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Jodha Akbar - Written Update - 24 July 2014

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Jodha Akbar - Written Update - 24 July 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-07-24, 21:02

Jodha Akbar 24th July 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
adham takes out his sword to kill jalal, all ministers take out their swords against adham, it all turns out to be maham’s dream, jalal ask nigaar who told you this? nigaar says your enemies said that you captured my mother and I accepted that being immature, but then I got to know its a lie but this is truth that my mother is captured near palace, I saw a secret place and she was captured there. then I tried to find that secret place again but I couldn’t get success, I request you shehehnshah find my mother, jalal puts hand on her head and says that your mother will be soon with you and your rights too.

jalal is with jodha on bed, he says you were right that dreams of morning get fulfilled look my dream fulfilled, jalal says you are a magician, jodha ask why? jalal says when we got married, we didn’t want to see each others face but now we cant live without seeing each other, jodha says you should be poet, jalal says look you made me poet, jodha feels like vomiting, jalal gets worried and calls moti, he ask her to call doctor, jodha says no I will take this home medicine given by hamida, she eats it and says its very sour, jalal laughs, jodha puts it in his mouth too, he spits it and says its very sour, how you eat it?

atgah and todar are asking servants about the food they take to jail, they investigate from which way they take the food, atgah tells todar that there is something amiss as nigaar told that she went to secret place hiding in food buckets that goes in jail, how can she go there, there is some secret.

Scene 2
maham comes to chand begum, chand ask is it morning? maham says that if you want to see morning then tell me every secret, chand ask where is my daughter, maham listens someone coming there, she is shocked, she turns to see and see its adham, she ask why he is here? he says that I knew you will be here, playing with your toy(chand), adham says that you should leave her, she is mad, she wont be able to say anything, we both will get caught, maham says shut up, you also know that she is recovering and soon she will tell us about treasure, adham says you know jalal will not sit quiet till he finds about chand, we will not be saved and remember nigaar didn’t take your name in court that you provoked her against jalal, why she didn’t tell jalal that you were with her? is this a new plan of her or what? maham thinks.

Rahim ask nigaar that when she will be fine shehnaz, salima says that she is not shehnaz but nigaar your aunt, give respect to her, Rahim says she is my friend, nigaar says yes, you can call me shehnaz, maham comes there, salima says we were leaving only, you can talk to nigaar, Rahim and salima leaves. maham says queen I tried to talk to you, actually.. nigaar says that I know you are worried that I didn’t take your name, I know that you help me taking revenge against jalal but what did was for hum antiy, you helped me when you saw that I am facing difficulty, you are not wrong, you are not against jalal but you are with justice, I told you that jalal has captured my mother so you were just helping a suppressed person, maham smirks and says that you have a big heart nigaar, you are blood of king humayun.

doctor checks jodha and informs jalal that its a good news, you are going to be father of twins, jalal and jodha are surprised, doc says that twins will make jodha run in whole palace, she will not get time for anyone, she leaves, jalal says to jodha that you are giving me happiness that too double, seriously you have given me a very happy news, jalal kisses her forehead.

mahaC says that now time has come to attack agra.

Scene 3
jalal comes to ruks, he looks at her, she greets him, jalal says I didn’t see you today, so I was worried and came to see you, are you fine? she ask will you have a drink? jalal says yes along with you, ruks fills galsses for both, ruks says I am sorry for my behavior, I don’t know what happens to me sometime, I didn’t know that you weren’t aware of jodha’s pregnancy, jalal says It will be good if you supervise jashn’s decorations and all, ruks says I have already ordered dasies, jalal says that you are very different ruks, always serious for work and practical, I just want to say that I have lost many of my relatives recently, I don’t want to lose you, ruks nods and says that you should be with jodha now, she is going to be mother, jalal says that I will like if you come in jashn, I am going now, I just want to say that I think you should take care of jodha, ruks fumes and says that jodha will not like my presence around her, jalal says nothing like that, she will like that you are taking care of her remember that the heir is mine. he leaves, ruks is hurt.

soldier informs mahaC that tomorrow is jashn in palace, mali says that its a good chance, beg says no, I know these days jalal celebrate everything with people but this jashn is in palace, not outside, mali says then we cant attack them, mahaC says that jashn is in palace because of security purposes but I will decide what to do, in jashn all will be busy in different things, nobody could imagine that we can attack in palace so we will attack tomorrow only, tomorrow I will change their jashn into sorrow.

Scene 4
there is preparations for jashn, bharmal comes to agra, jalal is with him, jalal says that hope you like the jashn, bharmla says I admire your thoughts, you always take measures to unite both the religions, you invited all religions in jashn too, jalal says its all because of jodha’s presence in my life, she changed my thoughts, we respect our ancestors because they were our elders but jodha respects them as she admires their golden thoughts, she is different, bharmal says today I am very happy of this marriage, this marriage was a political alliance but this marriage completed you and jodha, the day jodha came to agra, I miss her every moment.

hoshiyar comes to ruks, hoshiyar says that how can you get ready, you face is pale, you eyes are swollen, ruks takes off her jewelry and says to hoshiyar to make her ready for jashn like that my all pain, sorrows seems fade away, nobody should be able to see my tears. hoshiyar says that if you don’t go today then jalal will understand that you are not happy, ruks says no I am special wife and I have to be there in jashn, make me ready like that my pain gets hidden behind it, I should look most beautiful in jashn that nobody can see my tears infront of my fake smile.

PRECAP- khaibar has reached the harem, he has created the hovac in whole harem, he corners jodha and throw away her dupatta, he holds jodha’s hand and drags her away, jodha is afraid, he lifts jodha and puts her on his shoulder and leaves from harem..


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Re: Jodha Akbar - Written Update - 24 July 2014

Post by candy on 2014-07-24, 22:19

Thanks shanthi. WinkWink

finally the promo.. Sleep

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Re: Jodha Akbar - Written Update - 24 July 2014

Post by Nanayaa623 on 2014-07-24, 23:10

Thanks Shanthi,

Today episode had so many lovely moments between Jalal and his two wives. Early back we saw Jalal had the news of Ruky pregnancy he left Jodha's side and went to Ruky and later on came back to Jodha. He meet a jealous Jodha who came in terms with the factor that he has many wives and all have equal right towards him and he has many responsibilities towards them all. She later accept the unborn child cause it is of Jalal whom she loves.  Today Ruky is in the same situation and Jalal reminded her that if anything at all do be happy for me cause it is my baby. Jalal was expecting Ruky to be like Jodha and take care of her as she did for her but she missed on that. Well we all don't have the same qualities and temperaments.  Jalal has been a true husband to both in different ways. I would not even bother to compare their moments together cause both women are not the same(and every woman is unique in her own self) and he knows  their strength; weakness and how to reality to each of them. It is up to the wife to also make herself lovable by her own responses and actions.

Lets see what the CV twits and turns are No (mischievous as always and  full of drama)

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Re: Jodha Akbar - Written Update - 24 July 2014

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