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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 21 July 2014

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 21 July 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-07-21, 22:27

Sasural Simar Ka 21st July 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar places hand on Natasha’s mouth. Karthik shout i will not let her go like this. She will have to pay for knowing all this. Simar says to natasha they are coming here don’t make any noise. simar says i just wanna know why you came there last night ? and tell me what happened there ? tell me i can save you. Natasha says i don’t know why they are after me. I just had to deliver the money and take the parcel ? simar says tell me what happened ? natasha said i went to wash my dress then suddenly everything went dark. Then i opened my eyes but my hands and legs were roped. he kept on asking me who sent me ? What i want ? When he knows whom do i work for. The other man comes there he asks simar who you are ? Natasha runs away. he runs after natasha and says stop natasha. Then he holds simar and says i will catch natasha but won’t let you go. He is trying to take simar to karthik. He says come here karthik sir this woman was helping natasha. a bundle falls on the man karthik is coming that way. simar runs, karthik is shocked to see tat his man is dead. simar is hidden behind some boxes. karthik says how did he die ? What is happening here ? he calls some one and says how can there people die. That head nurse died first and now this man. This all is not normal. there is someone who is keeping an eye on me. There is someone who is stopping us. siamr wonders whom is karthik talking to?

karthik comes out of the building and says thank God i didn’t say his name on the phone. I’ve to look for that girl though. Simar goes to a mall and says thank god i’m safe.

Scene 2

khushi and surbhi are selecting saaris at the same mall. Khushi sees simar’s side she’s so shocked. Simar sees roli and hugs her. Khushi wonders what she saw. Khushi goes out of the shop to check. Simar tells roli everything. How the man died. Roli says lets go to police and tell them everything. Simar says only karthik will get caught if we go to police right now. There’s some else with him. Roli asks who else? Simar says i dont know he was talking to someone. Simar says all the proofs will vanish. Simar says we’ve to do this all alone. Roli gives simar a phone and says keep it. Simar says i’ve to go now. Roli says didi be careful. Khushi sees them and is so shocked. She says simar is alive. She recalls all that roli has been doing to stop surbhi and prem’s wedding. Simar leaves. Khushi says how can she be alive. Bharadwaj family doesn’t even know that she’s alive. She says what a key have i got. I’ll tell this to whole family. You’re going to get the keys soon khushi.

Precap-roli asks simar to go through vikran’s study. Simar finds sunnaina’s picture there. Aditi asks roli to go to sunnaina’s house. Simar hugs roli and is in tears.


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