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Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-28, 21:21

So, guys, it is Monday and we made it through a weekend that seemed to have lasted forever. But we are finally getting our fix today. 
The way the show ended on Friday, im guessing Sanam is crying and as we know Asma comes to talk to her. She encourages Sanam to take her place in the bedroom that she is supposed to share with Aahil. 

As we suspected last week, the lawyer would be called. 
So, the lawyer is coming and im sure he is going to question the relationship. I guess SAHIL will have to think fast, or Tanu will find out the lawyer is coming to observe the couple, and tells them to get into action. 

His character reminds me of  Mr. Dhurandhar who was the guy trying to deport Zoya. After Asad proposes to Zoya at the airport, Mr. Dhurandhar informs Zoya the he kept receiving a call telling him that their engagement was fake. 
This reminds of of the present. The lawyer is receiving a call about the marriage. Sanam and Aahil will put on a show to convince the lawyer. I think after awhile, heĺl receive more calls and maybe this time from Rehaan or Nida. 

I think after this the lawyer will come in to throw in his last requirement. 

Unlike Zoya and Asad got engaged at the airport, Sanam and Ahil are already married and sharing a room. In order to convince the lawyer in the end that their marriage is real and strong and that they are happy, there is only one more requirement expected of them.

As of now, I am looking forward to all the scenes and eppies this week of them pretending to love each other when they actually do, but have not revealed it to each other yet.

I am looking forward to the dream dance for from the pics and promos, it is very sensuous. Aahil is having an amazing day dream I guess. Soon, he wont be able to hold back his feelings.

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