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Chapter 9- Part 3

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-22, 14:15

Chapter 9- Twists of time
Part 3 - Griha Pravesh
(I know, Desi style title... But I suppose this is the best suited one)

Arnav, Kushi and Nani stopped briefly at the police station to enable Kushi formally give them a complaint and then started off to RM. The Journey to Raizada Mansion was a very quiet one. The glum hung overhead throughout and as the car entered into the gates of the mansion, Kushi relented to fresh tears as her previous experience there with her father came back to her, making her miss him so much.

As they stepped out, Nani invited her in with a kind demeanor. Kushi hadn't noticed much about the mansion's appearance when she came here for the first time. The situation was completely different' but then she wouldn't have able to notice much if the situation was any better- for it was late in the night and it was raining hard.

This time even though she felt gloomy all over, but still the evening light showcased the mansion in its utmost beauty, the antiquated and vintage outlook emanating a cozy and warm feeling inside her. She smiled at a little to herself.

"Our house is almost a century old." Arnav smiled at her as if he understood what she was thinking. She looked back at him. She didn't realize that he had been looking at her when she surveyed the house.

She nodded a little at him and then looked back at the mansion

"It's very big" she told more to herself more awed at the magnificence.

"You can take a tour later' you will be here for some time na?" Nani told her.

Kushi caught Arnav looking at her again.

"Why is he looking at me to see what my reactions are when I see HIS house for the first time' What difference would MY opinion about it make for him?" she thought.

"Did you realize that this house is actually more in your name than mine now?" he asked the next moment, as if he read her mind for the second time in those ten minutes.

Kushi was taken aback for a moment. Then she realized it. The property had been in her father's name. But didn't he give Arnav the property papers back? What does this mean?

She looked at him confused. Then it struck her. Arnav had told her that her father had done so much for them' Was there something in that locker box which made Arnav realize this? Did he get his property back? Was there some other reason for Arnav other than to protect her to make her stay at his house?

Does he want to have a hold on her for the legalities that were involved in the property transfer and settlement?

Kushi was getting confused with all these thoughts that she didn't realize when she reached the threshold of the house which was open to her by the magnificently carved teak wood doors which were twice her height on the either side of her.

"Come in Bitiya.. think of this as your house" Nani smiled at her as she stood in.

Kushi smiled back. As Kushi stood there, she saw an old man come who had opened the doors for them watch her curiously. He gave her a toothy grin when he noticed that she caught him watching her.

"Come in Madam' put your right leg in and come'" The man said as he held his hand and took her bag in his hands

Kushi took out her right leg and when she was about to step in she felt a nudge at her elbow as she was being shoved in.

"There are no passwords to get into my house. The Entry is easy actually" Arnav chuckled at her as she grew irksome and shoved her elbow away from him.

"This is Ramu Kakka, our chief house keeper" Arnav introduced the man to Kushi

"Ramu Kakka, This is Kushi, she will be staying at our house for some time. Leave her bag at one of the guest rooms at the first floor" Arnav told Ramu Kakka and moved in to the lobby area where the family was seated.

"Come" he told her as she glared at him again. Kushi took a look at the family which was currently throwing curious glances at her. She grew uncomfortable as she saw some 5 pairs of eyes scrutinizing her.

"This girl?" Dadi asked as soon as she placed kushi' "Isn't she Shashi's daughter?"

"So is the wedding scandal true after all? Why did you bring Miss Skinny Ankles here?" Mami passed a comment

"Mami, Her Name is Kushi" Arnav corrected her quickly "And Dadi, Kushi will be staying with us for some time'"

This made everyone gasp in surprise. Dadi raised her eyebrows. Nani answered Dadi's unvoiced question.

"Due to an unfortunate situation, I had to bring her home Subadra. Her father passed away and the only household which is close to being her family are away right now. After all that her father did for us, I felt inclined to show that gratitude to him this way

"How long will she be staying here?" Dadi asked Nani

"Actually there is no time frame as such Dadi'" Arnav cut in quickly seeing that the question hurt the already reluctant Kushi "You can stay here as long as you wish" he told her quickly

"Thanks, but I shall move out as soon as Madhumati ji is back" She told them in general "I shall pay a small amount if needed for staying here"

This last comment of hers threw everyone by surprise. Arnav gaped at her while Dadi smiled sarcastically

"We are not running any PG here" Dadi told sarcastically

"and we are not so very poor and broken down to get rent from guests" Mami added to Dadi's point.

"You don't have to pay us for staying here Kushi" Arnav told her, ignoring the snide remarks.

"I won't stay here for free" she told him

"You don't have to stay here for free'I mean there are no obligations attached' and again'You are forgetting... The house is still in your father's name" Arnav meant to make her comfortable with the thought of making her stay there, but ended up doing worser. He only realized the mistake a moment later.

"Did you bring me for that only is it? I mean the property? I wouldn't want to own this house anytime' Not that way' If there are some legalities pending, I would readily do whatever you require to take it into your ownership'" Kushi started to talk breathlessly.

"No, I didn't mean it that way'" Arnav told her hastily' He didn't know what else to tell her to make her feel comfortable. Why was he feeling so lost at words with this girl? Is it because she is so good at giving back a cheeky reply? He looked at his Nani for help.

"Bitiya' Leave all those thoughts' as long as you stay here you will be one of family members ok?" Nani told her generously "and I am not going to let you stay here for free' you might have to share your affection with us- as a family member"

This atlast brought out Kushi's smile.

Arnav heaved a relieved sigh and quickly made introductions to his siblings who were quieter for the larger part of the conversation.

All the three nodded or waved at her, but Kushi felt that all their glances and smiles looked apprehensive.

"Anjali, would you take her to her guest room at the first floor" Arnav asked his sister

"Me ?" Anjali jumped up from where she was sitting on the arm of the sofa.


"come along" She told to kushi as Kushi reluctantly started up the stairs behind Anjali

As soon as Kushi moved from there Dadi stopped Arnav

"So, tell me whats the story"

"Nothing else dadi' As Nani said, her father passed away and she can't live there alone. She doesn't have any relative and'"

"and what is the need for us to take responsibility for her when others don't care?"

"Because her father cared for mine'and I feel I am in a way responsible for her current situation'Her father could have been saved if I had been a little more understanding' and she hadn't even once held me guilty for that- I felt inclined to help her" Arnav told impatiently

"Is it only that' or is there anything else which is of interest?"

"Like what?"

"Like the wedding scandal?" Mami offered

"I told you all that it is rumor' we are not married' the girl wouldn't ask to pay for staying her if she was married to me' would she now? We literally tried hard to convince her to move in here'" Arnav told them all

"He is right' Don't read too much into this Subadra, It was my suggestion to bring her here" Nani offered much to Arnav's relief

"Anyway, see to that the legal documents are corrected and settled while she stays here' make use of her presence here now that she is here' We can't go searching for her once she moves out" Dadi said and moved out closing the chapter.

Mami who had been planning to linger around and fish Arnav for more information, moved out of the lobby too owing to Nani's call.

Akaash and Nk who were still there, raised their eyebrows at their big brother.

"So Arnav?" Akaash prodded him

"So what Akaash?"

"is there anything else you want to share with us bro?" NK offered

"Like what?" Arnav asked him confused.

But before they could tell him what they meant, Arnav got a call. It was from Sheetal.

"Excuse me guys" Arnav told them hastily and moved away from there answering the call. Akaash and Nk stared at their brother as he spoke into his mobile to his girlfriend.

"Hey Sheetal''Sorry couldn't take your call earlier'.I was a bit held up here'.. So have you reached? Hmm' about what? The papers? Which news? Oh that'(laughs) that's a big story'tell you what''''"

"Whats cooking bro?" Nk asked Akaash

"It seems nothing is cooking yet" Akaash told his brother "He still cooes with Sheetal which indicates there is nothing else to read into the story than what was offered to us"


"So hi again" Anjali told as soon as she and Kushi started climbing up the stairs.

"Hi" Kushi replied back

"So your father has kicked the bucket' you should be relieved now isn't it? I mean who would like a parent who is very barbaric towards them' the way he hit you' if It had been me, I would have ran away from him the moment he did it the first time' and on top of it' how can anyone force you to marry a total stranger just because he has money? You know it is as if you can marry an ATM machine and it won't make any difference to him" Anjali went on blabbering not realizing that she was unintentionally wounding Kushi. She paused at the top end of the stairs and looked back to find that Kushi had stopped midway

"What happened?" Anjali asked her

"My father is not like that'." Kushi whispered back. "I miss him so much"

Anjali realized her folly

"Oh I am sorry" Anjali bit her lip not knowing what else to say "I didn't know' I dint realize'hmm ok' your father was the best ok? Atleast better than mine'seriously'."

But that did not cheer Kushi up. Anjali bit her lip lost at words and rest of the journey to the guest room at the first floor went in silence. They saw Ramu Kakka and Hari Prakash coming out of one of the rooms there.

"Anjali bitiya, I have cleaned this room" Ramu kakka announced and then looked at Kushi "you can stay here bitiya' if you need anything, call 9 in the extension, that's the Kitchen service area extension, and I or my sons will be there"

"Why calling Kakka ji' I can sprint down if I need anything" Kushi told him a little cheerfully. Anjali looked at Kushi baffled' Wasn't she the girl who was upset just a few minutes before? How can she sound so cheerful so quickly'

Anjali left Kushi at her room asking her to feel free around the house

Kushi looked at the room, it was bigger than the whole of her house put together'Didn't they say it was a guest room? If the guest room was this big'She looked out of the window' the window was facing the main road, directly opposite the huge gates through which once her father dragged her in, there was the neat lane which was bordered by the neatly made hedges and orderly cut bushes, then she identified a small disorder in the hedge and the bush where she remembered her father had pushed the security guard. She felt a compulsion to laugh suddenly and then felt so sad' so gloomy and lonely that tears began streaking down her cheeks' she stood there, unmindful of those tears' she felt so lonely in the world' She went to the jewel box that she had brought with her. It had three compartments'

She opened the first one and took out a locket which had her parents pictures in each of the side. She kept it in and opened the second compartment and took out a worn out name badge. The name read "Aman Mehta"

"If only you were here Aman" she thought sadly.

Then she heard a knock at her door and hastily put in the badge and closed the lid as the door opened and Arnav peeped in

"Erm.. Just thought of checking if you are fine here" Arnav told her awkwardly as he took in her hastiness in hiding the contents on the jewel box and her tear stricken face.

"What happened? Are you alright?" he said, stepping in

"Yeah ' I ' I am fine.. just remembered my father" she said quickly putting the jewel box into the draw at the table, immensely aware that Arnav's eyes was following the box curiously.

"Anjali left?" he asked abruptly

"yeah, why?"

"No, I thought you both would like eachother's company' both are of same age you see' never mind' feel free to move around and get acquainted' Make yourself comfortable'" he told her

She nodded at him

"I am going out for a small chore' if you need to.."

Kushi cut in

"Why.. you don't need my permission to go out' "

"No I just thought" Arnav started to say but stopped as saw her smiling at him and realized the cheekiness in her reply

"I will be alright' you carry on" she told finally as she took her bag and unzipped it and examined the wardrobe there to arrange her things in there.

Arnav smiled to himself and stepped out.


"What did you say?" Payal screamed into the phone

"Her name is Kushi'" Anjali told her

"Seriously? He brought her home?"

"Nani says she brought her home"


"But I don't think it is the entire truth' Akaash and NK agree with me this time"

"So you think the marriage happened?"

"No' Arnav won't lie'"

"Then what do you mean"

"Whatever they told us.. that is not all' I mean' You should have seen him jumping in to protect her everytime Mami or Dadi passed comments'"


"No idea' but it is better than the empty silkiness he displays with sheetal"

"hmm'Does he still speak with Sheetal?"

"Yeah' her highness called him today too' "

"How is the new girl?"

"I don't know' I can't guess yet"

"You haven't spoken to her? That's odd' Knowing you, I would have believed that you would have fished out the info from her by now"

"She looks tight' First I thought she was moody' and then she looked cheerful' I am clueless' I flopped at the first attempt to being friendly with her' I commented something about mean fathers and she told me off'"

"Oh' serious types?"

"I don't think so' She looked cheerful the next minute' spoke nicely to Ramu Kakka and all that'"

Payal laughed

"It's so funny that you judge people on how they behave with Ramu Kakka' You Lurrrve him so much"

"Just shut the f*** up' " Anjali laughed too

"Oh S***, I will call you back Anji' Dad is here" Payal told her friend and abruptly cut the call.


It was late in the night when Arnav was climbing up to his room, he saw Kushi standing in the first floor terrace Balcony watching the traffic


She turned to look at him and then muttered a hi

"Why are you standing here?"

"Having some 'me' time" she told him

"Are you Ok?"

