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ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by aquagal on 2013-09-03, 17:15

This was one filmy update with Khushi going full on Bollywood style.
Akash was so nervous, wanting to and not wanting to at the same time. Khushi will have to listen to Dadi and face her wrath for doing this.
But all is done and it's for the best.


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by tanviarshi on 2013-09-03, 23:10

Wooow...what a dramatic wedding!!! Finally our love guru 'khushi's" filmy drama brought payash together... But wen will our arshi will b together...waiting eagerly... Plz update soon.. Thanks for pm..


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by sweetydoll32 on 2013-09-04, 01:27

superb update loved it plz update soon


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by SirenMitra on 2013-09-04, 02:13

I was laughing the whole time. Very funny...
Especially Nk and Khushi scene were hilarious...


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Battabais on 2013-09-04, 02:39

Abavi wrote:Hello all
I have come up with another new FF. This is more of a Fanfiction but the characters are pretty much the same.
It is again a story of love blooming between a rich guy, who had to take the reins of running the big family at an young age because of a irresponsible father and a young girl, who was forced into a life, due to destiny- but isnt ready to sell her self respect to do so.
Scrol down for index of chapters
[Attention: This is a promo and not the prologue . This scene has'nt yet happened in the story and will happen in future updates- Had to put this disclaimer as readers are getting confused]
Arnav looked with contempt at this person in wet ragged clothes and unkepmt dry untidy hair in front of him, the cheap alcohol consumed by the man emanating stinking smell, Disgusted, his eyes moved away from the man and slowly took in the thin figure next to this man- The girl was skinny and would be 16 or 17 at the most, She was wearing a long skirt and a blouse, both wet from the rains outside and wet and thin dupatta that she had drapped around her was hardly giving her any warmth or protection and She stood there shivering and clutching her dupatta tightly.

"I am Shashi Gupta" The man introduced himself "and this is my daughter Kushi"
"and why did you come here for?" Dadi asked him promptly
"Because there is a debt that needs to be cleared"
"whom were you debted to?"
"Your son was debted to me... We had a gamble last month and he lost this house to me"

Shock coursed throught the inmates of Raizada Mansion

"Oh my God... He gambled with this house too... What else is left for us now... we are left with literally nothing" Nani whispered anguishedly, While 19 year old Anjali clutched Payal's fingers tightly and sobbed.
"I am not a merciless man... I do not want this mansion, if you are ready to compensate this bond in my terms" Shashi spoke out loud and clear
"and your terms are?" Arnav spit out, angry at his recently deceased father, who had left him nothing but huge loans, His father had literally sold or mortgaged every other property and Arnav thought he had only the family business which was again not in good shape as it was extremely neglected by his father and this mansion.. but now the mansion was gone too...

"You marry my daughter. I will give this mansion back to you"
"What? " The family burst out. Arnav was shocked himself

PS: The girl only looked 16 or 17 doesnt necessarily mean she is of that age
P.S.2: If you are not already following this FF, you can start doing so now... be kind to me and comment!

Chapter 1- The Raizada Mansion (page 1)

Part 1: All in vain
Part 2: Building up hopes

Chapter 2- Lovebirds in Despair (page 1)

Part 1: The impending storm
Part 2: The battle of Sharmas
Part 3: Unbreakable bonds
part 4: Warning Signs

Chapter 3- The first impressions (page 2)

Part1: All roads lead to...
Part2: When Sky met earth
Part3: Tables Turned
Part4: Receeding waves

Chapter 4- Against all odds (page 2)
Part 1:Finding the way
Part2:Flaw(less) Plans

Chapter 5- Destined to be (page 2 and 3)

Part 1: On cross roads
Part 2: Train of thoughts
Part 3: Of triumphs and setbacks
Part 4: Tides from the heart

Chapter 6: Feats of Assumptions (Page 3 and 4)

Part 1: Out of the blue
Part 2: Missed Meet
Part 3: Fallacious Influences
Part 4: Schemes of Will

Chapter 7: Destiny's call (Page 4 and 5)

Part 1: Master of all Mix-ups
Part 2: Modus Operandi
Part 3: To hold and to have
Part 4: Baits and Preys

Chapter 8- Inevitable lament(Page 5)
Part 1: The last epistle
part 2: The final rites

Chapter 9: Twists of time (page 5 and 6)

Part 1: The Wannabe Guardian
Part 2: Towards of a new dawn
Part 3: Griha Pravesh
Part 4: All is well again

