someone screaming for him outside.

"Shashi Bhai.. Shashi Bhai..."

"Arrey Sameer babua.. what happened..." Shashi asked as he saw the man holding his five year old son in his arms

"My son - Shashi bhai- he had high fever from yesterday evening-"

"Why didnt you take him to the doctor?"

"How will I Shashi bhai? month end... I took him to the government hospital yesterday night... No doctor was there...
the nurse there asked me to bring him in the morning- before I could take him today- he got fits"

"what about the Jeevan hospital? you should have taken him there"

"I dont have so much money Shashi bhai to support the treatment there... Kushi knows doctors there na?"

"yeah she knows.. but she is not here now.. come in come in"

"I thought if Kushi is there- she will be able to help him... he got fits today Shashi bhai- for the first time... I am so
Shashi examined the boy as his father made him lie on the bed
"The fever seems high Sameer- thats why he has got fits...its lucky I have this injection in the ice pack with me... I shall give him one injection- the temperature should get down"

Years of experience in medical field had given Shashi the advantage of medical knowledge and he admisinstrated the medicine into the kid's veins.

He also gave the father some more tablets to give the kid and sent him away advising him to monitor the kid and if he is getting worser to take him to the hospital right away.

As the man left, carrying his son, another man who was standing nearby along with the curious few spectators who had managed to gather around and watch the men nursing the kid, moved a little away and dialled a number in his mobile


Mr.Roy's mobile rang as he sat listening to Arnav.

"Excuse me Mr.Raizada- this call is from my man- hopefully we would have good news"

Mr.Roy recieved the call and spoke and listened into the line for a few minutes.

"Wait there- I shall call you back in 10 mins" Mr.Roy spoke into his mobile at last and then turned to Arnav.

"There is some good news... the Man seems to help his neighbourhood with free samples that he gets from the

company that he is supposed to give to the doctors for marketing purposes... he even treats the needy sometimes"

"But I dont think there is anything wrong about it"

"There is nothing wrong but they is a probability for something to seriously go wrong"

"and you think you can tap on that propability to tweek it for our convenience?"

"ofcourse yes"

"I have a feeling that this is not going to be good"

"Thats because you are new to this game- and too naive to think criminally"

Arnav screwed his eyebrows

"I dont want to take any step that would make me feel sorry later Mr.Roy- and I am happy the way I am- I am not

naive as you think- I am more politically aware of a working of a criminal mind"

"I am sure you do.. Mr. Raizada- But I suppose you leave this to me... this man seems to help people illegally- which is right according to him- A small mishap- he will be in trouble- we need to use this if have to put him in a tight spot- and in a tight spot he will surely succumb- and give us everything"

"I dont want any mishap to happen for my advantage..."

"that is a trait that needs to be developed if you are going to run this big a industry- you need to be ruthless"

Arnav smiled at him cynically

"Oh I am ruthless- when it comes to business decisions- but I dont play with life- I think he should be bound by contract to the medical firm that he is working for- not to sell the medicines... put him in a tight spot in that angle... put in a little pressure with police to get him arrested and file an FIR..."

"But how will that make him handover the property to you ?"

"Oh- there is a life threat involved in that selling of medicines- isnt it? make it an bailable offense or something"

"alright? and what do you suppose would happen?"

"Thankfully you have given me an insight of his daughter's general activities - a social worker of that sort- is usually persistant on justice and stuff- that would make her come to us"

Mr.Roy raised his eyebrows
"Asking for her father's release?"

"Seeking answer for her father's unjustified arrest- according to her"

"Interesting- so you are going to talk your terms to her?"

"And make her do my bidding to her father- that is more effective in such cases- he would definetely listen to her then- and hand over the property papers... "

"Good plan- I feverently hope it works"

"It will "- Arnav turned and smiled at Mr.Roy "My plan always works"


The next day, amongst the nestle and bustle of the front office at Raizada Properties, a girl in her patiala patterned in flowery design and a white cotton kurta on top of which a dupatta of the same flowery design was draped carelessly which was again held in place by a cloth bag worn across her shoulders, dashed inside the RP reception area.

Brushing away her hair which was all over her face as she rushed to the receptionist, she talked hurriedly

"I want to meet your MD"
"One minute mam" the girl at the reception spoke with a false stylish accent in her english "Are you Ms. Sheetal kapoor?"
"No I am Ms.Gupta"
"Do you have an appointment to meet Mr.Raizada?"
"No- But I have to "
"I am sorry Mam- you cant meet him without an appointment- - I will speak to him first and see if he is Ok with it"

Kushi stamped her feet impatiently as the girl called the extension on the quick dial and spoke briefly.

"Can you please wait here? His calender is actually full today- He said he will let us know if he gets some time"

"Like hell he will" Kushi muttered loudly- as she walked ahead and banged the door that led to the inner office open and walked straight ahead.

"Hey wait wait" the receptionist shouted after her

"Try and stop me" Kushi shouted back as the staff looked at her dashing ahead like storm. She only paused a little near the house keeper who was standing nearby to ask for directions and then she was climbing the stairs to the MD's room.

Haa.. I said the waves retreat but will hit back.. Didnt I? now you all can thank me.. for I brought back not just the waves- but a Tsunami! Will be back with an update really really soon if time and work permits...

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Chapter 5- Part 1

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From the author's desk: Hello everyone... Thanks so much for all your wishes... I am better now.. and thanks for the wonderful comments for the previous update.. another thanks- is due for the patience that you all observed for this long due update...

Here comes the much awaited update.. Hope you all like it... PMs later...

Happy reading...


