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Chapter 5: part 4

Post by Abavi on Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:26 pm

From the author's desk: Hello people, I am overloaded with work these days, so the updates come a little late... Here it is.. Hope you will like it.. Thanks for the wonderful wonderful comments- I am indebted to all of you for making me feel special!

happy reading!
Chapter 5- Destined to be
part 4- Tides from the heart

The three of them stood in the corridor of a renowned hospital, While Kushi was anxiously peeping into the emergency room where her father was taken in, Happy singh, being one of those faithful souls, struck to his new friend at this time of need. Arnav stood in his composed form, waiting for the doctor to emerge out and tell them that the man was alright- after which he can get back home. Finally the doctor materialized out of the emergency ward.

Kushi ran to the doctor, anxious to know of her father's health state.

"It was a mild attack, nothing to worry, he is stable now" The doctor told her systematically

"Can I go and see him?"

"He will be moved to ICU in a few minutes, you can see him then" The doctor told as he customarily nodded to Arnav who was standing next to her.

"A family friend Mr.Raizada?"

"No Doctor, an acquaintance of my late father"

"Good to know, He is fine Mr. Raizada, he should be discharged in a day or two ' after we are quite satisfied with his response."

Arnav nodded curtly.

"Kushiji, I will go and check if I can get a certificate for your father, we can atleast postpone the case on medical basis to next week by producing that" Happy told to Kushi who looked quickly at Arnav on the mention of the case.

Arnav glanced at her too. After a few awkward moments, they realized that Happy had already moved towards the reception, to request for a medical certificate.

"I will make a move then" Arnav muttered

"Thanks a lot" Kushi told him hastily.

He gave a semi nod as he started walking towards the hospital exit. He would have almost reached the end of the corridor when he heard her voice again


Arnav stopped on his tracks when he heard her call his name out but he didn't turn back. No one had ever called him with a ji attached to his name. It felt weird and nice at the same time. The tinkling of payals told him that she was running towards him.

In a moment she came in front of him. Arnav took in the heaving of her chest as she stood in front of him trying hard to catch her breath, clutching her stitches. He felt this weird urge to push away the bangs of silky hairs on her either side of her face.

"It's my promise" She said at last "I shall bring those property papers to you as soon as possible' I will talk to my father- and find out where he has kept it."

Arnav looked at her. He nodded back as she moved away from the path giving him way. He walked away.

Kushi looked at the man whom she had thought was a reckless ruthless immoral human being, just this morning, not only he proved her that she was wrong, he had also proved his magnanimity by helping her save her father to a very renowned hospital. He had also paid the initial amount at the hospital counter, and had taken care that Shashi was attended to immediately.

Kushi turned to walk back to the emergency ward as she saw her father being strolled in a stretcher to be moved to the ICU. She quickened her steps. She need to talk to her father as soon as possible' There were two things that she needed to get answer for- one is the location of property papers and another was something that she was intrigued as well- why did Shashi wanted to talk to Arnav?


As Arnav walked to his parked car, a docile and gentle "Arnavji" resonating on his ears still, a smile lit up his face. No one had ever called his name with a ji behind it. He was called Arnie at college, Arnav or bhai by the family, and he remembered when he was very young Mamma used to call him Chotey. The Business world normally addressed him as Mr.Raizada or ASR. His employees called him either as Sir or Arnav babu- No one addressed him as Arnavjee. It was as if how his wife would address him' he mused to himself. WHAT ? WAIT! A WIFE? What was happening to him? How could he even imagine Kushi to be his wife?

He hit the steering wheel feeling very vulnerable and helpless' Something is defineltely wrong with him.. or else why would he sit here and ponder if his future wife would call him Arnavji' It was already 10 minutes since he had reached the car, and his mind has wandered into a zone which was revolving around Kushi'No How can it be? He started the car hurriedly, Once on road, the mind started to try and fathom the odd behaviors of his heart.

He was in a relationship with Sheetal, he told himself firmly'Or was it he secretly wished Sheetal to call him that way? NO, he had never ever wanted Sheetal to call him like that' Leave alone addressing him like that- He had not even imagined her being his wife ' even though the thought that one day, they would take their relationship to that level was always lingering on his mind- but he had never imagined a day when she would do her wifely duties to him'

But this girl was different- something was seriously off beam ' He didn't even know her at a personal level and he started to care for her, and when he had gone to the police station today morning, it didn't even occur to him that he had to let Mr.Roy know about it. When she had called, a weird anticipation had originated in him that he was going to see her. When he saw her by her father's side, lost and scared, when she had looked into his eyes silently pleading to help her, it had tugged at his heart, as if he should do whatever he could to wipe away that hopelessness in her eyes- He had seen poise,apology, confidence, reluctance, Anger, cheekiness and even for a very short span a sort of passion- but never hopelessness- and he couldn't take it.

As he stopped for a signal, he realized that his mind had again started to loiter around Kushi. Why does he feel like this around her? He is not a freaking teenager to develop a crush on a girl- and what is so special about that girl? Hasn't he seen the bubbliness and chirpiness in Anjali? Hasn't he seen the feistiness and liveliness in Payal? Hasn't he seen the confidence and impudence in Sheetal? Hasn't he seen the piousness and calmness in Nani? Hasn't he seen her daringness in Dadi? And she had an angelic face- just like his mother'Then what was so new about this girl? Then it hit him' He had seen all these qualities in the women of the family- But he had never seen all these qualities in one single package! ' No wonder he felt as if she belonged to the family as well'She could make a perfect Raizada Bahu, he smiled to himself.