"Why shouldn't I be Ok?"

"Look, I think I owe you a sorry'"


"I am in a way responsible for what you are undergoing right now' And I didn't even let you mourn for your father' and these gossips.. and all that'"

"Who said that I can't mourn for my father here? You don't have to feel so bad for what ever happened' nothing is in our hands' its called destiny'"

Arnav smiled'

"You believe in destiny?"

"I do' why? Don't you believe in it?"

"No" Arnav said stiffly "I believe in making my own destiny"

"To an extent you do' you can only control the choices you make' the impact is not in your hands" She pointed out. The argument would have proceeded further if not for Anjali's intervention.

"Arnav" she called out to him' "You are back'" She said as she stepped into the terrace balcony'

"Hey Kiddo, what happened?" Arnav called out in response taking in the emergency in her voice.

"Akaash is broken down' He says Payal called him minutes before' He says that she said that she can't marry him and he should forget what ever happened between them"

"What?" Arnav asked incredulously'

"Yeah, I can't believe it too' I am trying to reach her for the past 15 minutes but her mobile is switched off'come quickly"

"This is ridiculous'" Arnav said as he rushed upstairs to his brother. A worried Anjali and ever helpful Kushi followed him.

It seems that Kushi is slowly settling into Raizada mansion. But oopsy what happened to Payal now? How will Akaash cope up with this break up?

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Chapter 9- part 4

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-22, 14:16

Chapter 9: Twists of time
Part 4: All is well again

As Kushi followed Arnav who had been taking two steps at a time, and Anjali who tried hard to keep up with the steps of her brother, she suddenly felt out of place. Would they feel that she was being snoopy? How much does she know about Akaash? He got introduced to her only today. And she didn't even know the other girl. Should she interfere?

She stopped on her tracks.


She turned back to see Nani standing there


"What happened?"


"Do you feel lonely here? Not getting sleep? "

"NO.. its not that… I am… I am fine"

"You can come to my room if you want to speak to some one" Nani offered

"Thanks Naniji, I will keep that in mind"

"You will get used to the house- give it sometime…" Kushi nodded as she saw the elderly lady going to her room.

She still contemplated if she should go up or not…But this was not her college or her friends circle… how far can she go with this? May be she should go and check out how she can help them… Her inputs could be useful- it was not for nothing she was called as 'Love Guru' at her college. But what if they ask her to leave them alone? What if they needed their privacy? She turned back to go to her room. May be she could take something to eat for Akaash. She remembered that he had started his dinner when he got a call and then he never came back… May be that was the call… She decided to prepare some tea for him… Tea always felt good when one needs consolation. She then took the stairs down to the kitchen.


When Arnav reached the second floor landing he saw Akaash looking devastated and NK sitting next to him in the couch by the fish tanks trying to console him.

"What happened?"

"Bhai" Akaash got up "Payal… I don't know what got into her. She called me… She… She"

"Relax Akaash" Arnav said as he saw that Akaash was stuck with his emotions and was not able to talk coherently "Anjali told me everything"

By that time Anjali reached there too.

"Did you try to reach her again?" Arnav asked NK and Anjali

"We have been trying all the time- from when he told us- Switched off" Anjali offered

"How did she sound"

"She was pretty serious" Akaash told him "She has never ever spoken like that to me"

"Looks like Sharad is starting to drop his bomb shells around her. If it had shaken Payal's will, then it has to be a pretty strong one- I am wondering what it could be"

"Did she say why?" NK asked Akaash

"Nothing- she plainly spoke – said that everything was over between us " Akaash told him and then got up

"And she called only once?"

"I don't know- I …My mobile slipped off my hand-hit on the floor- I don't know if it is working anymore" Akaash told his brother

"The display is gone, I put it back together- I don't know if it will work again- needs to be serviced" NK told Arnav pointing to the broken IPhone lying on the side table.

"I am going to meet her- This is killing me- I need to know the reason"

"Now?" Anjali asked Akaash

"Akaash, did you realize that there could a possibility that she might have done this to keep her parents off the tracks?"

"NO Bhai- I am telling you- She sounded pretty serious"

Right then, Arnav got a call. It was from an unknown number. He cut the call but still the caller kept calling him persistently

He picked it up out of irritation

"Hello who is this?" He barked into the phone

"Finally.. you picked up" Payal's whisper came through the mobile from the other end

"PAYAL" Arnav nearly shouted

The others became stiff suddenly, everyone trying to speak at the same time.

Akaash wanted to speak to her so badly that he would have flicked the phone of his brother's hand, But Arnav raised his hand asking them all to remain quiet as Payal was only whispering and it was very difficult for him to hear what she says.

"What Happened?"

"Is Akaash very upset?"

Arnav looked at Akaash who was looking very anxious and then took in the lighter note in Payal's tone

" terribly!" Arnav told her

"Does he look like a Beardless Devadas now?"

Arnav smiled.


"Any other casualties?"

"His IPhone is dead… He has been bugging us for sometime… Tell me did you joke around with him?" Arnav asked "that burger is not capable of picking up Jokes from seriousness"

"No, I Didn't" Payal whispered back "I mean, I was lying but I had to be serious- I need to talk to you Arnav- will you be able to come and meet me now?"

"Hey Payal" Arnav told his tone becoming serious too, While the others who had been observing his facial expressions and listening to his replies, were pitifully left to alternate between smiling and looking grim.

"Ok, tell me where you are now?"

"At my house"

"Whose mobile is this? What happened to your mobile?"

"Mine got snatched by my mother…"

"So you would have this number temporarily?"

"No No… this is my chef's… Can you imagine? Love is making me steal…"

Arnav smiled

"Good for you" Arnav told her "So should I come to your House now?"

"NO..Dont… I mean bring your car and wait near the corner bend, You will take some 20 minutes to reach right? "

"Yeah.. How long should I wait?"

"I will be there in 5 minutes?"

"If you are not able to make it?"

"Wait for another 5 minutes, I mean- wait until I come- I will come somehow…"

"Alright! But I don't understand secrecy and Payal together"

"There have been certain developments Arnav – I will tell you when we meet" Payal told urgently "and you will be bringing Akaash won't you?"

"You bet!" Arnav told "he might die if I don't"

"Hmm… Tell him that I am sorry.. and I love him so much and I wouldn't dream of breaking up with---

"Wait- I am not sure if I want to hear all that- talk to him" Arnav told her chuckling and gave his mobile to Akaash, the moble then went for quick rounds amongst others who wanted to make sure of their friend's stand on this.

As Arnav and Akaash finally got ready to go down on their way to Payal's place, they saw Kushi coming up with some soup.

"Hi, Hmm…" Kushi faltered looking at the cheerful faces around. All the four looked at her curiously.

"Whats that?" Anjali asked Kushi

"Hmm…I made some soup for Akaash- I thought he was … I mean…" Kushi kicked herself for thinking that the man might need some consolation

"Hungry?" NK offered sympathetically

Kushi felt so out of place as all the four stared at her.

"I am not hungry- I need to go somewhere urgently… I mean thanks but … Some other time?" Akaash told her finally crossed her.

Arnav kept staring at her until her crossed her and followed Akaash. He would have told something nice to make her feel alright, he knew she was feeling quiet discomfited trying to help and not knowing what to do…

"Actually I am hungry, I think I will have that soup" NK offered suddenly taking the soup from her.

Kushi smiled at him. Arnav smiled too, trust NK to rescue such situations… then he hurried downstairs.

Kushi turned to look at the receding figure of Arnav. "Idiot, she thought, can't he even tell something to make her feel ok?"

"When do you normally sleep?" NK's question jolted her

NK looked at her as he blew on his soup

"When I get sleepy- That's different everynight" she said

"WOW!" NK exclaimed "This is tasty… Not definitely Hariprakash's- you made it?"

Kushi nodded

"Simply Wow!" he said again, as Anjali came near him as she got tempted to taste it…

"If you don't feel sleepy today, maybe we should sit and talk for some time" NK told Kushi gesturing her towards the couch

Anjali raised her eyebrows at this and then shook her head at him…

"Australian ladies get pregnant so soon.. Do you know that?" Anjali asked kushi confusing her further

"What?" Kushi asked as NK started to cough violently, as he accidentally tried to swallow a spoon full of very hot soup

"The statistics says so" Anjali explained to a confused Kushi , confusing her further. NK glared at Anjali who seemed to smirk evilly at him.

Kushi nodded not understanding why this cropped up so suddenly

"By the way the soup tastes so good indeed- So sad of Akaash to have missed this" Anjali told her again…

Normalcy seemed to peep into the conversation between the three


The duo waited nearly for half an hour before they saw Payal walking towards their car. She promptly got into the back side of the car which Akaash held open as soon as he saw her coming out and Arnav started to drive the car soon after Akaash got into the back side after her.

"This should be a safe place to talk" Arnav told her as he parked the car the lay side of an overhead flyover.

All the three got out and leaned on the cold railing watching the traffic lights below and the night lights spanned across the city.

"What happened?" Arnav asked her atlast

"Are you dealing with someone called Mithun for your fashion business?"

"Mithun Basu?" Arnav asked surprised "From DreaMine Enterprises?"

"yes that's the one"

"How do you know him?"

"He is Vinod's cousin from his maternal side"

"Oh…so what?"

"That's the hold that my father has got on us… "Payal told him

"I don't get this" Arnav confessed as he looked at an equally confused Akaash

"You told me that Dad should have some hold- some bomb shell for he is moving things so fast right?" Payal asked him "this is the one… Today he caught me chatting with Anjali… I had called landline and He thought I was chatting with Akaash- I didn't mind anyway.. But he was kind of furious. We had a huge fight… He knew almost everytime I met Akaash or came to your house, they have been acting as if they didn't know"


"Then he told me that they know that they know that you have been in talks with Mithun for some financial support and they can easily make you crumble if Mithun denies this deal and you would be in a far more worser position…They wanted me to call Akaash in front on them and say everything was over between us"

"And you complied?" Arnav asked her incredulously

"What else can I do?" Payal asked him "I would have told him to go and hang himself if it had been an emotional blackmail. This was far more than that Arnav- with all that financial crisis that you are handling right now… I don't want to burden you further… "

Arnav who had been listening to her attentively broke into a grin

"Why the hell are you grinning like a fool?" Payal asked him

Then he started laughing that Payal stood staring at him with her hands on her hips and Akaash glared at him.

"That's enough Arnav, she has been trying to take so much stress for us and you laugh at her"

"I am sorry" Arnav told her as he controlled himself..

"Payal, Look we can afford to say no to Mithun- I am not very keen on that deal anymore… I have got some fund from my father's savings… there is some catch on that… But I intend to bring it out smooth- which means- you can actually ask your father to go and hang himself"

Payal smiled at him

"You are not saying this for our sake"

"Why …no" Arnav told her "I am serious"

"wicked man" Payal mouthed "that was seriously wicked"

"Hey, you don't know how much I appreciate that you care so much for us…" Arnav told her "Akaash is really fortunate and thanks for putting my family's welfare before you and Akaash… but you actually don't have to stress out so much Payal…we will plan something so soon to take you out of that hell" Arnav promised her

"thanks… but what do you have in mind?" Payal asked him

"Register Marriage"

Payal jumped from the railing where she rested her back and hugged Arnav who moved a little back on the impact as he had not expected her impulsiveness.

"I love you man"

"What the hell" Akaash cursed standing there alone as he saw his girlfriend hugging his brother

"She means like a brother" Arnav explained him as he patted her head affectionately

"yes ofcourse" Payal said as she got out of the hug "when are we going to the registerar's office then?"

"I will let you know- that's the bomb shell that we will drop on your father- so play along" He winked at her

"Okies" she rubbed her hand gleefully

Akaash stood looking at Payal lovingly as Payal smiled at Arnav

"Alright guys, I will be in the car- make it quick ok?"

"What?" Akaash asked his brother who raised his eyebrows

"Dumbo" Payal muttered

"Why? I was sure that you both would need some time alone" Arnav commented

"to share some good night kisses too" Payal completed… making already reddened ears of Akaash more redder by the street light.

"I will not wait for more than 15 minutes Akaash" Arnav told an embarassed looking Akaash as the Payal broke into merriment again.

Oho... finally I tried and tried and tried but couldnt come up with a cliff hanger ending... All of you must be very happy now...

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rrekha on 2013-05-23, 09:44

Hi Abavi,

Thanx a lot for the update. Its pretty long time to see ur update in Dhwani. Anyway I read the updates in IF.

Hope u will give next one soon.



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Chapter 10.1

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-27, 12:39

Chapter 10: The Savior of Love
Part 1: Unforeseen Crisis

"Arnav babu, Akaash babu' Please come fast.. dadiji'" Om Prakash's voice broke through the peaceful cheer that existed between the threesome.