Chapter 10: The Savior of Love (page 6)
Part 1: Unforeseen Crisis
Part 2: All in vain
Part 3: Friends(and more)?
Part 4: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Chapter 11: The brides of Raizadas

Part 1: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Part 2: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by frenzyy on 2013-09-04, 04:47

loved the update! hilarious khushi's idea:)  ROFL


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by astunningsanz on 2013-09-04, 05:13

OMG the update was hilarious
Khushi is a nutter but her plan was super successful
she got both families to agree and give their blessings to the couple
i was in fits of laughter throughout


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by Khuchi87 on 2013-09-04, 07:16

gosh í had to stop reading for ä while to overcome my laughter. Khushi is so filmy!


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by seeta_naips on 2013-09-04, 07:27

just loved it
Khushi is so filmy, she had everybody so stunned
They did not know if they were coming or going:*rofl*: ROFL


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by rani05 on 2013-09-04, 08:16

great story!


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truely hilarious1!!!!!.... good update.. pls progress soon to arshi.. thx

Post by Durgamadhavan on 2013-09-04, 10:07

Abavi wrote:From the author's desk: here it is, the next update for this chapter. Do read and let me know your views... I read each and every comment, at both the forums and I am deeply grateful to all of you for all your views.. I still have to reply to your PMs which I shall do as soon as possible.. I am a little short of time as of now...
PMs will follow soon

Happy reading!


Chapter 11: Brides of Raizadas
Part 2: Dasmel in Shining Armour.

