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SBS Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Segt 19Jun14 "Ishra ki khushi par Shagun ki buri nazar"

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SBS Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Segt 19Jun14 "Ishra ki khushi par Shagun ki buri nazar"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-06-19, 14:19

Written Update ....

SBS takes us to the sets of YHM where IshRa are attending a party ....

Ishita was dressed in fashionable way in steel grey ? Net saree
Raman was in a dark suit with white shirt

The BG Song was .... "Why this why this Kolaveri D....."

Ishita and. Raman reach one anniversary party of Raman 's colleague .... They are walking together .. Hand in hand .. Smiling .. Ishu is carrying a bouquet of flowers for their host ...

VO says that raman and Ishita have now accepted each other as life partners .. They are now comfortable with eachother's presence .. Their togetherness... Being seen together in public ... Attending parties together with hating or despising the other ...

This is a great mile stone for them ...

Ishita is very happy that her husband has accepted her .. Her husband's family has accepted her .. What more does a married woman want !! .. Ishita is in a very happy zone that she is getting the respect .. THE RECognition from her family ...

VO remarks that after falling in love with Raman Ishita has undergone quite a few changes .. FOR example her style .. From that oily plats with gajraa now she has made beautifully styled hairdo .. And she has changed her jewellery and sarees too to suit Raman 's taste ..

Ishits was shown looking gorgeous at the party and Raman was looking so proud to be seen with her ..

VO then remarks that there is someone who is unable to stand Ishra Together .. IT is none other than Ishita's sauten Shagun ....who  is burning with jealous rage .. She looks at the happy couple .. So much in love and goes green with jealousy ..

Raman and Ishita were unawares that Shagun would be present at the party too .. THE MOMENT they see her they look away and feel awkward ...

Ishiya says that she behaves civilly with. Shagun knowing that she is the ex wife of Raman .... She bears her disgusting presence and her acidic  remarks   .. Does not retort back to her in the same coin as Ishita is a very decent polite well behaved person ..

VOsays that soon shagun will pot her kaali nazar on this couple

Written Update .....

TRP Chart ka masala Segt ...

No#1 ....DABH

No#2... Jodha Akbar

No#3 ... SNS

No#4 ... Mahabharat  

No#5 ...Yeh  Hai Mohabbatein

Video Update
Coming up ...

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Re: SBS Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Segt 19Jun14 "Ishra ki khushi par Shagun ki buri nazar"

Post by hooked on 2014-06-19, 15:23

Thanks Manu...
Once again Shagun's jealousy leaves me baffled. Just wish someone would tell her, move on with your life, woman. Follow your own advice.

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