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Lavina Tandon and Narayani Shastri speak about their love for pets!

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Lavina Tandon and Narayani Shastri speak about their love for pets!

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-06-19, 11:25

Lavina Tandon and Narayani Shastri speak about their love and inclination towards pets respectively.

Beautiful Lavina Tandon loved as Ruqaiya opposite Akbar (Rajat Tokas) and Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) in Zee TV's Jodha Akbarshares her love for pets with TellyBuzz.
Lavina is a big pet lover and recently she adopted a pet. Telling us about the love for animals she says, "I love dogs and have a good bond with them. I feel they are very adorable. Yes I have got a pet recently I named her Bling as she has sparkle in her eyes. Her eyes are hazel green which is very attractive and bling suits her completely. She is just three months old and I am very much attached to her as she is the only one with me now. I use to have two pets but one recently passed away. But yes my boyfriend has 5 pets which I feel my pets only so this way I have 7 pets with me. I love them they all are very close to me and I fond of them."
Further she continues about the love she gets from the dogs on her set and she says, "There are few dogs on my set that are very fond of me. Whenever I reach my set they just surround me or whenever I shout for spot dada they listen my voice and run towards me. They just like to be with me and so do I they sit with me whenever I am idle on sets and we share a great space. This is not it, there are times while I am shooting, those dogs come in between the frame coming close to me and disrupt the shoot which makes the set people angry (smiles)."
We asked her to name a dog from the set with whom she is very fond of and she says, "There is one dog on our set which I have named Bagira. This name because he is white and black in color and I tend to keep names for every dogs for those I am fond of."
Sharing her love for dogs she continues, "In our studio we have kept a piggy bank where everyone keeps some amount of money which goes to veterinary doctors in Karjat be it 100 rupees or something around that. I often purchase pedigree while I am in Mumbai and take it to Karjat for dogs on my shoot."
This is not all. Talented actress Narayani Shastri too is in the awe of the pets. Recently she also adopted a  black Labrador. Yes, heard it right! Narayani who was last seen in Zee TV'sPhir Subah Hogi shares her love for the pets.
She says, "I have four pets - two cats and 2 dogs. I love animals more than humans. Their love for us is unconditional and never ending. I always had dogs and I also brought home cats; I came to know that cats too are loyal as dogs. I have two dogs named Hariprasad and Kali, the one which I recently adopted and two cats named Jackie and Charlie."
Continuing with the same Narayani says, "There is a shelter for animals called 'Animal Matters' from where I adopted Kali. Actually I had been there to buy another breed of dog, but then I adopted this Labrador. I think, people who go out to buy their favorite breeds should go to such animal shelters and adopt these pets. All of them are extremely lovable."
Do you believe in having birds as your pets? "Not at all. I believe birds are not supposed to be caged. The entire world is their home."

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