He snapped out of his reverie when he heard loud horns blaring behind him that was when he noticed that the signal had already turned green. Jolting, he started the car, forcing himself out of those thoughts'Shocked at where his thoughts had again strayed, He screamed- NO' She can't be a Raizada bahu- he told himself strongly, Not Kushi- that girl is a passing cloud- and nothing more than that- He would not even see her once the property papers are in his hands- No he would not meet her again if he can help it. He should get out of this infatuation- he told himself as he drove his car towards his house.


"Arnav bituwa, we should soon meet Sheetal's parents- and talk about your rishta" Nani told him. The family was having tea at the dining table in the first floor.

"You met her only today, and now you start talking about wedding" Arnav told his Nani

"Why shouldn't we?" Dadi asked him "She is virtuous- and you both like eachother- why should we postpone the wedding now?"

"Dadi, I haven't even met her parents yet- she hasn't yet opened about this to her family"

"High time she does that then" Dadi told him

Anjali and NK who were also sitting there were making faces at eachother. Akaash who sat beside NK, kicked him at the leg, to warn them not to be so obvious'

"Seriously Arnav Bitwa, we want you to get settled soon- Sheetal is of your age too- Her parents will be willing to settle her as well- Meet her parents soon- If not we will go and meet them- asking her hand for you" Nani teased him

"Haan haan' What does her father do? where is her native place actually?" Mamiji asked.

Arnav nodded

"They are a business family Mami'Her Dadaji belongs to delhi only- her parents shifted to Mumbai for business- they are into this supply chain business- well estabilished and respected in mumbai"

"and she is bootiful too' very charming" Mami quoted "perfect bahu for perfect elder Raizada son"

Anjali mimicked puking into her coffee, while Akaash shook his head at her

"Excuse me, I need to go catch up on something" Nk got up, he was worried that he would start laughing at Anjali's gestures if he stayed there any longer.

"I am coming too' it is getting so tight around here- I need fresh air to breath" Anjali stood up too.

As Arnav watched them both go crunching his eyebrows, Akaash made an apologetic face, which confused him further.

"Get married soon Arnav bitwa- probably our financial issues can get sorted if this marriage happens" mamiji told him

"What are you talking about Mamiji?" Arnav asked her shocked "Even if I marry Sheetal, I wouldn't accept any financial support from her father- This is my family problem- and I would solve it myself- Infact I haven't even spoken to Sheetal yet about my financial crisis"

"But Arnav bitwa"

"No Mamiji, do not speak about this anymore- I do not want to compromise my policies for my problems"

"Well said Arnav bitwa" Nani ji told him softly, throwing a smile at him.

"Mr. Raizada"

Arnav turned back to see an agitated Mr.Roy standing at the lounge.

"Mr.Roy!" Arnav exclaimed as he stood up and excused himself from the table. Akaash stood up too.

"Come Mr. Roy, we will go to my Office cabin" Arnav said as he led him, only to be followed by Akaash.

"Mr. Raizada, Are you getting married? " Roy started to speak even before they reached Arnav's office in the same floor.

"Oh the wedding bells are about to ring anytime for him Mr.Roy" Akaash told on his brother's behalf as Arnav restricted himself with only a smile as he opened his office cabin to let Mr.Roy in.

"Is it anything urgent Mr.Roy?" Arnav asked as soon as they all stepped in "You have come without informing us even"

"Oh that" Mr.Roy became serious "Did you bail Mr.Gupta out today afternoon?"

Arnav had completely forgotten about the bail-

"Oh yeah, I did"

"But why?"

"Mr.Roy, I want you to take back that compliant"

"But Mr.Raizada, how can we get back those papers if "

"We will get it back, Kushi will bring it to us"

"But how do you take it on face value? Did you bail him out just because she promised you?"

At that time, Arnav got a call on his mobile, he excused himself to pick it up


As Kushi's voice reached him, a tumult of emotions hit him again

"What happened? Is your father fine?" He asked her urgently

"Yes he is fine, he woke up, All he says is that he wants to meet you' Can you please come here once and meet him?" Kushi asked

"I..I will come" Arnav told her quickly and ended her call

"Thanks a lot Arnavji'"

"Sheetal?" Akaash winked at his brother, the informality and concern on his brother's face and tone carried so much warmth that he couldn't think of anyone who would be on the receiving end of it other than his brother's girlfriend.

"No" Arnav told his brother and turned to Roy

"Its Kushi again" he admitted. She wants me to meet her father "today afternoon he suffered a heart attack and I took him to the Saviour's hospital." Arnav explained as a matter of fact

"Did you even think it could be a complete drama Mr.Raizada- to make you bail him out- "

"Mr.Roy- I have faith in my powers of judgement"

"So are you going to meet them again? ' What if they refuse to give us the bonds? What if he demands huge sum of money?"

Arnav contemplated if he wanted to meet Kushi again- He had made up his mind early this afternoon that he wouldn't meet her if he could help it- He needed to set his priorities right- and right now his priorities are Sheetal and his Family- he firmly told himself.

