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Predicting today/Friday's eppy

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Predicting today/Friday's eppy

Post by Trinidream on 2014-08-08, 13:34

This is what happens when im anxious for Qubool Hai. Cannot sleep at 3:30 am. So decided to predict todays eppy. Now mind you, I could be wrong. But since im a hopeless romantic and SAHIL are getting closer to the big moment, this is what I came up with using spoilers, clips etc.

Sanam goes in her room from yesterday. She probably does not notice Zoyas locket attached to her dupatta. She gets ready for bed and the locket falls in the room.

Next morning, Aahil comes into the room bare chested and Sanam has just finished folding clean clothes and hanging AAhils shirts. He approaches her and seductively gazes into her eyes while he reaches for a shirt. She drinks in the view in front of her. Aahil turns away and Latif comes in admiring Aahil. Sanam becomes shocked and jealous and stands in front of latif to block him. (reminded me of something Zoya did when the dance instructor was admiring Asad.)

Latif probably teases her as hes a hopeless romantic and thinks SAHIL married for love. 

Sanam sees Rehaan outside and runs to thank him for helping her the night before. She says she appreciates his friendship. She takes his hand and tells him that she is excited for what more they could find and appreciates him helping her find out about her parents.

Aahil comes out of the room and sees this and misunderstands again. He is really furious. Sanam and Rehaan see him and Sanam tells Rehan she better go but thanks him again. 
AAhil goes back in the room and (maybe steps on something. The locket. He opens it and finds a pic of Zoya and Asad or just Asad but assumes it is Sanam with another man.)
He gets upset and thinks Sanam is playing both him and Rehaan. He probably shows her the locket and upon opening it she sees the pic of her parents or dad. Sanam tells him its her dad and where did he find this. He said on the floor by the bed. 

She is curious to how it got there. 

He continues to make accusations and leaves. She finds him drinking again. She begs him to stop but says that he wont. The last time he stopped because he thought she cared about him but he was wrong. He accuses her of being married to one man but carrying on a secret relationship with another. She is surprised by what he says. She asked who is the other man. He says Rehaan. She tells him Rehaan is just a friend. He does not believe her and says he does not want to listen to her lies as hes seen them. She begs him to listen. She explains she was upset over something and rehaan was comforting her. 

Aahil tells Sanam that Rehaan does not see it like that. He tells her Rehaan is in love with her. She thinks he is seeing things not there. He probably tells her Rehaan wanted to marry her. She becomes shocked. She tells him she has no feelings like that for Rehaan and maybe misunderstood her. Aahil tells her that because of her, he had to hurt Rehaan the night before. And that because of her, Rehaan will be hurt again if she continues being sweet to Rehaan. 
She asks him if he is forcing her to give up her friend. They get in an argument about how rehaan is the only one who has cared for her since shes been in the house. 

Aahil becomes disgusted hearing sanam only praising Rehaans friendship and care that he finally breaks and tells her hes not the only one. 

He goes on to explain in his muddled words how much she has affected his life. How much he has wanted to tell her how he felt but did not know how. He says she gets him soo angry and when he sees her showing attention to another man he gets angry. And why? Because I care about you. or.. Because I love you... cut til monday showing sanams shocked face.

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Re: Predicting today/Friday's eppy

Post by YASEERA on 2014-08-08, 20:26

Oh how i wish that would happen!!  :<<:  :<<:


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