Chapter 5: Destined to be

Part 1: On Cross Roads

Arnav couldn't help but smile when he heard his receptionist inform him that one Ms. Gupta was dashing to his cabin without any appointment.

"That's alright Anaga, I will take care" He spoke over the phone.

It was exactly then his cabin door banged open and in all glory stood a girl taking him by surprise. This girl was very different from what she looked like when they had first met. In all possibility he had expected a sterner version of the girl he met that rainy night but what he was staring at was much more urbanized than he had imagined to be- She looked feisty in this avatar- the very same light hazel pair of eyes in which he had seen a need for sympathy that night was throwing draggers at him this moment. The hair which had been plaited that night was all over her today- adding charge to her aggressive outlook. What had he thought? That she would march into his office in that blouse and long skirt costume?

You would have preferred that dress on her though' wet and clinging to her petite figure than the Patiala kurta that she was covering herself with now' would'nt you? An unfamiliar voice at the back of his mind asked him' "What the" his mind shouted back' what is happening to him? His preference and this girl- together on the same sentence' something is wrong ' seriously wrong.

He should have known, he chided himself' the girl was not a school going teenager like he had presumed her to be that day' Hadn't Mr.Roy told him that she was also a freelance journalist? He forced his mind to work towards his plan- now that the girl has exactly come to him as he expected, he bounced back to playing cool.

For Kushi, who had thought the man was well dressed that night, what she was looking at now took her by jaw dropping surprise. He was in his casuals that night' pretty expensive casuals' if that was well dressed... then what was this called? She thought to herself as she took in the three piece suit cladded man in front of her casually half sitting on the desk leaning towards the phone into which he was speaking as she barged in... She hadn't noticed him that well that night, she realized as her eyes feasted on the stubbed chin, his chiseled features, and the intense eyes- that this man was good looking'

"yes?" Arnav raised his eyebrows as he placed his receiver back.

Kushi looked flustered as she came out of her trance as she realized he was speaking to her.

"Mr.Raizada?" She asked him, trying to compose herself

"Yeah, when the door is shut- it is only polite to knock before you enter" Arnav told her cynically "and it is unprofessional to barge in when you are asked to wait for an appointment"

He stood up in front of her, as he towered over her, trying to intimidate her.

It was as if his cynicism rubbed off on her, alerting her to get back to what she had come there for.

She pushed herself in as the door automated itself to shut.

"Look who speaks about politeness and professionalism"

"Excuse me?"

"I do not take advises from people who don't follow it themselves"

Arnav who hadn't expected a blunt hit from the girl standing in front of him ' someone whom he didn't even know personally was taken aback by her reply. He raised his eyebrows as a slow smile crept into his face

"It is interesting to see your audacity to barge in into my office and call me impolite' Do I know you? How can I help you?"

It was Kushi's turn now to be surprised, but one look at his mocking smile, she knew he was only instigating her.

"I know that you know very well who I am'"she gritted her teeth' "And I am sure that you also know why I am here"

At that moment, Arnav got a call and he coolly made Kushi standing there while he got busy with talking to the other person over the phone.

While she stood there waiting impatiently for him to finish his call, he deliberately prolonged his call, and made it a point to let her know that he was purposely doing it. Kushi gaped at him when she realized that he was deliberately neglecting her.

She was about to start her lecture on how some people do not exhibit any courtesy but expect others to show the same to them.. when he abruptly cut the call and leaning himself on the table and crossing his legs, he smiled at her.

"Ok, Ms.Gupta, tell me why you are here today?"

"Now you remembered me is it? Try some more- may be you will remember why I am here"

"I don't have all the time in the world- I am a busy person you see!"

"Oh yeah' when all the time in this world is spent by you to hit back on unwary people who accidentally crossed your path' I see you are really very busy" She taunted him

Arnav looked at his watch and then back at her

"Look Ms.Gupta, I am actually expecting to meet someone- I can give you 5 more minutes and I cannot entertain you after that. I would appreciate if you are direct enough- I am not that good at indirect speeches" he told her

"Don't sound as if I came here for an obligation' I didn't come here for that' I only wanted to tell you that you were completely cheap in getting back to my father for what he did unknowingly"

"Unknowingly? Would you call people who make clear cut deals even when drunk innocent and unwary?"

"He didn't mean it ' nor was he serious about it' He was not in his sense- and I apologized too on his behalf... then too you went back on him and got him arrested for something that he did not do" She shouted at him

"What do you claim he did not do? First of all- what he did was wrong- he is neither authorized nor qualified to prescribe medicines to other people' Second ' it was wrong to sell medicines which came as free samples"

"Don't talk as if you were personally affected by his actions-nor do you know anything about his intentions"

"I am not the kind to react only when I am affected personally- I usually react for the general public. Illegal activities like this are'"

Kushi interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

"He did not do anything illegally- saving a person when a doctor is not around is not considered illegal- and he didn't sell any medicine- it was a free sample ' and he gave it free- for the needy- how was that wrong?"

"It was not his charity to give it for free- what about the loss for the company? If he wants to help- he would have to buy it- not give it for free' And again- what are doctors for?"

"You wouldn't understand it, Talking about charity and legalities are a hobby for people like you- for us it is not a big deal for show offs- it is how we choose to live'what can I expect from people like you? "

"Some prejudice I see here" he said as he stood up again, with his hands on his pockets

"Prejudice is what you practice- not me' May be you should go check if you would have behaved this way if someone else had done this to you instead of my father"

Kushi's random and unwary accusation in anger, hit Arnav- as he suddenly realized that he hadn't actually thought about all of his father's friends who had come to them carrying bonds - vengeance occurred to him only when Shashi had walked in with the bond. But that was because he knew that while others could afford it- he wasn't ready to believe that Shashi could.

