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Post by aishakapoor on 2014-07-23, 17:13

Nigaar helps to get Jodha kidnapped by Khaiber in ‘Jodha Akbar’
In coming episodes MahaChuchak will plan again with Nigaar to trap Jalal andJodha to destroy their lives and take the Throne.So She sends Nigaar as a bait again where she pretends to be good to Jalal.However Jalal will forgive her as she is her sister.
Otherside Jalal gets to know about Jodha’s Pregnancy and gets shocked why she hided from him and confronts her but Jodha proudly tells how Jalal and Kingdom’s responsibility comes first.Jalal gets happy with Jodha’s reply and will soon call for a celebration in kingdom.Everybody gets impressed upon knowing Jodha fought the War even when she was Pregnant.Meanwhile Nigaar who has come to Kingdom to gain sympathy and trap Jalal,Jodha will try to find all opportunities to let Khaiber enter the palace.Admist of celebrations Khaiber will attack Jalal and Jodha when they are together alone and will Kidnap Jodha to make Jalal come behind him and so that he can kill him.Jodha will be seen in Mughal outfit in celebrations.
If Sources are to be believed Jodha will face many troubles at MahaChuchak before Jalal comes to save her.
Will Jalal be able to save Jodha and Defeat Khaiber? Will he forgive Shehnaaz if he knew she kept Jodha and his kid’s life at stake ?


The upcoming episode of
Jodha  Akbar will show that
Jalal will order
for a very grand celebration after
knowing that Jodha is pregnant.

Jodha is completely in love
with Jalal and she will wear
first time a Mughal outfit for
Jalal’s happiness in the 'Jashn' (grand celebration).

Both Jodha and Jalal will
share some good moments
together in alone. 

Meanwhile, The man send by Mahachuchak 
Kaibhar will enter in the
palace and kidnap Jodha.
Jalal will follow him to save
Jodha but will fail in the same!

Jodha will suffer lots of pain
before Jalal reach to her. To know what will the man do with her, you have to stay tuned to watch JODHA  AKBAR!

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Re: spoilers

Post by Tanthya on 2014-07-23, 19:24

Don't mind what else can they show  after all romance segments  are strictly no go n they can't forever be showing lap love and lean love...viewer's will get bored... next best ..make it action packed fantasy drama for young adults ..somwhat like Game of thrones..

Thanks Aisha Darling..

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