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A big possibility? Update

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A big possibility? Update

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-24, 05:14

Guys, since we dont have any spoilers to go with this pic, it can go either romantic or sad. 

Three speculations on this pic. 

1. On Friday, Sanam is running around trying to make final touches before the eid celebration. She is dressed, and trips. Aahil catches her and we have a junoon moment

2. No one knows where Nida is. What if, on Monday, after the big celebration, Sanam is closing up, when unknowingly Nida enters angry that Sanam is now married to Ahil. She confronts Sanam threatening her with a gun. Everyone hears and runs out including Aahil. Nida tells everyone that she was right. Sanam comes between everything and Tanveer helped her. She announces that Sanam was head over heals in love with the boss who also loved her that she, Sanam went after him. Nida says that she would not let Sanam live long enough to enjoy what she has gained. Nida shoots Sanam who has now crumpled to the ground. Aahil runs and grabs the gun then goes to Sanam and gathers her in his arms. (I keep thinking of the line Sanam told him. That fate could take her away from him soon) He cries out for someone to call a doctor. Before she passes out, he tells her about his feelings and the mistakes he has made. He begs her not to leave him as he cant live without her. She loses consciousness and he cries, holding her. He cries out that he loves her with all has heart. The doctors come and he continues to pray and confess his feelings. His love brings her back to life.

3. This could be the beginning of their SR which could happen after the eid celebration. 

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Re: A big possibility? Update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-07-24, 11:35

i had not seen the pic...thanks looks like an intense scene...look0forward to seeing how it plays out...fate bringing them close again

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