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Tele Buzz Qubool Hai Upcoming Track Video

Post by Trinidream on 2014-08-12, 15:49

It's interesting that Seher's life was more difficult than Sanam. Some might ask how. For both, their parents were "killed".

But Sanam had their grandmother to take care of her and love her. Yes Sanam started working at an early age, but the type of work was decent. Sanam too does not have memories of what she saw.

On the other hand, we have no idea what happened to Seher. If spoiler/rumors are correct and Raziya did raise Seher, it tells you what kind of life Seher had. I doubt raziya would have been warm and loving towards Seher. And there was no way Raziya was going out to find work. She probably used to send little Seher out on the streets to pick pocket people. She probably suffered a lot of emotional abuse from the streets and Raziya, wanting money to survive, would ignore Seher's pleas and send her out. 

If Raziya did raise Seher, it means Raziya was somewhere on the compound when the massacre occurred, found baby Seher wandering around, looking for her mama.
I''m really interested in what Seher saw as I think there is more to the "massacre" than meets the eye.

I still think it's possible that  Zoya, if not both parents, survived. Of course it would be heartbreaking for everyone if Asad did not survive... but who knows, the writers may surprise us and bring both back. It may not be a big part, but just to show that even they conquered death...Maybe Seher had to steal, cheat, etc, to get money to take care of her parents. Who knows. 

But with Sanam and Seher under one roof, Tanu is going to be in a WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE.

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