"I can meet this person on your behalf Mr.Raizada- if you are ok with it" Mr.Roy volunteered.

Arnav nodded his head. A voice at back of his mind told him that he was running away from what he was feeling for this girl- he is scared of his vulnerability- but he ignored that voice.

"Alright- You go and meet him Mr.Roy" he told louder than actually needed.


Kushi saw Mr.Roy walking towards the ICU corridor. He introduced himself and asked to meet her father. Kushi couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that Arnav hadn't come in person, but she brushed away the thought. Why does she feel bad about it?

She opened the door and went in with Mr.Roy and Happy. She made a brief introduction.

"I want to meet Arnav" Shashi told them feebly

"I am him Lawyer-you can speak to me whatever you want to speak" Mr.Roy told him

"No I want to speak only to him" Shashi replied again

"I want to know where you have kept the property papers- We are ready to compensate you for a suitable amount- if you have won these bonds over a game of cards- But these properties are worth crores and they belong to the family- Mr.Ajay Raizada has no rights in disposing them off- If you willingly give us the sheets- we will reward you suitably" Mr.Roy started to speak unmindful of what Shashi was requesting for.

"Father, why don't you tell them where those papers are?"

"May be if you give us some privacy, He might speak- Considering that he wants to speak only to Arnav Raizada, I think what he wants to say is quite confidential" Mr.Roy told Kushi

Kushi looked at her father's firm face for a while and then gestured Happy to go out as she also followed out.

After a few minutes, Mr.Roy too came out.

"Did he say anything?" Kushi asked

Mr.Roy looked grim. He shook his head in negative and went away.

Kushi went in, He father looked at her

"I want to meet Arnav" he told her.

"Father, won't you confide in me too?"

Shashi looked towards the door and then at her

"Has he left?" he asked

"who? Arnavji's lawyer? Yes"

Shashi was looking straight at the ceiling for sometime. Kushi thought her father was behaving strangely. He has never kept any secrets from her. But now he was guarding this secret so sincerely that hse wondered what it was.

"Ajay was my childhood friend" Shashi told her all of a sudden'

This shocked Kushi

"What? How could a wealthy man like him be your friend?"

"We used to play volleyball ' he played for his reputed school- I played for the government school where I studied' we were good players- both of us-So our friendship grew beyond our game- beyond the status differences'we both got selected to represent the same team for our district. Our game was good- our friendship grew stronger- but after we graduated, he went on his own way ' to make his fortune and I started making my living'. We lost contact' I saw him after all these years at the club" Shashi kept telling, Kushi listened to him intently.

"Then one day, he told me something- he looked worried, he wanted me to.." Shashi was interrupted as the door to the ICU opened suddenly and Mr.Roy stood there.

"I am sorry, I felt my car keys here" he apologized casually.

The beeps in Shashi's monitor started increasing.

"Father.. Father, relax" Kushi told himto calm him down.

"Is he alright? Should I call the doctor?" Roy asked Kushi

The beeps were going back to normal now

"No its alright, I suppose, it was the suddenness of opening the door which jolted him- he is getting alright now" Kushi smiled at Roy

"take care- "Mr.Roy told "If he feels like speaking about the property'"

"I will definitely inform you" Kushi assured

"Thanks" Roy left the room then

"Father" Kushi called him softly

"I want to meet Arnav" Shashi told again

Kushi sighed. Shashi was drifting to sleep again, and She didn't think it was a nice idea to urge him to talk again. She would have to get Arnav to meet her father after he got discharged.

"I will speak to him again and request him to come and meet you. I am sure he will comply this time" Kushi told him calmly.

So what is it that Shashi is guarding against even his own daughter? Stay tuned to know this secret'


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Chapter 6: Part 1

Post by Abavi on Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:54 pm

From the author's desk: Thanks a lot for all your comments people, I cant believe we are in thread 2 already... a big shout out to all of you who like and leave comments for this story

Do keep commenting and encouraging me... Now that Checkmate is almost over, we will try and get to thread 3 quicker than we reached thread 2...

Happy reading!

Chapter 6: Feats of Assumptions
Part 1: Out of the blue

Akaash reached the second floor landing immersed into some file which he was holding, pausing for a moment to say hi to Anjali and NK sitting by the couch near the Fish tanks, he crossed them intending to reach his room.

"You missed saying hi to me hun"

Akaash stopped on his tracks hearing the voice.


"hi" she said as she sat up from the couch where she was lying down all this while.

"My brother has poor eyesight Payal- It didn't get improved with his specs too" Anjali commented.

"When did you come? What are you doing here?"

"Wow! Nice welcome I get- and for your information- we haven't met for 3 whole days" Payal informed Anjali and NK both of whom grinned at her expressions.

"I mean- I didn't expect to see you here this late in the evening' When did you come? "

"It's been half an hour now' "

"What if Dadi comes to know'"

"Relax! I came to know from Anji and NK that Dadi, Nani and Mami have left for a satsang at the neighbourhood and will be back only by 8'" Payal rolled her eyes' Akaash can panic at simplest of things unlike her. Even if they come back early-what is the issue?

Akaash looked at Anjali and Nk who nodded at him.

