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My Heart Broke for Sahil Today

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My Heart Broke for Sahil Today

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-17, 05:41

Today Sanam has reached her limit with the insults. I must say I admire her strength. If I were her, I would have told Nida to go to hell, and tell Ahil, "You disappoint me." Left the room, packed my bags and left the house. But I guess for the writers that is too easy as Ahil would have run after her, we would have had a tug of war on love and then we'd be celebrating too soon. 

No, the writers had to dragggggggg out Sanam's pain just a tad more and draggg out our sadness for her.

Ahil, i'm disappointed in your comment to Sanam, but was satisfied that you realised your error in judgement. You knew that she was hurt by your response. I was also pleased to hear how much you really loved her. You believe that you are not good enough for her and that she is with someone else. Wouldn't you be pleasantly surprised when it's time to say Qubool Hai. 

I wonder if Aahil has ever truly prayed a day in his life and here we see him praying and then willingly accepting whatever God gives him tomorrow. If Sanam only knew the effect she has on Ahil. First time falling in love, first time going to the Dargah to pray, and first time putting his faith and future in God's hands. 
Ahil, your prayers are going to be Answered. 

Let's get back to Sanam. The pain on her face as she sat crouched on the floor cried out to me. She too prays for God's guidance and blessings. She gets this from her mom. Her mom was always a woman of deep spiritual faith. Sanam your next job will no longer be the house cook or housekeeper. It will now, and forever be that as the wife of Nawab Ahil Raza Ibrahim. Your job will be to love him, cherish him, take care of his guests, bear his children and, okay, prepare a few meals anytime you want. 

Pick yourself up sanam, dust yourself off, hold your shoulders and head high. Be proud of who you are. For the day has come for your life of change. Nida will never walk on you again. She will from then on, be below you.

Shining Silver
Shining Silver

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Re: My Heart Broke for Sahil Today

Post by Maria J on 2014-07-17, 12:44

U have explained so nicely the pain the two are going thru..

Maria J

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