The morning of the wedding bore signs that this day was not going to be normal..
First of all, NK and Anjali strived hard to contain a very panicky Akaash who was flipping as if he was having kittens all over the place…
“Okay.. Okay.. Cool Akaash.. today IS your wedding with your sweet heart” He told himself as he checked himself in the mirror for the hundredth time that morning.
Anjali and NK exchanged glances as they sighed and rolled their eyes.. Anjali was counting the seconds with her fingers without any sound…
Before she even reached 10 seconds, Akaash flipped again
“NO, I don’t think I would be able to say I do” he pulled out his Shawl and threw it on the bed.
“NOT again” NK hissed and Anjali threw her hands on the air
“You don’t have to say I do” Anjali told her brother with a calmness which was new found for her “all you have to do is to follow whatever Khushi has planned and then when the time comes fill Payal’s maang with sindoor and tie the Mangalsutra around her neck”
“Yeah, I know” Akaash said with a dreamy face“and then she would be my own… MY WIFE” he turned to face his younger siblings “But how is Khushi going to manage with the elders blessings… I don’t understand… “He was thoughtful for a while “Anjali, is it unlucky if I talk to Payal now?”
“NO, it is not… But you would end up speaking to her mother as her mobile is with her mother” Anjali told as a matter of fact "and you will end up being unlucky" she finished as Akaash’s face fell down
“Cool down Akaash” NK muttered as he saw him walking all over the room with his very rare tensed state..
“We haven’t seen him like this for a long long time” Anjali muttered to NK “He must be really tensed about taking the plunge!”
“Yeah, I vaguely remember him like this when he was awaiting his tenth board results…” Nk told her
“Yeah, and Arnav was expecting his 12th board results too at that time right?” Anjali exclaimed as she remembered that day “and when Akaash was in all jitters.. Bhai was sitting on the couch with some chips packet in his hand, his legs up in the table and was coolly watching some football match… “ Anjali was shaking her head in amusement
“Where is he?” NK asked all of a sudden “He can calm down Akaash”
“I don’t know where he went, He is not in his room” Anjali answered NK when Akaash grew more restless
“WHAT? Arnav is not there? Where did he go suddenly? Lets cancel all this… I am not getting married”
“Then the evening papers would have news about you getting murdered by Payal” Nk told him
Akaash looked petrified…
“Are you all ready?” Khushi opened Akaash’s door and enquired them.
“Yeah, we are for almost an hour...”
“What happened to you?” Khushi asked looking at Akaash
“He is a nervous wreck today” Anjali told her
“I feel like I am getting a fever” Akaash complained to her
“Oh thats ok… you will be alright… it happens when you are excited about something…” Khushi told him as she ushered him outside the room and the other two followed.
“Now what’s the plan?” Anjali asked Khushi
“nothing complicated… We all head to the mandap… “ Khushi said them “while NK stays back to bring the elders to the mandap”
“What? Am I not coming with you?” Nk asked perplexed “What do I do.. ? what do I tell them?”
“Say something.. say there is a satsang, say that there is a pooja… or you can also say Akaash is secretly getting married… Say anything you want.. Your job is to bring them there.. But remember don’t enter before I give you a missed call.. understood”
“Yeah somewhat” NK told her looking confused. “Arent you telling us the plan?”
“Not yet, I want to keep up the surprise factor, come lets get moving… or we are gonna be late”
“But aren’t you gonna change?” Anjal asked Khushi as she noticed her wearing only a cotton kurti and white Patiala, her multi color dupatta crossed across her shoulder as usual
“No I am ready” Khushi said as she checked her cross shoulder bag for the invites…
“Shouldn’t we wait for Arnav?” Akaash asked her
“Where did he go now?” Khushi wondered aloud
“No idea… He is not there in his room… “ Anjali told her “He left his mobile here too”
“We need to wait until Bhai returns back”
“I think your BHAI chickened out today… we are by ourselves…” Khushi declared to the worried lot.
“What the?”
Khushi turned to look at Arnav who was back from his jog…
“How dare you..” Arnav said as he gritted his teeth at Khushi
Khushi was first stunned to find him there and not to mention his drenched self, he did look exceedingly dashing in that state. Then she cleared her throat as she saw him charging towards her with his clenched jaw…
“Look at you… you went for a jog when your Brother’s love life is at stake? How can you be so irresponsible?”
“You don’t have to tell me what to do..” Arnav told her as the others interrupted both of their silly fight for the greater good.
As Arnav left to get ready, Khushi discharged NK for what he was supposed to do.
“NK, distract the family as I ship these lot out of the house…” Khushi told him
“Why? They would not mind if we are going out… we are not prisoners here” Anjali told her
“Oh yeah.. they are not going to mind when they very well know that today is Payal’s wedding and you are all in traditional wear… they are not too stupid… they will easily put two and two together- they are atleast gonna think that…”
“we are all going to attend the wedding…and try stopping it for Akaash’s sake” Anjali finished for her
