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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, The bailiff gives the summon to Shagun & she is shocked. Shagun thinks that it is Ishita who must have put the police complain. Adi is taken by the Bailiff to Juvenile Court Judge’s chamber. Shagun follows him. Shagun calls Bhalla’s and asks for Raman. She then tells them that Adi has been taken by the cops & it is all the done by Ishita. Mrs Bhalla hears that & panics & they all decide to reach the judge’s chamber. Here when Adi & Shagun enters the Judge’s chamber, they are surprised to see Raman there. Now Raman tells them that it’s not Ishita but he who has put in the complaint against Adi. Shagun & Adi both are shocked to hear this. Shagun is absolutely shocked to see Raman there taking the blame. She fires him saying that why has he turned against Adi. Is it because of Ishita. Raman tells her that its his decision as he has realized that by protecting Adi he is only spoiling him more. Judge tells them leave the chamber as he wants to speak with Adi alone. Outside the chamber, Ishita is waiting for Raman. She is equally concerned. Just the when Mrs Bhalla & all reaches there. Mrs Bhalla sees Ishita there and starts firing her thinking that its all her doing. Raman now comes there and clarifies to all that it not because of she rather its his decision.

Family is taken aback by hearing this. Judge calls everyone in & then he announces his verdict. He says that he needs to review the case in detail so Adi will be put in the remand room for tonight and the rest can leave.Adi is scared & is crying bitterly but is then taken away by the matron. Outside the whole family stays back as they are worried about Adi. Raman is feeling bad but Ishita gives him strength. Shagun comes back with Neil but he says that things have gone little complicated so he can’t really help right now. Shagun is also broken. Ashok call her to find out if she needs him there. But Shagun tells him to be home as his coming can only complicate things. Next day, Judge gives the verdict. He says that he is releasing Adi on humanitarian grounds but he will be shifting the case to a family court. Everyone is happy that Adi is released. They come out.

Shagun sees that Ashok is there outside waiting for her. Ashok now comes & proposes Shagun for marriage . He gives her the 5carat ring. Shagun is happy & we see that Raman & all also see that & are shocked. Everyone is very happy that Adi is released. Mrs Bhalla declares that she will fast for this blessing. Raman is also happy & relieved. Ishita tells him that he should keep in touch with Adi as that will instill good manners in him. Seeing Ishita’s concern for Adi, Raman feels that he must do something special for her so he plans for picnic the next day. He tells Ishita about it and she is also very happy thinking that it’s for the entire family. Although Raman had only planned for two of them. Raman calls up Mihir and asks him to book a room in a good resort. Mihir teases Raman but is also happy that he is doing something for Ishita. Mihir tells Mihika about it and then they both also plan for an outing. Here Ruhi meet Shravan who is showing her Vandita’s sonography slides. He is excited and they start talking about baby. Sharvan says that it comes from mumma’s stomach & Ruhi says they come from hospital. Now they have little argument and Ruhi leaves to get clarity from Ishita. She asks her this question & Ishita doesn’t know what to answer.

Now Raman comes there & Ishita shifts everything on his shoulder. Raman proudly takes charge without knowing what’s the question but when Ruhi asks him where do baby’s come from stomach or from hospital , he gets all embarrassed . Ishita is enjoying this moment. However, Raman somehow manages to gives an answer to Ruhi and then feels proud. Next morning , Raman gets up & starts getting ready for the picnic. He comes out & sees that Ishita is packing food, snacks, juices etc. He asks why so many things & very casually she says because it will be required & then she whispers that all are waiting to know about the plan so please tell them. Now Ishita calls everyone & Raman is zapped to see that everyone is dressed up for the picnic.

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