With that awareness, he reminded himself of his purpose for this plan. He needed to find out how and why Shashi got those properties in the first place. He was so sure that Shashi had acquired it by false means for he could not fathom any other means or reason for his father to have done the transfer of property- without discussing this with anyone in the family.

"Look" he said with sudden sternness, all the reasons for amusement lost "since you have figured out that this was my way of hitting back, its only right that we get to the point"

Arnav's mobile rang at that time, and he noticed it was from Mr.Roy. He took the call and this time even though he had not deliberately extended it, it took him a few minutes to finish the call.

Kushi scrunched her eyebrows. She had only thought that this person had intentionally had her father arrested as a means of revenge- for something he did unconsciously- She had impulsively barged in here to give him an earful and then walk away, but his words were hinting at some other purpose. She realized then that it was sheer stupidity to have walked in here as he expected her to do.

"Yeah'" he said as he closed the call "Where were we?"

"At a point where you were about to say the real reason for getting my father arrested" she told satirically

"I want the original documents for my family property which I believe is in your father's custody- As soon as I get it back- I shall take back the complaint that had retained your father behind lockup" Arnav told her directly without beating around the bush.

To say that Kushi was shocked would be an understatement

"Oh there goes the socially respnsible person's intentions" Kushi mocked at him "Show offs!"

"How dare you.."

"Save your breath! If that was what you wanted, why didn't you say so directly? Why get him arrested for this? Did you think we were frauds and we wouldn't give the mansion papers back to you if you asked?"

"To be honest, I do think your father could be one" Arnav told her bluntly, making her angry

"How dare you think like that? My father is not a fraud"

"Then do you have any explanations for how my family property ended up in his name?"

Kushi couldn't answer this. She herself didn't know how her father got the mansion. He had refused to tell her when she had asked him.

She shook her head

"I don't know how he got the mansion under his name"

"Exactly! So didnt you ask you father in these two days how he got it under his name?"

"I did.. but he..." Kushi trailed

"didnt tell you isnt it?" Arnav guessed rightly "if you yourself don't know how- how do you expect me to just walk in and ask him to return back my family property? And I have no reason to believe that he would so happily hand the property paper to me' this is my way of getting it back" Arnav told her "and it is not the mansion alone- it is whole lot of properties worth 50 crore which are now under his name. I would like to know how'""What? I ..I don't believe this"

"I appreciate that you are also on the same page as me' I too don't believe that he could have acquired the 50 crore worth property legally- which actually belonged to my family for generations"

"I know my father- there is no way he would go the wrong way to acquire something which doesn't belong to him." Kushi told him fiercely

"You are at liberty to think whatever you want to think about your father- but you can't change my opinion about him- until I have solid proofs which speak otherwise."

The landline rang again. As Arnav motioned to pick it up, Kushi who was already furious with the way the discussion was going, and already irked with his behaviour for the last two calls, thought this was his way of annoying her.

"Yeah Anaga" Arnav started to speak as Kushi went forward in a split moment, pulled the receiver out of his hands and slammed it on the hook.

Arnav looked at her shocked by her behavior

"What the"

"It is I who should say that... So you dont trust my father... and how in the world did you think his arrest this way wuld help you acquire your property?"

"Isnt it obvious? its suprising that you havent already figured it out..."

"Oh...this is a sheer deal.. isnt it? I get him to give you the papers and you would take him out of the mess that you created for him..."

"You are not bad- that was quick! " Arnav told her " are right... it is a business tactic to look for mutual benefits when dealing with a person- and if you dont have anything to offer- My policy is to create one as a bait for the deal to click"

"I dont want to take this offer...There is no way I am going to help you in this' I would have appreciated if you had been direct enough with us' But now- since you thought that I would be helpless and come to you for help- enabling you to put forth your conditions to release him- get this straight on that thick head of yours" she said as she pointed her finger to his head as he raised his eyebrows at the audacity of this girl to talk to him like that

"I know how to take him out of lockup- I can manage that without your help- as for your quest on how your property landed on my father's name- devise a better plan next time"

With that she turned back and started to walk towards the door.

"Think again- you would need huge money to bail him out' and the case goes to the court tomorrow morning- once it is juried, you might have to meet him only in the jail- not to mention the bail amount would increase after that" he drawled at her

"You seem to be in a great hurry to get those papers by the way" Kushi told as she turned to look at him again

"Me?" Arnav smiled "I thought otherwise' it is you who don't have much time- didn't I tell you the case comes to jury tomorrow?"

"Oh yeah- I heard it right the first time- that's what makes me think- you must have really pushed a lot of buttons to make this insignificant case pull off to the jury this fast isn't it?" she smiled at him as he grew grim.

"Your assumptions are partly right- you are right in thinking that I am in a position to push the right buttons to get your father off the hook' and if you change your mind anytime - I am sure you would' you know what to do- get the property papers to me- I shall be happy to help you" he told her with a drawling voice again.

"Thanks for your concern- but No thanks, Even if that happens, I wouldn't force him to indulge to you how he happened to get those properties'nor would I ask him to tell where the originals are- until you apologise and get him off hook- that wont be needed anyway- as I would have already done that by the time you realised that you are losing" Kushi told him coolly

Arnav laughed at her reply

"Me apologising to you? This is getting funny" Arnav told her

"Lets see if this is what you would think after I get my father out by myself"

"Wish you luck" Arnav called out "in getting your father out"

"Wish you luck too... in licking your wounds after I win this challenge"

"Oh challenge it is now is it?"