“yes” Khushi affirmed..
“Ok” NK said as he went down “What do I say about my own Kurta?”
“Spin something… aren’t you all so expert in doing that?” Khushi called out after him as the rest of the three rolled their eyes at her “and hey, Give us some signal if the pathway is clear… that should give us the clue…”
Arnav was out of his room in 10 minutes. He was in his usual attire, today he donned his crisp white shirt, the sleeves of which was folded until his elbows as usual and his black pants and Black tuxedo made him look as professional as ever. He found the group hovering around in the first floor near the stairs…
“I thought, I asked you all to wait in the car” He told as he came down. Khushi who was peeping down and was in the process of hitting her palm on her head heard his voice and turned back to look at him.
“We are waiting for our signal to come” Khushi said as they heard yet another song sung by NK
“Ruk Ruk Ruk.. arrey baba ruk… Oh my darling… give me a look” Nk sang loudly
“What the hell is happening down?” Arnav asked them all
“NK is wooing Dadi in the hall” Anjali updated him
“What?” Arnav’s expression invited giggles from Khushi, but she successfully swallowed it.
“Khushi asked him to divert the others in the family so that we can go unnoticed… I think NK is trying to do that… but I don’t know why he is singing those songs to her”
“What crap” Arnav said as he crossed them.. “Why should we divert them?”
“What would they think if all them go down in their traditional best.. our plans would be out…”
“whatever… I give you all exactly 15 mins to come to the car, If you don’t make it… I am not going to wait…”
“What? Is this your favorite dialogue?” Khushi called after him “What will you do without the groom? How will you get them married if Akaash is not there?”
“It was you who said that you will get them married this morning.. not me…”
“So you mean to say that you are not in the plan?”
“Is there actually a plan?” Anjali’s softly muttered.
“What difference is it going to make if there is actually a plan kiddo” Arnav told his sister “Her plan is anyway not going to work.. “
“How dare you.. as if you have a better plan…” Khushi went towards him pointing her finger at his face which he grabbed and took it down as she winced
“I do have a practical one. I have already told Payal to walk out of the wedding announcing that she is not interested in front of the entire crowd, I am just going there to bring her home.. I don’t think Akaash is required for that”
“Oh.. You think Dadiji would accept her?”
“She would not initially, but she would get used to and Payal is ready to face it… I am sure Akaash is also ready to face it” Arnav said as he glanced at his brother and he gave a nod of acceptance…
“But things could be so much better with my plan… not only will they accept you both, but will end up getting you both married Akaashji..” Khushi told Akaash
“Bhai, why don’t we give her plan a chance?” Akaash asked his brother, who shrugged as if he didn’t believe an ounce in it
“Your choice, I am giving you all 10 minutes until you reach the car..” he said as he turned back and went down…
“Nahin Nahin, Abhi Nahin Abhi Karo Intezaar” NK’s sing song voice floated to them.
Before Arnav could react to NK dancing in front of Dadi with an imaginary guitar in his hand… Khushi dashed forward and pulled him aside.. the suddenness of her pull made him lose his balance and he ended up being thrown up against her on the wall, trapping her between him and the wall… Luckily they were out of view from the ground floor audience. But they weren’t so lucky for they were in full view of Akaash and Anjali who were still watching them.
For a moment, the time stopped for Arnav and Khushi as they we encapsulated yet again by the familiar scent of the other, the one that was so very familiar, yet so strange...a scent so used to yet so fresh and new… Khushi was the one who got out of the trance first.
“He told he will give us signal… what did you think, we are all sitting here hatching eggs?” she hissed at him partly trying to shove away his weight off her.
“What the” he gritted his teeth as he tried to regain his balance…
Anjali’s eyes had already gone into two big saucers looking at the nautanki happening down below in the stairs, that the one which was happening below in the ground floor didn’t even amuse her. Akaash was still in dilemma whose plan to follow…
Then there were a couple of old hindi songs, which again hinted them not to come down…
“What is he doing? Performing chitrahaar with Dadi.. I asked him to give signals and here he is singing songs… asking us not to come…” Khushi muttered
“that’s because your idea is stupid!” Arnav said as he freed himself from her and turned and directly went down.. Khushi and others watched him go down with open mouthed expressions…
With bated breath they all heard him exchange some pleasantries with his dadi and nani and then tell them that he was going out
“Wont even help…” Khushi kept muttering… “May be we should use the way Payal used to come and go”
“Are you kidding? I am in a lehenga choli” Anjali hissed at her and then her eyes grew wide as she saw Khushi’s insane face expressions “You are not serious are you?” she asked in a surprised tone as Akaash too blinked at Khushi…
“No..No..this is not happening…” Akaash moved backwards…
“Its not that difficult Akaash, think again” Khushi told him with a wicked smile..


