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5 ways Meethi can find out about Ichha's death

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5 ways Meethi can find out about Ichha's death

Post by anurao66 on 2013-04-15, 17:47


Everyone is well aware about how Ichcha passed away but there’s one person who has still not been informed about it, or rather kept away from such vital news. We are talking about Ichcha’s daughter Meethi. We have seen how Meethi has been feeling that there’s something wrong but doesn’t know what. Here are some sources by which we think she can find out about here mother’s death. Check it out!

Well-wisher no.1: Recently we saw the entry of Akash’s brother Sankrant who has actually been trying hard to save Meethi from Maiyya’s torture. Sadly, she hasn’t been able to understand his motive yet but he is definitely a strong option in our list. His help will not only make Meethi aware about Ichcha’s death but it would make her realize her position in Maiyya’s family.

Well-wisher no. 2 – Looks like our Meethi has won many hearts as there’s another well-wisher whom we are sure would be more than ready to help her. We are talking about Nirbhay’s wife Kajri. There’s a strong possibility that she may come up to Meethi and tell her about Ichcha’s death when no one is around. As another bahu of the family, Kajri very well understands Meethi’s condition and is actually a warm person in a family of cold-hearted people.

Telegram – In a recent promo we watched how Surabhi has sent a telegram to Maiyya informing them about Ichcha and it is Meethi who would be receiving it at the door. Now even if she doesn’t get to read it before someone takes it away, here’s hoping she finds it lying in the house and out of curiosity read it.

Sneaking out – Meethi has been desperately trying to reach her family on call, she once even left the haveli in search of a phone booth. Last time when Akash made her talk to a fake Ichcha, Meethi wasn’t completely convinced and so we think she can once again try to sneak out of the house just to make a call. This way she can call Damini and hear the truth directly.


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