NK looked startled at the plea and then stood up to look down through the stockade.

"Om Prakash? Is everything alright"

"No NK babu, Dadiji collapsed.. please come down fast" Ramu kakka shouted from below as NK sprinted down along with Anjali and Kushi.

By the time they reached the lower landing where they saw Nani on the floor crouched against Dadi who was lying eyes closed.

"Subadra!" Nani seemed to call dadi's name again and again, as she sprinkled some water on dadi's face but in vain.

"Arnav" she called out looking back'

"Dadi, bhai and Akaash have gone out'" NK said as he too bent beside her

"I don't know what happened'Subadra?"

Kushi who caught up soon along with Anjali, took one look at the scene and then gasped

"Has the doctor been called?" Kushi exclaimed as she tried to take over

"Yes Kushiji.. but Mamaji is away' he will not be able to reach here'we have called one of his friends" Hari Prakash explained

"Anjali call the ambulance. Her symptoms look like stroke" Kushi told Anjali as she laid her hands on Nani not to panic her.

NK tried to carry his Dadi, intending to move her to a comfort of the bed.

"Why isn't she getting up?" he asked as he bent her scoop her up

"NO" Kushi screamed at him "This is stroke, Don't move her like that'"

She bent down trying to do a CPR on Dadi, trying to bring
her back to conscious'
Soon Dadi started to come, but looked dizzy.

"Kushi kept asking dadi to repeat whatever she told and kept asking her simple questions' trying to see how much she was able to answer'

Kushi found the left side of Dadi's body was less responsive that the right and she was having breathing troubles.

"NK can we move her to that Diwan now?" Kushi asked him

"You told me she should not be moved" NK asked her in a confused tone

She ran to the nearby window and pulled its curtain down and shifted dadi into it. She instructed NK and Hariprakash to hold the ends, as the curtain cloth formed a temporary stretcher of a sort. It was as if she had taken incharge of the whole situation, Everyone went by whatever instruction was thrown to them.

Soon Dadi was shifted to the diwan where she could get an ample free air from the overhead fan.

Nani's offer to make Dadi drink some water was stopped by Kushi.

"NO naniji, Don't give her anything to eat or drink"

"Is this very serious? She has never collapsed like this before" Nani asked Kushi

"Does she have blood pressure? " Kushi asked as she kept checking Dadi's pulse and looking for other symptoms, bending her legs or hands' trying to talk to her and assure her that help was on the way'

Anjali was asked to call Arnav and Akash and ask them to reach faster but before Arnav and Akaash could reach the mansion, the ambulance had arrived. Dadi was shifted immediately to the ambulance as the paramedic who came in it was informed that the lady was suffering from stroke.

NK and Anjali went along with Dadi and Kushi volunteered to stay with Nani who looked very worried.

"Don't Worry Naniji, everything will be alright" Kushi told her as she clutched her hands gently


"Nani' What happened to Dadi?" Arnav asked even as he came in to see Nani up and worriedly sitting by the couch in the hall

"I don't know Arnav' they have taken her to the hospital' NK and Anjali are there with her' an ambulance arrived' She had come down to fetch some water and she collapsed'Oh my god, Manohar is not there too'"

"Which hospital?"

"Lifeline" Kushi answered him

"Ok, Akash lets go" Arnav said curtly and started moving to the door, he suddenly stopped and then turned back to look at his Nani

"You don't stress yourself now' Go and rest, we will take care"

Nani nodded at him worriedly

"I will take care of her, you proceed to the hospital." Kushi told him to which he curtsied with a nod of thanks and left with Akaash.


Cool breeze seemed to brush the tired faces as Arnav and Akaash stood side by side facing the window which opened to the still calm morning outside. To their side, NK sat along with Anjali who was putting her head on his shoulder. The three could hear her sniff occasionally.

"NK, take her home and get some sleep" Arnav told him for the umpteenth time

"We are alright here Arnav, I am not going until I hear something good about dadi" Anjali snapped at her elder brother.

"May be all of you need a shut eye" everyone turned to see Kushi standing there

"Kushi" Anjali called out

"How is Dadiji?"

"We don't know' All we have seen is the nurses and doctors, getting in and out treating her all night" Nk told her' Mama reached here two hours ago"

"yeah I know, Mami came there after dropping him here, I left Mami with Nani and came here so as to relieve you all" Kushi explained

"Go with her Anjali" Arnav told his sister, "Akaash, you and NK can leave too, I shall call you if I get any news"

"No that's alright, we want to be here" NK cut in

"none of you are going to help Dadi by straining like this'." Kushi told them and then looked at Arnav "and I meant all the four of you when I meant relieving ALL of you" Kushi explained as a matter of fact

"Are you kidding?" Arnav asked her annoyedly "we don't even know yet how she is" as he put his hand to his head massaging it to ward off a headache that was coming in.

"Alright then" Kushi told him not wanting to push him further. She went to the nearby coffee vending machine and filled up some four cups with hot steaming coffee.

NK refused her but explained that he had one only minutes before, Anjali followed her brother to refuse the offer.

"Have some, it is not going to help her if you stay without taking anything' and staying awake the whole night makes you hungry and tired" NK encouraged his sister and then she murmured a thanks as she took one.

Akaash was silent and deep in thoughts but was grateful when kushi offered him the coffee.

As she offered Arnav, he brushed the offer away

"No, thanks"

"Have some it will help your headache" Kushi told him softly as he looked at her. He seemed to look surprised but soon aligned his expressions.

"I am alright"

"I see that" she said as she held the cup a little high for him

He sighed as he wearily accepted it.

"NK you sure don't want it?"

"No Kushi, I just had it"

The door to the doctor's cabin opened. They all turned to see Manohar come out of the doctor's cabin as he nodded at Arnav who started to walk towards him and the others followed him. The all night travel had taken a toll at the man and he looked very tired.

"Nothing to worry now Arnav, I have spoken to the doctor and I have taken a look at her too. She is almost stable now. Though she had been very critical at one point of time in the night- this is indeed a very strong attack of stroke. The Doctors are surprised that she survived this'. We need thank that paramedics guy who gave her the first aid- The doctor says the first aid was too good.. He said that it was lucky that people first recognized it was stroke, had it been the other way- Dadi wouldn't have made it."

"In that case then we need to thank Kushi" Nk told Mama

"thank who?"

"Kushi" NK repeated as he jerked his thumb to Kushi who was standing a little apart "She was the one who gave Dadi first aid" he explained to mama, who looked very surprised

"and carried a head which was helpfully very level headed and quick with a lot of presence of mind" Anjali told them, "I mean, I would have freaked out at a situation like that' I mean I did freak out' completely blanked out'NK was stupefied too' Nani was screaming out for Arnav but then Kushi took charge"

"The doctor says that was a remarkable first aid. Are you a medical student?" Manohar asked kushi who smiled at him

"No sir, I have got trained in all these things when I went to work for an NGO" Kushi explained "I am glad that helped"

He patted her gratefully

Just then a nurse came out and told Manohar that he was needed inside the doctor's cabin for a moment. Manohar quickly turned to his nephews and niece who looked alert and tensed

"I will be back- Don't get tensed, I had asked to look at her reports- he might be calling me for that" Manohar told them and disappeared behind the door of the doctor's cabin

"So you aren't a doc then?" NK asked Kushi as soon as their Mama left "I mean with all those instructions- I definitely saw some professionalism there"

"No" Kushi grinned at him "You would have made my father Happy if only he was alive"

"Why?" Nk asked her. Both Kushi and NK got into an easy banter that it surprised Arnav at how the two had gotten along so well so quickly- that is a few hours last night

"He wanted me to become a doctor' "

"and you weren't interested?"

"No, I was interested too"

"Then why didn't you take it? You didn't have marks?" Anjali asked her

Kushi smiled at her

"I am a rank holder- state first when I finished high school- CBSE Rank 4 nation wide"

The two gaped at her, this interested even Arnav and Akash who stood a little apart

"bloody Hell! Seriously?" NK asked her

Kushi nodded at him

"Holy cow, I have never been associated with a genius like you.. I mean, Arnav is a different kind of a genius' but brilliant at studies like this'" Anjali told her "I used to think it is a shame to hang out with such nerds who knew only studies and ranks' I mean, I don't think you are nerd' You seem ok'"

"Why didn't you take up med school then? You would have easily got admission into one" Akaash asked her

"I couldn't afford the fees" Kushi told as a matter of fact as she dumped her empty cup into the trash bin nearby

The others looked at her sympathetically

"What?" she asked them

"Hmm' Actually I wanted to become a doc too" NK told them all dramatically as Anjali looked surprised at him just like his other brothers who were more amused than surprised

"Really?" Kushi asked him

"Yeah, he had money, interest and everything- but lacked sufficient marks.." Anjali cracked and Kushi broke into laughter

NK glared at Anjali who seemed to mock at him

"by the way, what would you have chosen if you had taken up Med school NK? Gynec or paed?"

"So what did you finally take?" NK asked Kushi ignoring Anjali

"hmm Literature" she said proudly

"What?" NK bellowed "Literature? You wasted your state rank in literature?"

"Why Literature is that bad, I mean I love it and when I couldn't go ahead and do what my father loved, I thought, I could take up what I loved' literature is like an addiction, when you love it, there is nothing more intoxicating like that"

"you sound like Arnav- he is a literature freak too" Anjali told her as she threw a look at her brother who stood a little apart.

Kushi was surprised at this news. She looked at Arnav who was steadily gazing at her. Kushi felt goose bumps on her hand with a glance like that and looked away and smiled at Anjali.

"He has a whole lot of classics and literature stuff at our study. Books which I could use if I didn't get sleep, and want to sleep'so boring stuff' he would pour over them as if that's the most interesting thing in the whole of this world" Anjali went on and on as Kushi again chanced a look at Arnav. He was still looking at her. She smiled at him awkwardly but he didn't share her smile. . She felt hot under his glare and started to look anywhere but him as Anjali kept blabbering on

Thankfully Mama came out just then, diverting everyone.

"Nothing to worry folks, she is getting steadier and now that she has crossed the critical stage, I suggest you all to head home and get some sleep"

"No Mama, One of us have to be here'All of you go home, I will take the first shift'" Arnav started to say

"I will be here" Kushi offered

Arnav raised his eyebrows at her

"Why, you don't have to'" he is voice trailed off as the others looked on

"I shall be here as I had a great sleep last night and you are the ones who need to rest now" Kushi told them all in general

"Alright, that looks great, I suppose that settles it" Mama told as he looked at Arnav who finally nodded

"I am heading home too, I hired a car immediately after you called me and the journey was very tiresome" Mama declared.

"Can I have a look at Dadi?" Anjali asked her Mama

"They are not letting anyone in- I mean not anyone who isn't a doctor- You can see her when she is more stabilized." Mama explained to her.

"How many cars have you got here?"

"Only one mama, we came by ambulance, Arnav's car is here" NK told his Mama " or did you bring a car Kushi?"

"No I came by bus" came a calm reply

"OK then, you need to give me a drop guys'come on" Mama urged and started to walk ahead.

Akaash and NK followed him. Akaash muttered his thanks to Kushi as he crossed her. Kushi nodded to him with a smile as she relayed Dadi's status to Nani on her mobile.

Arnav stood staring at Kushi until she finished her call and looked up at him. She felt awkward under his gaze again but shrugged herself to throw the uneasiness back at him.

"You need to hurry up, They would be waiting for you" Kushi told him in the most convincing normal tone she could ever conjure up- letting him know that his looks were not bothering her.

"I..I know" he said as he looked back at the room where his Dadi was

"You must all love her so much' Inspite of all the jokes" Kushi observed

Arnav turned to look at her once again.

"What jokes ?"

"I mean, NK and Anjali were joking around as if she is someone who needs to looked out for or rather avoided if it can be helped ' but still all of you were seriously shaken when she took ill"

"She is a little stringent with her ways- But she has been there for us when our father was too busy for us and our mother left us all when we were still very young"

Kushi nodded at him empathetically.

"Nani is the lenient one' She is easily approachable but Dadi disciplined us ' they are the opposite poles of a magnet'but We love them both equally"

"I know that feeling" she told him but Arnav looked surprised at himself for he had opened up to her about these things like he had never opened up to anyone' Why did he feel so comfortable with her? Why did he share what he felt about Dadi to her?

No its just the way some girls talk' Like how Anjali had a way to wheedle out information from everyone ' He just needs to be careful the next time. He thought of changing the subject

"So came here by bus?"

Kushi nodded. "Why is it that bad? I mean you all looked surprised"

"and you like literature too?"

"yeah..." She nodded at him "So I hear you have a lot of collection at home?" She started to say annoyed at the change of topic so quickly

"and you gave Dadi first aid..."

