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Scenario to a Romantic Scene.

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Scenario to a Romantic Scene.

Post by Trinidream on 2014-07-31, 07:19

Guys please bear with me. But My mind is always coming up with these scenarios. Here is another. nOw either tomorrow or Friday(im guessing the end of tomorrows eppy and the start of Fridays own) weĺl have this romantic night planned by the family.. according to spoilers. 

Now I found at the ending of todays eppy when Sanam entered while everyone else was seated with the lawyer Aahil immediately looked at her and smiled. I found his smile was fairly genuine. Like he was happy to see her. However, she gave hin a half smile in response then twisted her mouth. 

What if Aahil is finally softening towards her after speaking to Rehaan. Is it possible he is realisng that he has something another wish they did

Anyone back to the scenario. There is a segment video of Aahil gifting Sanam the Kangan. The video is also entitled ,Ön Location, Aahil says I love you to Sanam. I also read that he tells her indirectly and then we get all that romantic scenes. What if Aahil had planned to give her a gift of Kangan and had it all planned. Its the night before Eid, and from what the voice over says is that he gifts it to her after they see the moon. 

What if Aahil is looking out for the moon, but does not realise she is there. When he sees the moon, he talks to God thanking him for sending Sanam as it was his dream. He tells God that even though he told Sanam that everything he said was pretend, he actually meant every word. He asks God, how could I tell Sanam, how much I love her. He says how many times have I wanted to say ,"I love you Sanam."

Then he hears a voice saying, "You just did."He turns and they lok at each other, as we see at the beginning of the segment videos. She starts  walking towards him and we get romantic eyelock, followed by the gifting of the Kangan

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Re: Scenario to a Romantic Scene.

Post by Maria J on 2014-07-31, 13:51

Haiiyye.. awesome scenario..

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