A few minutes later, Khushi walked down to see NK still trying to divert Nani, Mami and Dadi in his poetical way… and informed them that she is going out for some work. A little while later, they heard Arnav’s car drive out of the gates and Nk was utterly confused as he kept looking towards the first floor and scratched his head about how Akaash and Anjali managed to leave the house


“That was close… I mean, never in my life, did I think that I would climb down a window and go get married” Akaash kept mumbling…
“You are never going to forget this day ever in your life Akaash” Anjali let out a excited laughter… “I never thought your wedding would be this adventureous… This is the first time ever, the groom's siblings too eloped for a groom's wedding!”
“Stupid and crazy” Arnav muttered from the driver’s seat
“what is stupid?” Khushi was quick to retort
“This whole idea… who asked you all to get dressed like this? And Akaash… climbing down the window with pagdi and everything… It is definitely crazy…it was your idea isn’t it?” he asked Khushi
“Just because you don’t know how to dress for a wedding, don’t call others stupid…”
The other two rolled their eyes. These two were into one of their famous banters…
“Not today” Akaash muttered but it went unnoticed.
“I don’t wear traditional outfits… I don’t like them.. I am not comfortable in it” Arnav snapped at Khushi. Anjali raised her eyebrows in surprise. Why is her brother justifying his dressing style to Khushi?
“Its not about what you think about traditional outfits.. its about what he thinks about it because it is his day…” Khushi told him.
“If you had let him do how he thinks he should do, I don’t think he would have acted this stupid”
Akaash was so shocked that he looked from his brother to khushi and back- why are they both rolling his head for the sake of proving who is stupid…
“If he acted stupid it is not because of my idea.. it is because he is your brother…” Khushi spat out suddenly
Three whats came out simulataneously…
“Stupidity ought to be in your blood… but luckily the others didn’t inherit as much as you have …” Khushi told angrily pointing to Arnav.
The car stopped with a jerk throwing the unwary inmates a little to the front.
“OUT” Arnav shouted at Khushi
“What?” Khushi started to speak..
“But.. but..” Khushi was shocked.. “You can’t ask me to get out like this… “
“I very well can… and infact I just did it… OUT”
What will happen to Akaash and…”
Anjali and Akaash started to speak at the same time.
“If you both open your mouth to support her now, you are welcome to join her” Arnav said as they both shut their mouths.
“Don’t you worry both of you.. he is hit with that AA syndrome again.. He is in his advanced stage…” Khushi told them as she got out of the car…
“Khushi Ji..” Akaash called out as she got out of the car..
“Don’t worry Akaashji… My plans are still intact… we will meet soon” She said as she bent a little and peered into the front seats “and get well soon Mr.Laad governor”
Arnav glared at her before he started the vehicle and sped away with Khushi stranded on the street…
“What to do now? “ she wondered.. “How do I reach the wedding hall in time?”
Arnav, Akaash and Anjali easily got entry into the mandap with the VIP passes that Payal had provided them with. If they were surprised with the smiling welcome that Mr and Mrs Sharma bestowed them with they didn’t show it.
“Arnav… something is fishy.. they seem too pleased isn’t it?” Anjali whispered into her brother’s ear
“You are right Kiddo.. lets see if they can surprise us.. or if they are gonna get surprised… “
“Arnav… what are we going to do now?” Akaash asked him as they got saw Payal coming down the stairs for her varmala.
“Payal wouldn’t carry this wedding forward Akaash, I have already spoken to her two days back on what she needs to do. Don’t panic” Arnav started to say as they noticed two me dressed in similar black outfits from head to toe come and stand on either side of them. They also saw Sharma Sharma smiling at them from a distance.
“OH my gosh!” Anjali hissed with fear “they look like bodyguards”
“so this is their plan” Arnav thought as he looked at Payal who was also staring in their direction with worry itched on her face
“Is it only me or does Payal look as if she is uncertain about something?” Akaash asked the other two.
Arnav asked the other two to move away from eachother, but they were stopped from moving anywhere by the two men in black.
“Do not make any move, or we will attack this girl” one of them told them in a hoarse whisper as he put a pistol to Anjali’s back. The two brothers stood there shell shocked.
Payal’s face looked apologetic as she took the varmala which was offered to her. They all watched with helpless anxiety as the pandit asked Vinod and Payal to exchange the garlands.
As they exchanged garlands… Anjali held Akaash who was controlling himself from breaking down..
“Bhai, do something” Anjali pleaded to Arnav
“Nothing is over until everything is over Anjali…Akaash don’t lose hope… I promised you Payal will be yours.. ” Arnav told his brother and nodded subtly at Payal.
She smiled back a little and stood facing Vinod as the couple was taken to dais where the fire was lit for the pheres. They heard the pandit ask Vinod to tie the mangal sutra around Payal’s neck.
Then the guests who came to that wedding saw everything happen in a way that they have never witnessed in their life… They were audience to a wedding which could never get more dramatic.
Anjali’s jaws hit the floor as she saw Payal sudden withdraw a penknife from her lehenga and hold it to Vinod’s neck.
“If you touch that mangal sutra… I will kill you” She hissed at him.
A collective gasp escaped from everyone gathered around as Arnav slowly smirked.
“Payal…” Her parents hissed at her “what do you think you are doing? Did you forget what we told you a little earlier?”
He was about to instruct the bodyguards to remove the pistol from pointing to his sister when they all heard yet another voice
“NAHI!!! ”
It was totally Bollywood style as everyone turned to see whose it was…
But Arnav, Akaash or Anjali never had to guess.. It was Khushi!
“Stop it” She screamed as she came forward… Payal was confused as she withdrew the knife slowly.
Her parents too looked beyond the crowd to see whose voice it was as Khushi came forward
“How can you do this?” She asked looking directly at the people at the dais… “Please don’t go ahead with this wedding and give back my love to me…”
“Oh alright… I get it” Sharad Sharma said as he looked at Arnav and group.. “I know who is the master behind this ridiculous plan…” he said as Arnav raised his eyebrow at sharad
But Sharad has this smile in his face which looked more cold and calculating.
“So how much were you paid to act like this?” Sharad asked Khushi
“Paid? I am seriously telling you all… I am in love with..”
“Vinod?” Sharad asked her and then turned towards Vinod
“Vinod beta… do you know this girl?”
“No uncle.. I haven’t even seen her in life…”
“I know beta… But I am sure there are pics of you both together in her kitty.. isn’t it little girl?” Sharad asked Khushi mockingly
“What is she doing?” Anjali asked her brothers. While Akaash shook his head in a bemused way, Arnav rolled his eyes..
”Drama queen.. what else can she do.. Drama!... All this crap works out only in Bollywood.. Such a stupid plan”
“Seriously, Did she think she can get away with this drama?” Anjali muttered “What if Vinod said Ok lets get married if you love me .. She will be in soup” Anjali mumbled
“Serves her good for her stupid plan!” Arnav told her, he never thought of this angle and he stared right back at Khushi. “Then we would have to rescue her too…” he thought to himself.
But Khushi was totally in her element.
“What pics? I don’t have any pics of this pig face… why I wouldn’t even consider him worthy of gawking, let alone being in love with him…” Khushi told with a poker face confusing everyone around…
“But bitya, if you don’t love the groom, then why do you want to stop this wedding?” one of the elders in the crowd asked her
“Because I love the bride” Khushi answered back dramatically, throwing everyone there in stunned surprise. Even Payal was taken aback when she heard this.