Kushi nodded this time too, but didnt say anything, it looked like a statement and not question, and he had the tactic to change topic in the wink of an eye... and his tactic left her confused...She stared at him not knowing what he expected her to say or if at all expected her to say anything

"hmm...erm"Arnav stuttered as she looked on "well hmm.. well then'Thanks" he had been struggling to get the thanks out of his system and heaved a sigh as it finally came out'

"for the coffee? Well I didn't make it- I got it out of the vending machine" she told him as he blinked at her for a moment and then broke into a smile along with her

"Thank god you didn't' I didn't expect a stomach ache in swap for my headache" he replied her cheekily making her gap at him.

"See you then" he called out as he started walking towards the exit too.


People, this could again be considered a filler, But you would know the story has moved, or atleast a foundation is being laid, if you know where I am taking the story!

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rrekha on 2013-05-27, 14:49

Hi Abavi,

Thanx for fast update. I love reading ur works even if i have already read it.

Please write some OS in the mean time as a filler because I love Arshi life after marriage in ur stories.

Please do consider my small request.

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Chapter 10.2

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From the Author's desk: OH MY GOD!!! People I am here.. Thanks so much for all the concern, I am safe and sound and little bit lazy... I was down with IPK fever! seriously yaar! all I did for the last 5 days when I sat to write an update was hit youtube and watch Arnav and Khushi... Is it a viral ... I dont think it has any cure either...

Here is a lonnng update... double long than the ones that I usually post...
Happy reading! and yeah, if you are actually wondering what it has to do with the chapter's title, I havent got to that yet...
Chapter 10: Saviour of Love
Part 2: All in vain

Khushi waited at the hospital corridor for almost two hours, spending time watching the doctors going in for observations and leaving the place. The Nurses were going in and out at a leisurely phase. She wished she had dropped in at the public library to collect some book for herself. She felt tired too, as she didn't actually have a great sleep last night as she had claimed. Nani had been very worried and sleep had come very late for her. Kushi had to stay awake for Nani's sake and again the new place did'nt help her much. She must have dozed off without her knowledge; for she felt herself being woken up by a nurse and when she woke up with a jerk she saw the nurse and the senior doctor standing next to her.
"Are you with Subadra Raizada?" the doctor asked her

"Yes doctor' Is she alright?"

"Yeah, she is fine- we have decided to move her to a room' Can you please go with sister and finish of the formalities?"

"Yes doctor.. How long would she be required to be here?"

"A couple of days or more'She is recovering fine" The doctor said as he started to leave the place.

Khushi did not have much difficultly with the formalities as she was told that Arnav and Dr. Manohar Singh had already spoken to them and chosen the room in case Dadi was to be moved. She was only required to fill in the details form and get the visitor passes.

Dadi was soon moved to one of the executive class suites in the hospital. As soon as she settled down, the junior doctor who accompanied the team which shifted her, spoke to her briefly while the nurse gave the general instructions about the medicine to be followed to Khushi.

"She is still on drips' Let me know when it's time to change' I will come and do it" The nurse told her as she left with the doctor

Khushi nodded at the party and no sooner than she closed the door, she heard the weak yet sharp voice of Dadi

"Isnt there anyone else from my family?"

"They were here for the whole night Dadiji' They left only a few hours ago, I sent them to catch some sleep"

"I am not your Dadi' Don't call me that'" came a sharp reply "So they have left is it?"

Khushi's smile died on her lips.

"Yes, But they will be any time now'" Khushi told her and comtemplated if she should reach and tell the family about Subadra being moved into a room.

She tried calling the landline, but it was busy. Arnav's was the only other number that she had, of the inmates of RM. She tried his number, the ring went on and on, just when she thought of cutting the call wondering if he was fast asleep, the call got picked up on the other end.

"elo" Arnav's drowsy voice came over the line

"Hi'Khushi here' Dadiji.. I mean, your Dadiji was moved to another room.. I thought of informing you'"

"Oh'" she heard him say in a slumber. There was a silence and then a heard a rustle of sheets and movements and his crisp voice came over the phone "Ok' Give me some time, I will be there within an hour"

"No..No need to rush, I mean, take your own time' If you want to sleep a little more'"

"Not at all Khushi' I'll be there"

"yup" She cut the call to look at Dadi.

She tentatively smiled at her, but Dadi didn't respond back

"I would appreciate if you are well within your limits." Dadi started to say out of the blue. "There was no need to call Arnav personally to tell about my shifting to the room. Calling the landline should do"

"No.. I tried calling the landline- It was busy" Khushi started to say but Dadi continued to talk as if Kushi has not spoken

"and when it was going to be him, you could have very well let me tell him the news "

Khushi realized why Anjali and NK told that Dadi was someone whom they would rather avoid than keep company for she was someone who was rooted to the beliefs of the past and little crude about her beliefs on class and status and that it was going to be a long one hour of wait for her until Arnav took over.


"Would you like to have some juice now?" Kushi asked Dadi as she scrutinized the food tray which had come in.

"No later" Dadi told in a tone which she had lately adopted for khushi- The sternness and authoritativeness that a superior uses for a hired help.

"But the dietician asked you drink something now' Would you like soup?"

"No- I would ask for it when I want it- Don't try to act smart" Dadi cut it.

Khushi was starting to get miffed. She was here to help.. why won't this lady understand? If not for her age, Khushi would have given it back to her. She went ahead to put the soup bowl back in the tray when the door creaked open.

"Dadi!" Arnav exclaimed as he came in and hugged the old lady.

Khushi smiled at the scene as she saw the lady's stern face broke into a smile of affection.

"Did I scare you?" she asked her grandson

"Very much" he said as he sat by the edge of the bed, his hand still by the old lady's shoulder.

"What did the doc say?" he asked looking at Khushi who updated him with everything that the doctor and the nurse had instructed her.

"Alright, so its gonna be another two days here' We will be there with you Dadi' We will take shifts'" Arnav told her

"I am fine Arnav' You don't have to be so worried" Dadi told him

"So did you have something to eat or drink?" he asked his Dadi finally realizing that Khushi was standing there holding the soup bowl.

"No' She hasn't had anything' I was just asking her" Kushi told him

"Do you want something hot or cold?" Arnav asked her getting out of the bed

"hot? Do you have milk?" Dadi asked him

"No dadi' you can't have milk now.. not yet' Would you like some soup?" he asked taking the bowl from Khushi as Dadi nodded her head in affirmative.

Happy that her grandson is there to take care of her, Khushi excused herself to use the restroom which accompanied the suite.

"would you please use the common restrooms downstairs? I don't like outsiders using my toilets" Dadi told her rather bluntly making Khushi as well as Arnav stare at her in shock disbelief.

Kushi was the first to recover though who gracefully smiled at the old woman and ventured to move out.

"No.. Wait'" Arnav strutted finally.. " Dadi' why can't she use this one' this is unreasonable"

"No, that's alright' I am fine with it" Kushi said as she hastily went out.

"Dadi.. that was offensive.. and rude'After all that her father did for us, she needs to be treated little kindly and considering that she volunteered to help '"

"I am not comfortable with her around Arnav'Now don't argue with me on what is right and what is wrong' Have you forgotten my lessons to you on aukat?"

"Where does aukat come here Dadi? She is a guest' moreover if it was not for her assistance when you collapsed, the situation would have been very grave"

"So you say she is a guest' " Dadi told him "But that doesn't change the girl's aukat"

Dadi took the soup from Arnav's hand and started to have it. Arnav was so tempted to argue about Dadi's beliefs and demand her acceptance for Khushi but remained quiet for the sake of her health status at that point.

Soon dadi started to speak about asking for her will to be drafted and the topic of discussions changed by the time Khushi came back.

"Would you please wait outside for sometime?" Dadi asked Khushi as soon as she entered. "we are discussing something important"

"No Dadi, that's alright, we will speak about this sometime later" Arnav told as he looked apologetically at Khushi "Come in Khushi"

"I would rather speak about this now' " dadi told firmly

"I will be outside" Khushi told them and moved out "It seemed to have no sense to her to try to become friendly with Dadi' She actually felt good to get rid of her company' How different she was from Nani who actually asked her to sleep along with her? Infact the last night, she had slept with Nani' May be she should leave now if Arnav wanted to stay back, she can willingly go back home she thought' or if he had got only a couple of hours of sleep, then she might have to stay back

Soon she fell into a lapse of slumber again, but only to be woken up again by the exuberant voice of Anjali

"Hey Khushi' you asked us to leave and now you are sleeping yourself"

She opened her eyes to see the entire Raizada clan visiting the hospital- along with them nani had come too'

"Why? Don't you have a bed inside this suite?" NK asked cheerfully as she saw him holding a coffee cup

"hmm' yeah.. we have a couch and attender's bed to sleep on and still Khushi would decide to sleep in this chair which is the most uncomfortable cold contraption to sit on!!" Anjali chattered on as Nani and Akaash smiled at her

"Come in Bitiya" Nani said affectionately as she all barged in

After initial greetings, they all settled themselves around the room, the situation seemed lighter

"Hey that was not fair Arnav, you didn't wait for us'" Anjali told him indignantly

"I told you I am starting in half an hour's time' You were sleeping when I left the house" Arnav reminded her.

"Oh god' Arnav, you need to control this particular feeling of love for Dadi' otherwise you will be all spent when you actually have to display this love for your girl!" NK teased his brother who glared at him

But before he could retort back, Dadi laughed

"That you don't have to worry, Sheetal will take care of that' isn't it Arnav? "She said as she pointedly looked at Khushi for no reason and then smiled at Arnav who simple shrugged.

Dadi didn't seem to bother about khushi's presence after that and simply ignored the discussion when Nani was in all praise for the girl's presence of mind the night before. NK went out to fetch another cup of coffee'

"I have got addicted to this coffee' it tastes good' " He said as he moved out

"Then bring one for me too' It's actually better than HP's you know" Anjali commented.

Khushi volunteered to go with NK to bring a cup for everyone who was there. Then as they all sat there chatting and having coffee, Khushi to her surprise noticed that NK could actually pull Dadi's legs and get away with it unlike her other grandchildren.

"Oh, its because that bugger is exactly like her pyaari patidev- in looks, in action and evrything" Anjali informed khushi when she asked Anjali about it' "He is the one who gets least scolded, and he is the one with whom she is more lenient' So for all our permission factors we actually had to bribe him when we were small"

Just then, A house keeping staff came in to remove the food tray. As Khushi volunteered to pick the empty soup bowl by Dadi's bed, Dadi asked her to collect the empty coffee cups as well, again implying to her and everyone around that she considered Khushi no more than a domestic help.

While Khushi took this on her stride, the younger Raizada generation took offense for her sake, while Arnav had again resorted to argue for her cause with Dadi unsuccessfully, NK adopted a different strategy.

"Dadi, you don't have a sense of waste management do you?" he asked as he quickly jumped to get the cups before Khushi could collect them

"These cups have to go into a bin that has to be recycled' and the bowls have to go to the dish washer'" he said as he dumped the cups in the trash bin nearby.

"and more over, Khushi doesn't have to do it" Arnav added as Dadi looked at him sharpely, Anjali looked up at her brother and then at NK, smiled cheekily and then bent down pretending to be busy with her mobile.

It was not in Dadi's character to keep quiet when her principles were attacked. But this time- just for this time, she decided to let it go. This girl was not like what she had thought' She had believed, she had to control Arnav's interests with this girl, but now she realized, not only Arnav, NK needs to be controlled too' She would decide on the course as soon as she was back at home.

Minutes later, It was decided that Arnav, Akaash, Anjali and NK would to be at the hostipal in shifts as long as Dadi stayed there. Though Khushi was not actually looking forward to, she volunteered to do one of the shifts and Arnav indirectly denied her offer, more to save her from Dadi's nature to humiliate her than the reason that Dadi was not comfortable with her services.

As the first shift till afternoon was to be taken by Akaash, the others decided to leave after the doctor's visit which was announced by a nurse.

"Ok I will make a move too.. " Khushi said as she picked up her cross shoulder bag.

"You can also come with us Khushi bitiya- we came by car anyway'" Nani told her

"No Naniji, I need to go somewhere else now' Have some work outside.. You all proceed"

At this, the first thought that hit Arnav was whether she was again trying to get in touch with Aman? An irritation came along with the thought, making him snap at her.

"What's it now?" The words were out of his mouth before he could realize and Khushi just stared at him in surprise. Why is he actually questioning her as if he had the full control on her ? Why do this Dadi ' Pota pair behave as if they owned her and payed her' and she as answerable to their questions ?

"What work Khushi bitiya? If I remember right, you didn't get much sleep yesterday night too' you should be tired' can't you postpone this for now? " Nani asked her more in a concerned tone, throwing a warning look at her grandson who changed his demeanor taking cue from her.