"Why didn't you let me know you are here?" Akaash asked her finally

"I was waiting for you finish your meeting- so have been passing time trying to find out why your sister and brother hate Sheetal so much" Payal yawned.

"And I have been telling her that I hate her because she is so full of herself" Anjali replied back without missing a beat "She is more interested in impressing Dadi than anyone else- looks like a chamchi in making"

NK burst out laughing

"Anjali control your tongue' Arnav will be really upset if he hears you commenting like that" Akaash warned her

"He will be more upset if he ends up marrying her" Anjali told with her nose in the air "His life will be royally ruined"

"She does seem like a smart and shrewd girl if she wants to impress dadi' Nani is too easy to please"

"She conducts herself with so much importance, and she screwed her nose like this when Ramu kaka gave her tea- Doesn't she know he is more like family to us?" Anjali complained to Payal.

"Hmm that sounds like a put off'Is she good looking- how is the chemistry"

"Ofcourse she is good looking'" NK told her "what do you mean by chemistry?"

"Oh that's girly stuff" Payal told NK and raised her brows at Anjali

"Sadly yes- to an irksome level- I hate it" Anjali told her

"I don't get it" Payal told her

"Arnav behaves differently around her- like a love sick puppy- I hate it"

"Really?" Payal sat upright "You mean Arnav? Arnav singh Raizada acts like a love sick puppy?"

"Nothing wrong with him. I think she makes him do so" Anjali told "Look , Akaash doesn't change himself when you are around' He remains the same dumbo that he is"

"Excuse me" Akaash protested while Payal smiled at him and patted him

"But With Arnav- He turns soft around her' she keeps acting like a delicate darling- asking him for this and that- to which he complies like a gentle man"

"Anji, Are you sure its not the possesive sister instinct kicking in?" Payal asked her

"Possesive?" Anjali sat upright' "How can you tell like that Payal? Have I ever acted like a possessive sister for Akaash? Infact, I have always tried to arrange for those secret meetings for both of you'"

"May be you felt it for Arnav- because you don't know Sheetal much" Akaash told her

"Not at all- I wouldn't have felt so excited to meet her in the first place' I would only want you all to be happily settled with right girls' Girls who make me feel that my brothers are in safe hands when I finally go to another place after my wedding..."

"Don't get sentimental now Anjali- focus focus" NK told her smiling while Akaash looked apologetic.

"Yeah' Its you next- If you ever bring someone like Sheetal then" Anjali warned NK all of a sudden

"My girl is definitely not like Sheetal" NK told her

"Your girl? You have a GF?" Payal asked him, as he bit his tongue, as Anjali smiled wickedly at him

"Then how is she?" Anjali asked

"I meant, I wouldn't fall for someone like Sheetal" NK managed to get out of the situation.

Anjali wanted to pursue pulling NK's legs- But Payal moved on

"But that's really interesting to hear that Sheetal managed to change Arnav to a mushy mushy guy- I always thought Arnav would be tough to tame types even when he wooed someone"

"He didn't go mushy mushy' You don't get it' She keeps cooing to him and he complies'"

"Haa.. that happens when men are in the verge of impressing the girls before they ask them THE question"

"You reckon?" Anjali worriedly asked Payal, and she nodded.

"Even Akaash was like that.. But you were too young to notice it" Payal told her "Ok leave that, how does she talk to you people?"

"She treated me as if I am a kiddo'She made it a point to let me know that she would be the bhabhi figure to me... I cannot expect fun from her and she would love some respect'Wait till you meet her Payal- even you wouldn't want her to be your jethani! "

"and you forgot to mention that she is a snub" NK told Anjali

"Why so?" Payal asked him

"Look, I know my limits with my brother's girls. I know you are Akaash's girlfriend- In future his wife- but still when I talk to you, tease you, pull you hair or hold out my hand to assist you- would you mind?"

"Not at all" Payal replied "hey come on- you are my brother in law' How would I mind? You are gonna be my brother after my marriage"

"Exactly!" NK told her "When I met Sheetal, I didn't play any of the pranks that I play with you' I only spoke with her in a quite friendly way and her face expressions told me that she was already reacting as if I was flirting with her"

"That's sad" Payal told him "Are you sure you didn't bore her with your PJs"

Anjali smirked at Payal. But it was obvious that NK was pissed off, he brushed off Payal's leg pulling and carried on.

"How do you expect me to be in that comfortable zone if she keeps throwing signals as if she is annoyed with my friendly talks?-that too annoyed like a girl would be annoyed with a over flirtious guy?"

"NK, You can't expect the same level of comfort zone with Sheetal as with Payal" Akaash explained him- "You know Payal for 15 years- its not the same with Sheetal"

"Even if it was the case, I wouldn't expect the girl who is going to be a part of my family to have that kind of attitude' What is she a 16 year old? She was not brought up in a town to be shy and innocent in that way ' I would understand if she is shy' but she is clearly a snub head and a show off!"

"Yeah she is" Anjali supported NK, glaring at Akaash "I have a feeling that if she gets married to Arnav- he wouldn't remain the same man that he is now' He will not be happy"

"But I don't get it' If you all feel so, why haven't Arnav felt like that? As far as I know- Arnav is one of the best judges of character that I know"

"Simple! Love is blind" NK told Payal

"Crush is blind, deaf and dumb too" Anjali told him "and by the looks of it, I swear it is a crush that my innocent bro is falling for"

"Innocent and Arnav in a single line" Payal exclaimed "He would surely get a heart attack if hears this"

Anjali giggled

"I would say it is not a crush' It looks more like a companionship that Arnav is taking for love'" NK told them.