“What the” Arnav muttered. Anjali’s eyes became saucers with surprise
“What bakwaas is this?” Sharad asked Khushi
“Yes Uncle, I am in love with your daughter… She promised me the moon, the stars and everything beyond it.. We even agreed to get married and now you force her to marry a man? How could you do this uncle… how could you do this…” with drama in full swing, everyone stared at khushi not knowing what to say…

Khushi then threw a soppy look at Payal and grinned at her. Payal choked.
"Khushi?" she called out tentatively

“How could you do this… to our love… our forever love… you even agreed to elope with me to UK.. so that we can get married and live our own life… peacefully.. now now.. how can you do this to me? to our love... all those star gazing nights... all those sweet coated words of love and promises of togetherness... were they all a lie? is this all you can do for me and our love... ” Khushi built up the scene

Arnav exchanged glances with Akaash and Anjali both of whom looked equally bemused and shocked with Khushi's audacity

"You all dont believe me isnt it?" Khushi asked the crowd.. "Even she knows how much we love eachother..." Khushi told as she pulled Anjali to the front and Payal blinked at Anjali as she swallowed in confusion.

"Anjali?" Arnav muttered

Anjali turned to look at her brothers

"I swear I dont know where she is heading" she hushed back at them...

Khushi saw Arnav throwing draggers at her... and winked... making him gulp at the suddeness of the move

"Dont you?" Khushi asked Anjali "Dont be scared of your brother.. tell them all the truth... about my sad love story"

"hmm .. yeah.. I think so" Anjali strutted...

"Did you all listen?" Khushi turned to the audience to continue her drama...

"Uncle, Aunty... wont you all stop this wedding... If I were your daughter, would you have let this injustice happen to my poor heart and love?"

Arnav muttered "unbelievable" when he recovered from the wink and rolled his eyes at Akaash who hid his sheepish grin with a cough.

"Payal" Khushi called out again "Tell me... dont you love me anymore... How can you marry a Man? a man afterall?"

