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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 12 July 2014 - Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 12 July 2014 - Written Update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-07-13, 00:39

The Episode starts with Lodhi telling he has found something in the well. Sandhya and Zakir doubt that thieves has been using this well by hide the items that they use for the bikes. Sooraj and Zakir pull the big bag from under the well and take it out. They open it to use whats it. They get the bike parts. Zakir checks them and Sandhya looks on. Lodhi calls them and says there are many bags here. Zakir says we were right, they have used solution, it this five bikes parts, its about lakhs in cost. She says yes Zakir.

Zakir says Sandhya has given the hint about this well, else we would have not got these bike parts. He asks his staff to put it back in the well. Sooraj asks why, we have this proof, now can you free Mohit. Zakir says no, as they have to get Vineet first. Sandhya says we have just the parts, we have get Vineet, we have to keep this parts back, else they will be careful and run. Zakir says then we can’t proof Mohit innocent, we have to do something to trap him. Sandhya gets an idea and tells Zakir that a metal cuts metal.

She says Vineet might be selling the bike to someone, we have to become their customer and meet them. She says like we need them, they will also need customers. She says then I will trap them in my plan and throw them in lockup, we should leave from here, else they can see us. Zakir asks the staff to put everything back and they will plan in the police station.

Bhabho comes to Emily and sees her crying. She brings food for her and asks her to have it. She says you are annoyed with me, eat for Pari’s sake. Emily stops her hand and does not eat. She says will Mohit get food there, will anyone make him eat, no. She says I can’t eat this. Zakir thinks what to plan next and talks to Sandhya. She says Vineet may need customers always, any two people from us can become buyers and meet him. Zakir says right.

Sandhya says but they will be alert now. She says we should show them a big amount to trap them. Zakir says I think we should ask people around other cities. Sooraj says if we get the gang, will my brother get free. Sandhya says yes, we are doing this to prove him innocent. Sandhya says we need two people, who are honest, smart. Lodhi says you can do this work well. Zakir thinks and says no, I think Sandhya is not right for this. He says as she is famous and everyone knows her in Pushkar. He says if they identify her, our plan will fail.

He says we want a face which they don’t know. Sandhya says Zakir is right. Zakir sees himself in the mirror and says I think I will go. He says I came in Pushkar few days back. Zakir says but who will come with me. Sooraj says I want to help police, I will come with you. Sandhya says no, ordinary people can’t join mission in police, we are trained officers, we can face upcoming risk. Sooraj says I m ready to take any risk, don’t worry. Sooraj says this is my brother’s sake, so I want to help you, please take me with you. Sandhya says no, try to understand.

Zakir says Sandhya, I think Sooraj can join me, it will be right. As unknown face will help us. Sandhya says but Zakir, you know………. Zakir says don’t worry, I will train Sooraj, I will be with him, I promise you I won’t let anything happen to him. Sooraj asks Sandhya to say yes now. Sandhya says fine. Sooraj is glad. Zakir says our mission starts tomorrow. Sooraj says yes. Its morning, Babasa and Bhabho have a talk. Zakir meets her in a different getup and says he loves bikes. Its Sooraj, who is touching Bhabho’s feet and brings the thorn it.

He says my values make me take my parents blessings first before starting a big work. They see its Sooraj. Bhabhio says Zakir you. Zakir nods yes. She asks whats this, I did not identify you. Sooraj tells them about their plan and he needs their blessings. Sandhya comes and explains them their plan. Bhabhoi is glad and they bless them. Sooraj and Zakir leave.

Zakir and Sooraj come to buy bikes. The man thinks to inform Vineet.

credit DTB

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