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Qubool Hai | The Ladies Of The Show

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Qubool Hai | The Ladies Of The Show

Post by Maria J on 2014-06-04, 10:22

Qubool Hai | The Ladies Of The Show

From day one of the show, we have been impressed with not just their looks or acting ability but overall personality. The way they show commitment and strength for their characters and their work is outstanding. Any praise is too small for them.

Right from Vidya Sinha. Alka Kaushal to the youngest girl on board, everyone has given their best for the show. We applaud all of them. Today we talk about the new gals and of course, some old ones on the show.

Shalini Kapoor is an ace at her work and beyond that she is simply a lovely person to be around. Sharing a lot of her life especially tidbits about her daughter Aadhya, we have shared some lunches, coffees and conversations that have been mind blowing.

Surbhi Jyoti is of course a girl with so much spunk that it is infectious and her enthusiasm rubs on all of us. From jokes and fun on the set to having a ball outside. One such occasion was of course watching Sholay in 3D.

Amrapali Gupta is totally committed to her work. Most of you may not know that during the last week before the leap, she had been very unwell and she had fainted on the set three times due to the illness. Despite that she had continued working whenever required for close-ups at least. We salute her professionalism.

Surbhi Chandana, the new girl is just like her character, loveable. As Hayaa, she has stolen hearts being deaf and mute. A girl who one would like to empathise with and take care of. She is very grounded and has been eager to work hard for the show be it to inculcate in her day to day habits sign language and other gestures that she has to use as part of her character.

Then there is the spunky Shazia. Her rebellious character is not something that Kinjal Pandya who plays her has but being today’s girl is something that she definitely is.

Nazia is the girl next door; simple and homely. She evokes sympathy from her elder brother and sister due to her illness, but one see more in her. Playing Nazia according to Shahina Surve is a lot challenging be it the layers in the character or to portray an illness authentically.

Of course, how can we not talk about the very demure and graceful Dr Aasma. Himani Sharma playing her may not identify with the girl in the show other the aspect where she has harboured a dream from childhood to become someone. That ambition and drive is something she relates to completely is what she has to tell us.

These are the beauties of the show and of course, the last but not the least, we have Khala played by Vaishali Nazreth, who has given a new level to giving comedy scene that requires her to not just improvise but have tuning with other actors to create a scene that is humorous.

Keep watching Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm for more from these talented women you see on screen.


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