"No Naniji, I work for a local paper, I have to go today, some emergency job.. I will be back by noon"

"Are you again going to that locality?" Arnav asked her "Where Vikrant would be roaming around?"

"No Don't worry about that, I will be fine.. " She snapped at him, still annoyed with his tone

"How are you going to go? By bus?" there was sarcasm in his tone by now

"Yeah, but'"

"Ok, I will drop you and wait for you until you finish your job' " Arnav told her as he got up surprising her "We have two cars anyway"

Khushi hadn't expected this. With dadi's attitude, this was just like inviting trouble paying for it'

"No, Don't bother, I will be fine'I don't know how long it might take out there"

"You heard it' I am dropping you'I am not taking chances" he told her more sternly as Anjali and NK exchanged glances and raised their eyebrows.

Their exchanges got hanged for a bit as another junior doctor who was making rounds finally came in to check on Dadi.

Khushi didn't much notice the young and handsome doctor who came in as she was busy with picking up her stuff'

"Khushi.. Is that you?" The doctor asked as he turned to address the family after his regular check up.

"Hey Rakesh?" Khushi exclaimed "How come here?"

"That was a pleasant surprise" the young doctor told as he moved towards her taking her extended hand in a formal greeting. "I joined here a little over a month ago as a junior doc' How about you' this is your family?"

"No.. just.. just an acquaintance.. " Khushi said as she turned to Nani and others who were looking at her curiously

"This is Dr. Rakesh Mathur, he was an intern at the hospital where I used to do service for a NGO" She explained to their questioning looks' "and a good friend of mine" she added as an afterthought, just to keep things clear

" Good to hear that you have taken up job here' So how many of you have joined here?"

"3 of us- Myself, Renu and Chetan" Dr.Rakesh told her

"That's' so nice" Khushi told him

"So are you here for some time? Wait until I finish my rounds at this corridor' we need to catch up" Rakesh told Khushi

"How is Dadi?" Arnav asked the doctor abruptly, breaking the coziness that was beginning to settle in between the friends meeting after a long time.

"Oh- yeah'She is progressing fine by the way" Rakesh told him with a smile.

"Thanks" Arnav told him curtly "Lets go now, you said you have some urgent work" Arnav told looking at Khushi, not giving her an option to consider Rakesh's offer to catch up

"Oh, you have some work now is it?" Rakesh asked her jovially "no time for a cup of coffee then?"

"Some other time Rakesh, lets see if I can catch up with all the three of you"

"Oh sure' see you around" As doctor moved out, Khushi turned to Arnav

"Arnavji, thanks for the offer, but I can manage on my own' " She told him

"If she says she can manage it fine, you don't have to worry so much Arnav" Dadi intervened.

"May be we can help you get an auto" NK suggested.

The others in the family served as amused spectators as Arnav didn't say anything after that but stared at Khushi stubbornly who was actually daring enough to throw back the stubbornness from her own end.

As the family moved out of the room, leaving an amused Akaash and miffed Dadi behind, with Arnav wanting to go with Khushi on the pretext of her safety and khushi insisting that she can manage, they met Dr.Rakesh again who was coming back finishing his rounds.

They greeted again as Rakesh started up another conversation with Khushi.

"So are you here tomorrow?" Rakesh asked Khushi as Arnav felt it was good that he decided to keep Khushi out of the shifts

"Hmm ..No.. I don't think so" Khushi told him apologetically

"Oh don't try that' " Rakesh laughed "Always the escapade' when asked out for a coffee' you have never changed Khushi' "

"Hey nothing like that' hmm so how long today?" Khushi changed the topic abruptly as they all started to take the escalator.

"I am actually done today' That was my final rounds as of today, I am heading home actually.. "

"Oh ok.."

"If you are going home, I can give you a ride you know" Rakesh told her good naturedly again

"No Rakesh, Actually I am going to the editor's office"

"Where? Delhi today?"

She nodded

"Its actually on my way, I shall you give you a ride if you want"

Khushi smiled at her friend and gracefully denied his offer. As the escalator stopped at their floor and they stepped out, Arnav stopped behind too as he noticed that the friends lingered back.

"So are you sure you don't want to ride with me?"

"hmm' Rakesh' what is it about these rides that you are talking about' I can very well drop you too, I meant the bus'"

"Oh' I was just hoping to show you my new baby' Honda Unicorn"

"You have got a new bike?" Khushi exclaimed

"yeah, I brought her home with my first ever salary here' "Rakesh grinned at her. "You need to see her' you will love her"

Khushi laughed

"I don't fancy about bikes actually'" Khushi told him

"Hey now don't say No khushi' we are meeting after long' and there is lots to talk'and you are not coming tomorrow- Renu and Chetan are doing the morning shift today- you can meet them too'"

Khushi started to think as she bit her lip and looked at Arnav who looked impatient.

"Arnavji, you proceed, I shall meet my friends and then be on my way to the editor's office"

"I will be waiting at the parking lot" he told her making her raise her eyebrows

"You guys are together or something?" Rakesh asked suddenly looking from Arnav to Khushi

"Hell no.. "Khushi laughed tensedly and throwing a dirty look at Arnav who didn't even flinch.

"You don't have to wait for me Arnav." She told him "I told you I can manage' besides, My friends are here, I will be fine" She told him and went along with Rakesh, who threw him an apologetic look and then went with Khushi

"What up then?" Arnav heard Khushi ask Rakesh who was still looking back at Arnav apologetically "How is Chetan's Photography doing?"

"His obsession has taken a break"

"What? Are you serious? "

"He got into big trouble recently and now he isn't touching his SLR for some time now"


"Don't tell him that I told you that- its such a harassing experience for him but we had a good laugh over it for weeks'"

"hey out with it"

Arnav stood there chagrinned and displeased as he saw her walking away with her friend and break into laughter. He saw her being hugged by another young lady doctor and then saw her disappear behind the door marked as restricted entry, after her friends. He was brought back from his thoughts as he received a call on his mobile

"Whats it Anjali?"

"Where are you?" Anjali asked him

"I am heading home now" he barked at her unnecessarily as he started to walk out angrily

"Oh ok.. Just thought of checking with you' " she said cheekily and cut the call

NK who was driving the car turned to look at his sister.

"Heading home! " She told her brother and winked at him "He sounded angry'"

"Are you thinking what I am thinking Anjali?" NK chuckled.

"About what?" Anjali asked him and then winked at him

Nani who was sitting behind them in the car smiled and shook her head.

"What you both are scheming at?" she asked them "I could see only concern at Arnav's mind' You people haven't been there when those threats were thrown at her"

"Haan' Nani ' I know'I know'. its all starts like this' you know " Anjali chortled with a halo of wisdom'

"What?" Nani asked her in tone where they couldn't make it if she was teasing or being serious.

"Friendship... what else" Anjali told noncommittally as NK looked at his sister once and smirked.

Alright, Anjali and NK have started to get clues... will they hold on to the clue and work on it...thats something that will come up later on... see ya soon .. tata

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rrekha on 2013-06-06, 14:55

Hi Abavi,

Its really nice to read ur updates.I want to see Dadi's expression when Arshi marriage news breaks out. I think Rakesh will play cupid between Arshi.

Desperately waiting for ur next update. bounce


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Maria J on 2013-06-10, 01:59

Enjoyed reading u.. Arnav and Khushi both have common tastes... Wow!! Nice.. Enjoyed reading u Vi.. DO continue soon

Maria J

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Chapter 10.3

Post by Abavi on 2013-06-12, 12:22

Chapter 10: Savior of Love
Part 3: Friends... (and more)?

As Arnav made his way to the exit of the hospital' these were predominantly the thoughts that ran in his furious mind.
"How dare she treat me like this? First she ignores my offer to drop her and on top of it she ridicules my concern' Why the hell should I be bothered anyway? What is she to me' Let her go and get hurt' Who cares' Yes' that way may be she will learn a lesson' Who the hell is she to refuse my offer? This is it' this is the limit' I am not even going to be bothered anymore' She has friends who care' so be it' let her go with that bulldog' and may be then she will realize her folly and give me a call' Arnavjee' where are you'please come and help me' even as he thought, his sane part of his mind reminded him that not even once did she ask him to come and play the savior for her. He pushed that voice away as he decided that he would not even respond to her if she calls him

His mobile rang at that exact point and he flipped it with a force more than necessary to see it was actually from Khushi, forgetting all his resolve about not responding to her calls anymore, he picked her call and placed it in his ears, his smirk intact'

"Hello Arnavjee?"

"Yeah, where are you?" he asked his poker tone intact

"where will I be. In the hospital premise only' Its not even ten minutes before we saw eachother" Khushi's mocking voice came over the phone, irking him further

"Oh yeah.. I forgot, you were having a rendezvous with your old friends" he said to her in an annoyed tone' "Why did you call me now?"

"Actually have you left the hospital?"

"No.. I am about to leave" he said as he opened his car door

"Ok, Wait, I am coming' Editor called just now' He got someone else to do that job as I told I was in the hospital' If you are going home, I will also come with you"

Her decision to come with him and her request to wait for her satiated his burnt ego which was fuming minutes before' and he grunted his affirmation to wait.

He would have waited for some 10 minutes more when he saw her walking into the parking lot. His Car was parked way before the exit which she was coming out from and he wouldn't be able to take his car to her as it would be exit way and he cannot enter in there'When he was thinking to let her know of his car's position with a horn so that she can walk to him, he saw her other friend, Dr.Rakesh also walking along with her and they turn to the lot where the two wheelers were parked.

As Arnav watched her talking animatedly to the doc and exclaiming in excitement seeing a bike' his level as annoyance rose to unbearable levels, Arnav reversed his car, to go near the two wheeler parking lot- all reasons about your exit way to enter flying out of his mind.

Just as he neared that part of the basement, He only noticed Khushi who had mounded the bike for a fun test drive at the last minute as she screamed at him not able to control the heavy bike. Arnav screeched his car to stop or Khushi's bike would have collided with his car. Khushi's eyes and mouth went in an O as she applied brakes and tried to manage the heaviness of the bike and would have almost brought the bike down with her but for Rakesh who rushed to her side to hold his dear bike

"Are you in your senses?" He screamed at her "You almost hit my car"

"Senses? Look who is asking? This the wrong way for you' you came the wrong way" she shouted back

"admit that you bit more than you can manage' you shouldn't drive bikes when you don't know how to drive" Arnav told her teasingly "You almost dropped the bike on you"

"This is not your bike to be so concerned about' and anyway, I hadn't even scratched your car' why are you bothered? " Khushi told him

"Khushi, relax' Don't be so tensed" Dr.Rakesh calmed his friend

"You keep quiet Rakesh' Just because he is giving me a drop, I can't take anything and everything from him.. he came in the wrong way and he is now accusing me"

"What the" Arnav gritted his teeth' "If I hadn't applied brakes, you wouldn't have gone from the hospital now' you would be in stitches'"

Khushi opened her mouth to retort

"Guys Guys' "Dr.Rakesh interwined "That's alright' Nothing happened to any of you and the vehicles too'so cool down'" he said as he helped her unmound the bike

"Thanks Rakesh" she said still irritated with Arnav "your bike is wonderful'"

"Thanks Khushi.. Catch you sometime later then" he said as they watched him get on his bike and wave a final bye to both of them and go on his way.

Arnav and Khushi stared at eachother before she started to mutter and reached the passenger side.

But Arnav pulled the car door shut before she could get in.. When she looked at him surprised,

"What did you say? Just because I am giving you a ride home isn't it? then you shouldn't have requested me to drop you in the first place "

"Why did you then offer to drop me then?"

"That's an old story which got over 20 minutes earlier' you requested me to wait"

"So what?" Khushi asked as she got irritated too "Why do you bring it up now?"

"Apologize for your words and admit that you were wrong"

"What? NO way' You were wrong' " Khushi exclaimed unbelievably "Don't think I don't have any other means to reach home if you are not there' I just asked you because you were so interested and anyway you are going home"

"Oh .. if that's the case, then use one of the so many other ways to reach home' I don't give rides to people with such attitude" Arnav said as he started the car and rode away, leaving a startled Khushi with her jaws opened wide'

"You swell head!! ' Can't you tell before itself? I would have asked Rakesh' you big headed '.eh eh'.. Laad governer... Thinks as if he is the alampanah' almighty of this world .. egoistic fool" Khushi stamped her foot before she started to walk out of the parking lot, to the bus stand.

To her surprise, she saw Arnav's car parked near the bus stop and as she walked by it to reach the bus stop, she noticed his hand opening the passenger side of the door for her.

She shut it close again and stared at him before running to get into the bus which had just arrived. Arnav glared at her audacity again and all through the journey, they both travelled side by side, but in different vehicles, every time when the vehicles stopped for signal, not forgetting to throw annoyed glares at eachother and on Arnav's part, he was a unnecessarily rude to his dear car.