"yes...a challenge... between us... we will see - what comes of this... who succumbs first"

"Deal!" Arnav called out. He did like worthy competitors... and this girl seemed all the more an commendable opponent-not only worthy - but an interesting one too...

"Meet you soon then - when you come to me with the property papers..."

"In your dreams" she spit back at him.
"You are already running out of time... Dont stand here wasting it- or my dreams would come true" Arnav smirked at her

Kushi started to reply him back with an equal retort when the door to his cabin opened and a girl in her late 20s stepped in. Arnav's annoyed expression at first at being disturbed was replaced to apologetic guilt as he noticed the girl in her parallel pants and tops.
"Hi Arnie" she called out

"h.. hey Sheetal" Arnav spoke out his tone changing instantly as he leaned back from the table where he was propped against

"Oh I am sorry" she said pointedly as she looked at Kushi in the room "I didn't know you were in a meeting' I will be waiting in the lobby"

"Hey that's alright, Ms.Gupta here was already leaving"

Kushi recognized the instant dismissal as much as she noted the change of tone that Arnav had adopted to this girl.

"Alright Ms.Gupta, think about our deal- get back to me if you are Ok with your part of it" He called out as he extended his hand to her...

"You can get back to me.. if you are ok with your part of the deal Mr. Raizada" she said as she extended her hand and noted the smirk which was confidently in place. She was determined to prove him wrong just to wipe that smirk off his face. With that determination, she turned back and walked away.

Ok.. so then deal is made... will this deal develop into a war? or would it develop into something more? stay tuned to know more...

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Chapter 5- Part 2

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From the Author's desk: Hello people... I had quite a busy weekend and this week is busy as well with office work... But still I cant keep you waiting now.. can I? I shall give a second update this week if I can manage with work pouring in...

Happy reading- and thanks to one and all of you for the lovely feedbacks that finds its way into my inbox and right here as well

Chapter 5: Destined to be

Part 2: Train of thoughts

"Sorry Arnie, I was late for the date" Sheetal's voice pulled Arnav out of his reverie. He realized he had still been looking towards the door through which Kushi had left a few minutes back.

"Hey it's alright Sheetal, Give me a few minutes, Then we will be good to go" Arnav said as a matter of fact as he quickly checked his mails while standing by his desk.

"You are angry with me aren't you?" Sheetal asked him.

Arnav, who was in reality still thinking about Kushi's visit and her denial to his offer, was suddenly taken aback.

"Angry? No that's alright" he told her thinking she was referring to her interrupting him and Kushi a few minutes back

"What's alright?" Sheetal asked him getting more confused

" eh.. why did you apologise to me now?" he asked at last finally realizing that he has been assuming a lot in the last few minutes

"I meant about me asking you not to come to the airport' What did you think?"

Arnav snapped out of his thoughts about Kushi.

"hmm' I thought of the same thing" he lied smoothly avoiding her eyes

"It was all because of my Mom, She had informed by Dadaji that I would be arriving at delhi airport.. and he had come to receive me' I thought that you had to be introduced properly to my family.. not as a boyfriend visiting me at the airport ' So I"

"Hey Sheetal, that's not a problem' I totally understand' you don't have to give me so much explanation' I know that you planned to take the Delhi flight just to meet me' How will I remain angry with you?" he said as he snapped his laptop shut and took his coat from the back of the chair.

"Arnie, we have been alone in this room for 10 minutes now'you haven't displayed any sign of meeting your girlfriend after 10 damn days'No zeal ' No passionate hugs' and it's been only Sheetal that Sheetal this' and on top of it you are already busy with work' what more indication do I need?" Sheetal asked him playfully'

Arnav smiled at her as he came near her.

"I have been preoccupied with a lot of things here.. but I missed you a lot baby! I seriously did" he said as he gave her a hug, which she happily returned back.

"better now?" he asked her

"Much better" she smiled at him.

"come on then.. we are already running late for our lunch date" he said pecking her on her cheeks, before he took her hand and led her outside.


"These kind of men' they are all the same' rich, spoilt, arrogant brat" Kushi muttered to herself as she stepped out of the RP building.

"That girl did look like a girlfriend- no one of his girlfriends'No morality at all...Who knows' maybe they are living together'Or may be she is one of is casual flings... What did she call him? Arnie' lt was like calling a dog' yucks!" Kushi was by now crossing the road to reach the opposite road, and she was so absorbed in her thoughts that she hadn't seen the car speeding towards her until the man driving it applied the brakes screeching to a halt.

Snapping out of her reverie, Kushi hastily apologized to the man and crossed the road quickly.

Kushi was surprised by her own line of thoughts'What has she been thinking? Why was Arnav's personal life affecting her so much? Who was he to her? Let him live life the way he wants' why was she so disturbed to see a girl who addressed him in a personal way? She has never been this disturbed for anyone else in her life' Infact, she had been the love guru at her college' helping as many people who were in love as possible' and this man was not even her friend- no not even an acquaintance- may be a foe- why should she be upset about how he was living his personal life?

"yes' "she decided'"maybe I am upset by how he had managed to put father in lockup"

"and he had the himmat to ask me to fetch those damned papers' Like hell I will" she thought to herself "yes that's why- I want to imagine a lot of bad things about him- to make him literally a bad bad guy' so that I can hate him"

"What is this? Don't I hate him already? Kushi- STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM" She chided herself.

She shrugged away her thoughts and thought of what has to be done next' For god's sake Her father had been arrested.. and that man was the one who brought about his arrest... injustice...and she had challenged that man that she would bring her father out by herself'yes, She needs a good lawyer'She thought she will go and meet the editor, maybe he will suggest her a good lawyer.

She saw a bus approaching the stop.