“uh.. urm.. eh..” it was one of the rare situations when Payal was also silenced with shock. She strutted.
Arnav was so engrossed in the drama that when Anjali cluctched him he got scared that she was feeling giddy but then he noticed she was doubled up with laughter
“Trust her to come up with something like this…” Anjali told amidst her laughter.
“What? Are you a lesbian?” Vinod asked Payal disgustingly
Payal blinked back at vinod
“Why ? is it a problem for you?” Khushi asked Vinod as she jumped into the dais and charged towards Vinod
Vinod opened his mouth to answer
“Shut your mouth.. you don’t have to answer this.. We don’t mind if it bothers you.. for you don’t exist for us..” she said as she put her hand on Payal’s hip and pulled Payal towards her “She is my love and she will marry me”
A flock of reporters who were present in the audience were capturing this juicy drama for their evening relay. The Audience were fresh with gossip. The Raizadas were totally floored, and The sharmas Dumb stuck…
“Do something..” Mrs Sharma hissed at her husband as she noticed the khatri’s showing faces
“Stop this bakwaas…” Sharad was hypertensed. “Vinod beta, this is all drama… My daughter isn’t..”
“No uncle, you cheated me… I said I am ok with marrying Payal because I thought she was straight… where did this come from…” Vinod said as he removed the garland from his neck and threw it away
“I cant marry a les” Vinod said as his parents supported his decision
“She is not one…” Sharad shouted at Vinod and his parents
“She loves me” Khushi emphasized her stand and her grip on Payal tightened. “Don’t you? tell the world the truth…”
Payal could only smirk at the situation as she saw her parents panicking at the situation
“I love you” she told Khushi who smiled at her triumpatically.
“Don’t lie” Sharad shouted at his daughter “is this one of your crazy plans?”
“Its ok if you don’t want to accept me as your bahu” Khushi started to say, Anjali almost double with laughter. She sat down, unable to contain the mirth…
“You will accept when we give you your Grandchild” Khushi told dramatically as Payal turned and stared at Khushi who winked at her.
“What?” Susheela screamed “Ram ram…”
“You bring any one, vinod, ram.. anyone.. But Payal loves me!” Khushi said and then reinforced her message with a kiss on her cheek.
Sharad and Susheela took a look at all the guests who were gossiping about this and Sharad determindedly walked towards bemused Akaash and pulled him to the front…
“This girls is a liar” Sharad told the crowd “and my daughter is not like that.. She is in love with Akaash and not this characterless girl… Tell them the truth Akaash.. don’t you love her… Tell them all.. tell them” Sharad’s voice was almost pleading. His reputation was at stake and he badly wanted to save it.
“Umm.. eh..Yes Uncle, I and Payal are very much in love…” Akaash confirmed it much to Sharad’s relief
“Woah! “ Khushi called out “Do you love him?” She asked Payal dramatically pushing Payal to heights of confusion
Akaash blinked too…
“Why.. yes… I love him verymuch”
“More than you love me?”
Khushi grinned at her
“Fine by me… GO get married to him then” she said as she pulled Akaash to make him stand next to Payal and forced the garland which was lying on the floor into his hand.
“What are you gawking at Pandit ji… tell the mantras… these two are ready to get married” she instructed the pandit as the Sharmas looked at her baffled as the real reason behind the drama slowly sinked into them.
“You cheat.. you dramabeez” Susheela started to say but she was stopped by the Khatri’s who called the sharmas Cheats. “your family disrespected us…” they said before they walked out, unmindful of the pleads by the Sharma family
“What are you both waiting for?” Khushi nudged at the couple who were watching the khatris walk out and Sharmas stranded at the mandap staring behind them.
Khushi gave NK a missed call before she stopped Akaash from exchanging garlands with Payal
“What? You wont marry Payal? Why?” She shouted at Akaash
Akaash was bewildered and so was Payal. What new drama was this?
“When did I say that?” he started to say but soon was forced to stop saying anything further as he felt a piercing pain in his right foot. He found it was Khushi’s heels which was crushing him.
Khushi gave him a look which screamed at him to stop talking…
“Oh Payal… Akaash also wont marry you…but why?” Khushi shouted as Payal glared at her.
Arnav and Anjali looked equally bewildered.
“Khushi” Payal hissed “what now? I thought everything went well…”
“Haan.. even I thought everything went well..” Khushi cried as she glanced the entrance and then at her mobile “Where is this dumbo?”
“Who?” Akaash asked
“Not you” khushi asked as he clutched his jaws. Then NK appeared at the entrance with the elders.
“Haan” Khushi cried in high pitch again… “Akaash says that he wont marry until his elders say yes to it”
It was a totally chaotic scene. The guests were murmering among themselves. Akaash was looking at Payal apologetically for something he was not even responsible for, Payal was pissed off… Anjali was enjoying the fun, NK bewildered, Dadi angry, Nani bemused, Mama and Mami wondering why there were here and Sharmas confused and worried and on top of it Arnav wondering what the hell that chit of a girl had in her mind.
Khushi was randomly speaking in high pitched tones to all random people
“Look at the groom, how well groomed he is… He wont marry until his Dadi and nani gave permission… have you ever seen such a well groomed guy? Ask them… tell them to give permission… Look they are here too… “
The guests finally made a move and asked Dadi and Nani to say yes to Akaash.
“Such a good hearted boy you have” one of them said
“Yes, it is very difficult for a girl to get married again in her wedding stops after coming to mandap and this boy of yours wants your permission… “ another told them
“Who will do this at these times? Waiting for elders approval… and you boy gave you that privilege. Wont you return that love for him by saying yes?” Another lady added to it…
“Sharad ji… Susheela ji, they won’t deny if you ask… go and ask… “ Khushi pushed the uneasy Sharmas towards Dadi and Nani.

"What never..." Sharad began to say..

