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My Mind Runs Wild With Preview.

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My Mind Runs Wild With Preview.

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-12, 03:57

I posted this on a facebook page.. 

My mind is swirling with ideas. The last one I had? Please don't think it's crazy, but here goes. 
Now sometimes these previews could take place any part of the episode.. At the beginning of the eppy we see Ahil totally distraught, perhaps talking to himself. Reprimanding himself for not standing up for Sanam. Asking himself, how could he marry Nida when he has feelings for Sanam. Is it true that the Mehendi means that God wants him and Sanam to marry,. Do I deserve her? Does she feel the same way I do? Then Rehaan passes by and overhears Ahil. He realises Ahil loves Sanam. He then goes to the garden and finds Sanam talking to herself. She is prob saying that Ahil has always been the one to save me. Why didn't he today? Is it what the guests said about Mehendi true? Does Ahil feel the same way I do? Rehaan interrupts. Asks Sanam if she loves Ahil. He encourages her to tell Ahil the truth as he wants her to be happy and whoever will make her feel like a woman, completely loved, then she is to go to that person. She says she does not know how to tell Ahil. What we see in the preview is prob Rehaan demonstrating what Sanam should say. Ahil walks by just in time to hear Rehaan talking to Sanaam and assumes he's confessing his love.


Perhaps Rehaan goes into see Ahil when he overhears him. He questions Ahil on his feelings and realises Ahil loves Sanam. He asks Ahil if he told Sanam how he feels. Ahil said he tried but could not get it out. Rehaan wants Ahil happy seeing how tortured his brother is. He leaves and finds Sanam. He says to her he has a message from Ahil. What we see him saying is just that. Ahil's message. Ahil hides behind the bush to over hear.

As we are speculating. Rehaan is confessing to a figment of his imagination which Ahil overhears and assumes incorrectly. Ahil leaves more distraught than ever. Rehaan overhears a rustle and realises Ahil is there. He asks Ahil if he heard. Ahil's mind cannot function. Rehaan is googling over Sanam and Ahil is losing his patience. He gets Angry and tells Rehaan he is not interested. He does not care to hear. All he cares about is his feelings (he blurts out) Rehaan is shocked to realise Ahil loves sanam too.

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