"Oh god it is so crowded' But it's getting late already'" She stepped forward to board the bus


Arnav stopped the car for the signal just outside his office building when he saw Kushi standing at the nearby bus stop talking to herself

He found himself smirking seeing her like that. Just then, a crowded bus stopped at the stop, and he saw her boarding it.

He thought it was overcrowded for her to board it, Men were hanging to the foot board. Can't she wait and take another bus? He thought as he felt an in familiar annoyance flitting through him- Or why can't she take an auto or taxi?

"It would be crowded" He heard Sheetal speak out

"Yeah it is'"he replied to her

"What?" Sheetal asked him

Arnav who had been still looking at the departing over crowded bus with Kushi in it, widened his eyes as he realized his line thoughts as he jerked back and looked at Sheetal with wide eyes

"What did you say?" he asked her looking stumped

"I asked you if you have reserved the table for us at the hotel- it's going to be crowded"

"oh- yeah.. I have reserved a table for us" he said quickly trying his best to hide his flustered state.

He then thankfully observed that the signal had turned green as he started the car again. Arnav was still trying to comprehend why he thought so much for a mere girl whom he didn't even know personally'

Perhaps that girl was used to travelling in crowded buses- why was he worried about her? Why did he feel that protective streak that he felt as if she was one of the girls in his family? The protective gesture that was only reserved for the women he knew personally- For goddamned sakes, the girl was the daughter of a person who had probably cheated his father' and she had the audacity to challenge him on one of the deals' Maybe that was dregs of sympathetic feeling that he nested for her when he first met her'He decided- Yes that should be it' he was feeling sympathetic- he should control this sympathetic feeling towards this girl, he thought to himself as he shrugged out of her thoughts.

Noting mentally that he had to check out with Mr.Roy on Kushi's attempts to take her father out, he turned to look at a very quiet Sheetal who was looking outside.

"Hey you are very quiet' Lost in thoughts?" he asked her

"I thought you were the one lost in thoughts" She told him as she too turned and looked at him

"hmm, I was thinking about a problem' Now It's all sorted out'" he told her as a matter of fact

Sheetal smiled at him

"I know Arnie' You are all upset about your father's sudden expiry' you are taking too much on your shoulders are'nt you?"

"Hey, that's fine'So how long are you at Delhi?"

"I am starting tonight"


"Hey you know this is a short trip' I am at India for a week only- so I am going to Mumbai tonight' When are you coming back?"

"hmm.. I might not be coming back very soon Sheetal, My presence in needed here for time being- that's why I thought if you are here for a little longer'."

"What? You are staying here for sometime? How long? Then what about your project there?"

"Akaash will be taking care of it"

"But Arnie- I don't understand.. that was your dream project"

"There are a lot of things going on here Sheetal' I need time to sort it out' So I have asked Akaash to handle that for now"

"I can't believe this" Sheetal told him shocked "Why didn't you tell me of your change of plans?"

"I was about to tell you, then you told you are coming here already' so, yeah' "

"and how long are you going to stay here?"

"I don't know"

"This is ridiculous Arnav'What about us?"

"This change of plan is not going to affect what's between us Sheetal"

"It's crap"

Arnav took a chance to look at her. She sure appeared upset. He sighed.

"I know you are upset, But this is the best way out Sheetal- Just for a few days"

"How are we going to work out on long distance relationship Arnav?" She asked him "and you tell me after you decide this is how it's going to be- utter ridiculous stuff"

"You don't have to feel insecured about this Sheetal"

She didn't reply. She turned her face the other side, he observed that her face was flushed with anger.

"Ok.. how about cancelling this date ?" Arnav asked her at last

"Yeah, I suppose that's the best thing to do now- I am in no mood for a date right now" She retorted back "Drop me at my Grandpa's place"

" No, I am taking you to my home"


"to meet my family" he smirked at her "Are you happy now?"

"NO" she said "Why this now? I mean when I asked you if I can come and do an obituary visit your grandmas ' you said no- then why are you taking me home now?"

"I thought at that time 'it might be too early- now I think the time might be right' besides Anjali and others wanted to meet you too'and this is not going to be a obituary visit- I am going to introduce you to them all"

"Introduce me to them?"

"As my girlfriend"

"Arnav? Are you sure' I mean"

"I am sure Sheetal' why shouldn't I be?" He smiled at her as she sat staring at him stunned by his decision.

"so is it a yes or no?"

"for what?"

"for joining me for a family lunch?"

Sheetal smiled at last as she nodded, Arnav stretched his free hand, grasping her hand in his and gave her a squeeze.

"thanks baby"

Kushi stared at the person standing in front of her.

"Don't worry Kushiji, Editor Rajvardhan sir told me about you, Don't worry- leave everything to me, we will bail your father out"

"Yeah.. we will" she bit her lip

This man was recommended to her by her editor. He was a short man, who liked to talk a lot. All he had been doing from the time they met is to talk about everything under the sun. Though she had reservations about this fellow, she had faith on editor Rajvardhan.

As soon as they reached the main road, waved an auto down, and got into it.

" Kushiji- did you notice- we both make quite a happy pair"

"What?" her eyes almost fell out hearing what the man told. The man was talkative- but didn't look like a flirt. Infact he had maintained his distance right from the starting, his intentions were always at the noblest, though he was annoyingly talkative. Even inside the rickshaw- he had sat at the far corner maintaining a respectful distance.

"I meant the name- we are the happy kind.. Your name is kushi gupta- and my name is Happy Singh" he laughed at his own joke.

"Yes Happy ji'" She smiled at him "Happyji? How much money it would take to take my father out?"

