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Diya aur Baati Hum - WU 15 Apr '13

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Diya aur Baati Hum - WU 15 Apr '13

Post by slmu on 2013-04-16, 09:32

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th April 2013 Written Update by shobhana_dabh

Epi starts with sandy asking maasa what does she think abt emily
Masa tells that she likes her & perfect match for mohit. She is good looking but doesn know rit riwaz but thats ok

Meena asking her baby to come out soon. Vikram gives jalebi

Sandy swungs ems around & says that maasa accepted her for mohit

Ems could believe. Bhabho comes in & says that maasa doesn know abt ems religion till now

Real victory is then when maasa accepts her after knowing her religion

Sandy says that she will tell her on sangeet eve. She says if bhabho blessing is there it will also happen. In kuwar niwas hot discussion going on abt sangeet. Suraj tries to see through binoculaar. dado enters he also sees & wishes to be there . Baba asks but we cannot go there.

Dado says that he has one solution to this

(break) precap kajiri entry

dado tells that they have right to see their wives dance

Maasa here asks everyone to dance

Men enter the raniniwas

dado tells that they have right to see their wives dance

Maasa here asks everyone to dance

Men enter the raniniwas

Thakursa doesn notice them.

Everyone dance MEn at the back dance

Chail chabela dhak dhak dhak song nice one

Everyone dance/ The ladies find that they are their hubbys.

Maasa blushes & dances with dado

Surya dances together (iā€™m lost in it)

Bhabho feels embarrassed to dance with baba

Dado tells maasa that she won haar by cheating today lets see whi will win in dancing

Maasa ask to continue the dhol.

Current goes off

KAjiri enters beating the dhol repeating RAAM NAAM SATYA HAI (5 to 6 timess)

Everyone shoccked

Kajiri goes near ems & covers her head & body with white saree.

Everyone shocked & stand still

Kajiri says that it will be of great use for her in future

Ems trembles & cries

Sandy & everyone shocked

Kajiri goes off saying RAAM NAAM SATYA HAI

Sandy removes the white saree & calms down ems

Asks chavi to take her to the room.

Sandy asks who is she

Thakursa says that what she saw was her identity she is a mad

Sandy tells that she is not & she has seen some pain & anger which is burning inside & asks why no one is ready to speak abt her

Maasa looks stunned

Thakursa keeps his mouth open

Precap: Surya comes in. Maasa getting ready for marriage anniv applying face pack. Sandy tells that she wants to tell her abt ems family background. Maasa in no mood to listen

Credit: Desitvbox

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Re: Diya aur Baati Hum - WU 15 Apr '13

Post by anurao66 on 2013-04-16, 15:39


Thanks for the written update

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