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WOW!! Today's Episode

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WOW!! Today's Episode

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-04, 04:31

I am speechless, but I can type.

Tanveer accidentally puts the red dupatta on Sanam. Ahil comes down to see Sanam looking stunning and is mesmerized as she adjusts the dupatta on her head. I must say Sanam definitely got her beauty from her mother. Asad was a good looking man, but hey, Sanam is a woman and she has her mother's glow as well. I would hate to know the writers truly killed off Zoya. Like other soaps that bring back the dead, I hope they do the same. I would love Sanam to see her mom in person. It was unfortunate she lost out on that growing up. 

You know what? We are to realize that Dilshad raised Sanam. I'm sure she would have done things the way Zoya and Asad would have wanted, by watching how they raised her in the first two years of her life. But i'm sure she would have raised her in a protective shell like Nasma. Sanam's outgoing nature before Bhopal, she got from her mother's genes. 

Anyway, back to the show.

Then Tanveer is told about her mistake and the foolish Nida throws negative comments Tanveer's way. Another reason Nida should be glad she'll eventually not marry Ahil. She must thank her lucky stars, cause after marriage, Tanveer would have made mincemeat out of her. That girl just does not know when to shut up. 
Ahil steps in, yells at Nida and again she looks foolish.

She has not learnt but she's trying to "make it up" to Tanveer about telling her foolishness and then accuses Sanam of stealing. My girl, Sanam is shocked. Nida is so desperate to dishonour Sanam that she accuses her of stealing. 
Again she looks foolish when Ahil jumps in to protect his lady love. I really think Nida enjoying looking foolish. She sees the love Ahil has for Sanam and she knows she has competition. The way Ahil and Sanam were watching each other today. OMG!! This love is not one way. It's definitely a shared emotion. 

We go on to Rehan and Sanam getting ready to go out and Ahil sees. He really does not want Sanam going anywhere with any other man. Doing so is like committing some major crime. He is getting possessive of her. She is his and his alone. Jealousy is in the air. After awhile Sanam and Rehan are outside. Who to show up? The jealous secret lover. He loves Sanam so much, that he is going to make sure that wherever she and Rehan goes, he's going to third party them. 
That foolish woman is feeling threatened and decides to tag along. She is like a tick. Sanam and Rehan get in the back seat as Nida gives Ahil an earful. He adjusts the rear view mirror and their eyes met. OMG!! OMG!!! It was like a surge of electricity swept over my body. It intensified as Ahil caressed his fingers along the mirror as if trying to touch her. My heart skipped a beat. They just continue looking at each other, lost in their own world. 
Sanam then breaks the stare by looking down and Ahil adjusts his gaze after. 

Absolutely beautiful scenes with Ahil and Sanam. Surbhi Jyoti, you are the queen of Daytime TV. Karanvir, you are the king.

BTW I forgot to add in, that when Nida through in Sanam's face that she, Nida is Ahil's fiance, the look Ahil gave was priceless. He faked smiled then rolled his eyes. He is soo disgusted by her, i'm surprised he did not throw her out of the car there and then.

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