"Oh that depends on what terms they have arrested him kushiji' It will be put down by the magistrate mostly. You said the trial is tomorrow"

"Yes, that's what I heard"

"Then why do you need him out Kushiji? I mean, if money is a concern, its going to be another half a day- if it is not advisable to spend so much for another half a day then maybe"

Kushi stared at him

"No I meant, if you want your father out for another half a day, we can put the payment on the table and take him on bail"


Anjali picked up her ringing iphone and clicked on it with a smile

"Hello sweetie pie" she sang into the phone

"Hey Anji, My parents have gone out and the first person I am calling is my sweetheart's sister.. poor Akaash he is gonna get a heartattack when he comes to know that I love his family more than with him'"

Anjali laughed'

"We girls miss gossips more than sweat hearts'so you got your mobile at last?"

"yeah I got it back' Arnav's plan about trying to act normal' My mom is back to being civilized with me" Payal piped in

"Good.. Arnav's plans for others always works' "

"Do I smell sarcasm? What happened to that girl free with the mansion matter?"

"I don't know about that' no one spoke about it after that night"

"ok.. so which plan of Arnav- didn't suit you? you seem to be pissed off hightime"

"I didn't mean me.. I think his plans for himself doesn't suit him'He brought Sheetal home today afternoon"

"He brought whom?" Payal shrieked over the other line'

"Tone down your excitement- its only Sheetal kapoor" Anjali sighed

"hey what happened' Am I speaking to Anjali Raizada? It's tough to believe that Sheetal visited and Anjali is down in spirits' How is she like?"

"Oh.. she is not like you Payal' "

"Ofcourse, how can she be like me? She is Sheetal not Payal"

"I meant she is not the fun loving kind like you'She is kind of reserved, poised and has attitude and carries off like a well cultured girl- very serious types- thinks high of herself"

"Your Dadi must love that types"

"yes she does already' she is full of praises for Arnav selection of bahu'"

"Selection of bahu? Don't tell me they are engaged already' did he propose her for marriage?

"no not yet' I don't want him to"

"Hey Anji' why do you think so? Dadi is fine with her' Nani, I suppose is ok with whatever Arnav is ok with' and what about Mami?"

"She jelled along quite well too"

"I don't think that should be a problem then'Are you the only one who is not OK with her?"

"NK doesn't like her too' He says she is a snub"

"Ok I get it.. what about Akaash? Why didn't he feel so when he met Sheetal first?"

"He says Arnav's choice is always right' for she is going to be the eldest Bahu.. who should have some responsibility- and not behave childishly' He feels one cannot be fun loving, bubbly and serious and responsible at the same time' So he says if Arnav feels Sheetal is the best for him, so be it'"

"hmm' So it's you and NK against the entire family"

"What about you?"

"I would want to reserve my Judgements until I meet her"

"That's going to take time I suppose. She is leaving to Mumbai tonight"

"when is she gonna be back?"

"I don't know- I don't want to know' better if she stays there only' I am hoping my brother meets someone else in the meanwhile'I can't think of her as my elder bhabhi' I don't get that feel'"

"You will get used to it" Payal consoled her "and you don't have to worry so much about it' they are not engaged yet"

"Yeah' but he brought her home and all that"

"Because we asked to meet her'cool down' Trust his judgement'"

"You sound so much like Akaash"

Payal laughed'

"okies Anji, Let me call you later' I need to talk with my poor sweet heart before my parents come back' I don't actually mind them knowing that I speak with Akaash- but Arnav had told me to keep it all low for a while'"

"Yeah I understand Payal.. you will be my favorite bhabhi - always"

"That was so sweet of you'Anji"

"And if Sheetal becomes a bhabhi, fingers crossed that she wont- She is going to be the least favorite one"

"Don't let Arnav hear about it' he would be broken that his most precious sister thinks like that about his woman"

"I won't'" Anji sighed "not for now- he is already fighting against a lot of things' But later- I am going to let him know that I don't approve of his choice for himself" Anjali told in a determined way.

So hmm' that's it for this update' I know almost all of you love Anjali for her train of thoughts' don't you all?

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Chapter 5- Part 3

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:00

From the Author's desk: Ok here is the next update... thanks for all the lovely comments.

Anji baby was pleased to know that she and NK were'nt alone and they are backed by a whole lot of ArHi supporters!

Happy reading!

Chapter 5: Destined to be
Part 3: Of triumphs and setbacks

Kushi stared at the pawn shop owner incredulously.

"What do you mean? You can give me only 5000 for this bangle?"

"If you want to mortgage it that is" Motilal bhai told her

"This is freaking 2 sovereigns… and you give me only 5000?"

"It's actually 7000- I deducted the interest amount so it will be easy for you to pay back"

Kushi looked once again at the bangle that the man had been holding in his hand. It was her mother's lone bangle… the only reminiscent token of her mother with her.

"How much would you give me if I s..sell it?"


"Only that much? "

"that is too much- what about wastage…"

"what wastage?" Kushi asked him confused

"Bhai saab, even the big showrooms will give us more if we go to them" Happy told to Motilal

"Go to them then, they will first probe if this is a theft or not- before giving you… Am I asking such questions?"

"How dare you? This is my mother's bangle" Kushi shouted at Motilal.

"Kushiji, get that back and come out" Happy told her earnestly

"But happyji"

"come… come out" he told her and stood up. Kushi took back her bangle and came out.

"Kushiji, This man is greedy… "

"yeah happy ji maybe we should try out the big jewellery shops…"

"But Kushiji, Jewellery shops will readily take old jewellery for exchange offer- that is if you want to buy jewellery ther.. Do you think they would pay you money taking this bangle?"

