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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 14 June 2014

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 14 June 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-06-14, 20:51

Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2014 Written Episode

shalu gives the keys to pari. She says to uma.They’re talking about roli. Khushi overhears them. Prem and sid come downstairs. anjali hugs prem.

its prem’s engagement with pari’s sister. Her sister and family is there. is there. She meets roli. Roli says thank you for saying yes to this relationship. I’ll call you my sister from now. The pooja for engagement starts. pandit ji asks them to make each other wear the rings. Rajhindar gives prem the ring. Prem says i can’t do this. Brides mom says what is this. He goes to his room. Mata ji says i’ll talk to him.

She goes to his room and finds him talking to simar’s picture. Mata ji says we can’t see you like this anymore. We’ve seen you in this pain for two years. Mata ji says no one can take simar’s place in this house. But the truth is that she’s gone. Prem says i won’t disappoint you.Pari says to sobi don’t worry prem will agree. Mata ji has gone to take him. Roli says i know where every your are simar didi you must be happy with this decision. This is better for both anjali and prem jiju. They’re looking at stairs for prem. Suddenly mata ji and prem come downstairs. Roli says they’re coming that means simar is happy with this. Prem says i apologise for my bad behavior. He says i’m sorry sobi. I promise i’ll never cause you pain. I’ll try to accept you. But i won’t be able to give you simar’s place. She says i know your love for her. I vow that i’ll never try to take her place. Sid holds anjali. The engagement starts and they both make each other wear the ring. Everyone congratulates them. Whole bharadwaj family is happy.

There’s a function at simar’s new house to. The old lady welcomes everyone. Sid asks the little girl where is you mom? Is She ready? The little girl sanju goes and hugs simar. Simar says you look like a doll.A man gets out of the car and says you’re safe now to someone on call. She must be angry for being late. Simar sees him coming. She says look sanju your papa is here?

no precap.


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Re: Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 14 June 2014

Post by lovely@yesha on 2014-06-15, 21:48

Simar married to someone it is difficult to see guys hope more love scenes of rosid to happen hpee


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