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welcome REHAAN IMRAN QURESHI , QH review

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welcome REHAAN IMRAN QURESHI , QH review

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-06-18, 18:20

A power packed episode.... Billo has always covered Aahil's eyes to help him fall asleep ... Symbolic of what she has always done to cover the truth.... I don't think the truth is about Rehan 's identity ... It's probably more to do with the actual killer of the Nawab. Is Billo the real killer or did Ahil kill nawab by accident or maybe Billo made Ahil believe that she killed nawab for Ahil and took the blame? Either ways she reigns supreme, Aahil cannot think of anyone loving him more than his step mom.

Finally we get the answer of Tanveer's 1.5 year long pregnancy  Clap from season 1. I am glad that atleast some ties were established with Imran and then to. Najma's killing. Rehaan seems to be aware of who he is . But he loves Aahil Bhai and doesn't want to take anything away from the rightful owners. There is a possibility that Rehaan will turn negative as time goes by .... This will be an interesting transition.  lazee 

Sanam can think of no one but Aahil to save her from the trapped kabbar! Nice touch from CVs when they had shown that she had to give a missed call to find Aahil's phone. Sometimes 4 lions succeeds in detailing in plots ....and sometimes they show huge plot holes the size of Greenland! Today was a good day !

Waiting for tomorrow's Dhamaka episode.

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Re: welcome REHAAN IMRAN QURESHI , QH review

Post by sarra0 on 2014-06-18, 18:26

sounds like a good this 4lion pregnancy didn't disappear into the ether  hppy I would0say tanu killed nawaab, got aahil to believe he did it and then took the blame for have his eternal devotion, rehaan working for0Aahil and in wat0capacity?

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