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Post by pollyanna on 2014-06-08, 19:53

#Filmistaan: Magic of Movies #NitinKakkar #SharibHashmi

a movie which bares the soul and grips the heart;
a movie which underlines that the interplay of human emotions knows no barbed wires;
a movie which reinstates that the tears in eyes have not yet dried up even after more than 60 years of independence of two countries;
a movie which re-emphasizes that the blood is of the same colour even though the flag gets different hues;
a movie which justifies that none won in 1947 except the crown;
a movie which blurs the borders with the least common denominator of roti, kapda,makaan and sapne;
a movie which reassures that Bollywood and Cricket are the greatest leveler for Hindustan and Pakistan;

The debutant director Nitin Kakkar beautifully weaves the Indo-Pak hostility with humour and satire, spins it with cleverly chosen famous filmi dialogues whose placement in the scenes does magic- the message is translated to the audience without going overboard and melodramatic.

The film has some really lovely, hilarious moments which stays with you long after you have come out of the theatre-- Sunny's ransom video, MPK mimicry ,Indo-Pak cricket match. Having said that, the movie touched the raw nerve with the gaon ka old hakim reminiscing about his guzra hua zamaana in Amritsar, the innocent young faces, living in penury,their smile touched the eyes only when a BW movie is played on TV or the protagonist delves into the typical filmigiri.

One the best camera shot was a kati patang hanging from the branches of a tree amidst the vast span of barren desert.Music is finely blended with the narrative and background score gives that edge to the whole film.

Last but not the least,Sharib Hashmi, what a brilliant find for the industry, he owns the role and never once misses the cue, he is superlative from start to finish,an actor par excellence. Innamulhaq is a natural, a gifted one, perfected the art of comic timing and subtleties of emotions.The other characters did full justice with the script and that is the reason why I can convincingly say that Cinema has not died as yet, CONTENT still rules. Its another matter whether it garners commercial success or critical acclaim.The movie stands testimony to the fact that a great film does not need stars,film bara ho na ho, dil bara hona chahiye.

Despite one or at the most two hiccups/fault lines which can safely be ignored, the movie shines through and is outstanding.

Huge round of applause to the director, producers, the entire cast and crew who told a fantastic story with utmost honesty and conviction.

A MUST WATCH --for the sheer love of cinema.

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Re: Filmistaan---Review

Post by Tanthya on 2014-06-09, 15:41

absly loved ur review

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