"Whatever you guys feel about Sheetal or this relationship- it is his choice of life- and I wish you both show some respect to his choice and feelings and maintain the courtesy to not hurt him with these comments" Akaash told them

"Whatever- But that doesn't change my opinion about her' I don't mind becoming a villain for their love story- I don't want that species to spoil my family atmosphere"

"That is really a strong range of hate Anji- I feel sorry for that girl"

"Now you don't start supporting you sweatheart" Anjali pointed a finger at Payal "You don't know how much I am worried if Arnav will one day come and tell us that Sheetal said yes to him- and the way the family goes about her- I am sure he will pop the question one day or other in near future."

"I am not supporting Akaash, May be she was little anxious to impress the elders. So that they accept her, I am still not able to fathom how Arnav would have developed feelings for a girl with such attitude.. Maybe Arnav is not that serious about her at all and you all are worrying about this too much' Or its completely in a different perspective' You know how Arnav is' I think Arnav would not have given her enough time to prepare herself and sprang this visit on her all of a sudden' Seems more like Arnav style to me'and also you both have been a little too excited to meet her ' Maybe she didn't expect such a high voltage excitement from you people and went off beat'"

"You understand my brother much better that these two" Akaash told her "Infact these two are exaggerating Sheetal's attitude' She is really a nice girl- I have met her in London- and now here' She was looking little nervous today- as you told it could be ..."

"Go on then, start Sheetal fan club" Anjali retorted before Akaash could finish his sentence.

Akaash started to tell something, Nk was grinning' Payal sensed this was getting into one of those siblings fight'

"Ok OK guys- enough'" Payal told immediately "I have some news to really cheer you all up"

"And what is that? Are you going to join Sheetal fan club too?" Anjali asked

Payal narrowed her eyes and looked at Anjali, which made her giggle.

"Ok tell us.." Anjali finally told her

"I am getting engaged to Vinod Khatri day after tomorrow" Payal told as she stood up and announced this with dramatic effect

"What?" All the three shouted back


Arnav looked at Mr.Roy who was sitting opposite to him in his office cabin at his house.

"What do you mean Mr.Roy? He refused to speak to you?"

"Yeah, He denied plainly ' Not even a word"

"Even after you told him that you are representing me?"

"Yes, Even after threats that we can actually prosecute him for cheating late Mr.Ajay Raizada"

"Did he oppose when you accused him that he played tricks on my father?"

"No, he didn't, But he stopped being nice to me, He rudely asked me to get out"

"Did you talk to the girl? Did he say anything to her?"

"The girl proclaims that he refuses to speak to her too- But I am not sure how much of it is truth"

"Why so?"

"Because I had forgotten my car keys in the room and went back to fetch it' The room door was not closed fully, and I could hear some conversation happening between the girl and her father. "

Arnav waited for Roy to continue

"Mr.Gupta was saying the girl that he and Mr.Ajay Raizada were childhood friends' I think he was mentioning about some favour or something that was promised' I didn't get it fully, a nurse who passed the corridor was throwing awkward looks at me, she stopped to ask me what I was doing there, I had no choice but to open the door and announce my presence. They stopped speaking abruptly"

"I see" Arnav told thoughtfully

"Whatever be the case Mr.Raizada, I would advise you to observe caution if you decide to go and see him. We don't know yet if whatever this man says is true- And I have a feeling that if it is true we could be in a much worser position than the case if the man is lying"

"What do you mean? How could we be in a worser position?"

"If they are childhood friends, and the man is given a part of his property in mysterious conditions- it could be anything' I am a man who believes that there could never be smoke without fire' "

"I don't get you"

"What if you father had promised the man long time ago that he will take the girl as his Daughter in Law for one of his sons? And now when the man came to claim his right, your father couldn't say no for something that he owes this man, and just gave away some of the property as compensation and this man is quite shrewd to use that to get his daughter married to you or one of your brothers?"

"But this is farfetched'and ridiculous!" Arnav was tempted to laugh scornfully, but controlled himself

"This is just a speculation- but isn't this one of the possibilities?" Mr Roy asked him

Arnav nodded

"Looks plausible" he said thoughtfully "May be we are far away from truth"

"But I have a feeling that the truth could be as ridiculous and farfetched as this" Mr Roy told him

Arnav nodded at Mr.Roy

"You are right Mr.Roy"

"I insist you to exercise caution Mr.Raizada- We need to be guarded too, we need a counter plan if the man is asking for you, so that he can convince you using your father's name or weekness. Its my duty to warn you- I would appreciate if you would call me and let me know your moves- unlike today morning"

Arnav and Roy got up, as Arnav extended his hand to Roy

"I will be cautious Mr.Roy, Thanks for the advice"


Arnav spent some time in recluse and solitude of the big study at the second floor, long after Mr.Roy left his cabin. He usually spent his time in the study when he was confused and wanted to gather his thoughts. Books and gardening were the two things that unwinded him. While gardening was reserved for times when he was upset or wanted some relaxation, he preferred books and recluse to gather his confused thoughts. Today being such a day, He was lost in thoughts about Shashi and whatever Mr.Roy had told him just moments before. He thought about Kushi's promise to him that she will somehow bring those papers to him.

