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Astha and Shlok’s drenching romance soars their love

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Astha and Shlok’s drenching romance soars their love

Post by Shailu on 2014-07-03, 22:28

Rain is still miles away. But the lovers have many ways to romance when it comes to their hearts bouncing to love. Astha and Shlok are very much in love, as shown by their rocking chemistry. Shlok goes on the terrace to `have a bath and the tap does not get water. Astha comes there and sees water running in. She drenches him by the water pipe, to which Shlok too puts water on her. She runs and they get all drenched to have a romantic hug. While romance on the terrace seems an old idea, but they give it a new look by using the props well. Astha and Shlok’s romance is soaring high which is like a fire in Niranjan’s heart.
Niranjan is also having trouble with the ashram people and doubts that Anjali’s parents might also be there. Anjali finds him sleeping and quietly goes to meet her parents at night. He gets up and follows her, thinking if Anjali really meets her parents then she won’t be allowed back to live in his house and would have to cut all ties with him and his children. Anjali sees him and acts infront of him showing anger on the ashram people and throwing things around. She fools him and meets her parents. While Niranjan quickly wants to see who is inside the tent, the media comes to take his interview which stops him. Niranjan, the man who is in love with his name, his position is society, his pride, acts well and sweet to everyone infront of the media and promises the ashram people to give them the ashram back soon. With Astha’s cool plans, which never backfires, Niranjan is really losing his mind.


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