"We could atleast try…May be some shops might offer mortgaging?" her voice trailed off.

"but Kushiji, think again if you want to do this"

"What do you mean Happy ji"

"Kushiji, at the most let's say we will get 15000 to 17000 for this bangle- or at the most 20000, what about the rest of the amount? We need 30000"

"Yes Happy ji- I think I can manage… I will try and get it fr.."

" if you we knew each other only this morning- But don't think I am crossing my limit, I consider you as a good friend" Happy interrupted her. " But this is only the bail amount… If the case is coming to trial tomorrow… we should be prepared for that also"

"What do you mean Happy ji? What prepared? You think we will lose the case? Or do you mean your fee?"

"No – No Kushiji- As I told you before, this is my first case - I don't care about fee, I will try my best to bring your father out- But if at all we fail, you know the sentence would at most be 3 months jail or an option of penality charge- which will always be equal to or more than the fixed bail amount."

Though Kushi had been petrified at first to find out that this was Happy's first case, she had grown to like his good heartedness. She knew editor Rajvardhan to be a very kind and considerate human being and like he had encouraged numerous other poor youngsters with jobs as much as he could, he had suggested Happy Singh as her lawyer, so as to encourage him. Didn't he do the same thing to her when she was herself a newbie in the field of journalism?

"You will do well Happy Ji" She told him "As for the amount, yeah, I think we have to be cautious too… But isn't there any other way to bring my father out?"

"yes there is" Happy shouted excitedly "Why didn't I think of this before?"

"Think of what?" Kushi asked him, as his excitement infected her too

"Do you have any property Kushiji? That you can give them as a guarantee?"

"Property? Are you joking Happyji? If I have property why would I try and get my mother's bangle mortgaged?" Kushi told him with a hopeless feeling settling in, then it struck her-

" No wait" she shouted "I know I have a property that I can use for this"

"You have? How much worth is it? we need to show its worth 30000 easily"

"yes, come with me to the police station happy ji" Kushi told happily " I know it is worth more than 30000, infact its worth is in crores"

A bewildered Happy Singh followed Kushi back to the police station.


"Why don't you come in Arnie?"

"Is it a return gift kind of? Making me meet your family today?"

Arnav and Sheetal were inside his car which was parked just outside Sheetal's maternal grandparents Mansion. Arnav was in a particularly good mood, having noticed that the elders in the family approved of his choice and even happier that Sheetal had very high opinion of his family elders. The meeting had gone very well, for an unplanned visit- that is, because he always wanted it to be like this… without any preparation, for he believed that as much as they planned on this, it would become a made up meeting, without any frankness in it, He had been wearing a contented smile for the last one hour or so.

"you are brutal… is this how you would rebuke your Girlfriend' s invite to her house…"

"It's alright baby, you were the one who told me that I deserve a proper intro into your family… I would prefer to meet your parents first than your uncle's family"

"Yeah, I reckon you are right… So I take it that a visit to Mumbai is in order soon"

"Anytime you ask me …" he smiled at her

"I like that….See you soon Arnie, I would miss you… a lot"

"Me too baby" he told her as he leaned to kiss her.


Arnav looked at Sheetal's receeding figure into the huge gates and then into the landscape beyond, and then started the car when his mobile started ringing… He noticed it was a new number.


"Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada?"


Kushi sat gloating next to Happy on the wooden bench outside the police station.

"Kushiji, Who is going to come with money now?"

"Someone who owes me something Happyji"

"But you said you have some property?"

"yeah Happyji- it's the property that's doing the talks now" She winked at him

"But this file which you are holding is…"

But soon they were distracted by an expensive car entering the police station compound.

"there he is" Kushi got up rubbing her hands gleefully

"Who?" Happy asked confused

"the one who is going to take my father out of bail"

"But I am the lawyer… did you change the lawyer Kushiji?" Happy asked sadly

"No Happyji, You are going to take him out, but that man is going to pay the amount" Kushi said even as Happy noticed a well-dressed man striding towards them, apparently looking angry.

As soon as the man came closer to them, Happy realized that he was wrong- The man did not look angry- he was livid with outrage!

"Where are the property papers?" he barked at Kushi, not even waiting for the exchange of pleasantries.

"Its here…" Kushi showed him a red file that was in her hands.

But as Arnav tried to reach for the file, Kushi promptly pulled it away from his reach.

"First things first" Kushi smiled at Arnav "Pay the bail amount first"

Arnav crunched his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes.

"I thought I am I in the position to spell out the terms"

"Apparently you are not" Kushi told him "If you don't want to pay the amount, I am ready to produce these property papers as a surety for my father's bail"

"Those are mine" Arnav hissed at her pointing to the file

"But sadly they have my father's name on it" Kushi retorted back, holding the file closer to the chest.

"I want to see the property papers first"

"What if you ran away once I give it to you? How can I trust you?"

"What if you don't give me those papers once I give you the money?"

"Don't tell me that you are not strong enough to outwit me if I try something like that… Besides you have a car, you have more chances of running away than me"

Arnav stared at her with a strange mixture of contempt and wonder.

"If you don't want to – then I can happily give this file to happy ji to use it as surety for my father's bail"

For a while, Arnav contemplated if he should forget gentlemanliness and pull the file out of her petite hands, then decided against it. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out three bunches of notes and extended it to Kushi.

"Take it Happy ji" Kushi instructed her lawyer "take this money and bring my father out"

Happy blinked at Arnav and then at Kushi

"But Kushiji.. you… what will you…"

"Don't worry about me Happyji" Kushi widened her eyes "take it and go"

Arnav raised his eyebrows in this weird exchange, but before he could conclude on anything, Happy took the money out of his hands and went inside the police station building.