He was in dilemma 'Should he wait for Kushi to give him those papers? Or should be proactively counter act to get those papers? Should he go and meet Shashi? What if Shashi has laid a trap for him like Mr.Roy predicted? According to Mr.Roy, Shashi had been quite persistent that he needs to meet only him- Was Shashi so confident that Arnav wouldn't be able to refuse whatever he asks for? Did his father owe this man something? Or could it be as simple as to thank him for his help this morning?

He had to act fast, they could not do anything until he got the property papers back- The prospective buyer wouldn't wait for long enough and they had to settle the money for the rest of them.

He decided to visit the hospital the next morning. Whatever be the case, Arnav wanted to unknot the mystery of their family property ending up in Shashi's name.

As he opened the door to get out of the study, he could hear his brothers and sisters making a din in the lounge. Then he remembered Payal's call to him.

"Oh my god! I completely forgot about it" He muttered to himself and quickly he decided to put his problems at the backseat for now and look at what could be done for his brother and Payal.

"Time for action!" he told himself as he stepped out

Hmm, Do you think Arnav has got enough in his plate to worry about? But wait, this is just the start, Don't you worry about him, he is more tougher than you think!

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rrekha on Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:25 pm

i need to read it


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Chapter 6 Part 2

Post by Abavi on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:27 am

From the Author's desk: Hello people, So sorry to make you all wait this long. The updates can be a little scarce for the next three weeks' My little sankadevis are having their final assessments starting next week and I don't have much time to spare right now' I will manage an update a week, and at the most two, if I am able to manage a second update

Thanks for all the lovely feedbacks and wishes.

Happy reading.


Chapter 6- Feats of Assumption
Part 2- Missed Meet

"The glee in your face doesn't go with the news" Anjali exclaimed in shock

"And you came here to invite us for it?" NK looked baffled

"Payal' How can you be so calm about it?" Akaash was looking as if he was hit with club on his head "Does Arnav know this?" He asked as a sudden afterthought

"Yeah he knows' I called him and let him know the moment my parents told me about it' "

"And what did he say?" Akaash didn't like the way Payal behaved so coolly

"He asked me to say yes to my parents and stay put"

"What? Are you serious?" Akaash freaked out

"I am" Payal told him

"Payal.. I don't understand what is happening here' Wait let me call bhai" Akaash took out his mobile and started dialing Arnav's number. Payal shook her head in mock sympathy, when Akaash addressed Arnav as Bhai, it meant he was really very tensed.

The creaking of the study door drew everyone's attention to the study room and they all saw Arnav coming out of it.

"you were here all the while" Akaash asked surprised

"Hi Arnav'" Payal called out

"Hi Payal, What are you doing here? I thought you would be busy shopping for your engagement"

"No I let my parents do it for me" Payal grinned at him

"Are you both crazy?" Akaash shouted at both of them who seemed to be enjoying this conversation "This is not funny- NOT AT ALL funny!"

"Yeah' It is not" Anjali told seriously "How can you be so calm about this Payal'Why did'nt you accompany them for the shopping? What if they get you something that you don't like?" Anjali looked devastated. It looked like a criminal waste to her.

"Shutup Anjali" NK told her and blinked at Payal

"Yeah, Kiddo is right- You should have gone for the shopping Payal- and should have got yourselves some nice outfits'" Arnav told her

"Oh, I needed the time to practice blushing- so I asked them to carry on" She chuckled at Arnav who winked back at her

"STOP THIS'" Akaash screamed at last "How can you both be joking like this?"

Arnav grinned at Akaash. Payal laughed- But soon controlled herself realizing that Akaash was at the verge of losing his sanity.

"That's all you trust me?" Arnav teased him.

"Ha..have you a..a..already planned something then?"

"NO I don't have anything planned yet'" Arnav admitted to them

"Then why did you ask me to play cool?"

"Because we don't yet know what your parents plans are if you don't agree- I have a feeling that they have something in their sleeve which will make you succumb to their plans' "

"Emotional blackmailing?" Akaash asked as Arnav shook his head.

"Do you really think I will give a damn about their emotional Blackmailing?" Payal asked Akaash

"Emotional Blackmailing ' to hurt themselves- NO.. But Emotional Blackmailing to hurt Akaash?" NK asked her again.

"You mean like hurting Akaash if I don't agree to marry that pig face?" Payal asked him. He nodded at her and she smiled

"Don't you worry about that-They won't do that'They know very well that I will emotionally blackmail them back' I can do the same thing to that pig face'Can't I?" Payal grinned at him

"They know very well that Emotional Blackmailing won't work for Payal- not atleast this way- there should be something else that they are pretty sure of' a plan that they believe, would make Payal to agree to their plans. Otherwise they wouldn't have made a move this fast'" Arnav told them and then he turned to Payal

"How did they react when you appeared cool to the engagement news?"

"To be frank, I don't think they believed me. They looked surprised."

Arnav smiled at her.

