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It will be funny if

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It will be funny if

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-11, 18:04

Tanveer is the one to yell "Stop" She asks Nida what she is doing? Nida says that Sanam continues to ruin everything. She cannot have her here to ruin the wedding. 
Tanveer says that Sanam did not do anything. Why blame her. Ahil was the one who spilled the Mehendi. Sanam is not responsible.

Nida says, "Of course she is responsible. It's because of her that Ahil was angry. It was because of her that does not want to be a part of this. It's because of her that Ahil bought the farm house. It was because of her, that Ahil came late this morning" she continues to list the things Ahil did with Sanam on his mind. 

Tanveer asks how is it because of Sanam?
Nida replies that she is blind and can't see. But she's sure it is obvious to everyone else. Ahil is in love with Sanam. 

Chatter starts around the room. 

Then Nida continues that Sanam also loves Ahil. 

Tanveer asks if this is true. She gets no response.
She repeats her question and gets no response.

Nida croaks in ," Of course it's true." 

She says she won't let this continue, it has to stop now. She grabs Sanam by the hand and drags her out. Ahil yells," It's true." "I love her."

First a hush  falls. 

Nida stops and a crying Sanam pulls away. She stares at Ahil, who gazes at her. 

Silently Tanveer is angry as she did not raise Ahil to ever fall in love. But she then looks at it as a ticket to get rid of Nida.

Tanveer calls Sanam, tells her to come. She goes and Tanveer asks her if it's true. Does she love Ahil."

Sanam gazes at Ahil with teary eyes and then lowers her head. Nida taunts her and tells Tanveer that if she was not blind, she could see it in Sanam's eyes."

Tanveer asks Sanam again but silence. She tells Sanam that her silence answered for her. She said that if she did not love Ahil., she would have said so. 

She tells Nida to pack her things and leave. Nida is shocked. Asks about the wedding. Without her and Ahil getting married, they can't fulfill the will. 

Tanveer says, "Ahil; will marry." 

Tanveer starts to taunt Nida about all the hurtful things she used to tell her because of her blindness. 

She says, " I may not see the love, but I could feel their love. That sense I have is far superior to any senses you have."

Nida asks, "Who are you going to get to marry Ahil in time for tom? Who will be willing to do that?"

Tanveer answers ," Sanam." 

Right now Sanam has not said the words aloud. But I think Nida will return on the day of the wedding to deal with Sanam. I think if this happens Ahil will step in, and be hurt instead. This will cause Sanam to confess her love for him. 

This is a scenario I woke up at 7 am with.

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Re: It will be funny if

Post by sarra0 on 2014-07-12, 00:31

nice...i like...if only that was the case...

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Re: It will be funny if

Post by Tanthya on 2014-07-12, 00:53

oooo..One sided confession...Now he will turn into lamb :)

loved reading U trini

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Re: It will be funny if

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