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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 31 July 2014

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 31 July 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-07-31, 20:10

Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mata ji asks what were you saying about there ? She says we ate gujrati food there. Roli says where is Anjali ? Mata ji says she is tired and is sleeping. Surbhi and prem follow her. Mausi ji says stop, let them have their time and you should show me what you brought. Surbhu sits there.

Scene 2
sunnaina says to simar leave this all up to me now. Simar sees karthik and says why are you not ready karthik. They guests must be coming. he says I.. simar says why are you so worried ? he says there is nothing like that. Simar says you won’t be safe today. He says what you mean ? Simar says this is the fear of wedding. baa has decided to get you wed.

Sanju comes in the room. vikran follows her. Sunnaina is there too. She says mama tell me which shirt is better for dad, red or black. sunnaina says black, black suits him. simar says black color suits you to vikran. He says the guests must be coming. baa has asked to check all the preparation. sanju hugs simar and says mama I love you.

Scene 3
Roli is with Anjali. she is coughing. roli says she is having fever. she calls everyone and says Anjali is having fever. everyone comes, roli says look Anjali massi is back. Prem comes and checks Anjali. sujata says let me bring the thermometer. Mausi ji asks uma to bring cols water and stripes. Sid calls jhanvi and asks her to bring a doctor with her.

Scene 4
The guests come to the Mehta house. mom and her daughter get in but the man stops there. He says there is something wrong with this. She says I know you get people free from ghosts and all this but right now you are just a dad. Lets go in. He goes in and sits.baa introduces her vikran, sanju and karthik to the guests. simar goes to bring the refreshments. sunnaina is standing there too. baa asks how much studied are you ?Her mom says ask what she can cook. she can cook all the dishes. The man says I heart there is something in this house, my guess in never wrong. He’s continuously looking at the spot where sunnaian is standing. simar says in heart he is a pundit is he feeling sunnaina’s presence here. vikran says we will be talking, the girl and boy should talk to each other in person.
 With the consent of her parents baa asks sunnaina to take tejal and karthik to karthik’s room. The man says stop tejal and karthik. Simar says this moment is good for the relations.

There at bharadwaj house, doctor says Anjali has 102 degree fever.

Karthik is in his room with the girl. he says I don’t wanna get married right now. I am busy in my work I am sorry, the girl says I just want an answer. He says yes ask. She says why did you kill sunnaina. I am back karthik to ask the answer of my question and I won’t leave until you don’t answer me. Tell me karthik. karthik says what did you thought you will torture me Who sent you tell me ? He throttles her. She smiles. Karthik says smile as much as you can I will kill you. The girl starts coughing and screaming. she calls everyone up.

Scene 4
doctor gives roli and says just take care of her and let me know if there are any developments. mata ji asks uma to make cereal for Anjali. Anjali says massi I wanna talk to mama. I want mama everyone is shocked. Prem says najli you are not well. roli says you didn’t even asks massi what I got for you ? sujata says how did she recall simar. khushi says roli bhabhi why don’t you take her to the one she wants to meet. Everyone is shocked at khushi’s words.

Precap- karthik says go leave my house. Karthik says she blackmailed me and said she will come to our home and will ask the truth of sunnaina’s death 


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