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Qubool Hai 2nd August 2014 Written Update-DAAWAT-E-EID SPECIAL EPISODE

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Qubool Hai 2nd August 2014 Written Update-DAAWAT-E-EID SPECIAL EPISODE

Post by candy on 2014-08-03, 19:20

Qubool Hai 2nd August 2014 Written Episode


Jalal and Jodha from Jodha Akbar start the event..

Ahil and Sanam welcome the guests..

All decide for cooking competition between boys and girls. Begum Tanveer decide to give her necklace to the winner.. In between Ahil and Sanam’s dance..

Mayank, Purab, Raj, and Ahil working on the task… Other side, Sanam, Bulbul’s mum, Bulbul, Asha, Rachna work on their task..

Anupam Kher declares girls as the winners.

Modern dance by old ladies, Latha and Kamla.

Dance by Baburam, Rachna’s parents, followed by Nia and Ravi Dubey from upcoming show Jamai Raja.

Nida comes to give Eidi to Ahil and Sanam. Begum asks her to give it to her and get lost, but Nida wants to give it personally.

Nida goes out and shows she feels very bad for Ahil and Sanam. She joins the girls team, just to make sure they don’t win. Both teams get new dish. Sanam looks for Rachna but she is not there.

Rockstar Abhi brings Parineeti Chopra and dances with her.

Ahil and Sanam get stuck into a room. (thanks to Nida.) Ahil blames Sanam. He goes closer and they fall on the bed. Both get eyelocked and leads to their 2nd dance sequence.

Latif finally opens the door and take them down to Parineeti. They spend some time together. Parineeti then decides to go to boys side. Aditya Roy Kapoor comes and she joins the girls. DID kids entertain everyone with their dance.

Another dance sequence of Ahil and Sanam.

Nida breaking Ahil-Sanam photo frame and taking her frustrations out. She says Ahil belongs to her only and was about to tear Ahil-Sanam photo, but Tanveer comes and stops her. She tells Nida she won’t let her spoil Sanam’s 1st Eid. She may be blind but she can recognize people by their breath. She warns Nida not to think about creating trouble for Sanam else it won’t be good for her. She drags her out and asks her to leave. Nida tells her she will regret it. Ahil gets mad at Nida. Nida leaves.

Back to competition, a chef from Zee Khana Khazana comes and he declares boys as winners for 2nd round. Ahil takes Sanam with him to make desert. They have to make it together and while making it, they both care for each other.

Parineeti and Aditya taste it and they say its best. So finally there is ishq in daawat which makes it Daawat-E-Ishq and they call it for celebration.

Amidst the celebration, Razia bi comes. Tanveer introduces Sanam as her bahu to Razia and Razia is shocked. Tanveer gives her necklace to Sanam. After all go away, Razia informs Sanam looks just like Zoya. Tanveer cannot believe it and is horrified.


Credit- DTB

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