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effects/ results of the war

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effects/ results of the war

Post by sandhya on 2014-07-18, 16:02

Events  like wars teach a lot of lessons and exact unexpected responses from people.  Ruqaiyya's acknowledging jo was one such.

The other 'reactions' and 'consequences' to this 'war' would probably be that

-Abul Mali will think about 100 times before eyeing anyone's harem with his single eye. He would even think twice before eyeing his own harem. 

-Mahachuchak will nevet give 'torture time' to anyone.  She will order to slice them the moment they are caught. 

-Aapaji will learn to finish one job and move to another. She left Jalal unfinished and rushed to harem. 

-Jodha begum has said that even Abul Mali's harem will come over. May be mahachooochak's too would. So mahachooochak daughter and nirdosh baalak abba Huzoor also have a strong chance or they could do a tejwant shivaani.

-Jalaluddin mohammad Akbar now has a convenient option of  taking up VRS and leaving his sultanate to the care of his great begums led by his greatest begum and instead open a beauty salon for men. His transformation was amazing indeed. Abul Mali special multaani mitti and tomato extracts followed by special hot water treatment. ...lo and will all glow!

-duniya learnt the use of undekhe unsune weapons. Mirchi and mitti. 

-not a war reaction actually but Jalal has a double joy of having a baby and a daddy post war. And the new abba huzoor being a good looker himself could also give him beauty tips and help him in his salon.

-The most important lesson we would learn is never to trust the mysterious z man who had promised tedapan from jalal. The only tedapan we saw was the limp in his walk.

Do contribute further 'reactions'...

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Re: effects/ results of the war

Post by aashyagh on 2014-07-18, 16:16

Infact I had also thought about the 30hrs time given to kill Jalal by MC, she must be regretting, but the funny part was, who stands quiet watching another soldier fighting?
The most important lesson is, if you want to kill your enemy kill immdtly, do not concentrate here and there, Jodha did that with Abul Mali and he threw soil to escape.
Abul Mali was about to kill TM, but his concentration was diverted by Jalal's limping walk.
Jodha was to punish Shenu, but she got distracted by Atgah.


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Re: effects/ results of the war

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-07-18, 16:39

This is hilarious 
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Re: effects/ results of the war

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-07-18, 17:09

Fantastic Sandhya  Thumbsup 

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Re: effects/ results of the war

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