When Anjali and NK made their way to the hospital corridor which confined Dadi's room to relieve Akaash after his shift, they met Payal who was just coming out of the room along with Akaash.

"I am so sorry about her bluntness Payal" they heard Akaash tell her.

"Hey Payal" Anjali voiced out as she went forward to hug her

"Hey sweetheart" she said as she hugged the girl back "hey NK' " she called out to NK as they both shared a hifi.

"how come the bride is here" NK smiled at her

"Oh, just came to see Dadi"

"and Dadi was so rude to her.." Akaash told apologetically "She asked her why was she here and asked me to send her out"

Looking at Akaash's apologetic face and the other two's sorry face Payal smirked at them

"We are so sorry for her behavior Payal' Dadi has never changed.. and can never change'" Anjali explained her

"Hey hello' don't be so sad' Actually I am happy that Dadi behaved like that'" Payal told her

"Happy? Why so?" NK asked her in surprised

"For now I know that she is perfectly alright.. and she didn't have a concussion when she fell down and she is back to normal- If she had behaved anyother way, that is something serious to think about.. like has she lost her memory' and all that'" as Payal chirped, Anjali broke into giggles. The men too grinned at the lighter mood'

"Ok guys, I have to be on my way' so you two double shift yeh?

"Yeah, its actually my shift, But I can't tolerate Dadi's gyan about being a sanskar girl and all that, so I brought NK along to manage her" Anjali explained as Payal smiled understandingly.

"Does she still give you sanskar lessons?"

"Yeah.. all the time' as if I was born only to go and live in my sasural' Come on yaar' I don't even know who my soul mate is ' and all she speaks about is my sasural and how I have to behave there' as if she is good at it' where did her sanskar go' She didn't even thank that girl who saved her"

"Who? Khushi?"

"Hmm she was so mean to her' Khushi stopped coming her only' I mean, Arnav told her not to come' I think she took it in a worse way' they have been bickering from that day"

"Really? Bickering? The girl is bickering with him? Seriously? I didn't know Arnav accepted cheekiness from anyone" Payal exclaimed, her female instincts getting excited for the fresh gossip'

"I know' But it is actually funny to watch them talk' I mean, no one could actually talk to him like that' Arnav would give it back twice as strong as the one he gets and this one is a strong contender for him' she makes him grit his teeth so many times' its so entertaining to watch him glare at her and walk off to his room' " Anjali told her

"Ok, will you both talk about this later? I need to drop you Payal and Anjali I though you have a shift to take care of'"

"NO" the girls said in unison as the men stared at them

"Anjali and I need some girl's time together" Payal told Akaash waggling her eyebrows "there is some interesting stuff brewing and I want to know all about it"

"and NK can take this shift" Anjali told them suggestively as the girls walked off to the lobby to find some comfortable couch for their gossip.

While Akaash stared at the girls with an open mouthed bewilderment, Nk shut his mouth close and commented "Girls" as he shook his head. "see you later bro" he said as he entered Dadi's room.


So it happened that from that day at the hospital's parking lot Arnav and Khushi always found opportunity to argue or bicker with each other for even smallest things to the greater amusement of the inmates of RM. An outsider would have thought that they both wouldn't stand eachother's company for even 5 minutes at a stretch' why not' because they themselves believed so' Khushi who was at all times very cordial with rest of the Raizada siblings, would always find a fault with their eldest brother and Arnav who at all times maintained the decorum of displaying the most stable minded maturity, behaved like an egoistic and spoiled brat around her. But this behavior between the both got curtailed to a greater extent as Dadi came home after a week at the hospital.

Both knew that Dadi's patience was not to be tested and more than khushi, Arnav made sure not to give Dadi a reason to tell Khushi off. It was as if their very short days of happy obliviousness that they were grownup with certain maturity level had disappeared with Dadi's arrival and for the other Raizada clan, especially the younger two, this sudden civility between the two raised the curiosity a pitch higher.

Two days after Dadi had reached home, all the inmates of RM were at the breakfast table. This was one thing that had started after Khushi came home' She was so surprised that the family had breakfast confined at their own room'

"Why is it like that? Why wont you people want to greet eachother in the morning and talk with eachother in the morning while you share your breakfast? That is one of the best things with having a small home' People wont miss eachother'What fun is there if you eat alone' it would be so boring " she would say as she dragged everyone out of their room to the table in the morning'

And it had been that way since Dadi got admitted and even after Dadi was back, she had it in her room. So as was the practice for the past week, the family gathered around the table.

"Anjali bitiya, go give this to Dadi and come" Nani said as she filled Dadi's plate'

"Why is it always me Nani' ask this lazy brother of mine'" she said as she kicked Nk playfully "he is her favorite grandson"

"Because you are the girl here" dadi's sharp voice rang out as Anjali bit her lips and the others stiffened.

"Dadi?" NK exclaimed as they all saw Dadi coming towards the table.

"But there is no need to give me my food tray ' I will have it here only" she said as she too joined them all.

One of the other things that changed at Raizada Mansion was now, their taste buds did sang songs of praise for Khushi's abilities to pamper them. Khushi did have amazing cooking skills and the family was very impressed with it- all expect Dadi- for she was yet to know about this new development and ofcourse Arnav who wouldn't admit that he was much more impressed than he let on' . As Khushi brought in another dish from the kitchen, Nk let out a shout

"Here here' It was for me' I asked you to prepare it"

"So? It doesn't mean that others cant have it" Anjali told him as Khushi grinned at them

"I have made enough for all of you"

"You prepared food today?" Dadi asked cynically

"She has been preparing for the whole week Subadra' She won't listen if I ask her not to"

"Why do you ask her not to' I discovered that I too have taste bud only this past week' Don't kill it again with HP's cooking" NK told Nani

"Yeah right, let her do some work other than sitting simply and enjoying luxury here for free" Dadi's sharp tongue whiplashed Khushi as all the heads turned to Dadi in shock and then at Khushi who looked at Dadi in stunned surprise and soon she turned away to go into the kitchen to bring in another dish.

Arnav let his spoon drop into his plate with a clatter averting everyone's attention as they glanced at him unconfortably looking at Khushi's departing figure with a disturbed expression. An uncomfortable silence fell on the table as everyone started to eat ' none of the usual chatter of the past week's breakfast time was present now.

"You also come and sit Bitiya- have your breakfast" Nani said as Khushi brought in another dish.

Dadi looked up sharpely and twisted her face with disapproval at this suggestion.

Khushi was quick to catch this.

"No Naniji, I will have later' you have "she dodged. No sooner than she finished saying this, all assembled heard a scraping of chair as Arnav pulled the empty chair near him

"Sit and have breakfast now' I want you to come with me out now'You wont have time to have it later" he told a little towards the harsher side still not looking at her directly but concentrating on having his breakfast

"Where do you want me to come?" Khushi asked surprised as everyone else watched him eat as if nothing odd has happened now.

"To the bank' there is a joint account which was held by both out fathers and now I am not able to operate it.. There are certain formalities to be taken care of before they can let me operate it.. and You need to come" he said in the most formal way possible as she started at him.

After two minutes of silence, he looked up at her to find her still staring at him

"What are you waiting for? I am leaving right after I finish my breakfast and then don't complain that I am cruel to not let you have your breakfast in peace" he said as went back to his food

"I wouldn't miss my breakfast because you are in a hurry" she told him slowly as Dadi looked at Khushi in surprise of the tone she was using against her eldest grandson. She was about to comment something on how ungrateful she is when Arnav beat her to it

"Then don't go about saying that I went to the same destination but let you come in a bus.. I am not going to wait" he said cheekily as he smirked into his food.

"Don't be Shy Khushi.. come have food" Anjali prompted her in a teasing tone

Khushi gazed at Anjali unbelievingly as the other girl smiled at her cheekily playing with her food.

As khushi took a step forward to take the chair, Dadi got up pushing her chair backwards and left the table ' her breakfast unfinished.

Every one stared at Dadi's retreating figure and looked at eachother, another silence fell on the table as Khushi bit her lips not knowing what to do.

Arnav simply carried on with another morsel as if he was not affected by anything that happened at the table- not even an ounce as he simply took a plate and kept it in front of the pulled out chair and patted the chair catching Khushi's eyes.


The bank work took most of their morning time and when the couple of them got into the car to leave for home it had already crossed noon.

"I will drop you home and then I will be on the way to office" Arnav said as he put on his seat belt.

"Don't bother' leave me at the nearest bus stop"

"Why? if you feel so cautious about spending money everytime you travel, then you can pay me' You don't have to take a bus for that" he told her

"What?" she asked confusedly "I thought you wanted to go to office, I didn't want to trouble you"

"What about my lunch?" he asked her with his raised eyebrows "I am going home anyway"

"Oh alright" she surrendered finally

A little normalcy started to peep in between them after a week of bickering, their morning at the bank helped them be more civil with eachother, atleast they could now smile at eachother in a friendly way.

Just then, Arnav got a call in his mobile. He peeped quickly before he took the call

"Hey Sheetal... How are you doing"


"going good babe.." he spoke into the phone as he took a quick look at Khushi '


"I am sorry babe, was little held up with work here... I couldnt take your call then... and then got engaged with some other legailities that I couldnt call you back..."

"Really? And whats that?"


"hmm.. is it some gift waiting for me?"


"what kind of?"


"Yeah, I am outside... driving actually ... will reach home in another 10- 15 minutes..."


"oh sure... I will call you back' No I wont forget! "

"Miss you too babe'bye"

As he ended the call to concentrate on the road, Khushi's know it all tone hit him

"It's a bad practice to take calls when on road' its very dangerous"

"It was a short call.. anyway I have amazing ability to do many things simulatenously"

Khushi rolled her eyes' and then bit her lips before she looked at him side ways'

"We have known eachother for sometime now isn't it?"

Arnav looked at her for a moment before turning back to road..

"We have bickered, fought, argued, smiled and even kept company with eachother like friends' But we don't know eachother at all' I mean.. if you don't want to be friends with me ' its alright" she drawled

"What do you mean not knowing eachother' we ofcourse know eachother' We know our families too"

"hmm.. but not the personal side" she said as she bit her lips and glanced at his sideways again. There he goes.. that smirk...' Khushi...' bhuddu...' don't make it so obvious...' she reprimanded herself'

"So what do you want to know about me?" he asked his smirk still intact as he looked at her, she was looking outside with sudden interest in the vehicles on the road and didn't answer him

"You wanted to know whose call it was?" he asked correctly guessing her sudden interest to know about him personally

"no no' I was just asking about' hmm your er' yeah' graduation.. where did you do your graduation?" she asked going red with embarrassment as he gave her a knowing smile'

"Harvard" he told enjoying himself at her discomfort.

"Oh ok" she told him in a voice which was hardly audible'

"That was my Girlfriend on the call- Sheetal" he told her, not knowing exactly why he was feeling all happy in making her jealous with this news'

"Harvard graduated' obviously you have got many girlfriends then?"

"not as many boyfriends as you ahve got" he told her with his tongue in cheek as she raised her eyebrows at him'

"Happy Singh, Dr.Rakesh...' Aman'" he told as he took a quick look at her'

"Happy is a very good friend' and so is Rakesh" Khushi explained him

"What about Aman?" Arnav asked, not realizing that the very same jealousy feeling that he attempted to arouse in her is coming back to hit him like a boomerang. Khushi kept quiet, lost in thoughts

Khushi's silence annoyed him further

"Is he a friend or a boyfriend?" he prompted again, his curiosity raising high.

Khushi didn't answer him

"your ex?" he asked her, trying to interpret her sudden silence...but she maintained her silence

"that's not fair' I told you about my love life"

"Just because you blabber everything' It doesn't mean I should blabber everything too" She replied cheekily as he stared at her in annoyance. The rest of the journey went off with Khushi lost in thoughts.. and Arnav brooding and angry

As they turned into RM's parking lot, he was still brooding and as they stepped into the hall together,

"Hey Arnie" a happy voice rang out'

"Sheetal" Arnav gasped as Sheetal came and hugged him in welcome. Dadi stood smiling at the two'

"How come are you here? So this was the surprise?"

