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Sanam and Ahil, In Love and in Denial

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Sanam and Ahil, In Love and in Denial

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-09, 00:41

Today was a day of confession. Nope, not of the three little words, but of emotion. Anger, fear, intensity, passion, pain and love all swirled into one- on both sides. 

Yes, I know, Ahil saved Sanam from her burial and yes, he felt the same way... in his heart he could not lose this woman. His madam, the mother of his future children was trapped and he would do whatever it took to save her, just like before. But this time it was different. This time she was witness to him taking care of her. The look in her eyes reflected a hidden love for him and the same with him and his love for her. 
He is feeling anger for he thought she did something careless to cost her, her life which would have destroyed his dreams, his world. He was fearful for he could not lose her.. he would not be able to face it if anything happened to her. Intensity, for he was desperate to save her for each moment counted. Passion for this man is drawn to this woman that his feelings are going through a chemical reaction. Pain, for it hurts him that they are apart, that she does not realize his feelings and she has not admitted to hers. He hates fighting with her. I must say, Ahil has done a complete 360. This man is completely, hopelessly in love with this woman. And of course, love. It's written on Ahil's face, every time he sees Sanam, hears her name, thinks of her, dreams of her. 

Sanam is hurting and as I have said before, her parents death has affected her at a deep level. She thinks he does not care about her and should have left her to die. Those words tore at Ahil for he knew it was just the opposite. He loves her and can't live without her.

Some of the words Sanam said today reminded me of the scene where after saving her life Zoya and Asad are on the roof of the dargah finally getting to talk. She asked him if he saved her in the madarsa and he says yes. She thanks him for saving her useless and aimless life. 

In Sanam's mind, as an orphan and a servant with the way he had treated her in the past, he could not possibly care for her now, so why did he save her for her life as it does not matter whether she lives or dies. She thinks that anyone can replace her. Sanam, not in Ahil's heart. No one can replace you.

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Re: Sanam and Ahil, In Love and in Denial

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-07-09, 18:47

Danielle .... Wonderful post .... It was such a nice episode .... Nice confession ( well, almost ) too...
Ahil knows he has strong feelings for her ... Bug if Sanam doesn't realise that feeling then he can't do anything about it ... Feelings have to be mutual na ? I can't believe Nidha is getting away with attempted murder ...  Evil or Very Mad 

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