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Weekend Qubool Hai Theory

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Weekend Qubool Hai Theory

Post by Trinidream on 2014-06-29, 22:42

Guys, i'm just sitting here, hoping beyond hope that we get some more info on the upcoming Qubool Hai eppies. 

Till then, i'm thinking about what we do know.

1. In tomorrow's show, I think is when Ahil will be drinking by the pool calling Latif for ice. Sanam comes running and gives ice. Ahil is overcome with emotion for Sanam, he can't handle it. His mind and his heart are having a battle. It's probably the first time in all his years that he loves someone so deeply. To make it worse for him, he is afraid to express it. I think if Sanam did remember that night, it would have made a difference in how Aahil approached this engagement. 

2. After Aahil shoves her around, he tells her to get out and she runs off. He is right now a bomb waiting to explode. He is in love with one woman and engaged to another. Sanam runs off and being hurt, runs into Rehaan. He catches her fall and wipes her tears. At this time Aahil sees this. He sees the tenderness Rehaan is showing Sanam. He is jealous because the woman he loves is being shown affection by another man. I'm sure he leaves angered at himself. After he leaves Rehaan and Sanam will probably now get into talking. She probably tells him what happened and probably as well goes back to "that" night. She is probably quarrelling too about Aahil. However Rehaan sees through this and realises Sanam is in love with Aahil. 

I'm wondering if Rehaan is going to be the one to instigate the make over. He probably has not realised how much in love Aahil is with Sanam and tells her that to get Aahil's attention she'll have to change her outlook. Not to look like a cook or maid, but like a woman. Rehaan knows she is beautiful in heart and I think will tell her as such, but that she has to show her physical beauty. 

One way or another, we know Aahil has to marry soon, due to the will. 
This reminds me of Asad and Zoya having 10 days to marry. Even during that time, they had playful moments. 
With Aahil and Sanam, it's a very serious situation but I think the moments that bring them romantically together would be like fire. 

My thinking is too, that they will get married in a way that dilshad would not even know about it but find out accidentally, maybe through the newspapers. Dilshad phones Sanam and expresses her shock. This opens the door for Dilshad to pay a visit and to meet the new couple as well as coming face to face with Tanveer. 
I do think there will come a time when Tanveer's past will be revealed and Sanam will be made to choose betwen her parents, dilshad and Aahil.

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Re: Weekend Qubool Hai Theory

Post by sarra0 on 2014-06-30, 00:29

i think even if sanam remembered at this stage it wouldn't make much difference...she would b covering up about it and he would think the same as now that it wasnt important for her that it didn't make any difference to her...

i think u r right...i cant c sanam deciding for the makeover herself...she doesn't think she has the standing to love she wouldn't chase him...

there was a segment today where sanam was wearing a dupatta...i think it landed on her head accidently and nida didn't like it...

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