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# complete butchering of characters!

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# complete butchering of characters!

Post by mandygi on 2014-06-21, 11:33

hi folks!

these days i just do not have the motivation of watching the episodes..before, watching JA used to be my priority, i used to go coffee break and start watching it rt away using starbucks i go check updates and say forget it!...i come home still not motivated..finish all the work and then watch it just for the heck of it and not for entertainment, i get more entertained by reading sunny's comments than watching the show!

something has turned off and disconnected..lets start with butchering of characters..

-jalal..all he does is organize the date of meena bazaar and drools watching jodha play with rahim..then begs for jodha to sleep with him only to be humiliated and turned down..! how illogical is that..! where is the charm of old jalal..where is the jalal who was as cunning as a fox and roared like a lion..! now all i see is a love sick puppy who sharpens his claws here and there gone unnoticed! i ask the cvz why cannot they just show akbar being caring for his awaam by discussing with his ministers regarding their problems and how to resolve it rather than being dreamy in dek..why cannot he be shown strong and clever when needed..i do not want to see this jalal..i want to see an authoritative akbar who is a ruler in true sense and at the same time cares for his cvz work on the most important character of the show!..if he goes weak the show will collapse in no time!

-shehnaz..first of all i do not know if she had any link in history?..even if it is complete fiction then i fail to understand her characterization, and now this fake R*pe case will make her look more dumb and i do not think any of jalal's sisters would have done such a thing in real because it does not make any sense at all...! was her track necessary?..was she necessary?..why drag the serial  and add meaningless tracks..i did rather watch quality than quantity!

-rukkya..she has been pushed to a vamp and thanks to all the this latest fake preg can one be so dumb to bring up the fake pregnancy and have no plan up the does this track fit anywhere in history..i do not know..but there should be a limit to NRs because these were real respectable characters!

-jodha..why is she shown as touch me not..sanskari romance! where she would prefer to do tel maalish of ruk than spend quality time with her husband..and since when has meena bazaar become so important that she refused to sleep with jalal her husband ..i cannot and will not understand such behavior at all..and why she is shown over dayalu and over trusting everyone that sheds tear..i am pretty sure the real jodha would have been much more sophisticated and graceful than this one!

-mahachuchak..i had pinned all my hopes on this one it is i had no hope of perfect love nor romance from the couple in an epic love saga..but i had hoped that this one character will do something different and pull our interest back..but that too did not hit the nail..i was looking forward to some real politics..wars..some thrill and action but instead got a horror movie scenario with hansel and grettel back long as maham is there this crappy harem politics will not go away..a sample has already been shown where poor todarmal is accused..

now folks lets hope for a stronger jalal and some real politics, and i hope the cvz smarten up otherwise the show will go down the hill in no time the way its going..nothing new is being shown..touch me not romance puts me to sleep..harem politics has overflown already and is still stuck in repeated preg/R*pe tracks but till when...?


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