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I Think Half The Characters Are Blind

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I Think Half The Characters Are Blind

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-03, 05:41

I mean, come on. Rehan saw Ahil staring down Sanam and he did not find it strange that when he called out Ahil's name telling Sanam that he was here, that Ahil quickly pretended not to have been watching him?

Yesterday in a room full of people, only one person caught their glances. Nida.

Did anyone else realise that when Ahil is in the room, Sanam has eyes for no one else but Ahil, and when Ahil is not there, and Rehan is there, she has no eyes for anyone. She did not even send a sweet smile to him today when she was dressed up for the function.

BTW.. Surbhi, beautiful as usual.

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Re: I Think Half The Characters Are Blind

Post by sarra0 on 2014-07-03, 11:52

indian serials work as in when the cvs need u to c and witness something us eyes get sight...the rest of the time forget about it... hppy but yep rehaan should have picked up on it...but he is in his own world where he cant c anything but sanam

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