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Revisiting Theory

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Revisiting Theory

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-22, 04:41

I am really thinking about my initial thoughts. SAHIL will be man and wife by tomorrow. There is no way that Aahil will get the property papers soo easily after. There has to be an added clause. Theyĺl prob find out about this when Tanveer, Aahil, an Sanaam are with the lawyer. Tanveer will prob confront him saying, the marriage is done. Time for Aahil to sign.

Lawyer prob says not too fast.
One more clause your father had put in.
From the marriage of Aahil and his wife, there must be produced an heir or an heir must be on the way by a certain time slot.

This will force SAHIL to spend more time together. Tanveer will play cupid. Aahil will prob ask Tanveer how can they if Sanam does not feel like that for me. How could we ask her to do this. Tanveer will be pushing them to spend time together. Sheĺl set the stage for their SR.
We will get some moments of unsurity. Many moments of junoon. Plus anxiety and nervous moments.

Anyway through SAHILs forced coming together, theyĺl fall in love.

I think Sanam will find out about Rehans feelings, because sheĺl question his sudden decision to leave the mansion. Heĺl learn that she does not love him but likes him as a friend.

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