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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th July 2014 Written Episode

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th July 2014 Written Episode

Post by Tanthya on 2014-07-11, 23:24

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th July 2014 Written Episode
Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
Chirag says that he never thought that they would discriminate between their own daughters and if they do so, its their problem not his. he leaves in a huff with his parents. disha leaves angrily, while all are tensed. Baa is furious.

In ranvir’s room, her confesses as to how he feels very affected for her, and that he wont let anyone do anything wrong with her. he is about to spill the reason and changes at the last minute, and teases her yet again. she leaves in a fury. Meanwhile, Baa is furious at Ishaani, continuing to be instigated with chanchal, while all the other ladies try to stop her, asking her to forgive her as she is just a child. But baa doesnt listen to anyone. when ishaani comes across baa, she slaps ishaani tight across her face. Baa vents out her furstration that she didnt sit quiet and managed to ruin disha’s future with chetan. All are tensed. She is about to raise her hand again, when falguni stops her, and asks whats she doing. baa says that she is teaching her a lesson. ishaani asks what she did. Baa insults her and says that she did what her mother did, by trapping guys, just like her mothger did to baa’s own son and accuses ishaani of betraying disha. ishaani is distraught while falguni asks her to stop, and asks what kind of a woman is she. baa asks how can she be so okay with disha getting rejected. She says that she loves both her daughters equally, and indeed baa is creating differneces between them. baa says that she knows very well what kind of a girl ishaani is. harshad comes in and asks baa to stop, and asks her not to say anything to them. Baa asks if he would stop her for them. baa tells him that sihaani, his beloved daughter would ruin his reputation one day, as betrayal is in her blood, from her father and that today she made disha cry, and tomorrow he would cry too due to her. Harshad asks baa to stop. baa asks him to lower his voice, as he should remember who is he talking to, as she is everything in this house, and that he maybe professionally successful but prersonally a loser, and says that he can take care of both of them, while she would be a guardian for disha. she leaves in a huff.

As Chirag and his family go outside, they meet ranvir. while his parents leave for the car, chetan asks ranvir to give his hello to ishaani and ranvir complies. he sees them off. Ranvir compliments disha’s fate.
The boys come in and try to convince disha that chirag is gay and hence she is better off, by being rejected by chetan. they try to talk sense into disha but she is too furious to respond positively. baa comes and asks them to leave as she wants to talk to disha in private. Disha starts pointing out defects in her face. baa says that she is perfect with angst and that she is searching for problems as chirag chose ishaani over disha. Disha breaks into frustration saying that she doesnt want to discuss this matter. Baa tells her that he rejected her in front of the entire family. Disha asks her to stop, as she is doing this intentionally so that she feels bad. baa agrees and says that she doing so that disha never forgets this, and remembers what ishaani did to her, and that she isnt a ister but an outsider and that had she been a true sister, she wouldnt have done what she did. disha is affected.

In their room, falguni expresses her frustration at baa’s stinging words, and starts getting aggressive. harshad quitens her down and says that she is justified and that chirag did the right thing by speaking the truth as it requires guts. falguni says that it broke disha’s heart, and she is affected by it. She tells him that ishaani wont marry chirag, whether he is a nice guy or not. he asks her to think with a cool mind and then make her descision.

Scene 2:
Locatioon: Chirag’s residence
While ketan and his wife are angry at Chirag for chossing ishaani over disha, chirag is sure that ishaani is the right girl for him. his mother says that ishaani would reject him. He says that he knows but her family would force her to. she asks him why ishaani. He says that she is different and that she is connecetd with the heart. his parents are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Haveli
ranvir comes to her room and finds ishaani crying and asks her not to think bad about baa. She says that she feels sorry for disha. ranvir is surprised and asks what happened to her. But harshad and falguni come in and support her that whats happened is for the correct. He says that despite what he did, chirag isnt a bad guy. ishaani is shocked, and asks how can he think like that. he says that if he likes her, then how can he like disha. Harshad tells ishaani not to be tensed, as chirag wouldnt ever have been able to keep disha happy as he likes her. ishaani and ranvir are shocked as they hear this. she is still in a dilemma. falguni tries to speak, but harshad tells that he isnt forcing her, but he knows that Chirag is a nice man and would keep her happy, and says that he knwos that if she is his daughter, she would agree to this marriage. He asks ranvir’s opinion, while he complains of a headache and excuses himself from the room. ranvir enters his room and cries his heart out, at ishaani’s impending proposal, as he remembers his moments with her. his father comes in and he composes himself so that his father doesnt sense his sadness. his father excitedly serves him samosas to cheer him up. Ranvir smiles for him.

In his room, harshad is in deep thought. falguni tries to speak, but he asks her not to interrupt as he has something very important to do. She asks what but he doesnt respond. Harshad gets everyone to gather together, saying that tillnow all of the descisions have been taken by baa, excepting actions related to ishaani. He says that today he has taken a descision which is concerned with ishaani. he says that the descision is that he wants to marry ishaani with chirag. all are shocked while ishaani is shocked, and says that she has been taught that she shoudlnt marry without love. He comes to her and says that if the person is good, love ultimately happens. ranvir hears from a distance. He says that he lieks chirag as he likes her and not her money. he says that chirag would love her so much that she would love him too. Disha gets up and leaves, while ishaani goes after her. ranvir cries silently. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: baa again tells harshad in front of falguni, that disha is his daughter and ishaani isnt as she doesnt have his blood in her veins. Baa is asked to stop by harshad saying that he has made a descision and he would be happy if she accepts it happily too. baa is shocked. Falguni is tensed.

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Re: Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th July 2014 Written Episode

Post by sarra0 on 2014-07-11, 23:36

thanks tants... will she get married to him interesting interesting

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