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If I were Writing for the Show....

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If I were Writing for the Show....

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-30, 06:43

What would I do?

Even though the story seems to be going quite interesting... there are two ways I would proceed from here. 

1. Continue with the junoon and teasing moments they are doing for the week. The eid special is on Saturday. We see Nida is back in the special and Razia is also there.  On Monday, I would have Sanam be the target of someones deadly plot. Maybe a falling chandelier? Aahil, just like Asad did for Zoya in their fake engagement party, go to her, to save her, but is a bit too late and she gets hurt but not seriously and she ends up on the ground (as in the pic of a scene not yet seen)
He realises in the moment that he could have lost her and gathers her in his arms. He starts to mutter how he cant lose her and she means the world to him. She tells him to stop saying those things as he does not mean them and soon he be rid of her and would not have to lie anymore. She tells him the lawyer is not there so he could stop pretending. He tells her hes not pretending. She does not believe him. Asma probably takes her to the bedroom to tend to her wounds. Aahil comes in distraught and tells Aasma that he do it. He takes the first aid kit and cleans her up. He is very gentle with her and puts her to bed. 

He decides to sleep on the floor or on a chair so that she could sleep comfortably in the night. During the night she hears him moaning and calling out to her in tears. He cries out to believe him that he does love her and has a nightmare of her dying. He keeps repeating in his sleep his love for her. She goes to him, shocked, and tries to wake him. She comforts him for the second night of his nightmares but this time its about her. He begs her to never leave him and that he loves her. After her comforting him, he wakes up, but this time instead of moving away he hugs her. Her heart is secretly filled with joy. She asks him if he really meant everything he said. He confirms it. She is in tears, moved by what he tells her and is happy. He pulls her close and goes to kiss her. They both get up and he draws her to the bed where they finally celebrate their SR. 

By next morning, they are in each others arms, talking about how hurt each was. Sanam tells him how she felt that her marriage was cursed as though they got married under strange situations, she wanted him to be committed to the marriage. He tells her he felt the same way until his mother told him she married him for money and he became angry at her. He tells her he tried to hate her after that, but the love he felt for her was overpowering the hate. They decide for the sake of their relationship theyĺl keep the new found situation a secret. He tells her he wants to take her away for that honeymoon as the lawyer will be expecting it. 
After 2 months, Nida and Tanveers new knowledge of Sanam would cause some issues for them that they work through, maybe Sanams life becomes endangered again, yet Tanveers truth would not be revealed yet. Aahil finally gets the property papers and Tanveer informs Sanam and Aahil that they no longer have to pretend in front of everyone and they could now divorce. SAHIL hesitate to agree to divorce as they are truly in love and want to be together but they don;t know how to announce to Dilshad and the others of their love. A doctor who previously attended to Sanam when her life was previously endangered arrives with shocking news. Sanam is pregnant. SAHILs true relationship is revealed. Tanveer plots to get the property papers and destroy SAHIL. Seher arrives to reveal Tanveers secret. She also is angry at Dilshad for losing her so many years ago. 


2. Sanams life is in danger. Aahil has to choose his own life or to save Sanams. He chooses to save her life/ This would happen after a situation causes him to tell her his feelings are true but she doubts him and tells him he does not need to lie to her as the lawyer is not present. Her life is in danger again and as said before, he risks his life to save hers. He is seriously injured and she realises he is telling the truth. She, however is afraid to reveal her feelings to him. Asma comes and encourages her to let him know whats in her heart as it could save him. Sanam holds him in her arms and as he drifts off to unconscious state, with tears in her eyes, she reveals what she has kept hidden for so long and why his words had always hurt her so much. 
He is rushed to hospital where she sits by his bedside. Once he his released, she takes care of him until his strength returns. Then one day, while tending to him, he teases her, tries to pull her on the bed with him and she tries to keep him at bay. Then, while she is busy in the house at night, he comes in and grabs her in the darkness, she not knowing its him. He puts her in the car and takes her away. He takes her to the home he bought for them. There, he romances her with candlelight dinner and dancing. He finally gathers her in his arms and takes her to the bed where they celebrate their SR.

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