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Qubool Hai | Posing for the Shutterbug – Valete Et Plaudite

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Qubool Hai | Posing for the Shutterbug – Valete Et Plaudite

Post by Maria J on 2014-07-08, 13:36

Qubool Hai | Posing for the Shutterbug – Valete Et Plaudite

We really did not think that our little sojourn into taking pictures on the illicit (read candid) would be so popular. We guess, every one loves a bit of clandestine pleasure. Are you one of those who definitely would want to do something that has been forbidden? Count us in.

So, we simply share the pleasure that we derive out of taking these pictures. Okay, so lets see what is the story behind. Do we see glee on your faces?

Here, is the picture of Surbhi Jyoti and Chahat Khanna, literally on their first day of working together. Wonder what they are talking about so earnestly. Want to take a guess? Do we place bets? See another bit of the sinful stuff that we like to do. Read people’s mind.

Now, comes this one. Two artists, with their scripts, talking or reading scripts, we wonder. We feel it is a bit of both. The conversation would perhaps go something like this, “Tum hai na, jab woh wala dialogue ho na… toh aise reaction dena…” You think.

Tell us what this is about. A playful moment in between shot or did she really do something or say something terrible that he got all aggro? Surbhi Chandna and Deepak Wadhwa, friends that fight like cats and dogs. Don’t you think it is a fantastic moment for us to capture?

Now here is a candid that we took in between shots and we feel, again this one is one of her best that we have taken. She has classical beauty about her that is angelic. And that is Chahat Khanna. However, when it comes to Nida, we don’t really need to get into how devilish she is, now do we?

Here is all we have for now. Do look out something on our partners in crime that is Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti with whom we perhaps have a fantastic pictures not just because of our chemistry with each other but because we ensure we take time out to do a photo shoot.

Okay, don’t forget to watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


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