"The file" Arnav told her, not withdrawing his extended hands.

"I haven't seen my father out yet" Kushi told him

"You are testing my patience…give those papers to me" Arnav raised his voice

"I shall give you... but there are certain things to be talked about" Kushi told seriously, tensedly looking at the entrance to the building where Happy had disappeared into.

"About what?"

"About the bet we had…"

"Oh that" Arnav smirked "You lost it- Haven't you? You called me first…you have fetched the property papers for me- you pleaded me to pay for your father's bail..."

"Wait wait ? Pleaded? When did I plead? Threaten would be the right word here!" Kushi told him "and also I didn't say I fetched the property papers… I only said I would use the property papers for the bail if you don't give me the amount"

"What do you mean" Arnav told, ignoring a sinking feeling that was settling in, He went forward and pulled the file out of her hands.

"yeh…erm..hmm" Kushi exclaimed but hastily stepped backwards, biting her lips as she saw Arnav's eyes widen in shock as he opened the file to find it empty.

Arnav looked bewildered for a moment as he looked at Kushi and then back at the empty file. Then his rage took over as he angrily threw away the file on the ground and walked towards her with anger

"You cheat!" He hissed at her

"When you use deceit to ruse others, you would get stuck in the same deceit" Kushi told with brashness that she didn't feel she possessed at the moment.

"You will learn your lesson, You don't know whom you are playing with" Arnav told her as he effectively cornered her by the tree beside the wooden bench

"Don't try anything stupid…" Kushi stammered "Don't come closer to me"

"Scared aren't you?" he mocked at her

"It wouldn't look good if the morning papers tomorrow, contain news that Arnav Singh Raizada was arrested for eve teasing last evening" Kushi stuttered nervously even as she got a whisk of his cologne even at an arm's distance.

Arnav raised his eyebrows again. He stared at her, his anger that this girl had outwitted him, still prevailing; he was surprised that he was amused by her cheekiness

"Remember, it's convenient for me, We are at the police station compound, All I have to do is to yell" Kushi told again, desperately wanting him to move away, He was only at a respectful arm's distance, but still, she wanted him to step back, if she had to control some feminine corner of her mind, which had suddenly woken up, alerting her to the fact that it was growing crazy of that particular masculine smell.

Arnav looked at her flustered face, and for unknown reasons he took pleasure in seeing her flustered and red.

He slowly stepped back.

"That was a clever move" He told her "But not a smart move"

Happy that he had finally put a distance between him and her, Kushi sighed relieved.

"What do you mean?"

"You have wasted the opportunity on bailing him out- you could have asked me to take back the complaint…" Arnav smirked at her "This bail is only going to hold good until tomorrow morning- Let me see how you will manage to prove him innocent in tomorrow's trail"

"I can manage that- don't worry about me" Kushi told him "I have an able lawyer to help me" she pointed at the entrance to the building where Happy was finally walking out with Shashi after finishing the bail formalities.

"He?" Arnav said a he took a look at the short fellow "Has he even finished Law school?" he mocked at Kushi, making her angry.

"you…" Kushi started to say, but Arnav had already started to move towards his car.

"I owe you one Kushi Gupta!" Arnav called out coolly "I will get even on this with you! You won't know what hit you!"

"There is a kumari in the middle… that's Kushi Kumari Gupta" Kushi called out equally calmer "and I am waiting to see if anything will hit me"


"Who is he? Happy ji told that he was the one who paid for my bail" Shashi asked as he saw the receding figure of Arnav

"That's the man who had you arrested father – yeah, I made him payback!"

"Why should he get me arrested? I don't have any enemity with him- I don't even remember meeting him"

"What do you mean? You haven't met him? That's Arnav Singh Raizada… the other day when you were drunk.." Kushi stopped speaking as she saw her father's eyes growing wide

"Is that Arnav? Ajay Raizada's son?"

"Yeah… don't you know?" Kushi asked confused "Oh yeah, you said you didn't remember anything from that night"

"Oh my god, Arnav is back at India.." Shashi was speaking to himself "Stop.. stop him.. I need to speak to him.."

Kushi looked all the more confused as she saw Shashi running towards the car which was already being reversed.

Then it was like everything happened in slow motion, she saw Shashi clutch his heart and fall down, Kushi screamed as she ran to her father and slumped next to him.

A little crowd gathered around them as Kushi desperately shouted for help

"He has got an attack, for heaven's sake leave some air" she cried, as she pumped her father's chest,

"Somebody please help"

"Call for ambulance"

"what happened?"

"He collapsed.. he was running somewhere… I saw him fall down"

"Is he your father?"

Numerous useless questions were flying around, but no one seemed to do the needful.

Happy ran towards Arnav's car, which had been caught due to unavailability of space to move, because of the gathered crowd.

Arnav didn't know what the crowd had gathered for, and had been pressing the horn, when he saw Happy running towards him

"Sir, please help your friend, her father has collapsed"

"My friend?"

"Yes, I mean Kushiji… Shashiji got a heart attack- he needs to be taken to the hospital"

Arnav stared at Happy and then back at the crowd, while it would have been devious at this situation to think if this was also a staged drama, but the humanity in him kicked itself to the front, as he nodded to Happy, and stepped out to help the man whom he believed had probably deceived his father and go to the aid of girl who had outsmarted him only minutes before.

So there ends this update... Let me know if you liked it... and stay tuned to find out where this path is leading to

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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vi vi. ...what r u doing gal m geeting addicted Wink pls update jaldi jaldi
put ur life on hold and do it gal :)

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