"yeah man' Are you angry with me? Not even one call for the past three days? "

"hey no.. I was actually occupied with something here" he said realizing that he had been actually very busy to take her calls and then forgot to give her a call back'

"something or someone?" Anjali asked in a mocking tone, but NK quieted her as she again rolled her eyes at Sheetal'

"You know what' I thought you were still upset that I was angry with you on that newspaper scandal' and I couldn't bear that' and also Dadi was not well.. so I thought, I will take a break from work ' and come here' I will be here for some time' are you happy now?" Sheetal asked cooingly as Dadi beamed at her and Nani smiled with courtesy

"Hey no.. I mean.. I was not upset and all that' It was actually some work which was occupying my time' and mind' and that's so so nice of you Sheetal' how thoughtful of you'" Arnav told her as he glanced at khushi who was giving odd looks at him and Sheetal. Pleased at her state, and taking it as her discomforture, Arnav introduced Sheetal to Khushi,

Khushi on the other hand was struggling hard to maintain a straight face for Anjali was standing just behind her and was doing running commentary in whispers which she could clearly hear.. infact Anjali was talking so low that only Khushi and NK were able to hear it'

"So there she throws her famous soppy look at him's a pity that she thinks that it will make him think that it is all lovey dowey' for it is not going to melt him' all it makes me do is puke' it is a surprise that he takes all that and smiles at her pleasantly not betraying the true emotions that he feels towards her soppy look' and bro is actually being very nice with her'. Very courteous to tell her off' it only shows that he is a decent fellow' no sheetal don't try that cooing tone again' good that our tomboy is tied outside' otherwise he would have thought that we have brought a :O for him...'you wont know when his threshold crosses...' and you know what people, I think tomboy is a better choice for Sheetal or may be Dadi too' you know' those soppy looks have actually worked their charm on dadi' Sheetal... May be I can talk to dadi and get tomboy agree to your proposal' then you both can coo together' and give those soppy looks.. and he will throw you the best puppy eye look'and spare us of the torture'that way my brother would be saved from those mushy mushy looks'. Oh god its digusting, could anyone mistake it for looks of love'."

Ok... I loved writing this running commentary... I didnt realize until now that I hated sheetal so much... Thats all for today folks, Dont forget to leave comment...

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Maria J on 2013-06-12, 12:50

Loved it Vi..

Maria J

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rrekha on 2013-06-12, 14:21

Hi abavi,

I am addicted to your ff DG. Now the schools reopened. I think now you can can give updates more often.Sorry if I am pissing you :cry:

Now the jealousy game starts and i think Nk and Anjali will help Arshi realise their love for each other.

Waiting for updates for other 2 FF (WH and JT) Evil or Very Mad


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rrekha on 2013-07-10, 09:25

Hi Abavi,

I can understand how it feels when your work has been plagiarised.But please do consider to continue your updates as many of us are peeping through this site for ur updates everyday.Hope you take this comment in right way.
Miss You


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Chapter 10.4

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From the author's desk: Hello people, thanks a lot for your patient wait until I bounced back, and lot of hugs for all your kind words, support and fight against plagarism...
I was really touched with the mails of comfort that reached my inbox. I am really glad and feel blessed to have started with FFs which eventually gave me such a set of loyal friends..

and a big sorry with puppy dog eyes for making you all wait this long... here is the next update for this story.

Instructions to read this update: you would be required to leave a comment for the first time, then you will be automatically be able to read the update.

I hope you all would be able to read the update if you come back here after commenting once. If you face any difficult please let me know.


Chapter 10: Saviour of Love
part 4 : Trouble around the corner

Oblivious to the running commentary that Anjali was doing, Sheetal was rummaging into her big hand bag and took out some sealed pot and handed it to Dadi.
“This is for your well-being Dadiji” She said sweetly “I mean for the well-being of the entire family…” She said hastly throwing a look glance at Nani, who smiled back at her nodding understandingly.
“What is this?” Dadi asked smiling at her. Arnav seemed to be looking at Sheetal with mocking smirks.
“Gangajal. My nana and nani had recently gone for a pilgrimage and brought this with them. It is said to have healing properties”
“And you seriously believe it has curing properties? ” Arnav asked her mockingly
Sheetal looked back at him throwing warning glances…  Arnav was smirking at her with “I know you don’t believe in this” look
“Ha look now the charm got broken. My bro is waking up… how sad your line marrofying act got to fall flat on his feet Sheetal… and here I thought it was on your own drool that you slipped!” Anjali went on with her running commentary when Khushi finally not able to keep a straight face broke into giggles….
Khushi's giggles distracted others in the room. As Arnav and Sheetal looked at her with bemusement, Dadi who was giving Arnav her gyan about how she thought it was fortunate that Sheetal did believe in all this, paused her speech and turned to look at khushi and glared at her.
"I..I am erm.. its.. just.. hmm.. excuse me" Khushi muttered an excuse and moved away from there throwing a look at Anjali.
"Sad, she couldnt control her laughter" Anjali shrugged at NK who shook his head at her
Even as others were staring after Khushi, Akaash was staring the two whom he knew were the culprits.
"Anjali, NK, There is something that I want you people to do now.. that is if you are free..." he said pointedly
Nk raised his eyebrows at this
"Dont be too surprised... its the usual gyan... wake me up if I sleep " Anjali muttered to NK and took the stairs
NK too followed suit. He was happy to get rid of Sheetal's company
"See you around Sheetal" Akaash said politely as he too turned around and followed his siblings.
He was determined to give them both a good hearing. If they kept doing what they were doing, it was surely going to get Arnav in trouble. He was not going to let that if Arnav was not facing enough with his professional life, he doesnt need to face the music for his love life too.
"I am so so so sorry to say this Akaash.. but you are wrong... it is nice to see that you want to act all lakshmanan for Arnav... but I tell you ... you have got the sita wrong... she is actually Surpanaka" Anjali told dramatically as Akaash glared at his sister
"Wont you act with courtesy even for Arnav's sake?" Akaash asked still glaring at Anjali "I noticed that you didnt even say hi to her"
"What else did you notice?" Anjali asked him "Did you notice how she ruffled my hair as if I was tomboy?"
"That was a gesture of affection..."
"Am I a pet?"
"You are 8 years younger to her"
"oh come on..."
"For Arnav's sake Anjali..." Akaash told her and then turned to NK "and what about you?"
"What about me?"
"Are you going to act civil to her?"
"even if she treats me like a vermin?"
"She doesnt do that... that is your imagination"
"Do you love Payal or Sheetal?"
"I am only worried for Arnav.. and Sheetal isnt that bad... and you know what, I need to tell you to stop comparing Payal and Sheetal"
“I am not comparing them... they are way apart...and different too... the problem here is attitude... How come you didnt notice it?"
"because there isnt any" Akaash told him "I agree there were some hitches at your first meeting... but why should you hold the grudge still?"
"Alright I am giving it another chance, thats just for Arnav's sake... but you can’t force me to change my opinion on her..." Nk told him
"yeah right, you can’t make us like force, anyway why are you even bothered Akaash"
"if she becomes one of the family tomorrow.. then" Akaash started to say.
"I believe in instincts" Anjali cut him in the middle "and I have strong instinct that she will not come anywhere near being called as family for us- I wouldn’t wish something that disastrous for Arnav"
Akaash started to say something when he saw Arnav entering the first floor landing. The three had gone suddenly quiet.
“Hey Guys” he said casually before he turned to his office suite
“Hi Arnav” Akaash said nervously
Arnav who was about to open the door, paused and turned back to look at the others
“What is it?” he asked suspiciously
“Nothing” all the three chirped in urgently and simultaneously
“Now I know there is something… Out with it” he said as he walked towards them..
“Nothing really Arnav… we were just….”
“Yeah just what? Stop behaving like gossiping girls Akaash “
“We were just talking about how nice it would be to have Sheetal around for a few days” Akaash started to say as Arnav cocked an eyebrow
“Really?” Arnav asked him mockingly
“yeah… Where is she by the way?” Akaash asked his brother
“She left to her grandfather's place- But don’t change the topic” Arnav told him
“She left?” Akaash asked  “I thought she was staying here?”
“Staying here? At RM? Why would she stay here?” Aranv asked him
“I.,., er.. I thought”
“He is more proactive when it comes to your love life.. that’s why.. he has already started to think that we need to get used to her living in your room … and respect her like bhabhi.. and”  Anjali started to say as Arnav’s expressions moved from being amused and then confused and finally turning bemused
“WAIT what? BHABHI? ..where did this come from?” he asked as he threw a glance at Akaash
“bhai ..its..”Akaash started to stammer as he threw Anjali who was basking in merriment…
“May be its because Mami and Dadi have started to heavily hint at accepting her as the elder bahu of this house” NK answered Arnav on behalf of Akaash taking pity at Akaash’s pitiable state.
“So.. we would want to know if there is any truth in it… I mean you are not opposing them” Anjali told immediately getting into her enquiry mode instantly. When the opposrtunity strikes, she knew how to take the best advantage of it.
Arnav rolled his eyes at her.
“I didn’t agree with it either” he pointed out
“Yeah, but it could go either way… more probably this way… so..”
“It’s better to let them think whatever they want to.. atleast they wont trouble me with those ridiculous photos of prospective brides for me”
“So you mean to say that you don’t have any intention to marry Sheetal then?” Anjali asked in excitement as she climbed up the table, slid through its breadth and jumped down to stand in front of her brother.
Arnav looked surprised at her enthusiasm when he thought that he was going to get quite an opposite reaction to this news.
“Its not like that… I haven’t given a thought to it yet” Arnav said honestly
“Then think now” Anjali demanded
He scrunched his eyes a little as he looked at his sister.  “She is my girl friend for now .. That’s all is there to it- for now.. I don’t know if it would get to a stage where we would look at responsibilities in that way…” he told with caution, he wasn’t going to get into her lecture about how nice it would be to get married…
“and no marriage thoughts?who so ever... What so ever? ” Anjali wanted to affirm even as his other brothers looked at him
“Not yet”  Arnav told them even as he ignored to acknowledge the flashes of memory where Khushi addressed him with a “jee” in front of his office staff and the time she barged into his cubicle rightfully like his wife.