"Oh my god... look at the bride... she is going to stash her wrist with that pen knife..." Khushi shouted as Payal herself choked in surprise and Akaash snatched the knife and threw it away..

“Forgive us Subadra ji, Devyani ji… but won’t you agree for your Grandson’s wedding with my daughter?”

"Please, please save our daughter..."

With the Sharmas descending down for their approval and the people pressure building on, Dadi and others had no other go but to nod yes to Akaash… While Nani shook her head at Khushi who winked at her and smiled her approval, Dadi nodded her approval with little reluctance and stared at khushi. But khushi didnt mind it, She knew she would be in the line of fire later... But she didnt bother much!

“They gave permission, they said yes… “ Khushi shouted and jumped as she ran back to the couple.

“For the very last time Panditji… tell the mantras one more time… you have told the mantras thrice for this couple, they will have thrice the goodness” She chatted away as the pandit ji started the mantras again for the third time… She turned to see NK, Anjali and Arnav standing a little far away still stunned.

“What are you both gawking at? Its your brother’s wedding go go..” Khushi pushed NK and Anjali to the front.

She then approached Arnav tentatively and cleared her throat

“What?” he asked her irritatingly

“What- What? “ she asked back at him “DO you need to be told separately… why are you standing here?”

“My wish”

“Fine!” she said as she walked a little forward and then came back and again stood by him

“What now?”

“Did you notice?”


“You brother and Payal getting married” she said “in presence of her parents, and your elders”

“So what?”

“so what?” She repeated in surprise “is that what you can manage? You don’t even have the grace to accept defeat…”

“Defeat? Who said so?”

“Haa.. I made this possible… not you.. “

“That doesn’t mean it is my defeat…”
“You said, I won’t be able to do this…”

“What I told, pushed you carry it to completion… my words motivated you to take it as a challenge… I gave you that extra push.. Nevertheless.. it was too over dramatic for my liking! ” he said as he walked forward to witness the wedding as the couple was finally declared husband and wife after their seven pheres.
Khushi stood there open mouthed for a while before she stamped her foot and followed Arnav

One bride has already arrived, two more to go! by the way, it was greatly amused by some of your comments which speculated whether Khushi would get married on the same day to Arnav... No the chapter has been named brides of Raizadas for a reason and that would be revealed to you in Part 4 of the chapter... See you all soon.. I try hard to define this soon to be atleast in a week... But all in vain...


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by lucia_san on 2013-09-04, 14:24

wowwww.. not enough of this chapter.. reading again and again.. Khushi is totally crazy..:*lol*: 

Please update the next part soon...


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by NM2009 on 2013-09-04, 14:26

Thanks for the update abavi


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by sanghamitra on 2013-09-04, 16:04

I just love u..
What a amazing update..!!


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by sanjana yadav on 2013-09-04, 17:51

loved it
finally payal and akash are happily married with elders blessing
god khushi is such a dramebaaz
loved the drama
its like a complete paisa wasul type
grt part
khushi and payal lesbo act was hilarious
loved it

sanjana yadav

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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by sanjana yadav on 2013-09-04, 17:52

loved it
finally payal and akash are happily married with elders blessing
god khushi is such a dramebaaz
loved the drama
its like a complete paisa wasul type
grt part
khushi and payal lesbo act was hilarious
loved it

sanjana yadav

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good story

Post by cutebhaiyya on 2013-09-05, 00:31

i love it


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by PyaarI on 2013-09-05, 10:25

that was one hell of an update i too was thinking shes gonna tell that shes in love with the groom but to the surprise she took 360 degree turn and claimed payal to be her lover you have kept the surprise element till the last line i loved the update thank you for the funfilled update and keep posting SSSSSoooooonnn plsplspls


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by riyasmie on 2013-09-05, 14:30



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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by riyasmie on 2013-09-05, 14:40

comenting to read story:)


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by madhu1210 on 2013-09-05, 16:22

Awesome hilarious update


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by drayudu on 2013-09-06, 13:57

Very nice yar. very hilarious.


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by smilejans on 2013-09-06, 20:19

I love this drama's wedding and obiviously our Drama Queen as ahead..... Awesome.


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by tina0902 on 2013-09-06, 20:35



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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

Post by sadafsalman on 2013-09-07, 04:02

I cant imagine u come up with this idea to solve the problem and i am with arnav it is too dramatic but hilarious keep updating regularlu


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Re: ArHi FF: Destiny Games

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