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Spoiler- Balika Vadhu

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Spoiler- Balika Vadhu

Post by candy on 2014-06-14, 18:03

Shiv tell the officers at the dept. enquiry about how immorally Rashika used to behave with him while she worked for him. Rashika’s father-in-law tells the cops they have to arrest shiv and investigate the matter, even if he is suspended , it’s not enough a punishment for Shiv. Ganga follows Shyamalbhai to his factory . Ganga starts recording   Shyamalbhai true face. She is hiding when she slips and her phone falls . She prays to reach home safe and doesn’t get caught. She escape safely from the factory. Anandi tells Subhadra’s friends that Shiv has done nothing wrong with Rashika, Shiv leaves embarrassed . As Jagya reaches Badi Haveli, so does Ganga . She tells him about Shyamalbhai’s opium usage in medicines but he doesn’t believe her.


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