Even as he told that, they heard the faint noise of her payal as she made her way up the stairs. Arnav was suddenly irritated as he remembered how she had refused to tell him anything during the ride and even more as the recent flash of memory troubled his line of thoughts.
He turned to go into his office when he saw her coming in calling out in her cheerful voice
“Hey guys, I tried this new drink.. taste it and let me know how it is”
“what is this?” NK asked her not able to help but feel a little revolted as he saw the glasses  in the tray filled with greenish something..
“Is it avocado?” Anjali asked as she cautiously peeked into the tray trying to smell it… May be I could use it for face pack… no it smells different”
“It looks more like lakshmi’s poo- Is Lakshmi having a bad stomach? ” Arnav told mockingly. He wasn’t going to let her attitude to him earlier go unpunished.
While Khushi was talking the others comments lightly, She glared at Arnav as she gritted her teeth
“Its not Lakshmi ji’s poo”
“then ? her puke probably” Arnav decided still smirking at her “I am not going to take a chance tasting it- let alone drink it”
“No one asked you to drink it” Khushi said angrily “If you can’t keep your mouth shut, One day I would really drain something as revolting as what you said down your throat”
“As if you would dare”
“You think I wouldn’t? You wouldn’t even know when I do it… I would quietly do it when you sleep…”
“You“ Arnav asked amused as she nodded her head “when I sleep?” he asked again as she nodded her head again confidently “You wouldn’t even dare enter my room… let alone when I am asleep… you wont dare even I am awake…” he said more confidently than her
“What if I showed you that I can?”
“You wont dare Khushi Kumari Gupta”
“If I did?”
“Do” Arnav told her smirking “then you would know”
The other three who were looking like watch a tennis match as the words of mockery and sarcasm flew between the two as they slowly without even realizing stood facing eachother with only the tray inbetween them as they stood accusing and challenging eachother.
“Guys… guys…” NK said atlast bringing both of them to their senses.
Khushi gave Arnav a final glare as she turned back to march out of the room…
“If you people don’t want to taste it, then fine”
“Who said so?” NK asked as he took a glass from the tray and intended to taste it
“STOP IT NK” Arnav shouted as he glared at Khushi  “Don’t you dare treat my brothers and sister like mice- experimenting your horrible cooking skills!” he told her
“I am not doing anything like that” Khushi retorted back in a hurt tone even as NK sipped into his glass.
“I told you not to taste it” Arnav growled at NK as the others watched his face for his reaction.
“Leave it NK…” Khushi  told as she went forward to take the glass from NK’s hands as NK swung it away from her reach
“whoa!” he exclaimed as he took another sip “Viola! This tastes so good! What is this?”
“you would be surprised if I tell you” Khushi told energetically, her previous argument all forgotten as Arnav glared at her still. NK gulped down the remaining drink in one go and smacked his lips.
“Bro! did you tell that you don’t want it?” Nk asked Arnav as he glared at him
“No I don’t..” he started to say when Khushi cut in
“No don’t offer him NK ji… he wouldn’t dare to taste this”
“You don’t know what you are missing bro” Nk said as he took another glass “I am going for another shot then- your share Arnav”
Anjali came forward to taste it too, and soon Akaash too followed her.
As Arnav stood there seething at his own brothers and sisters who were taking Khushi’s side, Khushi gave him a triumphant look as she waggled his eyebrows at him.
“yummy” Anjali exclaimed
“This is really good” Akaash too passed his judgement “what is this made of?”
“Its made with betel leaf” Khushi said as Anjali nearly choked into her drink
“What?” she asked as the other two stared at her
“betel leaves… you know pan leaves… I mixed a little cream and gulkhand and coconut into it whipped it and”
“BETEL LEAVES?” Anjali asked incredulously and looked into her drink as Arnav simpered at all the three with a “I told you not to drink it” look
“Who cares” NK said as he sipped again “It tastes good and that’s all I want” he said
“Good invention really” Akaash said as he continued drinking too
“you have amazing talent Khushi” Anjali said at last as she too started to drink it.
“Unbelievable” Arnav muttered as looked at his siblings shamelessly drinking khushi’s new concoction..
“You should actually participate in Masterchef.. You have talent” Nk told her
“Tell a little loudly NK… let your brother who thinks that I suck at cooking hear it properly” Khushi said as she stared back at Arnav
“Why does my opinion bother you so much?” Arnav retorted back with a challenging look but his question went unanswered.
“Which masterchef NK? Australia or India?” Anjali smirked at NK as he choked into his drink.
“Careful” Khushi said as NK got into violent coughs and a highly amused Anjali continued to taunt him
“Akaash, may be some day we will witness a competition between the Australian and Indian masterchefs… whoever wins will get NK’s heart! “ Anjali paused to look at NK who threw her a warning look.
“What?” Khushi said getting more confused
“Shutup Anjali” Nk hissed at her
“what the” Arnav sweared at Anjali’s prediction
“You need to get that completed at some point in time” another voice was heard behind him
This time it was Akaash’s turn to choke into his drink as everyone turned to look at the pretty girl by the window sitting on the sill with her hand clutching her shades and rotating it.
“Hey beautiful!” Arnav said as he helped her into the room
“Thanks Handsome” She replied back with a bright smile
“Payal…” Akaash exclaimed as soon as he recovered.
“She just called him handsome and not hunk…Now don’t go green again.. you already have a green mouth “ Anjali told her brother with her tongue in cheek…
“I reserve that word only for Akaash “ Payal told Anjali as she winked at her
“besides they are good friends” NK pointed out
“I didn’t mean that! ” he glared at the three of them as they all sniggered at him “I meant why did you come here?” he said as he turned to look at the stairs to the main landing and then back at her
“Wow! What a welcome, You deserve a kiss for this cheerful welcome- I would have given you one on your lips if it is not smudged with something green” Payal told him
“Dadi is at home” Akaash told her quickly as he wiped his lips
“Akaash do you chew Pan?” Payal asked getting a whiff of the leaf’s smell
“No.. No it was only that Khushi tried a drink… we tasted it “ Akaash said hastily as he jerked his thumb towards Khushi.
“So this is Khushi?” Payal guessed correctly as she came closer to her and extended her hand  “Hi I am Payal, Akaash’s fiance… I keep hearing a lot about you from Anjali.. finally we meet! ”
Khushi who was till then holding her tray nearly stumbled it down as she managed to balance it with a hand, Payal too came forward to help her balance the tray with one hand as her other hand already full with her bag, iphone and goggles.
Finally after a messy event NK took it from both the girls hand. As a perplexed Payal watched over, Khushi finally thanked NK for his help.
“watch out when you are near her…  She is very accident prone!” Arnav told as if warning Payal as Khushi extended her hand while she glared at Arnav.  
Payal was quick to notice this glare– not only this, she kept exchanging surprised looks with Anjali who wore a “I told you so” look throughout the next couple of exchanges between Arnav and Khushi.
“I would be fine if you stay away from me” Khushi sneered at him
“thanks for the compliment”
“I didn’t give you a compliment”
“You admitted just now that you get so much distracted in my presence“ Arnav told her with a smirk.
“It’s more like getting irked!” Khushi corrected him, but before he could retort, he got a business call and had to move away.
She kept glaring at his back until he disappeared behind his office cabin door that Payal had to cough a little to gain back her attention.
“erm.. ahem”
“eh.. Hi.. sorry about that… “ she excused a little “Nice meeting you too… We have seen eachother before too… I mean the day when I came here first.. you were here right? “
“Ha.. that’s right.. you look so different now from that night..” Payal told her
“So now I know you are the honewale Bahu of this house… But why do you come this way? Is there a way up there?”
“You don’t know? Dadi is searching for an adventurous bride for Akaash” Payal hushed to Khushi “and I do this to keep reminding her that I fit the bill” Payal said as she winked at her.
“really?” Khushi asked half confused and half amused but that was before Anjali gave in with her giggles. Khushi rolled her eyes. This girl was actually pulling her legs..
“Leave that.. Do you want to drink something now?” Khushi asked Payal
“No thanks” Payal said hurriedly “I am fine with water.. I can help myself”
“No No don’t worry I won’t give you that green drink.. Something else coffee, tea?”
“or milk, boost, bournvita, Horlicks? What do you want Payal Bhabhi?” Anjali joined in imitating khushi as she was highly amused at the formal way Khushi was treating Payal.
“how about a little vodka?” Payal asked the girls.
While Anjali caught on with her mischievous bhabhi to be, Khushi’s jaw hit the floor as it opened wide.  Akaash too turned to look at Payal in bewilderment.
“you drink?” Akaash asked her in shock
Then she broke into laughter as Khushi realized that she had been ragging her.
“A little ragging helps in building strong bonds” Payal hypothesized to others
“Wait till I get even with you with my share of ragging… “ Khushi told her jovially
“I like this spirit” Payal laughed “but seriously Khushi, I have been coming to his house from when I was in my early teens… so don’t treat me like a guest”
“Acha” Khushi told her “But then did you always use the window to get in? Or is it something to do with escaping Dadiji’s eyes?”
“You are smart” Payal told her in an impressed tone even as they heard Dadi calling out orders to someone downstairs as she climbed up the stairs.
Khushi then watched as chaos broke out before her in nearly muted tones
“Dadi” Anjali called out in a warning tone “Payal Hide!”
“I told you Payal.. I told you this would happen… Why oh my god” Akaash hushed in hyper tension
“Cool down Akaash.. You are almost chasing me” Payal hissed at him
“Nothing to worry, I will keep her in bay, run upstairs” NK volunteered to help as he ran down quickly.
Khushi who was watching all this in confusion then turned to pick up her tray with empty glasses and walked down- Still wondering why Payal’s coming to this house was treated so secretly.
Khushi walked down the stairs as Dadi came up, with NK tagging along, talking about something trivial to her. As khushi crossed Dadi, a ring tone blared up from her tray. This attracted Dadi’s attention as well as a surprised Khushi’s too as she noticed just then that the tray had an IPhone in it. She realized that it was Payal’s IPhone and it must have landed in the tray when they both tried to balance the tray together.
Khushi stared at the phone and then at Dadi, who almost turned her face with contempt and disapproval at the blaring choice of music. Khushi almost let out a sigh of relief but then Dadi suddenly jerked her head back at the tray as Khushi cursed her luck.
“Whose mobile is that?” Dadi asked in a stern tone . Khushi blinked at her as Dadi picked up the phone and stared at Akaash’s pic which flashed on the screen and glared back at Khushi.
“Wo.. My My Phone Dadi” NK who was standing just behind them jumped in to help Khushi.
“Yours?” Dadi asked in a confused tone “and why may I ask you happen to have Akaash’s pic in the phone ?”
“Why shouldn’t I?” NK asked his Dadi “he is my brother” he tried to take the phone off her hand as the call ended “and when he calls me, it displays his pic… when Arnav calls it displays his pic and when Anjali calls it displays her pic”
“oh it is a bit unusual to have such kind of pics even if it is one’s brother’s pic” Dadi said as she showed the phone which started to ring again. NK stared at the pic where Akaash was kissing the air.
Khushi tried hard to suppress her laughter when she looked at the expression that NK gave his dadi.
Dadi turned back to stare at her, quieting her.
“And You” she said “why are you having his mobile?”
“I..” Khushi started to say
“I gave it to her to give it to NK” Arnav’s voice came from up the stairs.
“You had forgotten it on my desk, Akaash was trying to call you” Arnav lied smoothly to NK as NK sighed in relief.
“OH yeah.. Thanks bro” Nk said as he took the mobile from Dadi. The phone blarred again for the third time.
Dadi kept looking at NK as he attended it.
“Hello…..yeah Paa… aah,,,Akaash..I mean  Hi Akaash….I have your phone with me…I mean No, I don’t have your phone with me… Its mine…..Oh shit .. why am I blabbering… Wait I will come up ” NK cut the phone and grinned at Dadi.
It seemed to be a bad day for NK. As soon as he cut the call, his mobile in his pocket started to ring. Dadi looked at him as he grinned again at her foolishly… “My Australian mobile dadi“ he told her as he cut the call from the other mobile.
Dadi shook her head and proceeded upstairs.
NK whistled in respite as soon as Dadi’s head disappeared up the stairs.
“That was close! Thanks Bro”
Arnav nodded at him and then looked at Khushi
“What?” she barked back at him
“I think you also owe me thanks”
“I don’t think so”
“Really, I should have let you answer Dadi then”
“As if you would dare to” She replied back to him and proceeded downstairs.
“What do you mean?” he asked puzzled.
“You were scared that I would spill the beans about Payal.” She explained. “By the way why do you people lie to the elders in your own family? You were right in a way… I can never lie to my family members “.  Saying so, she went downstairs leaving a seething Arnav staring back at her in the stairs.
“ARNAV!!!” Akaash’s urgent voice reached him, pulling him out of his anger as he looked back up the stairs.
Akaash looked back from  the edge of the stairs from where he shouted his brother’s name and in the process he had almost sent his other brother off his balance on the stairs.
“What do you mean? How could you be so cool about it? ” Akaash panicked when he heard what Payal had told him seconds before…
“What happened?” NK asked bemusedly
“Wedding” Anjali offered “in three days”
“Mine” Payal said pulling out wedding invites from her handbag
“oah!” NK exclaimed as he sympathized with a jerking Akaash
“You told your father had fixed the wedding on Friday… why this Monday suddenly?” Akaash asked her
“I have no clue Mr.Raizada” Payal told Akaash “and that’s why I came to see you urgently- I don’t know why, but Dad preponed the wedding date- He says that it was for VISA procedures but I don’t believe that’s the case- I don’t know how he got a wind of our plans…”
“There goes Arnav’s plans down the drain…” NK summed up their situation as they waited for Arnav to reach up.
Ok, Seems like Arnav and Khushi are bickering once again.... and Akaash and Payal love story is in mess.. but why worry bother when our hero is here... wait... would our hero be able to pull them out together out of this alone?  or would he need help from his heroine to get out of it this time? 

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Suruchirazdan on 2013-07-16, 15:46

Thank u so so so much.. for the update... u dont know how desperately.... i was waiting for ur update...

Since u werent updating... i was re-reading ur all stories... and i must say... u r fabulous.... phenomenon.... terrific... i am out of words... simply... i love u dear...

u hav brought smile on my face...


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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Love destiny games


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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Thanks for continuing this FF..


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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dear vi ... earnestly wishing to get rid of this plagiarism... and i do want to continue reading DG .... so here i am landing in D for the love of DG ... bounce


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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hey abavi.. glad that you are back!!!!


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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hey girl, i cant see the whole update.............commenting to see whether i can, after commenting............


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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hi abhavi...really love your story. hope to read more


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Destiny games update

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awesome update. pl. do continue.

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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Abavi wrote:From the author's desk: Hello people, thanks a lot for your patient wait until I bounced back, and lot of hugs for all your kind words, support and fight against plagarism...
I was really touched with the mails of comfort that reached my inbox. I am really glad and feel blessed to have started with FFs which eventually gave me such a set of loyal friends..

and a big sorry with puppy dog eyes for making you all wait this long... here is the next update for this story.

Instructions to read this update: you would be required to leave a comment for the first time, then you will be automatically be able to read the update

Chapter 10: Saviour of Love
part 4 : Trouble around the corner

 thanks for th update


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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commenting to see the whole update:P


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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that was an amazing update vi....sent me into fits of laughter after a long long (really long)time ...... sabr ka phal bohot hi meeta tha...... thanx for the update.... it was action packed.....pls continue soon .....

ps not yet familiar with moving around here .... so is there a possibility of pm......if so would luv it if u can pm me.... 
amus5(IF) :)


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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ok, so posting a comment, worked..........but i was almost off the seat, waiting eagerly cause the update wasnt loading..............

lovely one, there............glad sheetal was shooed off :P

ofcourse hero is gonna need his heroine around...............would love to read that update soonish, u owe us one,


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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