"That's what I want them to do' Let them keep guessing what we are up to, I am trying to find out their plans in the meanwhile'"

"And what are we going to do for the engagement? It's on day after tomorrow"

"If we don't find the reason before that, she attends the engagement ceremony. But that shouldn't make a difference' She is already engaged to you"

"You mean to say, that I should accept a ring from that pig face?"

"Do you mind?" Arnav cocked his eyebrow

"Ofcourse I do- I don't want to '" Payal gritted her teeth

"Then don't " Arnav told her coolly "But you should be there- don't raise any suspicion in your parents eyes"

"How can she be there and say no to the ring at the same time?" Akaash asked his brother.

"Oh man, come on, should I give you ideas for everything?" Arnav asked a baffled Akaash, as he pulled out his ringing mobile and accepted the call moving away from there.

"Say you didn't like the ring Payal, Ask for a new one- by the time they get a new one, the muhurth would be gone" Anjali told her friend. Payal shook her head

"You can get away with such a tantrum Anji' I cannot'It sounds too silly" Payal told as Anjali glared at her

"Put rings on all your fingers' He will not have fingers to insert a ring into" NK said as everyone else glared at him

"Don't give stupid ideas like this NK' They will simply ask her to remove it'"an annoyed Akaash told him

Arnav came back still talking into his mobile as he forced a bandage roll into Akaash's hand.

"What happened? Are you hurt?" Akaash asked him

Arnav glowered at Akaash and then gestured towards Payal.

"He is asking to wind it up on her fingers" Anjali screamed excitedly as Arnav gave her a HiFi and walked away again.

"Why? Are you hurt?" He asked Payal concerned

"No Buddhu, he wants me to show I am hurt on my ring finger and I cannot accept the ring." Payal told him exasperated.

"Akaash, if you used have the shrewdness you use at Business and studies, for your personal life, People will be much at peace'If you were any slower, they would have to find a new word in English dictionary to describe it." NK teased him as Anjali giggled.

"Shut up NK, if only you were in the same position as me, you would know" Akaash mumbled as he took Payal's hand and wound the bandage on her ring finger.

"For all you know he might be at the same position' Who knows his Girlfriend at Australia hasn't found someone else already?" Anjali asked suddenly

"She won't"

"How do you know?"

"I know she won't'" NK bit his tongue as the three stared at him, He saw Anjali looking at him with a triumphant smile. He didn't like it a bit

"Out with it NK bhai" Anjali asked him "Who is she? Is she there in your FB list?"

"I..I am getting a call" he said as he quickly escaped into his room.

"So he has a GF?" Akaash asked the girls

"Yeah, maybe a pregnant GF- who knows" Anjali said to a startled Akaash and wide eyed Payal as she smirked looking at the direction where NK disappeared few seconds a go.


The next morning, Arnav parked his car in the parking lot of that renowned hospital and made his way towards the hospital lounge when he was encountered by a bouncing Happy Singh.

"Hello, Arnavji- How are you?"

Arnav muttered a hello.

"It's good that you finally came, Can you be with Shashiji for some time? I need step out for a few minutes- I have told the nurse by the way'But it would be better if he had someone whom he knows when he wakes up" Happy told him, not giving him a chance to talk

"Wakes up?" Arnav asked him

"Yeah, Shashiji is sleeping now.. and he is alone, Kushiji went out'I will be back within half an hour" Happy informed by the way as he passed him and went walking out hurriedly.

Arnav stood there stunned trying to comprehend that he was asked to watch over Shashi for some time. He shook his head incredulously and turned back to walk when Happy called him again

"I forgot to tell you, Shashi ji has been shifted to room 103 this morning" Happy called out and then he was gone.

Arnav gritted his teeth, for his waste of time. Chiding himself for not calling Kushi beforehand to check out Shashi's routine, he walked grumpily towards the room.

As he entered the room, a middle aged, short and stout nurse who had been reading a book looked up and peered at him curiously.


"erm, I am here to meet Mr.Shashi Gupta" Arnav told in his british accent, wondering to himself why he was using this accent here.

"He is under sedatives now, he is sleeping" the nurse told him, still looking at him up and down, taking his expensive clothes and foreign accent.

"Alright, I shall wait" Arnav told grudgingly as he came and sat on one of the chairs beside the bed.

"Are you a relative?" The inquisitive nurse asked him

"No, Just an acquaintance"

"Oh' visitor? You should leave in another half an hour then"

"Half an hour?"

"The visiting hours is from 9 to 10 in the morning and 6 to 7 in the evening"

"I shall stay here until Kushi or her friend comes back" Arnav muttered as he pulled out his phone and started to browse it- when it started ringing

"Phone in silent mode" The nurse hissed at him as he got up feeling irksome.

"Arnav Raizada" he called into his mobile as he stepped out.


Kushi entered RP building and went to the receptionist

"Hello, I want to meet Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada"

"Do you have an appointment mam?" the girl asked as she looked up, her eyes widened

"You?" She shrieked

"Yeah" Kushi told calmly "Don't worry, I won't barge in like the other day, I need to talk to him in person"

"It is not possible" The girl told in a direct tone "Sir is not here today- He hasn't come yet"

"Will he be coming?"

"He will be coming later, he has a client visiting him later in the day"

"Ok then,I shall wait"

"There is another person waiting to meet him today" The receptionist told her, pointing to a man by the corner of the couch. "Sir's schedule is packed today; He has two other appointments before he can meet his clients"

"Its ok, I am sure, he will be ready to squeeze in another appointment for me" Kushi smiled at the girl who looked at her bewildered and went and sat on the couch.

