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SBS IPK. EBP Segt 01Jul14 "Anjali tensed for Aastha "

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SBS IPK. EBP Segt 01Jul14 "Anjali tensed for Aastha "

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-07-01, 15:56

Written Update ...

Fatafat Railgadi Segt ...

Anjali is in the kitchen cooking meal .. Where she is seen very tensed for Aastha's safety and security ... 

Aastha comes there she notices her aayi's tensed face she pacifies her and tries to put her worries at rest .. Assures anjali that she wouls take care of everything .. But Anjali is worried about NA 's plans of hurting Aastha .. Aastha wipes anjali 's tears lovingly 


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