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Post Eid Special Episode Thoughts. The Future.

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Post Eid Special Episode Thoughts. The Future.

Post by Trinidream on 2014-08-03, 08:00

As Usual, my mind is an ocean of thoughts. 

So, in the hours after the show, I have been thinking. 

1. We know that coming up, Aahil is going to throw a get together for his friends to introduce them to Sanam. To clear the air on how the scenes will go using what Karanvir said, I kind of figured out the sequence. 

Firstly the friends come and Aahil is probably sharing out drinks. From what we understand Sanam tells him that drinking is not good for health and says she is his wife. He pulls her down as we see in the clips and praises her in front of his friends, teasing her, etc. His friends praise her beauty (as we know from spoilers) and they prob ask Aahil where did they meet. He tells them about meeting her at her eatery, and does not tell them he burnt it down, but that she came to his home as a cook. They are surprised, but he defends her. Then he pulls her to dance, but she does not want too. He continues to dance with her roughly while rehaan sees in the distance. Then from clips we see aahil release sanam and starts to dance with another woman. it seems sanam feels insulted and hurt that aahil danced with her in that manner then left her to dance with anther woman. Sanam runs off in tears. Aahils friends start to leave as we see in the clips and when he turns around he sees Rehan wiping Sanams tears. From what Karanvir said, Aahil feels jealous upon seeing this. 

From spoilers we come to understand that Aahil talks to sanam about Rehans feelings and tells her to stay away from Rehan and Sanam agrees. 

Now back to my original point. 
Im guessing this get together happens either monday or tuesday. 
Where does Tanu come into this? Razia told her that her bahu looks just like Zoya or could pass for Zoyas daughter. I was trying to understand that part. 
Now let me stray a bit. Nida was out to destroy Sanam in todays show. Tanu came in and threatened Nida telling her to leave Sanam. She wont let her ruin Sanams happiness. 

Before Razias announcement, Tanu seems to really like her Bahu. She seems to have taken to Sanam and protect her. 

Now I dont know if Razia will be back on the show. The way it looked from todays show, the character came and did what she was supposed to do and leave.  Razia did leave the party after, very happy by the turn of events. 
I really think Razia is out for revenge. She was all too happy about Tanus daughter in law. Razia knows that if she wants revenge against Tanu, she just has to tell Sanam the truth. 

What I do know is,
1. If by Monday /Tuesday, Tanu believes Razia, she has not decided yet what to do, since Sahil are having this get together.

2. Tanu cant kill Sanam before the papers that were signed goes through. 
3. Now she definitely would not want Rehaan marrying Sanam.
4. Sheĺl probaby not do anything to Sanam as long as she keeps Sanam in the dark about her parents. She knows already once she gets them to sign over everything to her, sheĺl just throw Sanam and Aahil out and sheĺl be safe. Or just leave it alone for now as in Sanams mind, her parents died in an accident. Leave her to keep thinking that at Tanu is safe. 

5. Maybe she confides in Rehaan about sanam and overhears her plans of killing sanam and he decides to kill tanu instead. 

I really dont think sheĺl try to get rid of Sanam before the property papers go through and since the focus for the next important part of Sahils marriage is the get together, it means that Tanu has not tried anything YET. 

Now, the most important part for me....

The I love You stage. The SR stage.

I think for SAHIL now, it may work out like a true romance book. The couple marry under an arrangement without any lovey dovey. Eventually they fall in love but keep it secret. Then it takes a drama that will cause them in the heat of the moment to reveal those feelings and because of passionate tension, it goes to the next stage. 

With Zoya and Asad, they kept their feeings secret. Then the drama to test their hidden love... Asad being caught with Tanu by Zoya with Zya thinking they slept together and to make it worse, it being done on her wedding night.. SR that she was supposed to be with Asad. She felt like he cheated on her and betrayed her. The depth at which she felt pain showed how much she loved him and trusted him.

For Asad, the depth at which he felt guilty for hurting her, the pain he felt in hurting her, not knowing what happened, showed the depth of his love for her. This couple did not have to endure a lot of the jealousy factor that SAHIL do. 

How would SAHIL be put to reveal their feelings. I think a drama. 

1. Possible after the get together Aahil would have. Her pain, his heart broken. Her jealousy, his jealousy. Its not like they are single and just dating. They take the vows seriously.

2. Would Nida or Tanveer come to try kill Sanam. (I could see Nida returning for revenge. The way she left, I dont think sheĺl leave it like that..
Maybe sheĺl come back to kill Aahil with the intent if she cant get him, then Sanam cant. But Sanam may use her body as a shield and take the blow.
She comes back to kill Sanam and Aahil uses his body as a shield and takes the blow. 
Either scenario will wake up both of them and cause them to reveal their feelings.

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