She had only one motive in mind, which was to convince Arnav to visit her father. The mystery was eating her and she was not sure if Arnav was not willing to meet her father, as when she had asked him to come through phone, he had only sent his Lawyer. She smiled at the receptionist who was giving her odd looks. Kushi didn't have any idea what was running in the girl's mind nor did she hear the girl gossiping to her other colleague contemplating on the lines of whether their 'sir' whom they thought was the most handsome and eligible bachelor was already booked.


When Arnav stepped into the room after the call, the nurse gave him a friendly smile.

"Your name is Arnav Raizada?"

"Yes, How do you know?"

"Oh I heard you saying your name just few minutes back"

Arnav nodded. He realized it was a waste of time to stay there waiting for Shashi to wake up, probably he can visit later.

"Are you his 'would be' damad?" The nurse's question threw him off guard

"What? NO"

"Oh'ok" she said in a disappointed tone, She had been sure of her instincts and inquisitive nature, and through years of experience in nursing patients, it had been her favorite pastime to guess how the visitors were related to the patient.

She went back to the book that she was reading.

"I will come back later; can you inform Kushi to call me if she comes back? This is my visiting card" Arnav told as he left the card on the bed side table.

Just then, Shashi muttered something in his sleep, which drew his attention.

As he looked at the nurse, she looked uninterested.

"Oh don't worry about that" she told him "He either keeps calling your name, or his daughter's name or mutters about her future, her wedding'"

"oh" Arnav told, not sure what else to say more. Should he ask this lady about any other property documents that Shashi might have muttered in sleep? He decided not to ask and turned back to walk out

"You know what? that's why I thought may be you are his daughter's fianc" The nurse told him

"I told you I am not, I am just an acquaintance"

"Hmm' I heard it" She replied back, not looking up from the book.

As Arnav walked back to his car, he started to wonder why Shashi would be muttering his name and Kushi's wedding together' Was he reading too much into nothing? Or was it something on the lines of what Roy had warned him about the last night?


By the time Arnav stepped into his office, Kushi observed that some three people who had already had an appointment with him were already waiting in the lounge for him. The receptionist had already informed his PA that the clients were on the way and would be there anytime.

Kushi thought if she doesn't jump in, it might take a long time to meet him. She saw him coming in when the security slided open the door for him. Making up her mind she stood up.

"Arnav Jee"

Arnav who had nodded customarily to his office staff as he moved to open the door to the inner offices, paused with his hands on the door handle, and abruptly turned back to see Kushi walking towards him, with a friendly smile as she played with the strap of her crossed shoulder bag.

The entire reception floor went quiet, on her informal and very personal way of addressing him, as the reception girls, looked on, getting inquisitive, and the other visitors looked on too.

Arnav took in the surroundings quickly and then looked back at her.

"Can I have a few minutes of your time?" She asked him, "I checked with your receptionist and she says that you are busy today"

"That's alright, come in" he muttered to her as he gritted his teeth

"So is this the time you normally come to office?" Kushi asked him "You are not an early bird obviously; I had been waiting for almost an hour!"

As she chirped walking behind him trying to keep up with his fast pace, his office staff looked at the pair and then smiled at him or nodded at him, he also noticed that they still kept peering at them even after they crossed them.

"Arnav jee, can't you walk normally? I am getting out of breath" Kushi told him half running behind him

"Stop calling me that" He growled at her, as some staff passing them, smiled meaningfully

"Calling you what?" Kushi asked him confused as they reached his cabin.

The swung the door open and held it for her. She stepped in muttering thanks

"Whats wrong with your name?" Kushi asked him as soon as he closed the door behind them.

"Nothing is wrong with my name' It's the way you address it- It's so informal"

Kushi raised her eyebrows at this.

"Don't expect me to address you sir' or boss ' I am not your recruit" She told him

"I didn't ask you to" Arnav retorted back impatiently.

Kushi felt irritated, for a change she wanted to be nice and friendly with him as a gesture of gratitude for his timely help- and his behavior was only annoying her

"Or do you suppose I should call you Arnie like the rest of the girls? You suppose that sounds nice?" She told him in a flow.

He looked at her incredulously as she bit her tongue, regretting the fact that she had just let him know that she had observed what the other girl called him the other day.

Yeah, I can hear all that mutterings and curses flying my way for stopping here. The next update is not far away, practice patience :)

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Abavi on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:28 am

rrekha wrote:i need to read it
Do read it and leave a feedback for me :)

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rrekha on Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:51 pm

I can visualize Arnav's flaring nose when Khushi calls him Arnavjeeeeeeeeee :)

Abavi may i know ur native? Pls ignore this if ur offended.

im desperately waiting for the next update. pls make it soon.


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Abavi on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:22 pm

rrekha wrote:I can visualize Arnav's flaring nose when Khushi calls him Arnavjeeeeeeeeee :)

Abavi may i know ur native? Pls ignore this if ur offended.

im desperately waiting for the next update. pls make it soon.
I am trying desperately to find some time to sit and update Rekha... :P

I belong down south dear, I come from a place where they speak tamil and settled in - (once upon a time) garden city of India:)

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