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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8 July 2014 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8 July 2014 Written Update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-07-08, 23:58

Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
While baa is giving advise to disha not to let ishaani get away with stealing chirag from her, and asks her to beware from siahaani’s evil intentions, harshad comes in giving the good news that chirag’s parents called and told themselves that they like disha. Falguni too joins in. Baa is super happy and asks harshad to say yes. disha is shy. baa calls everyone, and tells them the good news, hearing which all are happyily surprised. Falguni congratulates disha too. While falguni isnt even finished yet, disha comes to baa and falguni is tensed, while baa feels victorious. Disha’s uncle and aunt have a verbal arguement about how they dont have a child yet, whereas the children are getting married in the family. falguni is congratulated by the ladies, while baa smiles at falguni’s displeasure

As disha walks past, in the lobby, ishaani stops her and congratulates her. Disha however instigated by baa, breaks into an outburst in front of ishaani, while she is baffled. Disha doesnt listen to anything, and just goes on a verbal rant as to how she wont get what disha rightfully deserves now. The brothers intervene, while disha is displeased with the way ishaani behaved with chirag. ishanni tries to talk misunderstandings out, but disha doesnt listen at all. Ishaani says that she is indeed happy for her. Falguni hears disha venting out her frustration at ishaani, and is tensed. While ishaani continues to try to calm disha down, falguni comes. Falguni reprimands disha for talking like that. disha tries to present her side of the story, and says that baa warned her against ishaani and her intentions. falguni asks disha to use her own mind once. disha says that she always sides with her, and only loves her and leaves angrily, despite falguni calling out to her. She tries to compose ishaani too, but she walks away. falguni thinks that what she feared has happened, and that due to baa, ishaani is getting distanced from disha but she wont let that happen.

Falguni storms into baa’s room and rants out as to how she is provocating disha against ishaani, and turning her against her own sister. Baa says that they arehnt true sisters, and again taunts falguni of ishaani being her love child. Falguni tries to argue, but baa places her point that disha is rightfully the daughter of this family. falguni says that she doesnt distinguish between the two like baa herself, and asks her not to bother for ishaani, as she would search for such a nice groom for ishaani, that baa would be jealous. Baa says that her fate would be the same as her mother. falguni says that her fate landed her here, and ishaani too would do well. Baa again tauns her, but falguni says that she swears that she would get ishaani a high profile groom, that baa would be shocked. Baa is tensed.

In their room, ranvir and his father sit down for dinner, wherein he gives him food that he stole from the party to be given to his father, who has never tasted such good things. They have a good laugh, as ranvir rants on his dreams to get his father to lead a luxurious life. later in the night, ishaani comes to his room in tears, and despite ranvir trying to ask what happened, she just breaks down inconsolably on his shoulder, while reanvir is tensed. He awkwardly wants to place arms around her in comfort but then thinks twice about it, since he realises their status differences. Ishaani tells what happened, and how disha spoke to her so bitterly, and what all was alleged against her. She asks him why does disha treat her like enemy, when she wants only the best for her. Ranvir asks her not to cry as when she does, something happens in his heart, and that she doesnt know what disha says or thinks and that he knows that the biggests relationships are those, which cant se etears in the other’s eyes. ishaani says that she wont cry or cause him any more discomfort. ranvir says that disha would one day realise how much ishaani loves her. He finally gets her to cheer up and laugh out. She leaves, while Ranvir prays to the lord, ever wanted anything for that he has never wanted anything from himself, but he wants the ishaani never has to cry ever, and that he deserves atleast this much.

While disha is working out to lose weight before marriage, ranvir gets into a prank with the other boys, getting her to believe that chirag doesnt like girls like disha at all, diest conscious and exercise freak. Disha asks him to tell only good things to chirag if he asks about her. Disha, just in a bid to prove ranvir wrong, gets the servant to get the laddoos for her. they get her to eat pizza too.

Scene 2:
Location: Gym
Meanwhile, chirag is playing squash with his fathger, where he keeps defeating his father. they take a break, and when he finds that his water bottle isnt refilled, Chirag hollers at the driver, asking about his protein shake. the driver says that he forgot. Ranvir and Harshad come and find chirag talking very rudely and insulting him, firing him off. They are surprised. Harshad wonders how can he talk and behave like that. the screen freezes on Harshad’s face.

Precap: Baa in front of chanchal, tells falguni that Chirag’s parents are coming to see disha, and instructs falguni that ishaani shouldnt come out. Falguni asks what does she mean. Baa says that she doesnt want questions about ishaani to be raised and she to be forced to reveal truths that better be not. faluni is tensed and insulted, while ishaani, hearing from a distance is apalled.

credit DTB

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