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Rakesh Bedi and Juhi Aslam To Create Fracas For Asad and Zoya

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Rakesh Bedi and Juhi Aslam To Create Fracas For Asad and Zoya

Post by pollyanna on 2013-04-12, 11:22

Rakesh Bedi and Juhi Aslam To Create Fracas For Asad and Zoya

Qubool Hai, a very popular show on Zee TV, is bringing in some interesting track for the viewers. Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) will have some fast thinking to do. Zoya almost left the country, however a video seen at the last minute made her change her mind (how typically woman). But then a woman who is yet to realise she is in love, needed one excuse from the man who means a lot to her for her to stay back. She has. However, there is Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) who for obvious reasons, wants her to leave. So, in comes two people Dhurandar Bhatawdekar (Rakesh Bedi) and his assistant Dolly (Juhi Aslam) who will give a hard time to them in their effort to deport Zoya.

Now, caught between devil and the deep sea (read Tanveer and the duo Dhurandar and Dolly), they have come up with a scheme. And in this, they have support of both Dilshaad Ahmed Khan (Shalini Kapoor) and Najma (Nehalaxmi Iyer). Some interesting moments are in the offing with Dhurandar, Dolly and the Khan family trying their best to dodge Zoya’s deportation.

While you enjoy the series with what’s in store, we at Forum 32 spoke with both Rakesh Bedi who plays Dhurandar Bhatwadekar and Juhi Aslam who plays Dolly.

Rakesh Bedi has been in the industry for over 35 years. With films, TV series and plays that have created a mark, the most endearing characters that comes to mind is that of Chakram in Ek Duje Ke liye and his role in TV series Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi. His current play is called Massage which is slated to stage this sunday at Rang Sharda in Bandra at 7:30pm where he plays 24 characters. A solo play will take you through some moments he says that will leave an indelible mark on you while he tries to give you a laugh or two. We shall check that out however, we wanted to know what made him take up the role in Qubool Hai. He told us that three things made the deal for him. First was the writer and creative producer Mrunal Jha (Undercover Productions) who contacted him for the role and on learning that she is daughter -in-law of a close and dear friend, he agreed. Once he read the role, he was convinced that he could bring to it nuances that would appeal to the viewers. Qubool Hai, is a very popular show, he said, and being associated with it was a deal he did not want to refuse. We asked him if he was to take off from where the name Dhurandar Bhatawdekar came from; a role played by Utpal Dutt in Rang Birangi. He told us that he worked on the character with inspiration from Inspector Vasant Dhoble, who has been in news off late for his raids on bars and pubs. He will be the moral police of keeping things in perspective where deportation of illegal immigrants in the country is concerned as an Immigration Officer, which is what he plays in Qubool Hai.

Juhi Aslam, known for her role in Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho as Bharati who faces hardship because of her short height. In Qubool Hai, she plays Dhurandar Bhatawdekar’s assistant and will be bringing in some comic relief with her taking the case of Zoya Farooqui, who has outstayed her Visa in India. We asked her about taking up this role and she feels good about the total character change with trousers and top with a different hair do from the sari clad lady in her previous project. Upbeat about her stint in Qubool Hai, we asked her what her plans are and currently along with acting, she is looking at pursuing studies in the medical field perhaps as a pathology lab researcher.

We welcome Rakesh Bedi and Juhi Aslam to Qubool Hai. Watch them tonight at 9:30pm in Qubool Hai on Zee TV and see how the story unfolds with some laughter and fun.

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