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Was Watching Over Qubool Hai 2, Episode 1

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Was Watching Over Qubool Hai 2, Episode 1

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-16, 17:00

And I can't believe I did not remember a possible clue to the Ahil/Sanam story.

Sometimes there are foreshadows and this is one I missed.

Sanam is in her restaurant cooking. Her worker is chatting with her. 

She says, " The art of cooking is like romance, you need to love cooking or don't cook."

The worker says, "You'll marry someone your family chooses so you should not say that." (Here I think he's saying that she may end up marrying someone chosen for her without romance involved in the planning)

Sanam," Why not, you can fall in love even after marriage." (Sahil have not told each other yet of their love for each other)

The worker replies, "After marriage, you'll have children one after the other. Then you start fighting. You can't fall in love after marriage." (hmm, all those kids in Ahil's vision)

Sanam tells him to shut up. That is not true.

The worker says, "Ma'am, love is very strange. You won't even realise when you have fallen in love.(WOW!! Sanam has yet to realise that she has fallen in love. Ahil has finally put a name to his feelings, but Sanam has yet to do it.)  You'll realise it later that you fell in love with someone you hated. " (Sounds familiar? Like in our precap. Sanam claims to hate Ahil, but realise later that she loves him)

Then enters Ahil's debut. (Obviously it would be him. Sanam and Ahil's destiny have been written in the stars. They are destined to fall in love, marry and be together)

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